Astrology is Perfect?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Nature rejoices in its imperfections. Astrology is a part of this vast universal nature. Astrology is the ‘flower’ – is the outcome of the many intense spiritual practices that the ancient seers and sages initiated from the beginning of time.

It is a ‘flower’ that is yet to mature, it is always in the process of growing – and so it is NEVER perfect. Because to be perfect means to be DEAD. There is no further growth, perfection closes you – totality helps you to progress, to grow – the door is always open, the path never ends, and you can keep walking….

Astrology comes with all its imperfections and because it is imperfect – it is growing, millions and millions of meditative souls across this vast human world are contributing to its growth – the beauty is in its imperfection – had it been perfect – it would have been dead by now.

Astrology is a flower – a beautiful flower that is highly spiritual in nature. Its source itself is spiritual – it is born out of intense spiritual penance. And spirituality has no comparison – it *is* the way it *is*! Spirituality exists, blossoms and rejoices in totality and not in perfection.

You are drinking a cup of hot tea, then you have to be so total – that in this world, at this moment – there is nothing as important as that one hot sip of tea that you take! That is totality – to BE HERE NOW – in the present moment – 100%!

Then you can enjoy the tea in its totality. And if this is how you live your life – by living moment to moment – by being TOTAL in whatsoever you do – then you can enjoy life in its true sense!

Whenever you – and I say it to all my followers, all my readers and fellow travelers – the very effort to identify the best is to understand what is not best!

The moment you want to know the best – you also want to know what is not so best. This is a play of the Mind. The Mind always loves to compare – and in this futile exercise of comparing – the whole essence is lost – you remain just a calculative mind – that goes on calculating – comparing – it is a dry run – nothing ever is derived – lives afterlives you will continue to do – and yet you will remain where you are – there is no progress, no real growth to your being – to your existence.

Many came and many went. Out of millions – only a few could relate – a few could understand and those who have – have gone beyond – they have reached the ultimate state of consciousness – there is NO MIND – the MIND has melted into the HEART- the HEART has taken over and the HEART is beautiful – it always is.

It is not just the common man but also certain meditative YOGIs – who have missed – simply missed to realize the beauty of the heart. They may have done intense penance for a hundred years – they may have earned certain powers/siddhis and yet they remain as blank as the paper you see in your new notebook!

Once it happened – a great Yogi – and his name was CHANGDEV – arrived in the small village of ALANDI. And CHANGDEV had a huge following. It always happens – the majority are fools. Truth happens to individuals and not to the crowd.

CHANGDEV had many siddhis. Among his many followers, there was one special follower and that was his pet – a tiger! A tiger always used to follow CHANGDEV and then his hundreds of followers. And they all came to ALANDI.

In this small village – there was one young boy who lived with his brother and sister. And they all were not more than 24 yrs old. The young boy was just 14 yrs old. His name was Dyaneshwar and he was such a sweet person, villagers of Alandi loved him – because all he taught was the path of love – the path of devotion. He was born in a brahmin family but he moved among all casts and creeds – he ate with them, he laughed with them, he shared with them the beautiful insights of the BhagvadGeeta by simplifying it for them.

It always happens – whenever you do something that is against society – you are condemned, you are labeled – you are troubled by the society. And that is exactly what happened with Dyaneshwar – the Brahmins of Alandi staunchly opposed him because they feared – they thought ‘this man is openly sharing the insights of Bhagavad Gita with the other class people – other caste people – what if these people become wise – then they will not listen to us – then we cannot dominate them’ – and so they were filled with fear.

So then they decided to invite CHANGDEV – the yogi who had meditated for 1400 years – the yogi who can do all kinds of magic – they invited him to Alandi so that they can challenge Dyaneshwar – the young lad who was just 14 at that time!

CHANGDEV’s 1000 years of meditation and a 14 yrs old young boy. The elite class of Brahmins had absolutely no doubt that Dyaneshwar will be tamed at the feet of CHANGDEV.

