How Zodiac Signs play a significant role in Jaimini Astrology?


Whether it is your Girlfriend or Boyfriend, whether it is your father or mother or whether it is your siblings or office colleagues – every human being is indeed a ‘Classified’ version. Although from Astrology viewpoint we have been classifying the human population in 12 Zodiac Signs – Jaimini Rishi goes a step further and classify all the 12 Zodiac Signs in 3 families. Each family has a peculiar character to it.

The First Family of zodiac signs is quick. They like movement. They are the ones who will quickly say “I LOVE YOU.” If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend belonging to this First Family of Zodiac Signs – then you are lucky! I love people who express themselves spontaneously – and most of them always belong to this First Family of Zodiac Signs! In fact a person who is quick to EXPRESS his feelings is indeed a man of heart! Because LOVE has NO LOGIC – when you love – you simply LOVE!

The negative side is that they are also very quick to say “I HATE YOU”. Friendships and Relationships are as FAST as BREAKUP is!

For less evolved souls – LOVE can transform into HATE at any given time! This is because the ‘LOVE’ that they refer to is in reality hate disguised as LOVE. The LOVE that happens between you and your partner is the HATE disguised as LOVE and NOT the LOVE BUDDHAS talk about.

And so if today you see them in a garden with talks of dying for each other – then tomorrow they may be catching each others throat! Impulsive nature is their trademark.

I always advice these men and women that instead of impulsively jumping into a relationship – be a loving person.

But very few are willing to be a loving person!

TRUTH is HARD. The majority is on the lookout for a RELATIONSHIP because they CANNOT live ALONE! They need security, they need support from the other person! And so RELATIONSHIP has absolutely nothing to do with LOVE.

Always remember – especially those who belong to this FAMILY of SIGNS – never jump into a relationship – instead focus on RELATING!

Relating is beautiful than Relationship.

“Forget relationships and learn how to relate. Once you are in a relationship you start taking each other for granted – that’s what destroys all love affairs. The woman thinks she knows the man, the man thinks he knows the woman. Nobody knows either!” – Osho

Relating is always superior and lasting than relationships – and individuals belonging to this FAMILY OF SIGNS must remember to focus more on relating than jumping into relationships!

These are quick people – yes – I call them quick people and they are also impatient by nature. They like ‘SPEED’ – no matter what they do – they always are very fast in what they do! And so when it comes to attaining spiritual growth – they have to work on slowing down their mind – because a fast mind is always a SICK mind!

They like change – in fact many individuals belonging to the First Family of Zodiac Signs often go through many changes and transformations in life! Natives of this Family are open to CHANGE because they are perfectly aware that change is constant, except change everything else changes. Since they are more driven by emotions – they can easily adept to situations. Flexibility, adaptability, and openness to change are some of the positive traits of this family.

The FIRST FAMILY has the following ZODIAC SIGNS:





And the FIRST FAMILY of ZODIAC SIGNS is addressed as the CARDINAL SIGNS.

The Second Family of zodiac signs is slow. They like to do things in a slow and steady way. You can say that they are the ‘turtles’. They take time – lot of time to say those three magical words – “I LOVE YOU”. So if you have girlfriend or boyfriend who belongs to the Second Family of Zodiac Signs – then you must know that ‘it is going to take time’ until they propose you with a ‘Red Rose’ that you have been longing for! Natives of this family always like to play SAFE. They are not risk takers. But the good thing is that once they commit – they don’t listen to anybody – not even to themselves! They are die-hard lovers by heart – but the difference between them and the First Family Signs is that they are like “Pizza” – which takes time to bake, until the ‘cheese’ starts melting!

The First Family Signs are like ‘hot coffee’- they become hot very fast and also cool down very fast! BUT – Second Family of Zodiacs Signs take their time – but once they get HOT – then it is difficult to cool them down! And so once they fall deeply in love – it becomes difficult for them to come out of it – and so BREAKUP sounds like a EARTHQUAKE for them – whereas the FIRST FAMILY SIGNS move on much easily than the fellows of this Second Family of Zodiac Signs!

SECOND FAMILY ZODIAC SIGN men and women like STABILITY a lot! So if you are being interviewed for a job and the interviewer belongs to the SECOND FAMILY ZODIAC SIGN then – he or she will definitely focus a lot of your STABILITY in JOB – because STABILITY means a lot to them! And so although they take a lot of time to make decisions – once decided they stick to it like a glue paste! If a Girlfriend belonging to this FAMILY- leaves you – then she will NEVER return. Because ONCE they make a decision they never back off! They always remain committed to the decisions they make. It is good to stick to your decisions but you also should remain flexible in your approach while executing a decision that you have made!

