Can Ketu give huge fame and wealth?


For Ketu – Fame is Foolish. For Jesus – Fame is useless. For Buddha – Fame is a nuisance. But who is willing to listen to the truth? Prophet Muhammed never was interested in Fame.

The divine masters rejoice in their Aloneness. Ketu represents Aloneness. Aloneness is NOT behind FAME. It is a different story if FAME follows aloneness – but ALONENESS never is behind FAME. KETU is never behind Fame.

Only a man who can rejoice in ALONENESS can understand LOVE.

Only a man who find his BLISS in ALONENESS can understand LIFE.

Ketu understands Life. A Yogi understands Life – through Yogic practice – one can understand life.

The divine master – the real Yogi does Love – but their love is detached and because it is detached – it has a certain fragrance, a certain depth.

KETU represents Detachment.

The divine masters find their bliss when there is absolute no greed no quest for money – Ketu represents absolute disinterest in Money or Sex or Fame.
KETU IS SIMPLY HAPPY TO BE – LIKE A HEALER – a REFINED KETU (YOGI) continues with his Journey from one place to the other – from one village to the other – HE moves but he moves in his own bliss, his own peace.

The place/territory that BUDDHA moved along came to be known as BIHAR. It is an outcome of two words – BUDDHA & VIHAR – VIHAR means ‘going around’ and so the territory or province in which Buddha moved around came to be known as BIHAR. All that Buddha talks about is India, and by India he meant only Bihar, because he had never gone anywhere else during his lifetime. BIHAR means TOUR – during his lifetime, BUDDHA toured only in that area – that’s why the name became BIHAR. In short – BIHAR means BUDDHA’s tour area.

But the greatest irony is that the people of BIHAR never accepted BUDDHA wholeheartedly – they condemned him, the Brahmins or the Pandas ridiculed his teachings – and so BUDDHA spends his whole life in the land of BIHAR – travelling to many villages and towns of BIHAR – for 40 years he walked around – shared such a wealth of wisdom – so much of love – so much affection – how beautiful this man must be – but that is how this human world is – when the MASTER is on the physical plane – the world never realize HIS worth – and then when his body dies – when he leaves this human world – people start realizing – start building statues and temples and shrines!

It is the greatest irony of this human world that the state that condemned Buddha was later named after HIM – in HIS remembrance!

Where BUDDHA walks! Where KETU walks! And what a beautiful man – BUDDHA was.

The only beautiful man who once walked on this planet – and his name was – Gautama Buddha.

Mohan asked “ What was so significant about Gautama Buddha that makes HIM so special – so lovable – so divine – so precious than the entire divinity put together?

Looking into Mohan’s eyes – I said “ Buddha was the only one – a man after many centuries who came to help us all realize that what we seek on the outside – is WITHIN. Buddha showed us the way – he was the only one who helped us to realize that RELIGION begins only when you start TURNING INWARD.”

KETU exactly is what BUDDHA have been saying all his life – and that is – TO TURN INWARD!

And all my close followers and readers are now well aware of the fact that KETU is the WAY – that only KETU can help you to TURN INWARD – MEDITATION is possible only when you have the blessings of SHRI KETU.

And so FAME has nothing to do with KETU – because KETU is NOT interested in wasting time by focusing on the outside – KETU is deeply interested in FOCUSING WITHIN. KETU is the wise energy that helps you realize that FAME IS FOOLISH – FAME cannot help you GROW INSIDE OUT. KETU is that divine energy that lets you realize that FAME, POWER, MONEY, SEX, PLEASURES is NOT the answer that can help you attain the lasting happiness that you seek.

The questioner is looking for FAME. I hope he gets what he wishes for. In fact I hope that all of you get what you wish for. Just so that at the end of your life – IF YOU BECOME AWARE – IF by any chance you start turning inward – you start meditating – than you would realize – that Its Not the Answer.

But people don’t listen. And they will not because they are destined to go through a certain suite of experiences – until they WAKE UP – until they SELF REALIZE.

There was a young man. He must be like Mohan. Always eager to seek the master. Always in search of a master. And so one fine day – he sets out in search of a real master – a true master. Just outside his village – he find an old man sitting beneath a tree. And he comes to the old man and says “ I am looking for a real master – can you tell me to which direction should I move on? Right or Left?”