But they were yet to know that there is a difference in someone being followed by a Tiger and someone who himself is a TIGER! Real Saints are Tigers – they are not cats!

And so when CHANGDEV arrived – he decided to write a letter to Dyaneshwar. But he could not write a single word – not that he was illiterate but the major concern was – how to address a person who is just a boy of 14 yrs! What to write at the very start of the letter – Should I write “Sir” – no that would not fit well for a boy – I am 1000 years old and this boy is just 14. Should I write “Shri Dyaneshwar” – that will also not suit him – since he is just a boy then why to give so much of respect by addressing him as ‘Shri Dyaneshwar” – so then what to do! And so finally CHANGDEV decides not to write anything but to send a blank letter. CHANGDEV hands over a blank letter to his disciple and asks him to hand it over to Dyaneshwar.

The disciple of Changdev goes to Dyaneshwar and Dyaneshwar is sitting below a tree with his young sister and elder brother – and they all look so young – almost below 24! The disciple steps ahead – Dyaneshwar’s sister asks “What is it?”

And the disciple says “ It is a letter from the great Yogi CHANGDEV – his age is 1000 years old and he has arrived in your village – here is the letter from him.”

Dnyaneshwar smiles. His sister Muktabai opens the letter and laughs – she says “ Brother look what CHANGDEV has sent – a blank letter. Just like the letter he too has remained blank!” And they all laugh – it is a laughter that is not on CHANGDEV but on his Ignorance – that in spite of spending 1000 yrs in intense penance (Tapasya) he could not write a single word – so much of EGO – so much of DRY-ness – so much of IGNORANCE! The laughter was to this IGNORANCE.

The disciple waits to receive Dnyaneshwar’s answer – his reply to CHANGDEV’s letter. Dnyaneshwar’s sister – Mukta bai writes just two lines – she writes to CHANGDEV “ Even though you have spent 1000 years in deep penance and have earned many siddhis – yet from your blank letter – we see that you too have remained as blank as this blank letter that you have – send to us!”

Reading this reply – CHANGDEV is moved within. He says to himself – “So small these kids are and so much of courage to write this to me – I must go and meet them – I must ‘see’ who they are….”

And so CHANGDEV with all his thousands of followers and his pet – the ferocious Tiger head towards Dyaneshwar – CHANGDEV thinks that with his huge fleet of followers and the Tiger – Dyaneshwar and his siblings will be impressed and will rush towards his feet….and so he heads on to meet Dyaneshwar……

At that moment Dyaneshwar was seated on a wall with his younger sister Mukta bai and elder brother Nivruttinath and younger brother Sopandev.

And someone comes running towards them and says to Dyaneshwar “Saint CHANGDEV is coming to meet you – and he is not alone, he is coming with his thousands of disciples, followers and his Tiger to meet you….”

Dyaneshwar says “ But why is he coming with all his followers and by seating on a Tiger? He could have just walked to meet me…”

To this Dyaneshwar’s sister says “ Because he wants to impress us with his powers – it is HIS EGO….”

Dyaneshwar smiles. His aura, his beauty, his love – what to say, words are short to express his infinite divinity….

Looking at Mukta bai – Dyaneshwar says:

“Then we also should go and face him, let us go by taking this wall itself….”

And the moment Dnyaneshwar says these words – one of the greatest miracle happens – the WALL on which they are seated – takes off and flying all the way – they reach to where CHANGDEV is and CHANGDEV is SHOCKED – taken aback – 1000 years he had spent in the HIMALAYAS doing all kinds of difficult penance – but this was something UNUSUAL – a lifeless WALL flying in the SKY and the four siblings seated on that WALL!

He gets down on his knees, and as the flying wall lands – he rushes towards Dnyaneshwar…..


