What is “Argala” in Jaimini Sutras and how it impacts human life?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Conflict of interest always exists – whether it is within your family, your work place or love relationships! Even if you stay in a monastery – the so called ‘disciples’ are always trying to ‘compete’ to become a closest disciple of the master! POLITICS is everywhere – within family, outside family, within temples and within monasteries as well. That is why I always say that the person who says “Don’t play politics” is the greatest politician! As long as you remain in this material world (SANSARA) – there is always going to someone ‘obstructing’ your progress, your success!

If you are aiming for something – there is always someone out there who is also aiming for the same ‘fruit’! Then whether that ‘fruit’ is in the form of “love interests”, “job/promotions”, “business profits” or “property matters”!

But there is always someone out there – who will try to BLOCK you so that HE/SHE can attain the ‘fruit’!

In this material world – nobody is ‘untouched’ from rivalries, enmity and oppositions!

Even Jesus was opposed by the might Roman Emperor. The Prophet was opposed. Krishna was opposed by the Kauravas. Rama was opposed by his own people who doubted the chastity of Seeta!

So if the greatest masters were OPPOSED – then what to say about common men like me or you!

You cannot remain NEAUTRAL – you always have to be on some side – it can be the side of EVIL/NEGATIVE (ASURA) or it can be the side of the SPIRITUAL BEINGS (SURAS, DEVTA). But in this vast human world – to survive and to GROW – you have to be on either side – else GROWTH is not possible!

The fight between the EVIL and the GOOD has been from the very beginning of time. And TIME has always been the ‘real game changer’! When time is GOOD for the EVIL party – the GOOD has to suffer. And when the time is GOOD for the GOOD party – the EVIL has to suffer.

There have been times when the ASURA (Demons) have had an upper hand over the SURA (DEVTAS/GODS) and then there have been times when the SURA (DEVTA/GOD) had total control over the Demons!

But above this GOOD and EVIL – dwells one supreme deity and that is SHIVA!

Lord SHIVA is the only deity in which you will find AGHOR (Negative) and GHOR (Positive) source of energy! One who worships Lord SHIVA can master BOTH – the Negative as well as the Positive!

People discriminate between Shiva & Vishnu. I find it very unfortunate. Because there are many ancient temples where BOTH exist TOGETHER and are worshipped as HARI HAR!

HARI means Vishnu (Krishna)

HAR means Shiva (Shankara)

Less evolved souls often are caught up in questions like why you address Krishna as Krishna and not Shri Krishna?

As long as you are away from the source of Krishna consciousness – you will remain FORMAL. Once you merge with the source – then formalities like ‘Shri’ is not required – because love is so much that you spontaneously say “Hare Krishna”!

A friend will never address you as Mr. Krishna or Shri Krishna , he will simply fondly address you as ‘Krishna’ !

Depends how close you are to the source – the more close you come – the more INFORMAL you become and that is indeed a very natural course of happening!

And so one who worships Lord Shiva – slowly and steadily realizes the fact that this human world indeed is full of conflicts – and every other person can become a BOLT (ARGALA) and block your door of opportunity!

Planets represents People. The planets that become the ARGALA (BOLT) are the REAL PEOPLE in your life who create blockages, hurdles, and at times may also intervene in your personal life – they may even cross their limits on the pretext of LOVE!

There are many people who take advantage of friendship and try to break the personal boundaries of your life.

These so called ‘friends’ and ‘lovers’ also in a way become ARGALA in your life!

So you all should understand that ARGALA means BOLT – hindrance – intervention – a disturbance!

Jaimini indeed is a genius. He captures the REALITY OF HUMAN WORLD and projects it brilliantly in the form of ARGALA!

But there is also another side to ARGALA – the Positive Aragala!

Many times certain DELAYS, BOLTS, certain BLOCKAGES, certain DIFFICULTIES turn out to be a BLESSING in DISGUISE! And such ARGALAs are positive Argalas because even though you missed the 402 BUS – you later realized that you were LUCKY to MISS the BUS because the 402 BUS met with an accident!

Reminds me of – one quirky advertisement which relates so well to the concept of POSITIVE ARGALA! It is said that this advertisement had over 12 million views on Youtube!

The old woman ask for help, but the young boy simply ignores. He does NOTHING. The old woman then have to get up and pickup her walking stick. She feels sad that the young boy haven’t helped her but as she looks back – a huge piano falls on the same place where she was sitting! Because the boy does nothing – ignores her request for help – she is SAVED!