The old man was engrossed in his bliss, engrossed in his meditation – his eyes look different – there was a certain grace, and there was so much love in his whole being – looking at the young man, he smiled and said “ Beta – you go towards the right direction….and take care of yourself.”

The young man thanked the old man and set out on his journey – journey to search the master – the real master. And he spent 20 years in searching for the master – but all he found was FAKE masters – FAKE Babas – FAKE Saints – and so finally with frustration he decided to go back to his village.

On his way back – he again came across the same tree – the same old man – and the old man was in his own bliss, seated beneath the same tree – and suddenly the man’s heart moved…..his eyes started flowing with tears – he could NOW realize that – THIS OLD MAN – is my Master – the man rushed, he was running – he was crying – his whole being was shaken – he ran and ran and he came and he fell upon the old man’s feet and he said “ MASTER………….master…master…..”

And the Old man raised him up and said “ Raghu – how long you made me wait….I have been waiting 20 years for you….”

Raghu – was that young man’s name. Raghu said “ You know my name… know everything than why you NEVER told me when I met you for the very first time and asked you for direction to seek the master??”

The old man – the divine master smiled and said “ One has to REALIZE by HIS own awareness – it is okay that it took 20 years for you to self realize that I am your Master – I have been waiting for you – 20 years you were looking for the master – and here I was waiting for my Raghu – and see now you have arrived.”

Raghu kissed the hands of the Master and said “But all those 20 years were wasted….”

The Master said “ You are wrong. Those 20 years have not been wasted – those 20 years enabled you to realize what is FAKE – to realize how shallow this human world is – those 20 years brought you to a stage where you COULD differentiate between what is REAL and what is NOT – so how can you say that those 20 years were wasted?”

For everything there is a certain PROCESS through which each one of you has to go through. You may think that the PROCESS was useless – but GOD knows what HE is doing with your life – it is through HIS PROCESS that you evolve – you mature – you self realize – this is how it happens- this is the way of its happening!

It took 20 years for Raghu to realize – who his master is! It may take 50 years for some of you and it may take just 5 minutes for some of you – it all depends on your SELF AWARENESS – the greater the awareness – the greater is the SELF REALIZATION OF the TRUTH.


RAHU makes you go round and round and round – until you start coming back to the source – the master – until you realize that what you had been seeking – was always within you – and not anywhere else!

RAHU will give you FAME – and this FAME will then take away the peace, the joy, the bliss away from you.

KETU will pull you away from FAME – and then once you are in your own secluded place – you can meditate – you can focus within – there is no disturbances – there is no greed that can distract you – there are no temptation that can stop you from meditating and rejoicing in your bliss.

FAME needs extrovert nature – the very basic example of extrovert nature is that of a Journalist. Only when you are loaded with RAHU that you can become a GOOD JOURNALIST. Reporting – NEWS – MEDIA – this all is a perfect place that drives FAME – and it all comes under the influence of RAHU.

This AGE is of RAHU and so MEDIA is very powerful. JOURNALISTS are more empowered than Policemen! They can cause much more harm to you than anybody – that is how the MEDIA is powerful – the POLITICS (SATURN) of today is DRIVEN by the empowered MEDIA (RAHU).

KETU is a simple man. He is BUDDHA, He is Jesus, He is Muhammad – He is Mahavira – He is all that what MEDITATION is – He is all that what spirituality is – and HE is least interested in the affairs of RAHU – of FAME – of WEALTH – of SEX – of Pleasures.

And yet HE is always found to be happy – in his bliss – in his eternal joy, in his eternal peace.

Ketu gives you Peace. KETU gives you Detachment. KETU ENABLES YOU TO HEAL YOURSELF.

So KETU has absolutely nothing to do when it comes to bringing Fame and Wealth to you. But KETU has a lot to do when it comes to Healing yourself – because it is only when you can heal yourself that you can heal Others! Ketu has lot do when it comes to bringing peace to your heart. Joy to your heart. So YES – KETU has absolutely no role when it comes to giving you Fame and Wealth – BUT KETU can give you those wonderful experiences and journeys that FAME AND WEALTH CANNOT GIVE YOU!