CHANGDEV says to Dyaneshwar “I was lost in my EGO. EGO of meditating for 1000 years, EGO of having so many SIDDHIS, EGO of being able to control every living being – BUT ….but – controlling a lifeless object like a WALL! And flying with the WALL – I don’t have that much strength – that much power…..I surrender to you DYANESHWAR MAHARAJ – I surrender to you……”

And CHANGDEV bows at the feet of the divine master – Saint Dnyaneshwar – a boy who is just 14 yrs old!

Dnyaneshwar says “Get up CHANGDEV, the moment you realize your mistake, the moment you self realize your shortcomings….you start progressing….now get up and give me a hug….”

CHANGDEV gets up and says “ I have realized that there is far greater path than the path that I have chosen – and that is the PATH of LOVE and DEVOTION. Dyaneshwar… I am reborn… the old CHANGDEV has died and a new CHANGDEV has reborn….Dyaneshwar now make me your disciple…..take me under your wings – so that I can learn to fly…so that I can learn to live with love and devotion…Dyaneshwar……..”

And CHANGDEV brsts out in tears……1000 years of penance did not help – it only made him dry, more egoist, more arrogant…..but just one touch of Dyaneshwar…just one touch of LOVE …..just one glimpse of the beauty of LOVE – the strength of LOVE….and CHANGDEV was moved. A 1400 years old Yogi CHANGDEV falls at the feet of a 14-year-old boy – who was one of the greatest Saints of Maharashtra – who wrote the greatest scriptures of all time – a holy scripture titled ‘Sant Dyaneshwari’ and who took SAMADHI at the age of 21 in ALANDI!

A beautiful real picture of Saint Dyaneshwar Samadhi Mandir.

Today millions of devotees come to Alandi every year – to take the Darshan of His samadhi – Sant Dyaneshwar – the saint who changed millions of lives by encouraging them to walk on the path of Love and Devotion.

So much was HIS love – that along with CHANGDEV – the whole village of ALANDI was touched. His omnipresence – His love – His guidance transformed them into something that they had never imagined of! They became a song, a piece of music, a melody – then life was no more a problem but a garden of bliss!

A beautiful picture of Sant Dnyaneshwar in a deep meditative state. My salute to this beautiful person – who transformed and touched millions of hearts across the world!

There is no other path that can be as beautiful as great and as blissful than the path of devotion and love!

Such are the ways. Such is the way of its happening. But the world is filled with more heads than the hearts! And so there is more dryness, more calculations, more logic that ultimately leads you to a miserable life – a life that looks perfect on the outside – but if you look within – then it is all broken – it is all dark with absolutely no light of consciousness!

I have absolutely no hesitation in expressing openly that if at all I have a strong dislike than that is not for any religion, any caste, any color or any creed – but for that one self-destructive nature – the nature of being too logical.

Tagore was a Nobel Prize winner. He was beyond all kind of intellectualism – he was truly an intelligent man – a man who was perfectly aware that it is NOT logic but love that has all the answers – he composed many beautiful songs and poems – and a time came when his own life transformed into a poem – a beautiful melody where logic had no place – no space – no chance!

Lao Tzu says: Logic moves to the very extreme; life never. That’s how logic misses life. Logic has the tendency to reach to a conclusion, life is never concluding.

Life has no conclusion. There is never a perfect answer to any question. You have to find what you can derive from every answer….the more the depth you have – the more you can derive – the more you can drink and rejoice in bliss!

People who want direct answers are the most dangerous people. They are enslaved by their minds. They want ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – and then once they get an answer – they will not stop and live in peace. They will further investigate – why yes and why no. And so on and on – these are the most foolish people and I would appeal to all those genuine followers of mine – to stay away from such people – such people are the greatest danger to your peace – to your bliss!

Unfortunately, our motherland is filled with many such kinds of men and women and so one has to be selective. I insist and appeal to all my followers – be selective – because if you don’t – you will be lost in the crowd of such ignorant people! And then it is difficult to get back ‘home’!

