Absence of child – 5th house impact & spiritual message


The higher the peak – the deeper the valley will be. Near Mount Everest, the deepest valley exists….it can only exist there. When God chooses you – then you will have to sacrifice everything – only then can you reach the top of the mountain – only then can you attain that – which is beyond the mind – only then can you attain that which millions of people aspire to attain – God experience.

When you have come to the realization that you will never have a child – then you should also realize that you are chosen for the ‘Higher Calling’ of God.

Mohan asked “What is a higher calling?”

A higher calling is moving forward in your walk with God. The gift of a higher calling is far superior to the material gifts of this human world.

A ordinary person or a very common soul is very naturally attached to the idea of having a child. It is very common to wish for a child – every common man and woman wish to have a child. Many a times – the person may not want to have a child but comes under the pressure of family and society – because the society always wants you to live the way other people live – the society always is keen on dictating you on what to do and what not to do. The society wants you to follow the well-trodden path on which your father and your forefathers have been walking. The society never wants you try anything new – the society never wants you to think beyond the four walls.

Many advanced evolved souls have simply dropped the idea of having a child. They remain childless by choice and not by chance.

Many a times it happens – that you become a father or mother and then the child is taken away from you – then what happens? Either you continue to suffer by longing for the child or you simply LET GO. It all depends on the level of your consciousness – the level of your soul. If you are a common soul then you will continue to miss your child and you will hope to re-unite with your child. This attachment towards the child will then effect your spiritual growth – because even though you are meditating and chanting still your mind remains attached with the child – who is no more with you and may never be with you! Many men and women continue to suffer because of their ATTACMENTS with the child. And suffering is always on the mental level. Yesterday – a woman called me and said that she is taking efforts towards her self-growth – but then she asked me “When will I re-unite with my son?” She said – Her son was taken away by her in-laws.

So now you see – this attachment will become a major hurdle in her spiritual progress. No matter where she goes and how much meditation she does – this thought about her separated son will continue to haunt her and she will always remain on the circumference – she will be devoid of spiritual bliss.

I said to her “ What has to happen – has happened. Now you should move on and drop the idea of re-uniting with your son.”

But she was not willing to accept the reality. It is difficult for a soul that is not yet evolved to ACCEPT and move on.

You never know what is going to happen tomorrow – who knows that the son for whom she is longing – may turn out to be evil, may throw her out of the house, may cause much suffering to her? But she is not going to understand this – she is going to remain in her illusions that one day she will meet her son and then everything will be alright but that is not how life is. Buddha says “Life is suffering” – always remember this.

Those who do not have children – think that those who have children are blessed ones.
And those who have child and are suffering because of their children – think that those who do not have child are the blessed ones.

This is how this strange world is. You always feel that by having that which you don’t have – you will find happiness – but in reality that never happens. That is why the master says – THINK BEFORE YOU DESIRE A THING. THERE IS EVERY POSSIBILITY THAT IT WILL BE FULFILLED, and THEN YOU WILL SUFFER.

Many couples struggle to have a child. Their desire is very intense – the desire to have a child. And then when they finally have a child – they think that they are finally blessed. But the ‘movie’ is not yet over – picture abhi baaki hai – and then when the same child grows and becomes an adult – and cause much suffering to them – then they realize that by having a child – they have dug their own graveyard.

One day – a young man and his wife came to meet Buddha. They wanted a child – they have been trying for a child – but no success. So they asked Buddha “When will we have a child?”

Buddha smiled and said “ I have no problem in giving you a child – but what if the child turns out to be an arrogant, ignorant person? I know you both very well – you both are good hearted person – you both are filled with love and devotion – but what if some bad evil harsh offending soul takes birth through your womb? I love you both and so I wanted you to think over this and then come back with your final decision.”

That couple was not an ordinary couple. They both were evolved souls – they started crying – they said “ Master – you are so compassionate that you shared the truth with us. It is your love towards us that you revealed this to us and we can now understand from your insights that if we bear a child then that child is going to cause much pain and suffering to us. We don’t know how to thank you – we are short of words….”

The compassionate master simply gave them an indication that – in their destiny – if they bear a child then that child will turn out to be an evil person – an arrogant ignorant fool. It is also important to note that the couple also has so much depth of understanding – that at that moment itself they decided to not to have a child and dropped the idea of conceiving a child. Blessed are such great disciples – who understand the message of the master.

