Does the Sun sign hold any significance in Vedic astrology?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

No one is superior. No one is inferior. And no one is equal either!

Every individual is UNIQUE. This uniqueness comes from your Sun sign.

Individuality – is Sun. Personality – is your Ascendant. Mentality – is your Moon.

The whole journey of human life is to first drop the Mentality (MIND) then get rid of the Personality (MASK) and finally reach to the SELF which is your Individuality!

Individuality is Dignity. Respectability is Slavery.

Understand the fact and I say it to all my readers, followers and fellow travelers – understand the fact that you are born to live your life – by being yourself.

Just BE. Don’t Become! There is absolutely no need to become like anyone – you are a masterpiece – you are unique – just focus within, discover yourself.

Be yourself and that is the most beautiful thing that can happen in your life – when you are just being yourself – flowing naturally…..without bothering who will say what – you are just happy to be yourself!

People spend a lot of time doing ‘make-up’!

That is okay. But let me tell you all – there is something more within you that can make you look really beautiful and that is your INDIVIDUALITY – your natural flow – you being yourself!

Truth happens to an INDIVIDUAL and NOT to the CROWD. Move as an INDIVIDUAL – let there be more individuality to your being.

SUN is your individuality. It is there, it is within you – but you have forgotten what is within you. Instead, you are focusing on the ‘mask’ (personality) which is NOT the real you!

Personality blocks you from letting your individuality well up.

A woman who speaks and moves around naturally – sounds appealing.

A man who speaks his heart out – sounds appealing. There is no mask, no artificial tone, no ‘plastic face’ but all is so natural, so real – such a person ‘connects’ with the TRUTH – ‘connects’ with GOD – ‘connects’ with LOVE!

I always insist – write an email – but let it be natural. No problem – whether there are any imperfections – in fact, it is these imperfections that can relate you to the one whom you are writing – whenever I receive such emails that may not be PERFECT to certain ‘logical heads’ – but to me those mails are the most beautiful mails – I quickly relate to such mails – I could feel the natural flow – and then I respond! People wonder how come we don’t get any response but certain men and women get a quick response from me?

It has nothing to do with me – it is the natural flow of your mail that calls me – resonates with me – relates with me and then the response comes instantly!

Some men and women get quick responses from me – some don’t get – it has all to do with YOU – the more you are being yourself – the more the response can come!

And it is not just from me – but from anybody with who you want to converse or communicate!

The key is to be natural – be yourself – let there be no ‘mask’ – let there be no ‘artificial’ plastic approach – let it be real – and then the whole universe will respond – God will respond – the stars will respond!

What comes between you and your success – is your ignorance! You can always find a way – but ignorance blocks your consciousness and then you wonder – what is going wrong in my life?

There was a young boy. And was moving around in a beautiful garden with his father. On their way, the boy came across a big rock, he decided to pull up that big rock. The rock was too big and he could not do it. He tried hard. He was perspiring.

The father said, ‘You are not using all your energies.’

The boy said, “You are wrong. I am using all my energy. And I don’t see what more I can do?”

The father said, “You have not asked me to help. That too is your energy. I am sitting here and you have not asked me to help. You are not using all your energy.”

And this is what happens with people. Especially with so-called intellectual people! People who live their whole life by following their HEAD (Logic)!

They try to use all their energy – intellectual/physical and what not! But they forgot to ask for help from the higher realms! Because EGO is there – IGNORANCE is there – and so they simply forgot to ask help from GOD – the Holy Father!

Such people use all kinds of techniques – if you tell them to meditate – they will try to bring many techniques to meditation also! The technique is of the HEAD – it is logical in nature AND meditation is on the other side – where HEAD has absolutely NO role – NO place – but only the HEART – only LOVE – only DEVOTION!

You all have to open up to the divine. Until you continue with techniques – you will remain blocked – the moment you drop all techniques and SURRENDER to GOD – meditation starts flowering – than there is every possibility for you to live as an INDIVIDUAL – who lives by being himself!

Many meditation schools are coming up. They state that they teach meditation!

However, let me tell you all – especially to all my followers – that MEDITATION comes naturally to every human being! What to teach and what to learn! It is within YOU – and I say it to you all – it is within you!

But people try to make a business out of everything. It is better I don’t say much on this.

Once it happened. There was a great Samurai.

One day, a rat got into his Palace. And the rat was not a common rat – he was great trouble. Because he went on damaging many precious things of the Samurai. His wife, his children – his servants – they all were fed up with this rat. They tried many things to get rid of this rat – but no luck.

Then someone suggested an idea. He must be from those intellectual logical head types. He said to the Samurai “ The King has one well-trained royal cat. She knows all the techniques on how to catch a rat.”

The trained royal cat was called for catching the dangerous rat!.

The trained cat entered the Samurai’s Palace. She was well versed with all the techniques – she set on her search for the rat….

The trained cat tried hard. She came with all her art, with all her skills. She tried, but the rat was really extraordinary. He jumped exactly into her eyes! And the cat escaped out. She had never seen such a rat – attacking the cat?!

The cat was trembling with fear. Never had she seen such a dangerous rat. The Samurai and the King’s men were also taken back. They could not believe that a royal cat – well trained with all techniques – cannot catch the rat!

They asked certain wise people of the kingdom – on what can be the solution to catch the rat?

One of the wise men said “ There is a solution. But is difficult to crack.”

“What is it – what is it?” asked the Samurai

The wise man said “ There is one stray cat. She is NOT a trained cat. She does not know any techniques. She does NOT come in the famous category of cats. But she CAN do the job. My suggestion is that you have tried with a famous cat – now you try with this ordinary cat.”

