Foreign Settlement Astrology

Addittya Tamhankar offers a specialized suite of Foreign Settlement Astrology Services designed to assist individuals in making informed decisions about moving abroad, whether for career, education, or residence. The services are tailored to align with unique personal astrological charts and life goals, providing comprehensive insights and strategies. His comprehensive 45-minute Foreign Settlement Consultation includes the following services:

Opportunity Analysis

Addittya Tamhankar dives into an individual’s astrological chart to pinpoint the optimal timing and opportunities for moving abroad. Addittya Tamhankar assesses the influence of planets and their periods (Dasha) to determine when and how potential foreign opportunities might arise, helping clients plan strategically for significant life changes.

Career and Education Prospects

Tailored for those aiming to enhance their professional life or academic credentials overseas, this analysis evaluates the planetary configurations that indicate success in foreign countries. Addittya Tamhankar offers guidance on the best periods for pursuing international job opportunities or education, aligned with astrological influences.

Permanent Residency Possibilities

For those who wish to settle abroad permanently, Addittya Tamhankar explores the astrological feasibility and timing for achieving permanent residency. He considers the long-term impacts of planetary positions and suggests auspicious times for submitting applications and making critical moves.

Obstacle Analysis and Remedies

Moving abroad can come with unexpected challenges. This service identifies potential astrological obstacles that might hinder the process and provides specific remedies such as mantras, yantras, or charitable actions to mitigate these issues, smoothing the path to successful settlement.

Destination Analysis

Destination Analysis focuses on aligning one’s astrological profile with the energies of potential destinations. It helps determine which countries or cities are most auspitable and supportive for the individual’s energy, thereby enhancing the likelihood of success and overall well-being in a particular foreign locale.

Financial Stability and Success Forecast

Key for anyone relocating, this analysis predicts the potential for financial stability and success in the new country. Based on the individual’s birth chart, Addittya Tamhankar provides insights into financial prospects abroad and offers guidance on financial planning and management in a foreign economy.

Compatibility Analysis for Family

For clients planning to move with their families, this analysis is crucial. It examines the astrological compatibility between the family members’ charts and the potential new location, assessing how the change will affect each person to ensure the move is beneficial for all involved.

Return Potential Evaluation

Understanding the possibilities and timings for a potential return to the home country can be as important as the initial move. This service evaluates the planetary influences that might call an individual back home, providing a complete perspective that aids in long-term decision-making about living abroad.

Addittya Tamhankar’s Foreign Settlement Astrology Services are comprehensive, addressing every aspect of moving and living abroad through the lens of Vedic astrology. These personalized services are designed to ensure that transitions to new countries are not only successful but also harmonious and fulfilling.

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