If you ask Lao Tzu for any conclusive answer – he will laugh. Because for a wise man – life itself is non-conclusive – there is always a possibility that can change your life – that can change the answer that you seek!

Life has no conclusive answer. Truth also has no answer – it cannot be expressed in words – it has to be understood in SILENCE!

When Jesus was hanged on the CROSS – and he was to be crucified – the Governor-General of the Roman Empire – Pilate goes to Jesus and asks him – one last question: “What is the TRUTH?”

And Jesus remained Silent.

This Silence of Jesus made him restless. Pilate could not understand this silence. How could he? Because he was not asking “ Show me the TRUTH.” – he was asking “What is the TRUTH?”

He was asking for a definition of TRUTH – and Jesus would not give the definition because HE was the TRUTH and he was standing before him!

Jesus just looked into his eyes. That moved Pilate’s heart. He became restless. He turned away from Jesus and said to the priest – “Take him away from me and do whatever you like – Crucify him.”

In reality – it was Pilate who was crucified! Jesus was physically crucified – but that one look of Jesus – crucified all the fake – all the hypocrisy – all the falseness within Pilate. Understand the fact – that Jesus could have been diplomatic in his answer – could have spoken something logical – BUT – TRUTH is so innocent – it simply cannot have any logic to it – it simply cannot have any diplomacy to it – it is spontaneous – it is a natural flow…..

And this natural flow that flowed through the eyes of Jesus – made Pilate restless.

Look around you – whenever you speak the TRUTH – whenever you follow the TRUTH – certain people become restless – Pilate symbolizes such fake people – who talk a lot when it is daytime and do exactly the opposite of it when it is nighttime!

Pilate wanted an answer – what is the truth? But Jesus remained silent. Jesus didn’t say a single word. His whole life – Jesus was talking about TRUTH, HIS whole life was sacrificed in the service of TRUTH and still at the last moment why he remained silent? Why he did not answer? Why was he not answering? Because he was perfectly aware that it won’t get home. There is every possibility that it will be misunderstood.

Silence is the best answer – when the questioner does not have the ability to understand – to relate – to resonate! Silence is more penetrating. That is how it penetrated into Pilate – just one look of Jesus – and Pilate is moved – he feels as if it is not Jesus who is naked before him – it is HE – who has become naked before Jesus! Just one look – no words and just a moment of silence – and it can move mountains – it can change the whole meaning of the situation – it can change the person who is questioning – What is the truth?!

If a disciple would have asked – Jesus wold have answered – because, every word of HIS becomes flesh in his disciple. It directly reaches to his heart – because a true disciple never brings the MIND in between – a true disciple never is in the game of AGREEING AND DISAGREEING – a true disciple simply listens – he simply lets the golden words of the master penetrate into his being – then his heart vibrates with those beautiful insightful words – then something moves within his being and through this process – every day he is reborn – every day there is more of unlearning – every day there is more of joy to his life!

Agreeing and Disagreeing is of the MIND. A true disciple simply listens – he is not caught into agreeing and disagreeing – that is the ugly job of the mind – he has overcome the mind – he is listening with his heart – the mind has absolutely no role to play – he simply flows with the words of His Guru – His master!

Whenever someone says to me “I agree with what you say.” – I become cautious – this man is a danger. Because he is still caught in his mind and the mind goes on agreeing and disagreeing. I move away from such a man – because such a man cannot understand the Truth. I have to remain silent.

Jesus also remained silent – because Pilate was NOT his disciple. He would not have understood Jesus’s answer – the only way was to remain silent!

The question from Pilate was not out of genuine ‘thirst’ – there was no humility – it was just a curiosity – and the real masters never entertain curiosities – the curiosity is of the mind – the intensity is of the heart!

If there would have been an intensity to his question – the answer would have come. But it was just a curiosity – and Jesus remained silent. He just looked into his eyes – and that one look of silence was enough to move the whole being of Pilate – it moves him so much that he cannot stand before Jesus – he asks the priest to take him away and crucify.

