What is the significance of black color?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Yesterday Mohan was upset. I asked “What happened Mohan – you are always smiling, happy – but today you look upset. What is the problem? Tell me and I will solve it.”

Mohan stood up quickly, looked down at his Laptop and said “Look – I just bought this Dell Laptop one year ago and it is so slow – the processer is so slow – no matter how much RAM I add – it is always going to be slow. I don’t know what to do with this dumb laptop.”

This is how human life is. If the brain (processer) is not fast – no matter how much brain tonic capsules you take – the speed of the brain will remain the same!

Mohan said “What can be the problem – why this happened with me?”

I closely looked at his laptop. That was his favorite toy – nowadays everybody is moving around with this toy called laptop. I said to him “DELL is a wonderful company. The problem is not with DELL. You have bought a good brand. The problem is the color of your laptop”

Mohan said “It is so sweet color – looks so elegant – so nice. ”

I said “You are admiring the culprit. You should NEVER buy any electronic product or automobile having SILVER color. Now this silver color laptop has gone for a toss. You are at loss!”

Mohan realized his mistake. Never in his life he would now buy a silver color product.

SILVER is the color of MOON. MOON is SILVER – my fellows – MOON is NOT white! And even SILVER MOON is not left from EVIL EYE – even MOON has to face the wrath of Eclipse – CHANDRA GRAHAN – LUNAR ECLIPSE! And look what a coincidence it is – because right now as I am writing on the color shade SILVER – the LUNAR ECLIPSE is going on……

SILVER is very vulnerable color. Unless you have a very strong MOON placed with absolutely NO affliction or negative aspect to your MOON in the chart – you should resist from using any SILVER COLOR PRODUCT. Such a person should never buy car, mobile, or laptop, desktop PC having SILVER color.

SILVER is SENSITIVE shade. However the most PROTECTIVE SHADE is indeed the SHADE OF BLACK!

That is the attitude of BLACK – “Don’t bother Me and I don’t bother you.” That is why to keep away the evil eye – BLACK COLOR is used. Black thread. Black kajal (COLLYRIUM) is also BLACK. BLACK DOLL.

But what is so special in BLACK? Black is the only color which precisely is a NO COLOR. Because BLACK ABSORBS all the RAYS. GOOD or BAD – BLACK ABSORBS IT. That is why if you wear a BLACK SHIRT and stand before the SUN – you will start feeling very hot. Because BLACK absorbs all the sun rays. However when you wear WHITE SHIRT – WHITE REFLECTS BACK ALL THE RAYS – and so when you wear white shirt and stand before the SUN – you don’t become hot – you remain cool.

So you see – that is how BLACK and WHITE is. BLACK ABSORBS. WHITE REFLECTS.

Now the reason BLACK is found suitable to ward off the evil eye – because the evil eye rays are ABSORBED by the BLACK thread that you wear on your right hand wrist!

Similarly the BLACK thread that you wear around your neck – also absorbs the negative rays cast by an an evil eye. The whole essence of the matter is – that when some negative person in your life looks at you with jealousy – with anger then all those negative rays that are passed from his or her eyes – those rays don’t affect your physical body but are ABSORBED by the BLACK THREAD you are wearing on your body!

When you mix all the colors – you get the color WHITE. So WHITE is – all colors. While BLACK is – NO COLORS! That is why WHITE is NOT invisible. BLACK is invisible.

When you absorb all the sun rays – there is darkness and you don’t see the BLACK at all. There is NO LIGHT!

A person can become invisible by understanding of a certain law. What is the law?

The scientists have discovered the law and it is simple. If you are seeing me, you are seeing me only because the sun rays fall on me and then they move, reflect from me. Those sun rays falling on your eyes, that’s why you are seeing me. If there is some, if I can ABSORB the sun rays and they don’t reflect – then you will not be able to see me. You can see me only if the sun rays come to me. If there is darkness – total BLACK OUT and there are no sun rays coming, you cannot see me. But if I can ABSORB all the sun rays and nothing is reflected back, you will not be able to see me. You will see only a dark patch.

That is how PATNAJALI had mentioned that certain YOGIs had the power to become invisible.

PATANJALI mentions the process of becoming invisible in very simply way:

“By performing samayama on the form of the body to suspend receptive power, the contact between the eye of an observer and the light from the body is broken, and the body becomes invisible.”

So you see – BLACK has immense ABSORBING power.

And so today – on the day of Lunar Eclipse – for the larger interest of all my close followers and readers – I am going to share with you all – one wonderful BLACK GEMSTONE.

It is called – SULEMANI BLACK HAKIK. In the West – it is called – BLACK AGATE. The best quality BLACK AGATE is found in IRAN.

This is a wonderful stone if you are suffering from EVIL EYE – or from – BLACK MAGIC SPELLS. By wearing this wonderful gift of the nature – SULEMANI BLACK HAKIK – you can overcome the many ill effects of RAHU and SHANI (Saturn).

On any given Saturday – you can wear this beautiful gemstone in your right hand middle finger.