The problem with this FAMILY is that they are too rigid and not flexible in their approach. In cases of Divorce, Breakups – they never show any flexibility and in the process hurt themselves as well as those who are involved – example: Children or Parents!

Enjoying life, rising to a certain status in the society, passionate about their profession and forward thinking – are some of the traits of the second family.

The SECOND FAMILY has the following ZODIAC SIGNS:


2. LEO




The Third Family of zodiac signs is a confused family! They are the ones who will sit in a garden and keep plucking the petals of a flower and saying “She loves Me” – “She love Me Not”.

They cannot make up their mind. They always remain in a dilemma! Having a girlfriend belonging to this family is indeed a challenge for any boyfriend! Because they are stuck in their head! They will say “I think I love you”. Now this sounds so stupid. Either you LOVE or you don’t! Who ‘thinks’ when it comes to love! Either you are trapped in your logic OR you are in LOVE! LOGIC & LOVE can never co-exist.

However these fellow are confused fellows – primarily because they are too much into their head! They are the ones who are always in search of finding the meaning of life. When in reality life has no meaning!

Although by being intellectual they earn good money – still ‘LOVE’ rarely is found in their life because they are always busy in ‘THINKING’! Logic is their Lord. And when Logic becomes your Lord – then you become a desert land – there is no OASIS – there is no juice to your life – you look perfect but perfect is always dead – only the imperfect remains alive – only the imperfect keeps growing!

Imperfection has a beauty of its own. Something of imperfection is necessary for life to remain motivated – to go on flowing and growing! But these natives are too obsessed with perfection. Why this obsession with perfection? Then you will be tense, anxious, nervous, always uneasy, troubled, in conflict.

“In life, only mad people ask for perfection. The perfectionist is another name for someone who is getting ready to become mad.“ – Osho

Perfection is a myth, Totality is a reality. You can always aim to be TOTAL in whatsoever you do – whether it is LOVE, SEX, WORK, or MEDITATION – you can always remain TOTAL.

Natives of this family should always try to attain Totality in whatsoever they do. Perfection is not possible – excellence is!

The most irritating part of this FAMILY is that they will NEVER stick to their commitment. And further they will try to ‘justify’ on why they couldn’t live to their commitment!

Practical, highly pragmatic and good dealers in their identity. Probably the typical successful business class men and women – who do very good in business belong to this FAMILY. Money is never short for them because they have the inborn skill of making money! They always like the word ‘multiply’ – they are never happy with just ‘one’ business or ‘one’ girlfriend/boyfriend’ – they want some additional ‘spice’ that can stimulate their intellectualism. Politics and diplomacy comes natural to them. They are talkative and also like to have conversations on various topics. If at all there are any gossipers then they all must be from this family!

The THIRD FAMILY has the following ZODIAC SIGNS:





And the THIRD FAMILY is address as DUAL signs.

So all in all – JAIMINI RISHI classifies the 12 ZODIAC SIGNS in 3 FAMILES:




JAIMINI SUTRAS are primarily based heavily on the ZODIAC SIGNS. While in Parashar System of Astrology – the whole focus is on PLANETS – in JAIMINI the FIRST PREFERENCE is to ZODIAC SIGNS. Just the way it is said “Ladies First” – similarly in the world of JAIMINI ASTROLOGY – it is said “Signs First”.

Jaimini is NOT complicated – if you understand the way ASPECTS of SIGNS are applied in JAMINI!

That’s right – you got it right – it is the ZODIAC SIGNS that ASPECT each other based on certain ‘conditions’ that Jaimini puts forth in his famous JAIMINI SUTRAS!

So here in the world of JAIMINI – Jupiter will NOT aspect the 5th, 7th and 9th house- instead it is based on the Jupiter SIGN FAMILY – whether it is CARDINAL? FIXED? Or MUTABLE?

In my next chapter – we will explore more on SIGN ASPECTS in JAIMINI – it is a little complicated – but then all beautiful things in this human world often are found to be ‘complicated’ until you find the ‘key’ to transform the complicated into simplified version!

And that’s exactly the motto of this series – and that’s exactly the essence of human life – to transform the difficulties and complications into simplified versions!

And only that man can simplify life who understands life well enough!

Always remember – being genius is all about making complex concepts simpler and not making simple concepts complex!


More to come – in the next blog…stay tuned.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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