What is the truth? – asks the Roman General Pilate and Jesus remains silent.

It was a Buddhist answer. Only Buddha has remained silent about the truth, no one else.

When your spiritual path is of love and devotion – you can understand the truth. Arjuna could understand Krishna – his path was of love and devotion!

People are lost – simply lost in the world of magic – black magic, white magic, tantra, Tantrik – and what not! And they get so much trapped into this web of mind – that they themselves make their life miserable by following *that* which has only misery to offer – and nothing else!

But who wants to listen? It is better to remain silent! And so I remain silent. And I encourage you all – to also remain silent by being more and more meditative – by turning your focus from the outward to the inward.

Millions of Sadhus and Bairagis and Yogis like CHANGDEVs are in millions – it is not that they are useless – that they hold no truth – but is just that with every success that they achieve in their penance – they become more and more egoist – more drier – more hungry for Siddhis (magics) and in this mad rush – they get lost – there is no liberation to their life – because there is no love to their life – no devotion until a day comes when they meet someone as beautiful as Saint Dnyaneshwar!

Dnyaneshwar is one in a million! Arjun is one in a million. Sariputta is one in a million. Ananda is one in a million. Peter is one in a million. As much as the beauty is of the master’s omnipresence – so is the beauty of the disciple’s unwavering love and devotion!

In fact, there is no love as total as the love between the master and his disciple!

The relationship between a disciple and the master is not of the head – it is of the HEART! It is a love relationship – pure love – where there is no expectation – but only love – where there is no possessiveness but total freedom!

Always remember – the real master would never want you to remain dependent!

And so when there is just an inch of distance between you and the master – when you have blossomed into a beautiful flower – when the flowering has happened – when the moon has become full – the master will no more remain with you – the master will move on – the master will disappear!

There is one beautiful story – it moved my heart, it may move your heart as well.

A young man and his name was Ekai. He came all the way from Beijing to meet his master. And the master lived in a monastery. There were many disciples in that monastery. A big kitchen was there. Hundreds of visitors were offered food for free. It was a well-known monastery and moreover the master was highly regarded by the people.

Ekai comes and the master says “ Ekai – why have you come? What is the need?”

Ekai says “ Master – I cannot live without you – so I thought since you stay here – I would come and serve you – that will bring peace to my heart.”

Master said “ Ekai – you don’t have to come all the way here to serve me. Why did you rush in? I have not lived a single moment without noticing you – distance means nothing for me – and yet you have come! Okay – now go and serve in the kitchen and make sure that you never come before me until I come to you.”

Ekai’s joy had no limits – he became happy. He must be like me – He simply loved his master – there was nothing as important to his life than the holy name of His master!

And so Ekai joined in the Kitchen. It was a very big kitchen. And Ekai continued to serve the master by working in the kitchen. Day and night – months passed, years passed and Ekai never came before the master. Many men and women would come to seek the blessing of the master – many disciples within the monastery would sit near the master and listen to the master’s discourses. But Ekai never crossed the word of the master – he followed his Master’s word – he was not like the intellectual heads – he was a simple man of heart – he remained in the kitchen and served the people.

Many years went by- after 7 years, the Master declared “ I am becoming old and I would like to search for my successor. So I have come up with a test to choose my successor – the test is simple – compose a small poem on Mind.”

There was one competent disciple in this monastery. Everybody knew that he would be the one to succeed the master. His name was Doryu. Doryu composed a poem – but he was too clever – he sneaked into the kitchen and wrote anonymously a poem that says “ The Mind is like a river – clean the mind and the river will be cleaned – then you can live a blissful life.”

The next day, the whole monastery gathered to read this poem written on the wall – Ekai was also present and the moment he read this poem – he laughed out loudly – the disciples became angry – how can someone as common as Ekai laugh on a poem that was written by a scholarly person like Doryu! The master was also present – the master asked: “Why you laughed on this poem?”