Yesterday – a man and he is one of the leading businessman of his city – he called and said “My son does nothing. He is 28 years old – he gets up at 10 AM – then spend the entire morning in the gym and then comes home and then enjoys his time by roaming around the town. I am completely disappointed and don’t know what to do. Who will marry him? Because he does nothing – absolutely nothing.”

This is how the state of a man is – who has a child.

So – to all those who are CHILDLESS – I simply want to help you understand that – having a child is not important – QUALITY OF THE CHILD is important – otherwise the child becomes the source of your suffering.

Whenever your 5th house and 5th house lord is connected with 8th house or 12th house or 6th house and whenever 5th house and 5th house lord is connected with RAHU – then definitely you will suffer if you give birth to a child. Your child will become the source of your suffering – remember my words.

Whenever PUTRAKARAK Planet – meaning of all the seven planets – the planet that holds the 5th highest degree – is afflicted by RAHU or SATURN or MARS or if PUTRAKARAK planet is associated with 8th house or 12th house or 6th house – then definitely you will suffer at the hands of your child.

Whenever 5th house lord is in the 4th house and the sign in the 4th house is Virgo – then definitely you will be devoid of happiness from children.

Whenever SUN is weak or debilitated in your birth chart OR whenever SUN is associated with RAHU or KETU or MARS or SATURN – then you will be devoid of happiness from children.

Whenever 5th house lord is RETROGRADE and SATURN or RETROGRADE SATURN casts its 3rd aspect on 5th house – and JUPITER is also RETROGRADE or JUPITER is debilitated or JUPITER is with RAHU or JUPITER is in the 8th house – then definitely you will see issues regarding children – either the native has no children or if he has then he will suffer a lot because of his children.

Whenever Jupiter, Venus and 5th house lord and 5th house is afflicted or weak – you should know that there is absolutely NO happiness from children – so in such a case – if you remain CHILDLESS then that is much better than to suffer at the hands of your children. That is why Buddha says to that couple – “I can help you become mother and father but what if the child turns out to negative and evil by nature?”

Evolved souls are always unconventional by nature. And these evolved souls are primarily under the influence of higher octave planets.

Mohan asked “Which planets are higher octave planets?”

Primarily we have 2 higher octave planets – and those two planets are – URANUS and NEPTUNE.

And since AQUARIUS is ruled by URANUS – unconventionality comes naturally to AQUARIUS. And so many men and women born with Moon in Aquarius or Rahu in AQUARIUS are found to be unconventional – modern and with a very different perspective towards life in general. Similarly whosoever has a STRONG URANUS, NEPTUNE in the birth chart is also a highly unconventional person – and if such a strong URANUS or NEPTUNE gets support of other positive planets then a genius is born – someone as great as RABINDRANATH TAGORE – he had Neptune in his ASCENDANT and his MOON was in conjunction with NEPTUNE – and since NEPTUNE is the higher version of VENUS – he was able to write some of the greatest poems which won him a Noble prize. The 1913 Noble Prize in Literature was awarded to Rabindranath Tagore and the Noble organization quotes that he was awarded the Noble prize “because of his profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse, by which, with consummate skill, he has made his poetic thought, expressed in his own English words, a part of the literature of the West.” Such is the HIGHER POWER of NEPTUNE.

Evolved souls can be identified based on the placement of URANUS and NEPTUNE – and their connection with the lower octave planets such as Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Moon. It is a very deep subject – will reveal more at some other time.

Being CHILDLESS is actually NOT A PROBLEM for EVOLVED SOULS. Because as mentioned earlier EVOLVED SOULS are UNCONVENTIONAL by nature and so they can do that which is considered as not normal by the so called sane people.

From spiritual progress perspective – if by chance you are CHILDLESS and you are a spiritual person then being childless is the most wonderful development for you – because children becomes the hurdle between you and your spiritual progress. Now this may not go well with every person who is hearing this podcast – but as mentioned this sharing is only for a selective people who have a certain depth of understanding.

The master says ““The major mistakes in bringing up children are many, but I will talk only about the most important. First: the idea that they belong to you. They come through you; you have been a passage, but they don’t belong to you. They are not your possessions. Out of this idea of possessiveness many mistakes arise.”

