Dispelling the Myths of Pitru Paksha


Pitru Paksha is the most powerful period. Pitru means ancestors. Paksha means timetable or period. I have always emphasized on following the traditions and customs your ancestors. Sanantan Dharma is universal by nature. Only a true Sanatani can appreciate Jesus, Muhammed, Nanak, Buddha. Because Sanatani never discriminates based on caste, sect or religion. It is necessary to remember that Sanatan is not a religion but a way of life. I feel pity for those who call themselves Sanatan and are disturbed when somebody appreciates Jesus, Nanak or Kabir! Sanatan is above all religions because Sanatan is not a religion but a way of life. It is very unfortunate that Sanatan is being belittled by being compared with religions – how can you compare the Sky with roof?

Following certain rituals in honoring our ancestors is part of Pitru Paksha – Ancestors Period. Sanatan embraces all – irrespective of what religion you follow. And so if you are a Christian, Muslim, Parsi or Jew – you too can honor your ancestors during this phase by remembering them and donating food to the poor and the needy.

During Pitru Paksha – many people strike gold. Many people get new opportunities. And so for many Pitru Paksha is a period of luck! And this is true because during this phase your ancestors are allowed to visit you and if you remember your ancestors during this time, if you prepare their favorite food items and if you perform certain Vedic rituals such as tri-pindi shraddha or any other form of Shraddha Vidhi at your residence than it certainly proves beneficial to your overall growth in life.

In addition to your ancestors – you can also perform Shraddha Viddhi for your dead wife or dead husband. In simple words – these 15 days of Pitru Paksha are good to perform all kinds of rituals for all those beloved fellows who are no more in this world and you miss them dearly.

Pitru Paksha period is perfect for doing any kind of medical operations, or to do shifting of residence or to strategize a business plan. Many people avoid doing any major activities during this period which is totally wrong. Do not treat this period as a bad period or untouchable period because it is this period when your ancestors come to visit you. And they are hungry, they are seeking love, the have been missing you and so celebrate this period by offering them all kinds of delicacies as well as feed the crows because after human beings if there any creature that has a certain level of consciousness than that is the black bird – Crow!
Scientists have been doing a great deal of research of the consciousness of the Crow! In our Sanatan tradition – after death – a plate of food is kept for the crow – and it is believed that the ancestor souls has attained peace only when the crow eats from that plate. So you see – in our Sanatan – the consciousness of the Crow was known thousands years ago.

What should you do during this beautiful highly sensitive period of Pitru Paksha?
During this period – you should remain pure. You should avoid sex and also avoid drinking alcohol. You should donate food or clothes to the need by remembering your good old parents or ancestors or beloved ones who are no more alive.

Pitru Paksha period begins from 29th Sep and ends on 14th Oct. So you have got these precious 15 days to pay your respect towards your ancestors – do not miss this golden period.

During this period – you can donate rice, jaggary, cooking oil, cow’s ghee and some fresh vegetables to a priest. You can also offer the same items to a poor homeless person. Always remember never give money to beggars – especially in India – because all these beggars you see – are either drunkards, cheats or horrible souls. Beggars represent Rahu. So whenever you offer money to beggars on traffic signals – you are inviting more trouble from Rahu! Long back – there was a movie named Traffic Signal – it was a movie on such cheat beggars. And so never pay money to beggars – however you can offer money, food, clothes to those silent homeless men and women who live on the streets. Always remember – the really needy fellows will never beg whereas the perfect cheats will always beg. Understand the difference – savor the difference.

During these 15 days – many planetary transits are happening for good. Mars is transiting in libra after a long stay in Virgo. Mercury is moving into Virgo whereas Venus is moving in Leo – so a lot is going to happen during this dynamic period of Pitru Paksha. If you get a new job offer during this period then do not hesitate to join. If you get a new business opportunity then do not hesitate to grab it. If you find a good marriage partner during this period then do not hesitate to go ahead. My fellows – I am simply trying to help you realize that Pitru Paksha is not a bad period – so do not treat this period the way Brahmins used to treat the dalits or untouchables. One greatest creation of such hatred and condemnation is Sant Dyaneshwar of Alandi. The brahmins caused much pain and suffering to him and his family but ultimately he attained self realization and became one of the greatest saint of this century. And today all the brahmins worship him – the same brahmins who compelled his father and mother to commit suicide!

History has many facts that may not go well with those who cannot face the truth. My sharing is only for the select few. And now I have even made my consultations restricted to the chosen ones. It is necessary that we all build a community of good heart people – people who are not trapped in the four walls of a certain religion but who are willing to or want to break all these walls and merge with the supreme consciousness and that indeed is the sole message of Sanatan.

I never invite anybody to join me, listen to my podcast or comment on my podcast – those who truly resonate with my sharing – come and join me – and such men and women will always stay connected because they have understood my language – they have understood the essence of my sharing.

Enough for now – and soon I will be back with a new video on the important transits happening in the month of October.

Love to all my close followers – stay blessed and remember to meditate every day and chant consistently because it is only through consistent chanting that you can overcome this chattering mind.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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