KETU is MEDITATION. And Meditation gives you NOTHING – and yet you are blessed with EVERYTHING!

Unless you become EMPTY – how can you be filled with the DIVINE?
KETU enables the coming of this EMPTINESS!

Emptiness is everything. The Ending is the beginning.

Form is Emptiness. Emptiness is Form states the Heart Sutra – one of the best known ancient Buddhist texts. The essence of all things is Emptiness – Nothingness – and KETU represents the state of Emptiness – the state of Nothingness.

To meditate is to become NOTHING. It is only when you become a NOBODY that GOD can come to you – LOVE can come to you. If you remain – ‘I am SOMEBODY’ – than Love cannot be experienced in its true sense and God cannot be experienced in its true form.

It is only when you DROP your EGO – you DROP the idea and the illusions that ‘I AM SOMEBODY’ (Rahu energies) – that you can truly realize the energy of KETU – the energy of the divine source.

Evolved souls can benefit themselves through KETU. But souls who are still caught in many temptations – suffer at the hands of KETU. Because KETU wants you to SLOW DOWN, to SIT, to Meditate, to LET GO,to FORGIVE, to DETACH – but a common soul cannot understand the language of KETU. Buddha spends his whole life in helping people to REMEMBER this forgotten language – the language of meditation – the language of Ketu.

HIS last word before his DEATH was SAMMASTI – which means “REMEMBER”. Just REMEMBER your inner space – your inner peace.

But this Truth – not everyone can realize. This language – not everyone can understand. Some of my close followers can but the majority cannot. And so this answer may be collapsed but as long as it remains it can benefit a few.

There are men and women – who want to be spiritual but who also want to become a millionaire. And this is how you all mess up with your life. You either be on this Side or you either be on that Side. You either be on the side of RAHU – OR – you either be on the side of KETU. When you try to find a middle-ground – you end up with absolute disaster!

You either be CONTENT with what you have or you remain a GREEDY man.

And it is perfectly fine to be GREEDY – every man goes through this process – those who remain ‘asleep’ die in ignorance – those who ‘awake’ – become wise!

So it is OKAY if you are GREEDY – a few more hundred lives will come your way – a few million more sufferings – more miseries – more painful experiences.

It is only when are HIT HARD that you WAKE UP. It is only when you DO TOO MUCH – that you realize your foolishness – so being greedy is a process – through every man and every woman goes through – what MAKES THE DIFFERENCE though is – that NOT every man and every woman WAKE UP – they continue to live in utter ignorance – leading them to more RAHU and RAHU and RAHU – until a day comes when you realize that it is TIME to turn inwards – and that’s KETU!

Turning inwards – meditating is KETU.

So whenever someone comes to me – with a desire to become a Millionare, to rise to the TOP – to have more and more power – I wish him luck. Let him Go – Let him be Ambitious – because a DAY WILL COME when such a person will realize that AMBITION is NOT PURE NECTAR but PURE POISON.

But this REALIZATION has to come from within yourself.

It is said that Alexander, the Great was too ambitious by nature. Diogenes the divine saint had said to him “ Enough. Now come and relax with me.Just RELAX. You have conquered ENOUGH. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Now come back Alexander – come back.”

But Alexander was fired up with AMBITION – just like many of you. He said “ Master I will come – but only WHEN I WILL CONQUER the WHOLE WORLD.”

Diogenes had looked at him and said “ Nobody comes back – because this AMBITION NEVER ENDS.”

But Alexander won’t listen. Who wants to listen? Everybody comes with a face to listen – but when the TRUTH comes – they are not willing to FACE – they go back.

Alexander also had to go back to war. HIS AMBITION won’t let him REST in PEACE – until a day came when he died and his body was kept to REST in PEACE.

Neither the whole world was conquered, nor the world within was realized. And if anybody would ask me – than I would say again and again and again that Alexander died as a poor man – an utterly poor man.

AMBITION is a ‘BOTTLE’ of POSION but whose Label says “It is PURE NECTAR”.

