Under what conditions could the Ascendant Lord be adverse to the native?


Jesus was thrown away by his own natives – the natives of Nazareth.

HE comes to Nazareth- and that is His first-ever appearance after a long break. He comes to his people first. A small session of reading out the Jewish scriptures is held. Jesus is invited to read a few lines of it. Jesus reads those lines – those lines said that the Messiah is going to come and heal the sick, the poor, the weak. Jesus then closed the book and said:

The spirit of the Lord is upon me,
because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim release of the captives
and recovering of sight to the blind,
and to set at liberty those who are oppressed,
to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. (Luke 4:18-19).”

Jesus introduces himself as the Messiah – this has come after spending 40 days of intense penance through which he is enlightened and has come to his own self-realization that HE is the master – the Messiah!

But the ignorant men and women of Nazareth could not believe in his word. They got up and forced Jesus – the Lord to leave their village. They threw HIM away – and the Lord left Nazareth…..Nazareth rejected the Lord – Jesus Christ!

And it is said that Jesus never performed any of his Miracles in his hometown – Nazareth!

Why would he? When you doubt the LORD – when you think that the LORD can be adverse to you – why would the LORD help you?

Never DOUBT the LORD. That would be the greatest blunder of your life.

Never doubt your purpose in the LORD!

The TRUTH is never accepted- the FALSE is quickly embraced!

If I share the TRUTH – I will be condemned and ridiculed.

If I share what your MIND likes – I will be embraced with likes and accepted!

The MIND is always against the TRUTH.

AND people are ruled by their MIND – how can they accept Jesus, how can they realize Buddha – how can they understand Mahavira – how can they realize His depth, they have simply become ‘parrots’ who go on repeating the words of the holy scriptures without understanding the essence of it – without realizing the truth that is in it.

And that is how it is – times have changed but the state of Ignorance has remained as it has been from the beginning of time!

And that is what is happening with each one of us – we are too much caught in the Mind – it is a dangerous trap and whenever anybody like Jesus; like Buddha; like Mahavira is going to come in your life – you are going to reject him because you have only identified with the appearance of Jesus- of Buddha- of Mahavira – you have never understood what lies beneath those appearances – you haven’t known the depth that goes beneath those appearances.

People of Jerusalem just knew about the appearance of Moses and his words – Jesus is saying – I am no less than Moses – I am a Messiah- the Lord – he is simply sharing the TRUTH that he has self-discovered- self-realized but the people of Nazareth cannot understand- cannot believe – how can they? They have never gone beyond the scriptures to understand what the TRUTH is!

You have also not understood that the Lord can never go against its people- its natives!

Jesus had come to love his natives – to heal his natives – to help his natives but the natives doubted Jesus. And you are also doing the same mistake – by doubting the intent of the Lord. The Ascendant lord intent is always positive for the native. Just the way – Lord Jesus always is positive for his natives!

But who wants to listen? People are parroting the books of astrology and then consulting – parrots only talk good – they cannot fly high – they cannot have the ‘eye of an EAGLE’!

‘Parrots’ are many. ‘Eagles’ are few!

Somebody may ask – who are the Eagles? And the answer is found in this beautiful verse from the Holy Bible:

I would want all my followers and readers to instill FAITH in their HEARTS and let NOT that FAITH waiver – but rise above all FEARS and FACE all that has to come – by raising yourself higher and higher and higher – just the way the EAGLE flies HIGH – this higher altitude is possible because the EAGLE has the WINGS to fly high – and you all – the CHILDREN OF GOD – have also been gifted with the WINGS OF CONSCIOUSNESS to fly high – and experience the HIGHER ALTITUDES of life – experience your HIGHER SELF!

NO LORD – be it the LORD OF YOUR ASCENDANT CHART – or the LORD OF YOUR LIFE – NO LORD can ever be adverse to the NATIVE – the LORD is your mother – and a mother knows only to LOVE – only to HEAL – only to CARE!

The mother is no less than your LORD. And the LORD is no less than your Mother!

The significance of the master – the Lord is beyond the limit of words.

And the significance of the Ascendant lord is also beyond the power of words!

The Ascendant lord is the very essence – the very reason for your birth and rebirth cycles – and so to doubt the Ascendant lord is to doubt the very source of your existence!

