Saturn in Revati Nakshatra


Revati. The name ‘Revati’ itself means ‘Wealth’ – Lakshmi!

Mercury has a lot to do with ‘Wealth’ – and in this AGE it is more obvious considering that we all are living in a highly dynamic ‘AGE OF COMMUNICATION’!

Wealth comes, prosperity comes when you ‘communicate’ effectively as well as when you ‘communicate’ – speak in a way that you DON’T HURT OTHERS!

Samarth Ramdas Swami – the Guru of Chattrapatti Shivaji Maharaj – always used to say “ Speak gently – do not hurt others by your words.”

In one of the many great scriptures that Samarth Ramdas Swami scripted with his divine hand – he writes “Komal Vaacha De Re Ram” – meaning “ O Lord Rama bless me in such a way that I always speak with others in a gentle way…”

Communication has always been the ‘way’ towards making deals and also bringing positive change in other’s life – but the communication has to be gentle – blissful and real – from the heart!

Samarth Ramdas Swami writes “ Connect more and more people through your gentle words” – because one should remember that WEALTH is created only when you connect with people and you can connect with people only when you communicate with grace, with love, with deep understanding! Mercury signify communication and REVATI is indeed a NAKSHTRA that is ruled by MERCURY!

That is why DARIDRATA (POVERTY) comes when you HURT others by your words – and PROSPERITY (SHRIMANTI) comes when you TOUCH others heart by your gentle soothing words!

And so COMMUNICATION has much to do with your SUCCESS in material life and also in SPIRITUAL life!

Reminds me of a beautiful story….

Once it happened – there were two smokers and they became disciples of a great master. But the problem of smoking remained! For many days and weeks they had to control their smoking habit – it was becoming difficult to control – so one day they decided to seek permission for smoking. The first man said to the second – “Look we cannot control anymore – I am going to ask the MASTER for his permission – you also ask. And then let us meet tomorrow same place.”

The next day they met in the garden. One was furious — furious because the other was smoking — and he said, “What happened? I also asked, but the master simply flatly refused and said no. And you are smoking? Are you not abiding by his orders?”

He said, “But the Master has said yes to me. He has allowed me to smoke.”
The first man said, “I will go and immediately inquire as to why he said no to me and yes to you. This looked very unjust. ”

The other said, “Wait a minute. Please tell me what you had asked.”

He said, “What I had asked? I had asked a simple thing, ‘Can I smoke while meditating?’ And the master said, ‘No!’ and he looked very angry. ”

The other started laughing; he said, “Now I know what is the matter. I asked, ‘Can I meditate while smoking?’ And the Master said ‘yes.’”

You see – this is the beauty of COMMUNICATING! The Master must have thought that at least he is meditating while smoking! Because the QUESTION was so effectively asked – ‘Can I meditate while smoking?’

Whereas the other man had asked – ‘Can I smoke while meditating?’ – so here the focus is on smoking -and not on meditating!

Asking, “Can I smoke while meditating?” is just ugly. But asking, ” Can I meditate while smoking?” — it’s perfectly okay. Good! At least you will be meditating.

Life is an empty canvas – it all depends on how you ‘paint’ it – how good you are in giving those ‘right strokes’!

Communication is also an art – the more you focus on it – the more you evolve as an individual! And communication is of two types – ‘learned – formal – artificial’ and ‘SPONTANOUS’!

Words that come spontaneously sound more beautiful – more touching and more memorable than the words that are just spoken or written for the sake of it! They may appear ‘POLISHED’ – but then PLASTIC ROSE appears perfect – polished – but what it doesn’t have is the FRAGRANCE! Whereas a REAL ROSE is full of THORNS – IMPERFECT and yet it has a mesmerizing FRAGRANCE that a plastic perfect ROSE doesn’t have!

Spontaneity – Natural way of living – BEING YOURSELF – this all comes only when you TURN INWARDS – when you are CONNECTED with your SELF – when the inner current of awareness is flowing within you!