This AMBITION won’t let you all rest in peace – you want to run and run and run behind FAME, POWER, MONEY and when Diogenes asks you to come back – you all give the same reason that Alexander had given – he had said “ I will come back – when I am done with my AMBITION – with my desires.”

But he never was able to ‘comeback’ – and that is what happens with every man and woman who is fired up with Ambition. This Ambition is RAHU. And RAHU ensures that you never settle – you continue to run and run and run – until you drop down – taken to the Graveyard and a nice label is placed on your Grave – that says “Rest in Peace.”

And this is the greatest JOKE of human life – when you are ALIVE – you are not in Peace – nobody tells you to take rest – but when you are gone – when you are dead – People place a very nicely decorated label on your grave – ‘Rest in Peace.’!

The TRUTH is – the FACT is that AMBITION never ends – DESIRES never end – after one ambition is achieved – another stands before you – after one desire is fulfilled – a new desire is born – and you are always standing in queue – the queue just never ends!

And the queue will end – only when the DESIRES will be dropped – when AMBITION will be curbed – only then peace is possible, only then joy is possible and this is what KETU is saying – but a RAHU man or woman cannot understand – they continue to ‘debate’ – and debates don’t bring forth the TRUTH. Meditations do.

So come,come you all and let us meditate. Those who are wishing for FAME – let them have it. Those who are wishing for Money – let them have it. Those who are wishing for SEXUAL PLEASURES – let them have it. Those who are wishing for POWER – let them have it – AND those who are wishing for NOTHING SPECIFIC but HIS LOVE and GRACE – only those come with me and sit down and meditate.

The world of RAHU operates at one End.

The world of KETU operates at the other End.

Life begins with RAHU – Birth comes because of RAHU (desires) and Death comes because of KETU – but THIS DEATH is NOT PHYSICAL DEATH – this DEATH is of all your illusions that RAHU creates – it is only when the MASK OF RAHU is dropped that you are REBORN – but to REBORN – DEATH is necessary – this DEATH is the bridge towards the DIVINE TRUTH – the DIVINE BLISS – and therefore Jesus says to Nicodemus that to experience TRUTH – GOD – LOVE – you have to REBORN. And so let this be very clear that ENLIGHTENMENT happens through DEATH – this DEATH is enabled by KETU and if you ask me – then I will say again and again – that such a DEATH is beautiful.

Physical DEATH cannot bring transformation as much as the DEATH of all your illusions that RAHU creates – DEATH of your EGO that your MIND feeds on.

And so such a DEATH comes only to the CHOSEN ONES. Remember – it is GOD who chooses MEN – it is the MASTER who chooses the Disciple.

Jesus chooses Peter, the fisherman. How beautiful was Peter – an utterly illiterate man – and yet when he meets Jesus for the first time – the very first time and Jesus says “ Follow Me – I will make you the fisher of Men.” – Peter simply drops everything – everything is dropped – no intellectual questions, no logic – no head – just the heart – just the conscious decision and Peter simply decides to Follow Jesus – and whole life changes – everything around him remains the same- but Peter the fisherman is no more the same – he goes on to become one of the most revered Saints of Christian Faith. Peter, the fisherman transforms into Saint Peter – that is the beauty of FAITH, of PATIENCE, of DEVOTION,of LOVE!

But who wants to listen? Millions and millions of souls are born every moment and every moment millions of them leave the human body – this cycle of birth and rebirth continues – and it simply goes on and on and on – until someday – you develop the qualities of PETER – of ARJUNA – of ANANDA – of SARIPUTTA – then then some change is possible – then the repeating PATTERN of your lives after lives CAN change – the question is – are you WILLING TO?

But people are interested in FAME. WEALTH. SEX.MONEY.POWER. Let it be so.

KETU will never interfere. Understand this – this is significant. KETU will never interfere in your affairs – the MASTER will never interfere – the old man never interfered – he never told RAGHU – the TRUTH. HE let Raghu go his way to seek the MASTER – when in reality he himself was his Master! HE never told him the Truth – he let him self-realize the truth and just for that – he waited 20 years beneath the same tree! How beautiful – is the heart of the master – how can I express – I am speechless – I am truly speechless.

