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Addittya Tamhankar is a highly esteemed and internationally acclaimed astrologer with 20 years of extensive experience and expertise in astrology. He provides a comprehensive Birth Time Rectification Astrology Service for those requiring precise birth time correction for accurate astrological predictions and analysis. In Vedic astrology, the exact birth time is vital as it determines the positions of all the planets and the ascendant at the moment of birth, charting the individual’s life path. Addittya Tamhankar’s in-depth 90-minute Birth Time Rectification Consultation includes the following services to meticulously rectify your birth time:

Historical Event Analysis

This vital step in birth time rectification involves collecting significant life events, such as academic successes, health issues, marital status, and career achievements. These events are then mapped against planetary movements to determine their influence, allowing for precise birth time calculation. With 20 years of expertise in astrology and birth time rectification, Addittya Tamhankar can accurately align your life events with planetary transits and mahadasha periods.

Degree and Ascendant Analysis

Vedic astrology places great emphasis on the Ascendant (Lagna) and its degree at the time of birth, as it signifies the starting point of the chart. By examining the Lagna’s position and the degrees of significant planets, Addittya Tamhankar narrows down the probable window for the moment of birth, which is foundational for all further astrological forecasting.

Dasha Verification

Dashas are predictive time periods governed by planets that have profound implications for events unfolding in a person’s life. By analyzing the main and sub-periods (Dasha and Bhukti) that an individual has experienced and cross-referencing those with life events, Addittya Tamhankar can ascertain inconsistencies and correct the birth time.

Prashna Kundali Insights

Prashna Kundali or Horary Astrology involves casting a chart for the specific moment a pressing question is asked. Addittya Tamhankar utilizes this tool to cross-check the native’s documented life events, offering additional insight and conformity to the rectified birth time.

Retrograde Motion Consideration

The influence of retrograde planets is significant, as they symbolize revisiting past issues and impacting an individual’s growth. By evaluating the effects of retrograde planets at times around the estimated birth, a more accurate determination of the correct birth time can be achieved. Addittya Tamhankar has also authored a comprehensive book on retrograde planets titled “Essence of Retrograde Planets” available on Amazon worldwide. This book has recently become a bestseller.

Moon Position Analysis

The Moon’s position in the zodiac changes quickly and has a strong impact on the natal chart. Addittya Tamhankar consultation service involves matching the noted life events with the Moon’s phase and its specific position to refine the birth time accuracy.

Planetary Aspect Verification

Addittya Tamhankar checks the planetary aspects (Drishti) between planets at different times of the suspected birth date. The comparison of these configurations with the individual’s major life events helps pinpoint the birth time that aligns with the native’s experiences.

Critical Degrees (Sandhi Points) Analysis

Planets located at the very beginning or end of a sign have important astrological significance. Identifying these critical degrees at different potential birth times helps Addittya Tamhankar refine the exact moment of birth. Through his detailed and systematic approach, Addittya Tamhankar ensures that individuals receive an accurately rectified birth time, which is essential for precise astrological analysis.

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