You see – that is why when DALAI LAMA speaks, when BUDDHA speaks, when MAHAVIRA speaks, when Jesus speaks – people listen more attentively – than they would listen to a politician! Because SELF TALK connects naturally than the MIND TALK – mind is a monkey – the SELF is CONSCIOUSNESS and when the Self speaks – people listen – evolved souls listen – they listen very attentively – they read very consciously!

It is said that MAHAVIRA’s AURA was such that it spread across 22 KM! Such was HIS Omnipresence – that the moment he would step in a village – the whole village would feel blessed – miracles would start happening – Mahavira would be standing on a river shore and HE would say just a few words – and those words would do the miracle for someone living at the far other end of the village! So much so that he would be healed – he would be blessed – he would be touched by MAHAVIRA’s omnipresence!

Communication in the true sense fructifies only when you QUIET the MIND.

And when the SOUL speaks – then there is a song to it, a dance, a beautiful poem!

The highest stage of COMMUNICATION is SILENCE! When you reach to the evolved state of consciousness – then the SELF talks but in SILENCE – pure SILENCE!

Pisces – one of the most beautiful zodiac sign that only a meditative being can relate and can understand its beauty in the true sense! Revati – the Mercurian Nakshatra falls in Pisces – the sign ruled by Jupiter! Mercury and Jupiter are in contrast in nature and yet the Nakshatra of Mercury – Revati falls in Pisces!

It is a strange connection – but that is how all beautiful ‘connections’ are – contrast in nature – and because they are in contrast – they attract each other and that is how ‘union’ happens – that is how ‘relationship’ is formed – that is how ‘marriage’ is initiated!

If you all observe closely than you will realize that the 7th house Lord is always in contrast to the nature of the Ascendant Lord – YOU! Leo Ascendant – SUN. And for Leo – comes Aquarius in the 7th house – SATURN. Both contrast in nature and that is exactly how it is for all other Ascendant signs – the 7th house Lord is always in contrast – opposite to the Ascendant Lord’s nature!

Mohan asked “Why is it so – why the nature of Ascendant Lord and 7th house Lord is always found in contrast?”

I said “ Mohan – that is how existence works. Because the existence is perfectly aware that – only ‘Contrasts’ work in the true sense.”

Mohan asked “But why contrast works well?”

I said “ Contrast creates Curiosity! And ‘bonding’ is possible only when there is curiosity. When there is a contrast in play then the person is unable to UNDERSTAND his or her PARTNER in the true sense and that keeps them together because they are still unable to UNDERSTAND each other…and that is how the relationship continues….”

Contrasts work efficiently – because the MIND gets bored the moment it understands the other person – until it is not able to understand – it keeps going, it keeps exploring – it remains ‘interested’ as long as it is not able to understand the person with whom it is in relationship!

Contrasts therefore are apt for a marriage to blossom – but people have different ideas – they are looking for ‘similar’ partner – when in reality ‘similarity’ can’t sustain a relationship for long – contrast can!

But who wants to listen?

And so the miseries and the sagas of failed marriages and relationships!

But existence works in ‘contrasts’ – in fact in every zodiac sign you will find NAKSHATRA that are in contrast to the nature its Sign Lord! In Capricorn sign you will find Nakshatras of Sun (Uttarashada), Mars (Dhanishta), and Moon (Shravan) – all in contrast to the nature of SATURN!

It is the way of existence – nature – to help you realize that it is only the OPPOSITES that attract each other and it is only the OPPOSITES that can form a lasting relationship – a blossoming partnership!

CONTRAST (Opposites) is necessary for relationship to blossom, for life to expand…

EQUAL – never works.

CONTRAST – works.

But young men and young women are looking for ‘EQUAL’ partners and that is where they miss – they simply miss to realize that EXISTENCE rejoices in CONTRASTS and not in being EQUAL!

Peacock is charismatic while his mate – Peahen looks so ordinary! And yet they make a good couple – their relationship works because they are CONTRAST to each other! Male is called Peacock, Female is called Pehen and together as a couple – they are mentioned as peafowl!

A beautiful picture of one such couple – peafowl.

Look at the PEACOCK (Male) – he is trying to impress the lady PEHEN by spreading his tail feathers (known as a ‘train’) into a large fan-shape and strut about, shaking the feathers to attract the attention of the peahen. This is how the mating begins – this is how the impressive PEACOCK tries to woo the female PEHEN!

