What is more important- Ascendant chart, Chalit chart or KP chart?


“Who is more important to you – your Mother. Your Wife or your Children?”

There is no specific answer to this question because Mother has been the very source of your Birth. She is the very source of your Nature, your Qualities. Rashi Chart or Lagna Chart is the source of your NATURE. Your Qualities- Guna.

Wife is your friend, your companion. She knows EXACTLY where you are – she keeps track of your exact position. KP Chart or the Cusp Chart is the source or the key to track the exact HOUSE/Cusp position of your planets.

Children are like flowers. They are Growing, they are constantly CHANGING- they are NOT static. Your Dasha is also constantly changing…it is not static and it is the DASHA periods where CHALIT CHART is precisely useful in realizing the actual affect of a certain planetary Dasha.

So you see – LAGNA CHART or RASHI CHART is purely for understanding the STRENGTH of a specific planet. Venus in Virgo placed in the 6th house in Rashi Chart – will provide you qualities that of Virgo Venus – even if you see the same Venus moving in the sign of Libra in your Chalit or KP chart.

KP chart is the most accurate chart for cuspal positions.CHALIT Chart is the most accurate chart for identifying the results of cuspal position during a certain Dasha.

Mohan’s chart has 3 dimensions in all the 3 charts.

Lagna Or Rashi Chart – Mars is in Sagittarius sign (5th house)

KP Chart – Mars is the 4th house ( Scorpio sign)

CHALIT Chart- Mars is in the Sagittarius sign ( 5th house )

Now Mohan had been visiting many astrologers and some of them have been trying to change his Ascendant by stating that his birth time was not accurate. Because their predictions were not matching – they tried to change his birth time and to this exercise they called – Birth time rectification!

One day Mohan met me and shared his experiences. He said “Astrologers are changing my birth time….”

I asked “ What was the reason?”

He said “ Because they could not match their calculations to the state of my constant shifting home…I have changed my residence every 2 years – but they say how it is possible – because there is no aspect to my 4th house nor 4th house Lord, so if they change my birth time – instead of Leo Ascendant- they will take Cancer as my Ascendant and then their calculations will match…”

Now look closely to the 3 charts position that I had mentioned above.

The Astrologers are looking at Mohan’s Lagna Chart and they see Mars in the 5th house.

Even in Chalit the same Mars is in the 5th house. But in KP CHART the same Mars is seen in the 4th house!

So answer is clear – Mohan’s chart is perfectly fine, his birth time is perfectly fine but because the Astrologers that he visited could not notice the POSITION of MARS in the FOURTH house in the KP CHART – they simply missed to find the reason for his constant change of residence!

Mars in the Fourth House is like a ‘ Rolling Stone’. It brings so much energy that the person cannot stay at one place for all his or her life. He keeps shifting or moving – reason can be anything but movement of residence is seen – the ADDRESS never is the Same!

So KP Chart is helpful in identifying the actual position of the planet. KP astrology is like a COCKTAIL. It is a MIXTURE of Western Astrology and the Indian Astrology. The KP chart is based on the Tropical astrology used by the Westerners. While the same KP method implies the Vedic astrology ingredients that consist of Dasha and Nakshatra. It is a a perfect cocktail that works well when used wisely.

Lagna or Ascendant chart is for Signs.

KP chart is for actual position of the Planet.

CHALIT Chart is to predict the real time Dasha results.

Mohan got married when he was running through the following Dasha: Rahu > Venus > Moon.

Now Mohan’s Moon is in the Sixth house in Lagna chart and also in his KP chart. But in the Chalit Chart – his Moon moves to the 7th house!

7th house – Marriage. Mohan got married exactly when he was running through the Moon Pratyantar Dasha!

If you see the Lagna and KP chart – you may miss to predict his marriage prospects. But by looking at the CHALIT Chart – you can definitely understand how his marriage happened during Moon Pratyantar dasha!

So you see – Mother. Wife. Children. Everybody is of great importance- it just depends on the situation!

Mother (Rashi chart) is your nature.

Wife (KP chart) is your reality.

Children ( Chalit Chart) is the tracking tool of your time progression (chalit) based on DASHA.

In life every thing and every person whom you meet is important. Nobody is useless and nobody is here by accident.

“ You are not born out of accident. The whole has a purpose and it is met through YOU.” – Osho

And so just as in life so is in the science of Astrology- every chart has something to say…something to share….if you cannot listen, if you cannot understand than you are at fault and not astrology.

Mohan was saved. When I shared with him the details of his chart – he realized that his birth time was accurate and there was absolutely no need to change it just because you cannot listen to what the chart is saying!

And so research is going on and it has been going on for millions and millions of years. Thousands of sages and seers have contributed to this research and thousands more will be contributing in the times to come.

Astrology knows no full stop. It is NOT perfected. It is NOT perfect and because it is NOT perfect it is growing, it is ALIVE. Had it been perfect it would have been dead by now.

“I am imperfect.This whole universe is imperfect and because it is imperfect it is GROWING.” -Osho

Only mad people are behind perfection. The wise is aware of the fact that perfection is impossible- Totality is possible. Perfection is a myth. TOTALITY is Real.

“ Be Total. JUST BE TOTAL.” – Osho

Just be total in whatsoever you do. If you are in love – Be Total. If you are angry – Be Total. If you are cleaning the floor – Be Total. If you are washing the dishes – Be Total. No matter what you are doing – Just be Total and you will continue to succeed in all that you undertake.

The key is to be TOTAL. AND that is exactly what I have shared with you all – do not exclude any charts, do not apply weightage to specific charts – TAKE ALL THE CHARTS IN CONSIDERATION- that will give you a TOTAL view of the answers that you seek and then you will be Home.

Krishna says “ Rukmini is like Sugar to me and Satyabhama is like Salt to me.”

Satyabhama is the second wife of Krishna and Rukmini is His wife – but Satyabhama gets angry. Why salt? Why do you relate me with Salt, why not Sugar?”

Krishna says “ You will realize soon.”

The next day – food is served WITHOUT Salt and Satyabhama cannot eat anything. Not a single bite went down her throat. She was fed up – she said to Krishna “ What is this? How can I eat – Without Salt there is absolutely no chance anyone can eat. Life is impossible without Salt. Food is impossible without salt.”

Krishna smiles and says “ So now did you get your answer – why I relate you with Salt? Without Sugar – food is possible. Life is possible. But without Salt- how can you eat – Salt becomes essential- and I have related you with Salt!”

Satyabhama is touched, her heart moves – she quickly moves into the arms of Krishna.

Hare Krishna!

So never compare. Both wives wanted to know who is close to Krishna and so they asked similar kind of question that you have asked – but Krishna made them realize that as much as Sugar is important so is Salt.

Similarly, as much as Lagna Chart is important so is the Chalit and so is the KP chart. You cannot compare – you cannot classify. Astrology is NOT a classified science. Astrology is an ALL INCLUSIVE science.

Hare Krishna.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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