And this is how POSITIVE ARGALA is. Just like the young boy in this advertisement – denies to provide any help and yet becomes a ‘blessing in disguise’!

The old woman then turns to the young boy (ARGALA) and with a sigh says “Thank you for not helping me.”

Many times you come across IGNORANT men and women who are either FAKE or of no help but even that – HELPS!

Once it happened, a young man spend his 20 years in finding a real master – a true master! But he failed. Depressed, dejected, he started his journey back home. On his way while walking through the forest, he saw a very old man sitting beneath a huge banyan tree.

There was something about this old man – HIS Aura, His Peace, His Bliss – the young man suddenly remembered that from last 20 years – many times in his dream, the same tree the same old man appeared! He could not control himself, he started crying, he started running towards the tree – there were many thorns on his way, his feet started bleeding but a man fired up with love and devotion – NEVER STOPS. He reached – he fell upon the feet of the old man and said “ YOU are my MASTER!”

The old man smiled, that smile was so sweet – the young man was touched. It was a ‘YES’ – it was an ‘Acknowledgement’ – the master always speaks in SILENCE!

“Real Communication Happens in Silence” – Osho

The young man bowed before the old man and said “ I feel sorry, because 20 years of my life were wasted – 20 years I was searching for a master and it all went in vain!”

The young man felt sad. But the old man – the master said “ Those 20 years have NOT been wasted, Mohan.”

The young man whose name was Mohan was surprised because he had not yet told his name. But the master is the ocean of wisdom – what can remain hidden from the divine master!

And so the master said “Mohan – those 20 years have not been wasted – because in those 20 years you self-realize what is FAKE and what is REAL. Those 20 years of failures have made you a much matured man – you have GROWN WITHIN in those 20 years.”

Even wrong people, wrong things can become a blessing in disguise – only if you maintain a positive perspective and learn from your failures!

Similarly even a BOLT (ARGALA) can become a great source of ‘Learning Experience’!

In Jaimini Astrology – there are three types of BOLTS (ARGALAs):


PRIMARY ARGALA (BOLT/OBSTRUCTION) is caused by a planet placed in the 2nd house, 4th house, and 11th house from a specific house – example: house of marriage.

Lets see an example: This chart is of a young man in his late thirties. He is still unmarried.

If you observe and apply the Jaimini Sutra – then the Primary ARGALA (Obstruction/Bolt) is caused by planets sitting in the 2nd, 4th and 11th house from the house of marriage (7th).

So as you see – Rahu is in the 11th house from 7th house, Saturn is 2nd house from 7th house and Mercury is in the 4th house from 7th house – so primarily – RAHU, SATURN AND MERCURY ARE CAUSING ARGALA (OBSTRUCTION) TO THE MARRIAGE PROSPECTS OF THIS YOUNG MAN.

But the story doesn’t end here. Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost – पिक्चर अभी बाकी है, मेरे दोस्त !

Now we have to see the SECONDARY ARGALA.

What is SECONDARY ARGALA? That must be your next question.

Secondary Argala – DUSHMAN (ENEMY) of Primary Argala – and as you all may have heard the saying:

दुश्मन का दुश्मन दोस्त होता है – “Enemy’s enemy is always a friend”!


You will have to see planets sitting in the 12th, 3rd and 10th house FROM 7th house of marriage.

So now we will see which planets are forming the Secondary Argala in the same young man’s chart:

JUPITER, MARS, MOON are the SECONDARY ARGALA causing planets. But you must remember that SECONDARY ARGALA causing planets are the GOOD GUYS. They cause ARGALA (Obstruction) to the ARGALA (obstruction) caused by the PRIMARY ARGALA PLANETS (RAHU, SATURN, MERCURY)!

In simple Indian context – the following saying will help you realize the role that Secondary Argala plays in your horoscope:

कांटे से कांटा निकलता है – meaning: By using a thorn, you can remove another thorn.

Similarly – by the source of SECONDARY ARGALA causing planets (in this case (Jupiter, Mercury, Moon) – the OBSTRUCTION to marriage caused by PRIMARY ARGALA planets (RAHU, SATURN, MARS) is REMOVED!