You see this is how existence works – in CONTRAST! Look at the PEACOCK – so beautiful and look at the female Pehen – so simple and ordinary! And lookhow hard the handsome PEACOCK is trying to woo the PEHEN!

Contrast comes natural and that is why every NAKSHATRA is placed in a ZODIAC that is CONTRAST to its nature!

Revati is the NAKSHTRA of WEALTH. A man or woman having positive planets in REVATI NAKSHATRA are generally found to be wealthy or at least well to do!

When 7th house house Lord Saturn goes in REVATI nakshatra – definitely success and prosperity comes after marriage. The marriage partner bring much luck and wealth in the native’s life! This is friendly NAKSHATRA for SATURN and SATURN feels home in PISCES sign!

However 8th is also the house of transformation! And so the native goes through certain phases of transformation in life. This is also a placement that can make the native a well known personality – since 8th has much to do with FAME!

In-laws are not very supportive but that doesn’t mean they are bad! It is just that the native feels as if he or she is ‘being supervised’ or criticized by the in-laws.

Since REVATI is ruled by Mercury – much is based on good Mercury is placed in the birth chart! If Mercury is too good – then the native prospers after marriage and if Mercury is too bad – then the native suffers after marriage!



And see the beauty before your eyes – ASHWINI – ruled by KETU – begins with NOTHINGNESS.

And REVATI – ruled by MERCURY – ends with ‘PROSPERITY, WEALTH’! REVATI means WEALTH – that’s what the dictionary defines – REVATI = WEALTH!

And that is the whole essence of HUMAN LIFE. That is how GOD wants HUMAN LIFE to be – that every human being begins with ZERO – (KETU) and is fulfilled with all kind of WEALTH (REVATI – Mercury) – so that HE finally returns back HOME (Heaven) – satisfied!

HEAVEN – that is just one place of the many places that the soul dwells after death!

HEAVEN is SWARG-LOK. However this is the very ordinary LOK – where satisfied souls come to rest after death.

There are highly superior LOK (ASTRAL GALAXIES) than SWARG-LOK – and entry is allowed to only to those SOULS that are evolved – SOULS who have gone beyond the CYCLE OF PLEASURE SEEKING – SOULS that have realized the futility of this whole CYCLE that starts with KETU and ends with REVATI – MERCURY!

Such LOK (ASTRAL GALAXIES) are of higher realms of consciousness. Generally spiritual seekers, meditative beings, beings that have been through all that one can imagine – SEX, MONEY, POWER – and then eventually have returned back to the source – SELF – GOD CONSCIOUSNESS because through their rich experiences they have self-realized that NOTHING can bring LASTING HAPPINESS, LASTING PEACE, and LASTING BLISS than the word of GOD!

REVATI Nakshatra is special to me especially because it falls in one of the most beautiful zodiac – PISCES – the sign of Jupiter and moreover because it is also the Birth Nakshatra of the greatest divine spiritual master – AKKALKOT SWAMI SAMARTH.

AKKALKOT SWAMI SAMARTH is one of the greatest spiritual master. He appeared in Solapur – and he was sitting in a place filled with garbage. For a YOGI – the outside doesn’t matter when the inside is aflame with consciousness!

And so he was sitting – smiling, engrossed in his own bliss when a Muslim guard thought of teasing him. He went to Swami and offered him a cigar to smoke. And then looking at Swami – he said “ Smoke the cigar.”

He wanted to make fun of Swami because he knew that Swami cannot smoke unless and until the cigar is lit and he had purposely not offered a matchstick to lit the cigar!

But for someone as great as divine as Swami Samarth – it was not difficult at all. Looking in the eyes of the Muslim Guard – he just touched the tip of the cigar and VOILA – the cigar was lit and Swami started smoking the cigar!

The Muslim Guard was taken aback – he fell on Swami’s feet and said “ Pardon me – I was not able to recognize your holiness. I insist that you come to my house to have lunch. You must be hungry.”

Swami said “ Okay. Lets go.”

That is how the heart of a Yogi is – like a child. And then on the way – a Hindu man also joined them and they all reached the Muslim Guard’s house.

