How to find whether a specific person is authentic?


That’s a beautiful question.

When the person is authentic and a follower of heart – then no matter what profession he belongs to – he will succeed – he will be a ‘light’ unto himself and to others as well!

Many people become victim of FAKE SPIRITUAL BABAs and FAKE SAINTS – why?

Because these people have been FAKE themselves – they have been living in utter ignorance.

Always remember – FAKE is attracted towards FAKE – IGNORANT FOOL is attracted towards another IGNORANT FOOL. BAD is attracted towards BAD – and this pure science – it is called LAW OF VIBRATION. You will vibrate with that person who has similar level of vibrations or higher than yourself.

This is how the universe works. You appreciate exactly that which is also within you. That is how ‘GROUPS’ are formed, that is how ‘TEAMS’ are formed – that is how ‘SOCIETIES’ are formed, that is how ‘COMPANIES’ are formed. It is a cycle – when the foundation of a COMPANY or SOCIETY is established by a set of conscious good people – then the ‘cycle of connections’ develop accordingly. One good person – conscious person hires similar type of person – then this person hires similar quality of person – that is how the whole COMPANY – or – GROUP is formed – it is nothing but the LAW OF VIBRATION! That is how BIG BRANDS are born – because the people working in these BIG BRAND companies are interconnected with similar values, ethics and intelligence!

So the very first question that I would like all my followers to ask themselves is “Am I interacting or communicating with a good person – with a man of awareness – with a man of compassion – with a man of heart?”

If the answer is YES – and this ‘YES’ is coming from the depth of your heart – only then you can find the authentic person. But to be able to listen to the voice of your heart – FIRST you too have to be an authentic person – only then the ‘connection with other authentic being’ is possible!

It all begins with YOU – and your state of awareness.

There have been great spiritual masters who when were asked by certain less evolved beings “Are you a real master?”

Then they would laugh and say “ I am the most unreal being. I don’t know nothing. Now you can leave.”

The master is open only to that man who has a certain depth of understanding. We should remember that this human world is VAST like the OCEAN – and there are many diamonds and pearls in this VAST OCEAN OF HUMAN WORLD – but there are also many many stones, and rocks also in this ocean.

If you have the ‘eyes’ of a meditative being – you will find the diamonds – you will recognize the diamonds, the pearls and if you are still ‘blind’ – (ignorant) – you will end up collecting many stones and rocks that ‘appear’ (RAHU) beautiful!

Reminds me of the greatest spiritual master – Avatar Meher Baba and HIS divine words…

The REAL remains unaffected by your praise or abuse. If a man has one million dollars in his bank account – and if you call him a beggar – then is it going to affect him by any chance? It is not. Because he is perfectly aware of what he has – the ‘wealth’ he has within his being.

However a FAKE person will instantly get irritated and angry – because has no wealth – he is just ‘showing off’ – (RAHU) – in reality he is a beggar – he has never experienced God – he has never experienced the bliss of meditation – he is just faking – and those who are fake – will get attracted toward him but those who are REAL – will never become a victim to his Fake-ness.

But beyond this – there is a beautiful stage where – if you are truthful, devoted to your master – then you will experience the beyond – the unseen – the Godly.

Reminds of one such story. The story may be illusionary but it is significant in many ways.

There was a young man – his name was Bhola. And Bhola was in search of a master – he travelled the Far East countries – the Himalayas, and finally he met a master. He surrendered to the master. He asked the master, “What am I supposed to do now?”

The master said, “Once you have surrendered to me, you are not supposed to do anything. Just believe in me. My name is the only secret mantra for you. Whenever you are in difficulty, just remember my name and everything will be all right.”

Bhola touched his feet. And he tried it immediately — he was such a simple man. He walked on the river. Other disciples who had been with the master for years could not believe it — Bhola was walking on the water!

They reported to the master that, “That man, you have not understood him. He is no ordinary man, he is walking on water!”

The master said, “What?”

They all ran towards the river and Bhola was walking on the water, singing songs, dancing. When he came to the shore, the master asked, “What is the secret?”
He said, “What is the secret? It is the same secret that you have given to me — your name. I remembered you. I said, `Master, allow me to walk on water’ and it happened.”

The master thought that it would be better to check a few more things. So he said to Bhola, “Can you jump from that hill?”

Bhola said, “Whatever you say.” He went up on the hill and jumped, and other disciples were all standing in the valley waiting — just pieces of Bhola will be there! Even if they can find pieces of him, that will be enough — the hill was very high.
But Bhola came down smiling, sitting in a lotus posture. He came just under a tree in the valley, and sat down. They all surrounded him. They looked at him — not even a scratch on his body!

The master said, “This is something. You used my name?”

Bhola said, “It was your name.”

The master said “ It is not just my name. Bhola – it is your trust. It does not matter who you trust — it is the trust, the love, the totality of it. You are an innocent man, you trusted me. It is because of your trust that the miracles have happened.”

It all depends on what you are from within. And whatsoever you are from within – you cannot hide it – you may hide it for a while – but someday it will come out – and based on what comes out of you – you attract the energies of this human world – it is all based on WHAT YOU ARE!

If you want to raise the quality of your life – if you want to raise the quality of your ‘circle’ – ‘network of friends’- then FIRST you have to focus on raising the quality of your desires – by bringing more awareness – by being more meditative.

It is said that when a pious man of heart – a man of awareness starts worshipping a ‘plain black stone’ – someday that stone becomes an idol – and thousands of people then start worshipping that idol – which once was a mere black stone!

The power is within you – GOD is within you – if you can realize the GOD consciousness within you – if you can raise your awareness by taking to meditations and chanting – then and only then you would be able to ‘feel’ the vibes of the person you interact with – then whether he/she is an astrologer or doctor or builder or officer – once you know the person is authentic then whatsoever he or she does – always fructify – the focus should be in identifying the ‘person’ and not the ‘profession’ he/she is practicing. Because when the person is good and authentic – then whatsoever he does – always turns into a reality – that is how the great Sufi Fakir was – God was so much touched by HIS devotion that GOD said to him – “Whosoever comes to you – will be blessed.”

But the Fakir was not an ordinary fakir – he was a man of great awareness – he said to God “ But I should never come to know about the miracles that you perform through ME.”

God laughed and hugged him and said “ You are made of what soil – my son. I give you My Word – you will never come to know about the miracles that are performed by your presence.”

And it is said that wheresoever the Fakir went – deserts were turned into oasis, poor became rich, jobless got a job, bachelors got married – many miracles would happen but he would never come to know – because that was what he wanted. God had promised him.

The Fakir never wanted to let the air of EGO get into his way – he therefore had prayed to God that he should not come to know about the miracles that are performed through his omnipresence.

That is how real masters are – you call them FAKE or you call them REAL – it doesn’t really make any difference to them- because one who has the real treasures with him – knows that has the REAL GOLD. HE is in his own bliss, he roams naked – the world may call him a naked fakir – but in reality HE is the REAL KING. The Master.

Fake or Real – the answer cannot be found by your head – it can be found only when your ‘journey’ begins towards your heart. The ‘journey’ that is headed towards the heart is the real ‘spiritual journey’ – and it is only when you are set on your spiritual journey – that you can identify the real – then even ‘voice’ is enough – then even ‘a few words that you type’ is enough – because it all comes to ‘vibrations’ – the more you can feel the vibrations – the more you can find the answers to your questions.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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