Whenever I say ‘your’ – it is meant to all my followers and readers and not just to the questioner – there is nothing personal – it is all universal for me.

From all the 12 house or cusps – from all the planets and lordships – it is the ASCENDANT LORD who presides over all – the Ascendant LORD – is the KING. And HE remains so.

The Bhagavad-Gita also emphasis on the fact that there is no one other than Shri Krishna and whoever comes to HIM – whoever surrenders to HIM in totality – always finds the way -the way towards eternal bliss and happiness goes through the Abode of the Lord!

Surrender to ME and I will help you towards your SALVATION – says Shri Krishna! Says the holy Lord! SO much is the significance of LORD – that even if you would have committed SINS after SINS – all your life and yet at the last moment of DEATH – at the very last breath – if you remember even once – your LORD – even once if that remembrance comes out of pure love – than even that is enough for the LORD to show you the way…..

Such is the heart of the Master – such is the depth of HIS love – such is the HEALING power in HIS name – the Lords’ name.

The power is in the name of the Lord. The power is in your FAITH. The power is in your PATIENCE. FAITH & PATIENCE – the only two ‘keys’
that can help you all to unlock your real growth and experience life in true sense!

In astrology horoscopes – even if your Ascendant lord rules over 6th, 8th, 12th – still the glow of the LORD in NO WAY becomes less. For the LORD is the KING – and the KING fears nobody – the KING cannot be downscaled by a few parrots who are yet to know – who they are!

And so – usually it is advisable to wear a gemstone of the Ascendant lord – IF the ascendant lord is not placed in 6th, 8th, 12th house and is not debilitated in a certain specific degree. For example – SUN is debilitated only in the 10th degree of LIBRA SIGN – so if the SUN is anywhere beyond 10 degrees or before 10 degree – then the SUN is not debilitated and in such a case – if SUN is the Ascendant LORD – then definitely – Burmese RUBY should be weared by the native – and there is absolutely no doubt that it always benefits the individual.

Except for the:

  1. Debilitated degree points of the ASCENDANT LORD –
  2. And the placement of Ascendant Lord in 6,8,12 – the Ascendant Lord is always at its best.

Now let’s see the exact debilitated zodiac degrees of each planet:

Sun – Libra 10th degree

Moon – Scorpio 3rd degree

Mars – Cancer 28th degree

Venus – Virgo 27th degree

Saturn – Aries 2oth degree

Mercury – Pieces 15th degree

Rahu – Scorpio 20th degree

Ketu – Taurus 20th degree

So if you or any of my followers or reader’s Ascendant Lord is anywhere before the above-said degrees or beyond the above-mentioned degrees – then there is absolutely no reason to fear or worry about your Ascendant Lord or for the matter any other house lord.

King is the KING. Rana Pratap lost his whole kingdom to the mighty Mughals – he had to seek shelter in the forest – in the jungles – in the graveyards – and yet he always remained the KING – nobody can take place of the KING – the LORD – the LORD remains.

And so the LAGNA LORD never becomes adverse – it may become weak – and seek shelter in the jungles just the way Rana Pratap had to – but no way Rana Pratap could cause any adversity to his natives – to his people!

Jesus too had arrived in his birthplace – Nazareth – to help the people of his birth town – it is unfortunate that the people cannot recognize their LORD – they simply forced him to go in exile!

And Jesus never ever performed any miracles in Nazareth – because one who disrespects the master – one who shows of his or her intellectualism to the master – can never understand the heart of the master – because such a person has never understood his own heart in his whole life!

The questioner is not to blame – he has put his question in pure innocence – what can he do – when the whole world is filled with parrots who go on parroting all that is not true and thereby create many doubts in the minds of such innocent men and women!

And so it happens – someone has to be blamed – unless you blame someone – you cannot feel good. And so then innocent misguided people start blaming the Ascendant Lord and this planet and that planet – the whole plethora of planets and stars are blamed except for that one person – YOU!

Because this planet is in this position – I am facing this problem – this is the thought of a shallow man or woman.

