Which Ayanamsha is best?


Usually people believe that planets move to next house or bhava — only based on degrees and the Ascendant degree. Although this is true still the other factor that can move your planet from 1st house to second or twelfth house is the AYANAMSHA.

NOW your next question will be what is AYANAMSHA. In simple layman’s language — AYANAMSHA is the ruler through which you measure the placement of planets in your chart. Now you all would be surprised to know that in Vedic Astrology — there are over ONE DOZEN or more AYANAMSHA — in our language — RULERS!

As a child we all went to school and we always had carried one nice big Ruler in our school bag. The other ruler was always in the hand of the class teacher — to give us nice beating if we do any mischief!😄

But here in this classroom we have many rulers ( AYANAMSHAs) — the most famous ruler is the LAHIRI RULER ( LAHIRI AYANAMSHA).

Interestingly — nobody in India knew about LAHIRI AYANAMSHA until NEHRU GOVERNMENT discovered this AYANAMSHA and made it OFFICIAL for all Vedic Astrologers to follow this RULER — the LAHIRI AYANAMSHA! And whatsoever comes from the GOVERNMENT CORRIDORS is always a compromised outcome and NEVER the TRUTH!

This NEED to invent or give birth to an official UNIVERSAL AYANAMSHA arises because every province or territory within the INDIAN SUBCONTINENT was following their own AYANAMSHA ( Ruler) — and that created problem for the NEHRU Government. Because Maharashtra will celebrate Diwali on 1st November, Gujrat will celebrate on 5th November and Karnataka or Delhi will celebrate on some other date. And Government cannot give holidays to central government employees based on so many date variations. Government wanted one single date when the whole newly formed country called India will celebrate Diwali and that initiated the creation of a universal AYANAMSHA — the LAHIRI AYANAMSHA.

However — before LAHIRI AYANAMSHA which is primarily based on the calculations derived from the fixed star CHITRA — WITHIN INDIA OR IN THE PRE-indepenance era — the most popular AYANAMSHA — was based on the star REVATI and not CHITRA.

This most popular AYANAMSHA in PRE-indepenance era was known as SURYA SIDDHANTA REVATI AYANAMSHA. It is said the greatest freedom fighter and the man who met Sai Baba in person — LOKMANYA BAL GANGADHAR TILAK — his horoscope was also prepared using the then SURYA SIDDHANTA REVATI AYANAMSHA. Because that was the most popular AYANAMSHA just the way today LAHIRI AYANAMSHA is popular. It is said that LOKMANYA TILAK was also fondly addressed as TILAK MAHARAJ. Sai Baba loved him and he had presented his first hand written book on Bhagavad-gita to Sai Baba. The book that he rewrote in the dark cell of Mandalay Prison. Rewrote because the cruel british officers burned the whole book he wrote but he was a man of Awareness — his spirit was unbeatable — he stood up and said in Marathi “ PUNACHA SHRI GANESHAYA” meaning “Let’s restart again” — and then he again rewrote the whole book and send his first copy to Sai Baba and Sai Baba touched the book to his forehead. Great souls are always great — words cannot suffice. Language is really poor.

So along with the SURYA SIDDHANTA REVATI AYANAMSHA — in the PRE-indepenance India — there were many more AYANAMSHA across Indian subcontinent and elsewhere as well.

Generally — example – if your CANCER ASCENDANT is at the end degree — 28 or 29 degree then there is a high possibility that in LAHIRI — if it appears as CANCER ASCENDANT then in RAMAN AYANAMSHA or YUKTESHWAR AYANAMSHA it will appear as LEO AYANAMSHA. Similarly example – if your SUN 🌞 is placed in 28 or 29 degree in LIBRA then in RAMANA or YUKTESHWAR AYANAMSHA — you will find your SUN 🌞 placed in the sign of 🦂 SCORPIO.

So it is not just degree of Ascendant that can move your planet to next bhav in CHALIT KUNDALI but also the AYANAMSHA. As mentioned AYANAMSHA is a RULER that has its own set of measurements. It all depends on which RULER you use to measure your Birth Chart.