When lunch was served – the Hindu man hesitated because during those times – a Hindu having lunch with a Muslim was considered as a taboo!

But Swami said “ If you don’t join us – if you don’t have lunch with us then I will not eat.”

It was a message – way back in 1800’s that there should be no discrimination between Hindu and Muslim and that both communities should live in harmony!

Something which later Sai Baba also emphasized upon – to bring the Hindus and Muslims together!

It is on one such occasion when certain devotees and disciples of Swami Samarth started gossiping about what sign and what nakshatra and what caste Swami must have born that one day – taking everybody by surprise – Swami declared – “My moon sign is PISCES (MEEN) and I am born on REVATI nakshatra, in a Brahmin community.”

In the state of Maharashtra and in certain territories of Karnataka and Gujrat – there are millions of devotees of Swami Akkalkot Maharaj.

A beautiful picture of His Holiness Akkalkot Maharaj Swami Samarth. I humbly prostrate before HIS HOLINESS Swami Maharaj.

Mercury rules three Nakshatras.

Ashlesha in Cancer Sign.

Jyeshta in Scorpio Sign.

Revati in Pisces Sign.

4. 8. 12. You see – it is a TRINE! In Ashlesha – Mercury is emotional. In Scorpio – Mercury is Quirky. And in Pisces – Mercury is faithful! You see a gradual improvement in Mercury’s QUALITY – where the intellectuality slowly upgrades to the state of intelligence!

I know – you all must be thinking that when Mercury is debilitated in Pisces – how come I am appreciating Mercury in Pisces?

In fact by now many of you must have condemned me.

But only those few of my readers will understand why I am saying that Mercury in Pisces is better – it is better because from the higher perspective – I see this Mercury slowly upgrading itself from its typical ‘intellectualism’ to the state of ‘intelligence’!

And this happens because of Jupiter – Jupiter is the game changer – in the sign of Jupiter – Mercury slowly starts slipping out of intellectualism and comes to teh state of intelligence!

Albert Einstein is one good example of Mercury in Pisces! In fact Einstein is the only scientist who was not only a great intellectual being but gradually also came to believe the fact that GOD EXISTS – you see this how PISCES MERCURY blossoms – grows – evolves!

This is the strength of Pisces Mercury – which intellectual men cannot understand but intelligent beings certainly can!

Exalted Mercury in Virgo will give birth to a man who is highly intellectual.

Debilitated Mercury in Pisces will give birth to a man who is highly intelligent.

Because it is only when you move beyond your MIND – when you slip out of your MIND that you will be able to drop your LOGIC – intellectualism and embrace all that – which is beyond LOGIC – and that’s intelligence – and it is spontaneous – straight from the HEART!

It is only when LOGIC was dropped – it is only when INTELLECTUALISM was dropped – that a great PRODUCT – a great SERVICE – a great CREATION has manifested! Otherwise – there would have been no TAJ MAHAL and no i-phone and no MICROSOFT WINDOWS and no technologies and no facebook and no twitter and no Amazon!

In fact many of these wonders that you see – had been initially ridiculed – laughed out. But they succeeded and they became such a GLOBAL GRAD SUCCESSES that it is beyond the limits of one’s imagination!

In the silicon valley – San Jose (California) – there is trend – you have an idea – come and explore – there will be investors who would take the risk – and that is how crazy ideas (facebook) (twitter) and even this platform (Quora) came into light – saw the light of the day and became a great success stories!

IMAGINATION gives birth to IDEAS and not your LOGIC.

But who wants to listen?

But the answers and posts that I share is only for those few who has a certain depth of understanding!

TRUTHS is to be given to only those who has a certain depth of understanding.

And one has to understand that ‘understanding’ is not taught in universities and colleges – understanding has to come from WITHIN!

The more you meditate – the more you spend quality time with yourself – the more you will become understanding!

Buddha says “True LOVE is born from understanding.”

To understand everything is to FORGIVE everything!

And so on this note – being the last day of the most difficult year 2020 – I thank all my fellow readers and followers – along with my benevolent master’s blessings – it is your love and blessings that has kept me going….thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart.