And Ekai bowed before the master – he said “ Master – there is NO MIND so where is the question of cleaning the mind? And so I laughed.”

The master smiled and asked everybody to leave.

That night – the master silently came in the kitchen – it was midnight hours – and Ekai was sleeping on the ground – the master came – Ekai got up – he could feel the omnipresence of the master – the lingering fragrance – the master said “ Ekai for seven years you have been serving in this kitchen and every day and month you have been progressing – a certain glow has come to your being – nobody could see that glow – but I could and I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and NOW the time has come – Ekai – now the time has come – the answer you gave in the morning is not just an answer but the state of your being – my son – you have overcome the MIND – and so it is only you who can write such an answer – you are my successor – my true successor – but these fools – these idots will not understand – they will not relate to the ultimate truth that you have reached – if I openly declare you as my successor than these idiots may also plot to kill you…and so I now ask you to leave this monastery – right now – take your luggage and move into the wilderness – remember always – YOU are my true successor. Now leave.”

Ekai’s eyes became wet, tears started flowing through his eyes – it was the most difficult moment for him – to move away from the master – it is not he who is going to disappear – it was the master who is now going to disappear from his life – it was a very difficult moment – like a child he started crying – the master hugged him tightly – and said “ Why you cry – no matter where you are – I am with you.”

And it is said that Ekai left that monastery never ever to be seen – though the words of the master always remained in his heart – “I am with you.”

A true master would never let you stay under his wings forever – because a true master wants his disciple to experience total freedom – when the time comes – when the bud becomes a flower – the ‘gardener’ moves on – the Guru moves on, the Master moves on.

A mother wants her child to become independent. She helps her child to stand on its own feet. A master is also like your mother!

Jesus says to Nicodemus “ To experience God – you have to Reborn.”

Nicodemus says “ What do you mean by that?”

To this Jesus says “ To Reborn – first you have to die. This death is not physical death – it is the death of all your notions, learnings, scholarships – intellectualism – until you are completely free of all these traps – you cannot reborn – to reborn you have to drop all your intellectuality – your EGO – only when there is total emptiness that the divine can flow through you – and for that first you have experience death – just to reborn with a new life – a new journey – a blissful journey that can help you experience God – experience the Beyond!”

The Mind has to be dropped. Else you all will be trapped in the question of what is best and what is worst! The Mind goes on discriminating – analyzing and you simply lose the very essence of what is shared.

The heart has absolutely no idea of categorizing what is good and what is bad – who is poor and who is rich – a man of heart is as good with the bad as he is good with the good! Sai Baba never discriminated – if a Saint came to seek his blessings – he was blessed – if a sinner came to his blessing – he was shown the right path!

Once a woman came – she was a dancer. She said she wants to dance before Sai – Sai said “ Who am I to stop anybody? You can dance.”

And the woman started dancing before Sai – and suddenly she dropped down on the ground – her consciousness won’t let her dance anymore – she realized what she is doing – she goes to Sai – pleads his mercy and it is said that the same woman who danced to entertain people – started singing and dancing in devotion – her skills remained the same – but now a much higher purpose had come to her life – the purpose to serve God – the purpose to serve Sai!

The very essence of understanding what is best – is killing the whole essence of understanding the subject in its totality! If you love a woman – love her as God. Then there is absolutely no question of what is best in her and what is not – when you love – you simply love.

When you love astrology – never try to find what is best in astrology because then you are killing the whole essence of understanding astrology in its totality!

When you love – you simply love!

Be TOTAL. Just be TOTAL. Whatever you do – do it from the very depth of your heart and then see – how beautiful this life can be!

When you are making love to your wife or husband – observe yourself – are you totally into the person you are making love with? And many times the answer is NO.

Many times – you are making love with your husband or your boyfriend and you are thinking of something else – or you are thinking of someone else! Many times – you are making love with your boyfriend and you are not TOTALLY here – the Mind is roaming all around – across many people and many subjects!