But to you all my followers and fellow travelers – I appeal to you – to come out of this shallow thought – stop blaming all of these positions of planets BECAUSE all of these so-called placements are YOUR OWN CREATIONS from your MANY LAST BIRTHS AND REBIRTHS – so unless and until you become AWARE – CONSCIOUS of your KARMA – you will go on REPEATING the SAME MISTAKES – the SAME SINS – leading you all to nowhere but to the same stage from where you all had started!

Understand the fact that this is the ONLY HUMAN LIFE that we all have got! We don’t know what is the next birth – HUMAN BIRTHS Are not SO CHEAP that every soul gets to experience HUMAN LIFE – every time he or she dies!

People imagine that after death some miracle happens – that you become angels and what not! That is all but a fantasy of your MIND. In reality – you simply ‘continue’ from the ‘stage of consciousness’ at which you had taken your last breath!

The world is the place to do it – to work out your own salvation!

My Salute to the greatest Yogi of modern times – Sri Paramahansa Yogananda!

And so never underestimate the power of the LORD – no matter whether the LORD is of the ASCENDANT or the LORD is in Human form! As long as you have full faith in your Lord – nothing can ever go wrong!

The core essence of my answers is in just three words – TRUST YOUR LORD.

Trust the Lord with all your heart.

The world is trying to make you all ‘parrots’ – well-learned parrots.

And I am here trying to help you become the ‘Eagles’!

The parrot goes by logic with no connection to the heart. That’s intellect.

The Eagles connect the heart with the head – that’s intelligence!

And so I would love all my readers and genuine followers to become intelligent and not intellects. To be Eagles and NOT become parrots!

The Heart is the source of intelligence. Focus on your heart – meditate by focusing on the rhythm of your heart – let the monkey mind do all the talking – don’t entertain the Mind and the thoughts – treat the thoughts as visitors – don’t serve them tea – you all just remained focus on your heart – breath in – breath out – focus on your breathing while you experience the beauty of your heart! And that’s meditation – to be in tune with your heart!

And when the LORD’s name is in your heart – whom to fear and why to fear?
What a coincidence it is – that today is SATURDAY! A day of Lord Hanuman – the greatest devotee HANUMAN who always meditated and meditates on the name of HIS lord – the name that always is in the abode of His Heart!

Hanuman gave away everything just to be with HIS LORD. And so why can’t we give away a few hours of this auspicious day of Saturday in HIS remembrance – in HIS Holy Name!

So come you all – let us meditate on our Lord’s name – Let us spend few minutes in HIS HOLY NAME – for it his holy name that will HEAL US and HEAL ALL those souls who will come in HIS Shelter!

Let us read the Hanuman Chalisa with total focus and devotion. Many of you have been sending out emails on what to do for overcoming certain difficult situations of your life – and through this question – I am sharing with all of you the answer – the answer is in the below quote of Neem Karoli Baba:

The solution to all problems is simple. But the MIND wants something ‘solid’ – because the MIND is against your own being – the MIND would never let you find the solution – the MIND is your greatest hurdle that you got to overcome by surrendering yourself to your LORD! It is going to be difficult – a very very difficult thing in the beginning because for many births and rebirths the MIND has always been your master – but now it is time for you all to change the tables – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – now you should wake up and work towards becoming the MASTER of your MIND – no matter how many births more it will take – to attain this wonderful state – as long as you embark on the – Journey beyond Mind!

Every long journey begins with a small step. I am helping you all – especially those who are ‘thirsty’ for the Love of the Lord – to begin your journey. Come and spend some time with yourself – every morning – minimum 1 hour before the world gets up – you finish your meditation – just to begin it the next day again!

Again and again – somebody said – why again and again – why does the Upanishads says the same thing again and again – why the name of the Lord again and again – and the answer is that in this process of worshipping again and again – in this process – at some moment you will WAKE UP – you will become AWARE – nobody knows when is that going to happen – all you know is that you have to continue with your journey – by meditating on HIS HOLY NAME – your LORD NAME – again and again!

Krishna Consciousness! The West calls it God Consciousness. The essence is the same – Consciousness!

And it is in your HEART – break your heart – go on breaking until you come to the abode – the nectar of consciousness!

God is in your heart and if you all cannot find it within your heart then you cannot find it anywhere else – for the source is – Your heart!

Meditate by focusing on your Heart.

Love & Light to all.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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