So in short the role of planets as far as MARRIAGE HOUSE or MARRIAGE prospect is concerned can be categorize as:

HERO/Well-Wishers supporting MARRIAGE – JUPITER, MARS, MOON


But the story is still not finished yet – पिक्चर अभी बाकी है’! There is always a GODFATHER – without GODFATHER – the story can never reach to its final conclusion!

And so there is always one GREAT planet in the chart that can become your GODFATHER!

Jaimini addresses this GREAT planet as the planet as (TRIKONA ARGALA POSITIVE PLANET) . And to find this positive TRIKONA ARGALA planet – you have to track the planet that occupies FIFTH house from the house in question!

So in simple language – every house (matter) of your life has ONE SUPPORTING planet – and that planet is always in the 5th house from the house (matter) in question!

So in this case – the house in question is the HOUSE OF MARRIAGE – 7th!

And so now lets see which planet occupies the 11th house – (5th from 7th house of marriage)

It is SUN – so SUN becomes the GODFATHER for the matters of marriage.

So till now – this is the whole situation:

  1. RAHU, SATURN, MERCURY (11th, 2nd, 4th from 7th house of marriage) – VILLIANS – obstructing marriage
  2. JUPITER, MARS, MOON (12th, 3rd, 10th from 7th house of marriage) – OBSTRUCT the VILLIANS (RAHU, SATURN, MARS) – and so proves positive for the NATIVE’s marriage. दुश्मन का दुश्मन दोस्त होता है!
  3. SUN – (5th from 7th house of marriage) – GODFATHER – the backbone – strong supporting entity for marriage.

But still the story is not over – पिक्चर अभी बाकी है’!

Now comes the last straw – because even the GODFATHER has many enemies!

And so the planet sitting in the 9th house from 7th house of marriage becomes the last straw that can break or make the marriage. Jaimini addresses the planet sitting in the 9th house from 7th house of marriage as TRIKONA ARGALA (Negative – because it obstructs the Godfather – in this case – SUN)

Now let us see the final picture of this young man who is so desperate to get married and yet not finding a suitable bride!

There is NO PLANET occupying the 9th house from 7th house of Marriage. The 3rd house of the chart is vacant – and so there is NO opposition to the Positive TRIKONA ARGALA (Godfather) – Planet Sun!

So the final picture is –

JUPITER, MARS, MOON, SUN – During the period (Dasha/AntarDasha) of these planets – the marriage can fructify.

However – RAHU, SATURN, MERCURY periods – marriage should not happen – even by accident – marriage happens – the marriage partner will always become a HURDLE to the native’s progress in life.

However – Jaimini specifically mentions that the POSITIVE PLANETS – in this case – JUPITER, MARS, MOON, SUN should have the necessary STRENGTH to counter the enemies of marriage – RAHU, SATURN, MERCURY!

It is so logical – and hats off to the greatest master of Astrology that the world had ever known – Jaimini Rishi!

Life is like this – for every ‘matter’ or ‘fruit that you aim for’ – there will be always those ANGELS who will SUPPORT YOU and those DEVILS who will OPPOSE you! ARGALA is just that!

Always remember – the moment you are born – the moment you take that first BREATH – your enemies and your friends also take their first BREATH in some hospital – but WE all come with a set of our destined ENEMIES and FRIENDS – and to say it is destined is also so wrong – because DESTINY is just a SIGNATURE of our own KARMA!

Lord Krishna’s birth in itself is a beautiful example – he must be just a baby when so many DEVILS tried to KILL him! If LORD is not left alone – then what to say about common man like me or you!

ARGALA can be seen from every HOUSE (matter) that is close to your heart. In the example that I shared – I focused on the 7th house – but you all can find ARGALA following the same process from any house of your birth chart!

Always remember – we have absolutely NO CONTROL on the enemies that are on the outside but we always have and can CONTROL the ENEMY within us! And the matter of the fact is that our worst enemy is NEVER on the outside but within!

Once a young man said to the master “ Master – I am fed up of my enemies.”

The master laughed – a loud belly laugh and said “ Prem – but I am fed up of the enemies within you.”

Prem was moved – he quickly bowed before the compassionate master and said “ I am sorry, I am still novice to understand your divine words – please explain….”

The compassionate master said “ Prem – the real enemy is within you. EGO, IGNORANCE, LUST, POWER HUNGRY, GREEDINESS – so many enemies are within – almost a mountain of enemies and you are crying and worried about the enemies on the outside?”

