Children Astrology

Addittya Tamhankar offers a suite of Children Astrology Services designed to provide deep insights and valuable guidance for the holistic growth and well-being of a child. His comprehensive 60-minute Children Astrology Consultation includes the following services:

Birth Chart Analysis

This service involves a meticulous examination of the child’s natal chart to understand their innate personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Addittya Tamhankar analyzes the planetary positions and their aspects at the time of birth to provide thorough guidance in nurturing a child’s potential.

Health Insights

By studying the astrological indicators in the birth chart, specifically the positions affecting health houses, Addittya Tamhankar provides predictions regarding potential health challenges the child may face. Additionally, he offers tailored advice to promote wellness and proactive measures to address health concerns.

Education Astrology

Education is a pivotal part of a child’s growth, and this service aims to provide guidance on the child’s learning styles and potential academic capabilities. Addittya Tamhankar evaluates the significators of education in the chart to advise on educational paths that are most aligned with the child’s astrological makeup.

Talent Identification

Each child is unique, and through the analysis of planetary placements, aspects, and houses, Addittya Tamhankar identifies the child’s innate talents and interests. This service focuses on cultivating these abilities from a young age for the child to excel and gain fulfillment.

Behavioural Guidance

Addittya Tamhankar provides guidance on managing and nurturing the child’s temperament by interpreting the Moon’s position and other planetary influences that dictate emotional responses and behavior patterns. This helps parents in creating a supportive environment for the child’s growth.

Future Predictions

This service delves into the potential future events and significant life changes that might influence the child’s journey. Acharya Tamhankar predicts future trends based on planetary transits and progressions to help parents prepare and plan for their child’s future.

Remedial Measures

To counteract negative influences or challenges depicted in the birth chart, Addittya Tamhankar prescribes effective remedies. These may include gemstones, mantras, and other astrological solutions tailored to the child’s unique astrological profile.

Name Suggestion

A name has a profound vibrational impact, and selecting an auspicious one can positively shape the child’s destiny. Combining horoscope analysis with numerology, Addittya Tamhankar suggests names that harmonize with the child’s astrological essence.

Dasha Analysis

Understanding the timing and influence of planetary dashas (periods) is crucial for forecasting the child’s developmental phases. Addittya Tamhankar examines the Dasha cycles to guide parents on how to best support the child during various planetary periods.

Compatibility with Parents/Siblings

The harmonious development of family relationships is essential for a child’s upbringing. This service examines the horoscopic compatibility between the child and their parents or siblings to foster understanding, reduce conflicts, and enhance familial bonds.

By providing these dedicated subservices, Acharya Addittya Tamhankar ensures parents receive personalized astrological guidance, facilitating informed decision-making to enhance their child’s life journey and unlock their fullest potential.

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