You are eating your lunch – but your Mind is not HERE in totality! Your mind is thinking about many subjects that have nothing to do with the LUNCH that you having NOW.

It always happens. Whenever I am traveling alone – I have to eat out in a restaurant and when the dish arrives on my table – I am totally into it – as if there is absolutely nothing beyond this dish that has just arrived. And I am so much into it – in totality – that people sitting around wonder “What so special is in his dish!”

Once a man came to my table and asked “ Looks like this is something very special – I must try next time.”

And it was plain Dal (lentils soup)! Many times this man must have had this dish – but he may not have noticed its wonderful flavor – because the Mind is never HERE in totality!

And this is what happens with you all – you are doing something with your hands – but your Mind is not present here in totality and that is how you go on missing life – by either thinking of the past or worrying about the future!

Just be HERE. When you work – do your work in totality. Understand the fact and this is very significant – that only a man who can work in totality can succeed in meditation!

Because to meditate – you have to be TOTAL – you have to catch hold of your mind and bring it to the NOW moment – this is where life is flowing – LIFE is NOW – if you miss NOW – you go on missing life.

Tension remains as long as your MIND remains in the PAST or in the FUTURE!

The moment the MIND is HERE – in the PRESENT MOMENT – miraculously the tension eases out!

A young man came and said ” I am worried about my future and I regret my past. Help me to find peace. I am struggling, I am suffering.”

This suffering is of your MIND. Because the MIND is not in the NOW moment. The MIND is always in the PAST or in the FUTURE – and because of this ‘circus’ – the TENSION always is there – the stress is there.

To become tension-free, to become stress-free – all you have to do – is to bring this monkey mind in the NOW moment – the present moment. Meditation is simply to help you to BE HERE NOW. To catch hold of your mind and bring it to the present moment – because life is flowing NOW – if you miss to BE HERE NOW – you miss life and that is how you go on missing life – leading you to nowhere. The key is to – BE HERE NOW.

How to Be Here Now?

Change your lifestyle. Change your perspective. Change your diet. Work closely on every aspect of your routine life.

People come and they come with all sorts of miseries – but the core root of all these miseries is found in your lifestyle!

You meet someone at a party and you sleep with that man or woman. You eat food anytime – and you eat food without being conscious of what exactly are you intaking! There is an abundance of ignorance in our daily life and then you wonder what exactly is going wrong?

And this is the greatest joke of human life – and it goes on happening every moment – people are engaged in finding jokes in the books – when jokes are happening in our own life itself!

Any misery can be seen as a joke! Because unless you learn to take life easily with a cool head that is balanced with a blissful heart – you will continue to be SERIOUS – as if everything that you have and going through is forever!

Seriousness is an illness. If a saint cannot be humorous, then he is not a saint at all! Because spirituality is a joy – it is indeed a fun, a peal of laughter – that you can relate to – only when you stop being too serious of all that is happening in and around your life!

If someone is laughing – and that laughter is a blissful laughter then go and join him or her. Let there be more lightness to your life.

The Mind is always serious – because the mind is always fearful. Tame the monkey mind and you can find a small window to your life – this window can then help you to jump out and experience the fun, the joy, the adventures that your heart longs for!

If marriage is not happening – so what? Go with the flow, maintain yourself – your body – stay fresh, live young and just continue with your routine life – someday – sometimes – if the two ends are to meet and melt in each other – then that will happen – why you worry?

If a job is not coming – then why you all become so afraid – now what? As if life has come to an end! I always tell and in the larger interest of all my followers and readers – I now mention it through this answer – that IF God has taken care of you and your family to date – than why you become so depressed – why you lose hope? why you come to a conclusion? A wise man never concludes – he always keeps the ‘sentence’ flowing – because he is perfectly aware that life has no conclusions – it flows on and there is absolutely no end to it!