The GURU – the master always lets you have your way – that is the way of the True Master – the Real Master.

Fame is short-lived. Wealth is short-lived. But what can be experienced for eternal is the BLISS, the JOY, the PEACE – WITHIN and yes – KETU bestows upon you all of this – that is ETERNAL in nature and NOT Short-lived.

Rahu gives all that is short-lived.
Ketu gives all that last for eternal.

Understand the difference. Savor the difference.

Life is short. Active years of life are even more short. It is for you all to decide which way you want to go. The Way of Rahu is open. The Way of Ketu is also open. What you choose is what you become. You are always free to make a CHOICE – but you are NEVER free from the consequences of the choice that you make!

My father was a famous man in the late 80s – but his fame was short lived – he died when he was 47. He must have had planned many things – but he wasn’t aware of what is to happen the next moment. Fame is NOT the answer – people think that FAME is the answer to all miseries – but let me tell you all – it is the other way round – FAME brings many miseries than otherwise – it is a HARD TRUTH – very few could resonate with, but I thought why not share the real thing!

And so REAL is what we all have to be. The society is FAKE – filled with a majority of hypocrites – and the more the REAL you will Be – the more you will be condemned, banned, ridiculed. Always remember – Jesus was crucified by this same society – Muhammed was forced to leave Mecca by this same society – Buddha was ridiculed and offended by this same society – Sai Baba was ridiculed and offended by this same society – Sant Dyaneshwar was outcasted by this same society – that’s the way of this human world – if Saints could not get away with it – what to say about you or me.

Many times it happens – people come, then they say “ I understand everything that you are saying – BUT……”

You see – this BUT never goes away – and I can understand this BUTs – the desire is there – the ambition is always there – and that is perfectly fine. After all this human birth is because of certain desires, certain ambitions – I always tell “ Do whatever your heart wish to as long as you don’t cause harm to anybody.”

Follow your Hurt – attain all the Fame and whatever you all have wished for births after births – until a days comes, until a moment comes – when there will be NO Buts – when you will simply be able to say “ I understand.”

That will be the moment of your transformation – that will be the day when you all will be REBORN – that will be the day when the flowering will happen – when the blossoming of your inner being will begin – God will wait for that day – the master will wait for that – the old man waited for 20 long years – the master can always wait – there is absolutely No rush – you all can have your RIDE – until you self-realize – what is TRULY beneficial for your GROWTH – until you all self-realize – WHAT is REAL GROWTH.

The whole story of human life is between the two ends of RAHU and KETU – the journey of birth begins from RAHU (Focusing outside) – and should move towards KETU (Focusing Within)- that is the true sign of progress – that is the true mark of REAL GROWTH.

Jesus says – Nobody is Late – even if you arrive in the ‘evening’ – you will be provided with the same wages (blessings). Even if you are too much caught into the desires (Rahu) AND you have realized lately your foolishness – and you have started turning inwards – overcoming the desires – the temptations – then you are also not late – you are welcome – you will be provided with the same Grace – the same Blessings. In the KINGDOM OF GOD – there is absolutely no discrimination between who is Early and who is Late – as long as you come – as long as you start moving towards the Direction of Ketu – turning inwards – meditating and taking efforts to realize your SELF.

KETU encourages you to keep going WITHIN – to meditate – to LOOK WITHIN.

If God comes and ASKS “What you want – RAHU or KETU? FAME or BLISS? LOGIC or LOVE? HEAD or HEART? Ignorance or Consciousness?”

Then what will be your Answer?

Your answer will define your FUTURE. And GOD has been asking you all – the same question – birth after birth….

What you are experiencing this life is based on the ANSWER that you have chosen. If you want to raise the quality of your life – then the ANSWER need to be REVISED – ask yourself and I say it to you all – ask yourself – Are you ready to revise the ANSWER?

The current course of your life can be REVISED only when you are ready to REVISE the ANSWER that you have been giving all your births after births.

The Master appears when the Student is READY says Lao Tzu – the divine master.

Your READINESS is important for you to realize the true essence of life. My sharing, my answer is simply to help you all – Find the right Answer.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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