How is Venus in the 12th house?


Venus is not sex. Venus is pure love – but for reproduction – sex is required – and for sex – you need a certain energy – this energy is Mars! Now look at this – the same energy if is diverted from sex to consciousness – then you see someone like Saul transforming into Saint Paul!

“There is a way to go beyond sex, you can transcend sex – that’s the meaning of – sex to superconsciousness.” – Osho

Venus in 12th can also lead to a man or a woman who has perfected the art of lovemaking (KamaSutra)!

“Sex has to be something not obscene, not condemned, not repressed but immensely respected, because we are born out of sex – it is our very life source.And to condemn the life source is to condemn everything. Sex has to be raised higher and higher to its ultimate peak. And that ultimate peak is samadhi, superconsciousness.” – Osho

But people in India or on a larger context – in Asia – just tremble with the word of ‘sex’! It is as if by just talking about sex – you are doing some kind of sin!

But aren’t we all are born through the act of sexual union? But people are afraid – they won’t speak – at least not in India – who would dare? But one cannot ignore the facts – one has to say things ‘as’ they are! Your condemnation won’t change the facts! You counting the sins of others won’t make you a saint!

So you should understand how Venus in 12th can lead one to many sexual experiences – good or bad – that is decided by other aspects that influence this position of Venus. There is no doubt that Maharshi Vatsyayana – the man who wrote Kamasutra with many erotic drawings – had mentioned 84 postures for lovemaking! A man with Venus in 12th is very much interested in the art of love making – it is a truth that nobody is going to tell you – nobody is going to mention in plain text! But I am doing it – so that one understands the depth of a 12th house Venus.

When Venus is placed in 12th – you generally have a girl/woman who has *those* looks that can attract any boy or man. The same is for a man. This 12th Venus gives good looks, good appearance. And then follows the pleasures of bed. Basically this position provides good sexual pleasures to a man or a woman – provided the Venus is not afflicted. If it is afflicted then it will still provide sexual pleasures but via shady ways! So you see – this Venus is not bad – as long as it is not afflicted by Mars. Whenever Mars is found with Venus in the same house – it makes the woman or the man ‘sexy’! The word ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ is typically reserved for human beings made from the combination of Mar+Venus!

Along with immense sexual pleasures (if other aspects are supportive) this Mar+Venus also leads to some romantic tragedies! Because here the person is not just satisfied with pure love – he or she – wants sex too! And so often in the greed to have more and more – these men or women become cheat – and get into extramarital affairs. People with Venus in 12th along with Mars in 12th are also extremely flirtatious by nature – so Venus in 12th – irrespective of what sign it is placed – remains good for the native as long as it is not joined by Mars! Mars is sex – and Venus is love. Understand this – it is of great significance.

What is marriage? Don’t give me all those poetic dialog that you see in movies – the foremost base of successful marriage is ‘healthy sexual union’ – even the courts would not object to your divorce petition – if you mention that you are unable to get the desired sexual satisfaction out of the said marriage!

So – before you condemn the word ‘sex’ – understand it from all angles – it is not a sin, it is not a crime, it is not something that should be condemned – it is something that should be respected! As long as you are following the law, following the right path – ‘sex’ is simply to be celebrated with utmost love and respect!

Now – a person with Venus in 12th can also transform into a celibate! In to a great saint! Surprised – don’t be – first read this:

One’s attainment to celibacy from birth in this life is based on the experiences of deep coital union in previous lives and on nothing else. There is no other way. If one has had a profound experience of sex in a previous life, the person will be born free of sex in this life; sex will not disturb the person, even in his imagination. If someone thinks one can simply become a born celibate without any deep experience of sex, that person is wrong; one will become insane, not celibate. Those who try to impose celibacy upon themselves only go insane, they reach nowhere. Celibacy cannot be imposed; celibacy evolves out of the experience of sex. It is the result of some profound experience – and the experience is of sex. If that experience can be had even once, the person is released from sex for the unending journey of lifetimes.” – Osho

A person who has ‘been there, done that’ – can drop the desire of ‘sex’ and become a true celibate! You see – that is how a 12th house Venus has the divine power to transform a passionate lover into the greatest lover of God – that the world had ever known!

A man who has diabetes – and says “ I have stopped eating sugar” – makes no sense – A man who is not getting any marriage proposals – and says “I have decided to never get married” – makes no sense. But a man who perfectly healthy and yet he says – I have stopped eating sugar. A man who is getting hundred of proposals from the most beautiful girls and yet he is saying I don’t want to get married or have any relationship – is on his way on true celibacy! So only that man or woman can truly surpass the realms of sex – who has been there – done that! And so we also see many great saints and yogi with 12th house Venus!

So you see – astrology is such a deep ocean – but people don’t get it – they don’t want to dive deep – they are happy to live a shallow life – with some tit-bits of shallow knowledge – knowledge that they can digest – knowledge that they can face – they say they want to hear the truth – but they never truly want to follow the truth!

A man or a woman with Venus in 12th should definitely practice YOGA – they will progress much faster. Overall – it is a pleasant personality – bubbling – happy – romantic experiences of foreign places – skills of dancing – a poet by heart – so a beautiful person – a lovely person – but conservative societies spoil such a beautiful person – such a person only blossoms in a free environment – love blossoms only when there is absolute freedom – and so such a person should always look towards living in a society that is liberal – open – and tolerant!

The ultimate state of love is freedom, absolute freedom. And any relationship that destroys freedom is not worthwhile – a Venus 12 man or woman need freedom to blossom, to grow, to achieve their dreams! Any act of possessiveness would simply finish all the possibilities of love.

Love can never possess. Love is giving freedom to the other. Love is an unconditional gift. It is not a bargain. And so a 12th Venus is all for love – and love is not a bargain – it is all about giving, sharing and caring!

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Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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