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Astrology Consultation

Experience a comprehensive 60-minute astrological reading that includes personalized solutions and mantra remedies. This insightful consultation is available via video or audio call, providing you with the opportunity to receive in-depth guidance and effective remedies tailored to your unique circumstances.

Birth Time Rectification & Astrology Consultation

Receive a comprehensive 60-minute birth time rectification session for your birth chart, accompanied by an in-depth astrology reading and personalized remedies. This thorough consultation is conducted via video or audio call, allowing you to benefit from precise rectification and insightful guidance tailored to your individual birth chart.

Name Numerology

Leverage Acharya Addittya Ji’s extensive two-decade experience in numerology to obtain the appropriate spelling correction for your name. This correction will align harmoniously with your birth horoscope and numerology report.

Business Name Numerology

Leverage Acharya Addittya Ji’s two decades of experience in numerology to secure a fitting name for your new business based on numerological principles. 

Marriage Matching

Ensure a guaranteed marriage matching using Acharya Addittya Ji’s exclusive spiritual astrology expertise known only to a select few mystics.

Vastu Shastra Remedies & Guidance

Now, benefit from Acharya Addittya Ji’s two decades of experience in providing comprehensive Vastu Shastra guidance. His profound insights can assist in eliminating negative energies from your home or business premises, leading to the essential peace and progress in life.

Car Astrology

Discover the astrologically suitable brand, color, and car number for you based on your personal birth chart through Acharya Addittya Ji’s distinct Car Astrology reading. This specializedreading can greatly enhance your career and relationships, as the brand, color, and number of your car significantly impact your overall quality of life and success. Benefit from Acharya Addittya Ji’s expertise in Car Astrology to experience tangible progress in various aspects of your life.

Printable Horoscope

Obtain an extensive 256-page horoscope report that encompasses all charts, Mahadasha dates with in-depth prognostications and suggestions for gemstone usage.


All your information is kept highly confidential.


There is no string attached. Session is higly professional in nature.

Astrology Experience

Acharya Addittya Ji possesses over two decades of expertise in the practice of Astrology, Numerology, and Vastu Shastra.


By the grace of God - Acharya Addittya Ji's consultation sessions are highly reliable and enlightening.

Rahu Ketu specialist

Acharya Addittya Ji is well known as Rahu Ketu specialist since most of his research is focused on Rahu Ketu & remedies

Highly motivational

Acharya Addittya Ji's consultation sessions are highly spiritual by nature and thus you gain new fresh insights that bring a new ray of hope and positivity in you.

International Astrology Icon: Two Decades of Expertise

Bestselling Books

How to Overcome Rahu Book


Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the astrology consultation you have chosen – the session will last for minimum 60 to 90 minutes max.

You can pay the fees online or through direct bank transfer. For direct bank to bank transfer – please Whatsapp on 9923400039
My schedule is very busy with advance bookings happening round the clock. So if you are keen on getting appointment then please book your session in advance by making the payment and then WhatsApp the proof of payment. Remember – I don’t believe in free lunch and I don’t like hypocricy. I am straightforward – so if you are taking appointment – be sure that you too are staight and to the point.
Sure – I have now started with video call facility – however it all depends on the mobile network – if the network is good – I am open to having a video call – especially with my close fans and followers who follow Me on Quora,YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.
No you cannot get in-person appointment. Only audio or video call facility is available for all my consultation sessions.
The minimum waiting period is of 3 days – i.e. from the day of your payment.

Yes you can record – considering it can help you to listen again to the golden words & remedies suggested by Acharya Addittya Tamhankar’s voice.

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Request For Appointment

Note: Please mention your appointment request details. Appointment is provided based on availability of Acharya Shri Addittya Tamhankar. For payment of fees, bank details are mentioned on the Contact page. Please note that there is 4 days of waiting after you make payment.