So by chance if you have a child and you are walking on the spiritual path then you should not entertain the idea that your children belong to you – else this possessiveness towards your child will become the cause of many sufferings in your life.

So having children is okay as long as you don’t become possessive of your children. Once you start thinking that your children are your possessions, you have reduced them into things, because only things can be possessed, not human beings. It is the ugliest act you can do. And those poor children are so helpless, so dependent on you, they cannot rebel. They accept whatever your idea is. And to protect your possessiveness you make them Christians the moment they are born. You make them Hindus, you make them Mohammedans, you make them Buddhists, you make them Jews – you can’t wait!

I come across many mothers and fathers – who are so much possessive of their son and daughters – in the end this possessiveness brings many miseries in their life.

When I will die – there will be no one after me – I am a fakir. And I don’t even think of what will happen when I die – that who will take care of my last rituals – because when the body is dead – the story is over. What is there to wait for? Few years ago I had met a lawyer – and he is a old man. He said to me “ I lost my two sons in a road accident. They were very young. I am now alone but I don’t have to worry – I have made arrangements for my last rituals – there is a young boy whom I have raised – he will take care of my last rituals.”

Now this is how people remain attached – why do you have to make arrangements – why you cannot just let God take care of all your worries? But intellectual men are always looking out for making such arrangements – while a Ketuish man is least bothered on what happens when he is dead. He is not even going to make arrangements for the funeral because he is perfectly aware that someone will find money from his pocket and use it for his final rituals – either they will burn him or bury him – so why the heck he has to worry?

Reminds me of a beautiful story – there was a great master – his name was Ikaasu. He was a very extraordinary human being, of great innocence and joy. He loved to laugh and dance and sing. One day when he was going to die. His disciples asked, ”What are we going to do with your body? –because you have lived such an unconventional life we don’t know whether to bury or burn you. What we are supposed to do?”

And the dying Master opened his eyes, laughed his last laughter, and said, ”Surprise me!” closed his eyes and died!

This is the way of the innocent: ”Surprise me!” Even in death there is innocence, laughter. Even in death there is no complaint. He is waiting to be surprised. Whether you burn him or bury him, decide yourself, but make it a surprise. Don’t ask it, don’t follow any given instructions, because then it will not be a surprise at all. ”If I say bury me or burn me, then I will already know about it.”

You have keep a certain SURPRISE element in life – and so if you are childless then naturally this SURPRISE element remains – you don’t know who is going to do the last rituals for you – and if you are truly an evolved soul – then does that really matter? An evolved soul simply sets out on his or her NEXT journey – the journey towards the beyond. It is said that many souls desire for a place in HEAVEN after death – however Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi specifically mentions that heaven is a very ordinary place to be.

“Heaven is a wastage of time.” – Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi

You see – just the way people think that HEAVEN is the only place to be – similarly common men think that to complete their family – a child is needed – or to be precise – a son is needed! When in reality these ideas are your illusions – there is no reality to it. CHILDLESS men have attained MOKSHA much faster than those who have CHILDREN – simply because there is NO CHILD to get attached to. However those who have CHILDREN can also attain MOKSHA provided they STOP being POSESSIVE of their child and STOP getting attached with your child.

The whole thing comes down to one word – ATTACHMENT – which drives you birth after birth – and you remain where you are – miserable and lost in this vast human world.

Let me tell you – EVEN if the GURU or the MASTER is with you in physical form – STILL the GURU cannot help you overcome your ATTACHMENTS unless and until you start making efforts – efforts to turn inwards and realize the futility of attachments.

A man who is not much affected for not having children – can progress on spiritual path. However a typical woman or man who is constantly thinking about his or her separated child or is feeling depressed for not having a child – will REMAIN stuck and will again fall in the never ending cycle of birth and rebirth.

These things are very difficult to digest – that is why I share it with only few – may be those who are listening to this podcast and are resonating with it – are the chosen ones – for they will be able to move on and progress on their spiritual path. Remember when you are having no child OR when you are separated from your child and if you are a spiritual being – then it is a signal from GOD that the child is not meant for you – you were just biological father or mother – beyond that there is absolutely NO KARMIC balance connected with your child – so drop the attachment and move on. However very few are able to do so and therefore very few become the BUDDHA.