So far there has been NO CONSENSUS on any one RULER ( AYANAMSHA) — and there will be never as well. Simply because the level of evolution — the level of every human being varies based on HIS or HER level of AWARENESS/CONSCIOUSNESS. Human beings are NOT products that you can measure all of them with just one Ruler — every human being is unique and so application of the suitable AYANAMSHA should be based on his or her actual life events which can be tracked with the MAHADASHA periods. We all should remember that no AYANAMSHA AND no person either is superior or inferior but unique.

And so that brings us to the conclusion that it is possible that your BIRTH TIME AND BIRTH PLACE AND BIRTH DATE may be CORRECT but your horoscope may be INCORRECT because the AYANAMSHA ( Ruler) that is applied may not match the actual events of your life!

Now people try all kind of calculations just because they want to prove that the Ruler they are using is correct. This is more about their EGO than the reality of life! And EGO makes one blind.

Whenever you apply any AYANAMSHA — the TRUTH should be accessible easily — meaning you don’t have to dig much. Because Truth is simple. God is simple. Love is simple.

So whenever you use a certain AYANAMSHA — see if Truth is easily derived by applying simple Astrology methods and observations.

Lastly never be RIGID in using only one specific AYANAMSHA. Sometimes God wants different Rulers to be applied for certain individuals. You just have to see first — which RULER suits the individual in question and then proceed with your observations.


Sticking to one specific AYANAMSHA is not a good idea. Intelligence is never limited to four walls. It always exists beyond the four walls! It always continue to EXPERIMENT through one’s own self experience.

Rather than focusing on who and how many are voting for a certain AYANAMSHA — focus on your self experience.

And so instead of saying that this AYANAMSHA is perfect or good — I would share the AYANAMSHA that worked often than the rest:

  1. KP AYANAMSHA ( useful ONLY when you apply KP ASTROLOGY methods)
  3. FAGAN BRADLEY AYANAMSHA ( used by many Western Astrologers following the Vedic Jyotish)
  4. YUKTESHWAR AYANAMSHA ( close to RAMANA AYANAMSHA) ( popular in the Western countries where Vedic Jyotish is followed)

So see you asked about planet moving to other cusp or bhava and so much you have learned and my followers. I never plan to answer any question — it is always spontaneous!

Heart ❤️ is always spontaneous. Love is always spontaneous. And God is also spontaneous — spontenousness is of the ❤️ heart and Intelligence comes from the heart while intellect comes from the head. And intellect is indeed a poor substitute to Intelligence.

So always listen to your heart. The ❤️ heart is always right. Intelligence is intellect in tune with your ❤️ heart.

Never be quick to judge anyone or anything — because judging is of the Mind and the Mind is a Monkey — Mind has absolutely no truth — Mind is many illusions that it makes you believe that it is True — that is how quarrels happen between couples — mistrust, doubts, assumptions, indecisiveness, anger, lust, greed, and SEX — it is all related to the Mind. Remove the Mind — and you will not have any sexual urge, you will not have any anger, you will not have any thoughts. The state of NO MIND is the state of BUDDHA. Someday you all should read my book “ No Mind — the Journey Beyond”.

In the affairs of human world since the MIND ( Moon) plays a vital role — a significant role, it is natural that the MOON SIGN, the MOON CHART, the MOON Nakshatra becomes crucial in matters of human life.

SUDARSHAN CHAKRA therefore consists of all three charts — the outer ring — Sun Chart, the middle ring — Moon Chart and the innermost ring — the Ascendant Chart. Soul, Mind, Body — that is what the SUDARSHAN CHAKRA is all about..And one who has master all these three — who has become one with the supreme soul consciousness is KRISHNA, Lord Krishna! That is how the SUDARSHAN CHAKRA is related with Lord Krishna. Deep and so true.

Enough for today. You all remember to meditate every day. Chant the name of the Lord. Nanak Baba, Buddha, Mahavira and all the great masters have simply given the most significant key to human beings for their spiritual progress — the Naam — chanting!

But who wants to listen? People are just running all over. But those who have listened — those who have started chanting the name of the Lord have found that which others haven’t — bliss.

Meditate. And I send love to all my close followers and readers. Stay blessed and remember You are not here by accident — the existence has a purpose to met through YOU. So value yourself and stay optimistic, positive.

Be kind whenever possible, it is always* possible.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru 🙏.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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