If you are going through RAHU MAHADASHA, if you are going through RAHU KETU ANTARDASHA, if you are constantly under the fear of GHOSTS and BLACK MAGIC SPELLS – then my fellows – you can definitely try out this wonderful magical stone – the stone that protects you from the EVIL EYE – NAZAR.

Although AGATE (HAKIK) comes in various colors – for overcoming negative spells and ghosts – the BLACK AGATE is the best.

SULEMAN is the ARABIC version for SOLOMON – the King who was famous for his wisdom and piousness.

So you see – AGATE is considered as pious and stone of wisdom that protects you from your enemies. However ONLY that man and ONLY that woman should wear this wonderful gemstone – who is also pious and truthful by nature.

If you are a cheater, if you are a fraud, if you are a cheap person who goes on hurting other by posting cheap comments all over the internet – if you are such kind of cheap person – then STAY AWAY FROM SULEMAN HAKIK GEMSTONE – because it will just finish you.

And so this sharing is only for my close followers and readers – so that only selective men and women – who are good by heart – who are meditative – who are truthful and who are NOT revengeful – who are FORGIVING by nature – only such a few souls benefit from my sharing.

TRUTH is necessary. But TRUTH should reach only those who deserve. And usually only those who deserve will read and benefit from my blog.

Enough for today – it looks like the LUNAR ECLIPSE is over. And now we all can dance, sing and celebrate life – because that is what life is all about! Life is for those who know how to celebrate it!

The head goes on analyzing – I hate such heads. But then there are beautiful souls out there – who simply follow their heart and only these fellows find the truth. Because truth is not be found by your head – it is to be realized by your SELF!

Almost every day – people come to me asking “Will you teach me astrology?”

My answer is always “NO”

Because only that person can learn astrology from me – who is a follower of his heart. And such a person is yet to arrive. I am not in rush – because at the right time – he will come. Reminds me of a story – the story of Boddhidharma.

It happened so that there were hundreds of Buddhist monks and they all were meditative and they ALL wanted to become disciple of Bodhidharma but Bodhidharma was very selective – in fact even Gautama Buddha was not so selective as Bodhidharma was!

During his stay in China – Bodhidharma could only find 4 – worthy to be accepted as disciples!

AND it took NINE YEARS for him to find the very first Disciple!

Many people would come to seek his blessing and to ask him questions – but Bodhidharma said that “I will answer only to that man who is worthy of being my disciple. And unless somebody who deserved to be my disciple comes- I will NOT look at the audience.”

And for NINE years – Bodhidharma never looked at the audience – the people who came to meet him – instead he turned his back and looked at the WALL. People used to come and they would sit behind him. It was a strange situation. And when someone asked Bodhidharma – why you never face the people but instead sit facing the wall?

Bodhidharma said “ People hurt me more – the wall is better than people. Looking at the shallowness of the people – it hurts me more than otherwise. So I continue to sit by facing the wall. And I will turn around and look at the people ONLY if somebody proves by his action that he is ready to be my disciple.”

Nine years passed. People could not find what to do — what action would satisfy him. They could not figure it out. And then came this young man, Hui Ko. He cut off one of his hands with the sword, and threw the bleeding hand before Bodhidharma and said, “This is the beginning. Either you turn, or my head will be falling before you. I am going to cut my head too.”

Bodhidharma quickly got up ,turned around and looked into the eyes of Hui Ko and said “You are really a man worthy of me. No need to cut the head, we have to use it.”

This man, Hui Ko, was his first disciple.

Who can CUT HIS HAND and THROW before the MASTER? Only a man who is utterly mad in LOVE with the GURU! Only a man who has the potential to move beyond the MIND – only the man who is KETUISH!

You see – for nine years – Bodhidharma was looking for such a beautiful person – who is WILLING TO DO ANYTHING – just to become his disciple – just to receive his love – just to be with his omnipresence!

If Boddhidharma can wait for NINE years – I am just a small ant – I can wait for NINE HUNDRED years – until I find Hui Ko!

Enough for now. You all stay safe and remember – to protect yourself – you should NOT hesitate to use BLACK on your BODY.

Love to all those beautiful souls who LOVE Buddha. Today – on BUDDHA POORNIMA DAY – let us remember the greatest master that the world had witness – the most beautiful man who once walked on this planet – GAUTAMA BUDDHA.

I prostrate before BUDDHA – he has always been a great light to millions and as Buddha puts it – that there were many BUDDHAs before HIM and there will be many BUDDHA after HIM – because BUDDHA is NOT a name – BUDDHA is a TITLE – BUDDHA is a STATE – BUDDHA is NO MIND.

I love Buddha. Buddha is in my blood, in my heart, in my soul. Without Buddha – there is no possibility of living through this human world. It is only the BUDDHA – the CONSCIOUSNESS that enables one to sail efficiently through the birth cycle. When you start walking on the BUDDHA PATH – you stop worrying about the destination – and you start enjoying every moment of life! That’s awareness – that’s being a Buddha! 🙏

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.🙏

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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