Spirituality therefore is not as easy as it seems to be. Just by growing a long beard and applying tilak on your forehead and adopting some fancy spiritual name will NOT bring any spiritual progress to you – your appearance may attract a few million people but HOW DOES THAT HELP YOU GROW WITHIN?

And so many long beard so called BABAs and SADHUs come to me – and they think I will be impressed by their appearance – they are WRONG – they cannot impress me because I directly see what lies beneath that long beard and fancy dresses. And I DONT HAVE TO FEAR AT ALL because I know who I am and who is my master and so no matter how many of these fake babas try to impress me – I will always be not impressed – because the TRUTH has nothing to do with outer appearances – truth has much to do with what lies beneath.

Once it happened – there was a great spiritual master – his name was Swami Swaroop Ananda. Interestingly he never kept a beard – he always used to get his face clean shaven. And let me tell you he was the greatest spiritual master that the world had ever known. He lived in a small village called PAVAS in Konkan. Few days ago when he was about to take SAMADHI – his disciples invited one person – they thought he had great powers – they thought he was a spiritual master – because his appearance was very attractive – long beard – big TILAK – and so they went and asked Swami Swaroopananda and Swami said “ What you see on the outside – is NOT in the inside.”

The message was loud and clear – don’t take this man as a spiritual master because the spiritual avatar that you see on his outer appearance is completely absent within his being. He is just a spiritual showcase piece.

Always remember a true sannyasa has NOTHING to do with outer appearance. You may roam around in jeans or pajamas or short pants – and still you will be the greatest SANYASI if you have renounced the “I” thought.

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi quotes – Sannyasa is only the renunciation of the “I” thought and not the rejection of the external objects.

Real spiritual person is NOT the one who says “I have renounced everything” – but the one who says “I am NOT the doer.”

“Even better than the man who thinks “I have renounced everything” is the one who does his duty but does not think “I do this” or “I am the doer”. Even a sannyasi who thinks “I am a sannyasi” cannot be a true sannyasi, whereas a householder who does not think “I am a householder” is truly a sannyasi.” – Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

When you are NOT the doer – when you no longer take the credit for doing anything that is good – then GOD takes over and when GOD takes over – you don’t have to do anything special – everything happens in its own accord.

Being childless is perfectly fine – if you have a certain depth of understanding. Otherwise there are millions and millions of couples having dozens of children – but are they happy? They may smile on your face – but in their bedrooms – they weep like a child – they suffer because of their children.

And so – let us not make this idea of having a children – mandatory. If you are pressurized for bearing a child – and you are not willing to then you must express yourself and not succumb to the pressure of the society. Remember – whatever happens – happens for a REASON and you still are unaware of that REASON.

You will understand but till then you should learn to live your life with total acceptance. Accept the fact that GOD wants you to remain childless because there is a much higher purpose to your life – which you are currently unaware of – but later you will understand – you will come to know.

My fellows – every individual is unique. It is wrong to compare and it is wrong to follow the conventions of the society because you are NOT a product – you are NOT a robot – you are a LIVING HUMAN BEING – and you are born for a reason – always remember – you are not born accidently – you are born for a special purpose which you will understand as you start turning inwards – as you start becoming more and more meditative as you start becoming a man of heart and as you start surrendering yourself at the feet of the master.

When there is a certain emptiness in one aspect of your life – GOD ensures that the other side of your life elevates to new heights. It may happen that one one end you may have no child but on the other end you may have that which millions and millions of people long for!

Always remember – there is NO such thing called LOSER – if one end of the see-saw goes down and the other end always shoots upside! And so there are many many childless couples in this vast human world – who may not have a child but they are so beautiful, so loving, and so highly evolved that even if they don’t have a child – many will come to help them – many will take care of them – you know why?

Because when you live for others – others live for you.

Paramhansa Yogananda had no child – he was a celibate but there were thousand and thousand who would come to serve him – and that too out of love!

Yogananda quotes “There is a magnet in your heart that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first; when you learn to live for others, they will live for you.”

The bottom line is simple and straight – if you are childless then it is a sign that you are chosen for a higher purpose. There is a higher calling. And it is only when you accept your life in totality – that you will realize the higher purpose – and then you will be able to respond to this higher calling – that only few are blessed with.

Love to all my followers. Stay blessed and remember to meditate every day.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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