Prem’s eyes were filled with tears. He was a good man but caught up in wrong situations. He started crying – he fell on the feet of the master. The compassionate master raised him up and said “ It is okay. There is absolutely no need to feel guilty – the moment you become AWARE – the darkness caused by your ignorance is replaced by the light of consciousness.”

Prem was intelligent man. Only anintelligent man can ask the right questions and also follow the right answer! He asked “ But master – what is the remedy?”

And the master said “ Start chanting the name of Lord. If you are a Brahmin – you should chant the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ every morning and evening – because that is the primary DHARMA of every man and woman born in a Brahmin family. Otherwise also – every person irrespective of what caste or creed he/she belong to – everybody must chant the greatest mantra of all mantras – the Holy Gayatri Mantra!”

Prem asked “ What is the Gayatri Mantra? And how many times to recite?”

The compassionate master said “ Gayatri Mantra comes with many variations – but the one that I would want you to recite is as follows:

Prem thanked the compassionate master. And the master said “ Always remember – when you recite – DO NOT recite with any expectation – recite with love and devotion and only then the ‘answers’ will start flowing towards you – only then can you overcome the REAL ENEMIES WITHIN YOU – the key to your success is only to be found in the DEPTH of your DEVOTION and LOVE.”

In the ancient times – Gayatri Mantra was recited only by the Brahmins because the others never knew about it – because it was kept as a ‘secret’- but now the secret is no more a secret – because in this AQUARIUN AGE – URANUS AGE – the existence wants every individual to benefit from this holy mantra!

My fellows – the greatest ARGALA (Enemy/Bolt/Obstruction) is indeed WITHIN us and the remedy to overcome the ARGALA within us is also available – the larger question is whether we are willing to follow to the divine words of the master?

Prem was willing to – he started reciting the holy Gayatri Mantra every morning and evening – he started experiencing a great transformation within. He was NOT like those ‘calculative heads’ who keep saying “ I am reciting but NOTHING is happening’ – if your focus is always on the RESULTS than NOTHING good ever is going to happen in your life!

Only that man succeeds who is focused within and not on the results.


But who wants to listen?

But those few – who have listening, implementing are changing for good – they are the real FUTURE of this human world – they are the ones who are Chosen By God!

Jesus chooses his 12 Apostles. Buddha chooses Ananda, Sarriputta. Krishna chooses Arjuna. It is always the Master who chooses his disciple and the disciple is chosen based in his State of Readiness!

This Readiness is measured based on the depth of your devotion and love.

Your money, and your status and your power cannot attract the real master – the real master will come to you only when your heart is filled with unwavering faith, devotion and love.

Once Ananda asked Buddha “ Master – your ‘journeys’ are always spontaneous – you suddenly get up and start moving towards a certain village – a certain person. How do you decide your journeys?”

Buddha said “ Ananda – I never decide anything – I never plan my journeys – there is no planning – but when somebody is thirsty for my love – when somebody is remembering me from the depth of his heart – my legs start moving towards him – that is how my journey happen!”

And that is how God is – that is how the real master is – you just have to meditate on HIS name – and HE will come in search of you! If I start calling you every day – then some day you will respond! So then what to say about someone who is as tall as the Mount Everest – someone whose every cell is filled with LOVE and FORGIVENESS – how to express – language is really poor – words cannot suffice!

Always remember – your marriage, your job, your business – everything will happen — if it has to happen – nobody can take away from you what is meant for you – so instead of wasting your time in worrying – start meditating – because the ARGALAs will always exist – life is never and will never be smooth – and because it is NOT smooth – we are learning something new everyday – we are evolving through the difficulties of our life! Crops grow taller and taller and they give abundance of grains only when they STAND THE TREMENDOUS HEAT OF THE SUN and the WILD STORMS of the farm!

Life is also like a farmland – the farmer is GOD and you just have to TRUST HIM – you have to TRUST HIS PROCESS – because it is the Farmer (GOD) who sows you, cultivates you, nurtures you – you just have to LET HIM DRIVE your life – you just have to learn to live your life in total surrender and then everything starts happening in it own accord.

Always remember – a man, a woman who lives in deep trust and in surrender – is never disturbed by an obstructions (ARGALA)!

Learn to live in a Let Go – because the more you continue to cling (Rahu’s nature) the more you will attract miseries in your life. The solution to overcome all those obstructions and difficulties that ARGALA brings in your life is in two words: – LET GO.

Meditation is a Let Go.

Meditate every day.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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