Negativity is always existing. Understand this. It has been existing from the beginning of time. And the moment you take birth – it is also within you – all! In families, in office, in public places – you will find many negative people – they are miserable – understand this – you cannot blame them – because HOW can you blame a drunkard? He is not conscious of what he is doing – she is not conscious of what she is doing – so you have to stop blaming the negative people and start working on your ‘self’!

This world is so vast – so vast – you cannot change the world – but you can always change yourself!

So come – come you all – I know and I can understand that following me is not everybody’s potential and so when I see you all following me – it is a way of God to let me know – that there are few – very very few people in this vast human world – who still has the depth of understanding the essence of the higher altitudes – who are thirsty to know more – who are as beautiful as you are!

God is always testing us. Every moment is a test of our consciousness! And God is always looking for those who are ‘thirsty’ for HIS nectar – His word – HIS sharing!

Any other word than the word of God – the word about God or word for God – will not satisfy your thirst. And when I say ‘your’ – it is for all my followers and readers. You may go to all kinds of clubs and all kinds of beautiful places around the world – but in the end – you will come to that place where the bells ring – where the lamps glow with light – where the melody of the Lord’s song is heard!

God loves you. From the moment of your birth – till – the moment of your death and beyond it – God always is looking after you – God never forgets His child – always remember YOU are God’s child.

God loves you. But the real question that you all should ask yourself – is whether you love God? Understand this and this is very significant. People visit temples – but they do so out of fear! I would love to see you all – going to temple, or church or mosque – NOT out of fear but out of Love – pure love!

I would encourage you all to be GOD LOVING and NOT to be GOD FEARING!

Then whether you miss visiting the Church on a Sunday or visiting a Temple on Thursday or visiting a Mosque on Fridays – you will not worry – you will not fear – because you are no more a God-fearing person – you are a God-loving person and you are perfectly aware that when there is LOVE – there are no rules – no restrictions – but pure understanding.

True love is born out of understanding says the Buddha!

And God can understand you well. God will never try to figure out what is best in you and what is worst in you – God loves you in totality – and so let there be a totality in your life too – in your living too!

Let us all drop the mad rush to find perfection and let us try to be as TOTAL as possible. Perfection is an ego trip – it is the circus of the mind – a perfectionist makes his life miserable and also of those who work with him!

To be perfect is to BE TOTAL.

This ‘focusing’ is possible when you are being TOTAL – when your MIND is present in the NOW moment – when you are not thinking of the past and the future – when you simply focusing by being HERE NOW! Every moment something new is happening – not just around you but also within your physical body — millions of changes are happening that you are unaware of! Ignorance has taken over our life – and the only way to overcome this ignorance is by living moment to moment.

The whole purpose of this answer is to help you all overcome the mind – for it is the mind that goes on analyzing what is best and what is worst – who is poor and who is rich. You just connect with your ‘self’ – you just jump into the subject that you love – you just love your lover as if he or she is no less than GOD! Just be TOTAL – and let life take its own turn – remember – it is never too late – and it is never too early – everything happens ‘in time’ – trust HIS process and just go with the flow of your life….

Life never fails you. It is your ignorance that fails you. Every day God brings life to millions of buds who blossom and transform into beautiful flowers! Tell me – if God can transform a bud into a beautiful flower – how can he miss transforming you into a beautiful human being?

All you need is to SURRENDER to HIM in totality – let HIM drive your life – and then you are ‘in’ for the greatest miracle of your life!

Let there be no noise within you. Let there be no mind within you. Let only your heart sing – follow the voice of your heart. Live in Total Surrender. Live in Total Acceptance.

Birth happens, death happens, but you have to remain in suchness, remembering that this is how life functions. This is the way of life. You cannot do anything against it. You just have to keep walking on the path of love – love is the waywith love the journey becomes more and more beautiful, more and more blissful – the solution to all your problems is found in one word – Love.

I send love & light to you all. Let there be more consciousness, purity, peace, and prosperity to your life. Meditate.

Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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