Spiritual Astrology

Addittya Tamhankar offers a suite of specialized Spiritual Astrology Services designed to guide individuals on their journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Addittya Tamhankar’s in-depth 45-minute “Spiritual Growth Astrology Consultation” includes the following services to help you realize how and when your spiritual growth will happen:

Natal Chart Analysis for Spiritual Growth

Through meticulous interpretation of an individual’s birth chart, Addittya Tamhankar identifies inherent spiritual strengths and challenges. This analysis sheds light on potential paths of growth and helps clients realize the lessons and opportunities intended for their soul’s evolution.

Karmic Astrology

Addittya Tamhankar delves into the realm of past life karma to elucidate how it casts a shadow on the present life. This service offers profound insights into spiritual debts and credits accrued over lifetimes, guiding clients toward resolution and progression.

Astrological Remedies for Spiritual Healing

Understanding the intricate connections between celestial bodies and individual energies, Addittya Tamhankar prescribes personalized remedies such as gemstones, mantras, and rituals. These are aimed at clearing blockages and enhancing spiritual well-being.

Soul Purpose and Life Mission Reading

By decoding the unique signatures in a birth chart, Addittya Tamhankar assists clients in uncovering their true soul purpose and aligning with their life mission. This service empowers individuals to live in harmony with their highest spiritual potential.

Chakra Analysis Using Astrology

The service includes an evaluation of the seven primary chakras through the lens of astrology, identifying imbalances that may stem from planetary influences. Based on the analysis, guidance is provided for chakra balancing to facilitate holistic healing.

Yoga and Spirituality Guidance

Acharya Tamhankar provides insights into yogic practices and spirituality that align with the client’s astrological composition. This customized approach allows for a more profound connection and efficacy in spiritual practices.

Transit Forecast for Spiritual Growth

This forecasting service interprets the movements of planets and their impact on personal spiritual development. Acharya Tamhankar offers advice on how to best navigate these transits to foster growth and embrace change.

Relationship and Compatibility Analysis for Spiritual Partnerships

Astrological compatibility is evaluated to support and enrich spiritual relationships. This analysis aims to cultivate partnerships that contribute to mutual spiritual growth and deeper connections between individuals.

Astro-Cartography for Spiritual Journeys

By analyzing how different geographical locations interact with an individual’s astrological chart, Acharya Tamhankar provides guidance on places that may serve as catalysts for spiritual growth and learning.

Timing for Spiritual Practices and Rituals

Identifying auspicious timings and planetary alignments, this service helps clients find the most potent moments to commence new spiritual endeavors or to conduct rituals, enhancing the efficacy and impact of their spiritual work.

Meditative Practices Based on Astrological Sign

The service customizes meditative and mindfulness techniques based on the client’s zodiac sign. These tailored practices aim to deepen spiritual awareness and promote inner peace.

Spiritual Awakening Signs and Guidance

Addittya Tamhankar offers expertise in recognizing the signs of spiritual awakening evident in the astrological chart. Providing guidance throughout these transformational periods, you are supported in navigating your spiritual unfoldment with grace and understanding. Addittya Tamhankar can provide you with a structured and personalized framework for your spiritual growth, ensuring that you are equipped with the best astrological knowledge and practices tailored to your unique life journey.

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