As this year ends – let us focus on raising our awareness, raising our level of understanding. A time comes when – you will THROW AWAY ALL THE KNOWLEDGE – because that’s what UNDERSTANDING is all about!

Only a flowing water remains afresh! When you guard water (knowledge) then it is not good because guarded water always becomes stale!

Like a river we must keep flowing – always remember – that one who has in abundance – never is short of sharing – in fact the more he shares the more he is blessed with!

Life is all about caring. And sharing is caring!

The whole essence of living a successful happy life is to BE HERE NOW!

And only a man of understanding can BE HERE NOW – he lives moment to moment – he is perfectly aware that PAST is NO MORE and FUTURE is NOT YET! NOW is the only moment. A man of understanding is always found to bein the PRESENT MOMENT – the NOW moment!

You just have to learn to live in the moment. Meditation is simply to help you remain in the moment – HERE & NOW!

Existence takes care. Always remember – the moment you are born – the story has begin…..

Problem exist in your life as long as you remain the ‘writer’ of your life. The moment you take the backseat and let GOD write the story of your life – then what to say – something beautiful starts happening, then dry deserts starts transforming into Oasis – then the song – the dance – the blissfulness – then life is no more a misery but a garden of bliss…..

All you have to do is to start living your life in TOTAL SURRENDER – and then nobody can do any harm to you – because you are no more the DOER – you are just a follower – you are just a fool – GOD’s FOOL!

It is good to be GOD’s FOOL – because GOD is so loving – GOD is so forgiving that the moment you take one step towards GOD – GOD takes one hundred steps towards YOU!

Always remember GOD LOVES YOU.

Your money and your status is not what drives GOD towards YOU.

It is your unconditional LOVE – your SURRENDER and your DEVOTION that drives GOD towards you!

Once Ananda asked Buddha “How you decide you journeys?”

And Buddha said “ My legs starts moving towards those who are ‘thirsty’ for my love – towards those who are thirsty for my words. Ananda this world is vast and there are many people who are struggling – longing for love – and I am LOVE – whosoever comes to me – whosoever prays – remembers me is blessed unconditionally.”

That is how the love of the divine master is – that is how GOD is – because always remember it is the GURU who introduces GOD to us!

Remembering my benevolent Guru – thanking HIM for keeping me ALIVE in these difficult times – I now fold my hands and thank all my readers – around the year so much of sharing has happened and yet I feel that the ‘journey’ has just begin!

It always happens that we feel that the master has shared everything with us – Ananda also felt the same way and so when nobody was around Buddha – he asked ” Master – you are always surrounded by people. Today you are alone in the forest and I cannot control myself, I have to ask you a question…”
Buddha smiled and said ” I am listening. Ask.”
Ananda asked ” Have you shared everything with us. Or have you kept some secrets?”
Buddha laughed. A blissful laughter and then looking into Ananda’s eyes, He said ” Do you see the leaves in my hand? And do you see the leaves all over the forest?”
Ananda said ” Yes I do see but I don’t see that is the answer.”
Buddha said “You will understand. I have said only this much AND I have kept secret all these leaves that are in the whole forest.”
And this is the whole essence of all. You think that the Master has shared all the ‘leaves’ (secrets) of the forest while only a few are kept as secret. The reality is – just a few ‘leaves’ are shared with you – whereas there are millions and millions of secrets (leaves) of the whole forest (universe) that is still to be shared – only when YOU are Ready.

The whole journey of life is to GET READY!

REVATI is the last NAKSHATRA of the ZODIAC – today is the last day of the year – and this is also my last answer of the year 2020.


The journey never ENDS – always remember this – after every full stop – a new sentence begins, after every dark night – a new morning comes and JOY comes in the morning says the Holy Bible!

This ‘morning’ symbolizes the state of awareness – the more you become aware – the more you experience joy within.

I pray that all my readers and followers experience the joy – the bliss – and the peace in the new year 2021.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to each one of you. Focus on the positive side of life. Be grateful that you are still ALIVE in these trying times of life.

God bless you all.

And now I rest at the feet of my benevolent master. Without Him – I am lifeless, with Him – I am full of life.

🙏Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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