“But what can a plain, ordinary cat do?” asked the Samurai

The wise man said “You just try. I know this cat. She is so ordinary, she does not know a thing. The whole day she sleeps. But there is one thing about her: cats know, the whole country’s cats know that she is very mysterious. The mysterious thing is that she knows nothing about rats, rat-catching, the art, the technique, the methodology, the philosophy – she knows nothing; she has never been to any school or college or university. She is a plain, ordinary cat, but rats are so afraid of her!”

The wise man said “ “Once I went to that cat and I asked, ‘What is your art?’

She simply looked at me, and she had no words to say, and she closed her eyes and went to sleep. And I woke her again and asked, ‘What is your art?”

“She said, ‘I don’t know. I am a cat, that’s enough. A cat is a cat and IS MEANT to catch a rat. What art? What nonsense are you talking about?”

Listening to this – the Samurai agreed to take a chance. The ordinary cat was called for.

The Samurai was not very hopeful because she was really very ordinary, just like any vagabond cat.

She came in and without any skill, she simply went in, caught hold of the rat and brought it out.

Everybody was surprised! The Samurai couldn’t believe his eyes. With such ease, this ordinary stray cat had caught the rat – which a well-trained cat with all her techniques couldn’t do!

The wise man was present – the Samurai asked him what was so special with this ordinary cat?

And the wise man smiled and said “She *is* a CAT. Isn’t that enough?”

And this is what you all have to remind yourself again and again – that just the way catching a rat comes NATURALLY to a CAT – similarly, MEDITATION comes naturally to you all – there is absolutely to need to train yourself – just be natural, just BE yourself!

And that is what INDIVIDUALITY is – to be yourself.

The ‘rats’ are the many problems, miseries, difficulties that you all are trying to address by applying ‘TECHNIQUES’ – you will not succeed but only fail just the way the royal cat failed to catch the rat!

Drop all your techniques – and I say to you all – drop all the logic and enter the shrine of LOVE. Enter the shrine of DEVOTION. Only then can you find the ‘rat’ – only then can you get rid of these ‘rats’ (miseries).

You all have become too skillful, to clever, too artificial – and so ‘rats’ cannot be caught and resolved. The HEAD cannot help you – the HEART can. And the HEART is natural – a man who follows his heart – is natural – a woman who follows her heart – is natural – she can meditate – she can relate – she can resonate with the higher realms of consciousness – because she is NOT applying her HEAD – she is NOT applying any logic – any so-called techniques – she is simply being herself – such a person can experience the divine – can experience true love – bliss and peace within!

Kabir never had to learn meditation. Buddha never had to. Jesus, Muhammed, Mahavir – they never had to learn meditation. It comes naturally.

Then why is it that certain people need to learn meditation?

Because somewhere they have been going wrong – utterly wrong.

Now to rectify and remove this wrong thorn – a new thorn is required. This new thorn is meditation.

Medicine and Meditation. There is a similarity between these two.

Medicine simply destroys illness. Once the thorn of illness is removed – you start recovering – than you heal!

Meditation simply destroys all your illusions that the monkey mind goes on creating. Once the illusions are removed – you come face to face with the TRUTH – you start healing! Because now you know the TRUTH – now you can relate with HIS love – your Lord – your Master!

Then you are truly in love with your Master – the disciple moving towards the Master….the Master moving towards the disciple… to express such a love….such a pure love…..language is poor, words cannot suffice…….

Once you are being yourself, then there is a fragrance to your being. Then there is love – then there is joy, then everything is possible – the key is to drop all the masks, the heads, the logics, the learnings – only then you are REBORN – and that is what Jesus says to the greatest scholar of Jerusalem – “If you want to experience the divine, if you want to experience God – first you have to REBORN.”

First, everything has to be dropped, all your EGO, all your notions, all your learnings – only then can your individuality well up and once it wells up – there is NO stopping – the sky is clear and you are ready to fly!

Astrology is astrology. People have given different ‘angles’ to it! Some see it through Vedic angle, some see-through Western, some through some other and so on. But your individuality remains. And so no matter what astrology angle you prefer – how can the importance of INDIVIDUALITY – your SUN be reduced or neglected??

GOD is God. Some praise HIM by reading the Bible, some by reading the Quran, some by reading the Bhagavad-Gita – but does that change GOD to any scale??

I encourage you all to focus on your individuality by dropping your personality (the mask).

From the beginning society wants you to be like this and be like that. The society would never want you to be yourself – because then you would not listen – then you would not blindly follow the rules that the society forces upon you – then the society cannot dominate you – and so the society always tries its best to tame you. It is the society that gives you the MIND – your MIND is shaped by the society – it is not natural – understand this – and I insist to all my followers – understand this – MIND is NOT natural – it has been given to you by the society and the society would always want you to follow the mind – that way the society feels secure!

The society always wants you to compete with others – as if you are a PRODUCT as if you are a MATERIAL – as if you are a lifeless object.

But I tell you all – you are NOT a Robot – You are the most precious living being that God has created with so much of Love!

And so NEVER compare yourself with others – always remember there is NOBODY superior to you and there is NOBODY inferior to you – you are simply UNIQUE!

The moment you accept yourself you become beautiful. The key is ACCEPTANCE!

Then you can be natural. And when you are natural, when you are moving around naturally – then you look beautiful. One who is natural in his approach – needs no make-up – he or she anyhow looks beautiful! To be beautiful is to be natural!

If you are angry – don’t suppress – let it come out. If you are in love – let that love find a way to express itself.

Suppression is Suicide. Expression is Life.

You can experience the joy of living ONLY when you express yourself! And you would express yourself ONLY when you are being yourself!

Every SUN sign is beautiful – because of the ‘ingredient’ – it is there – it is within you – all you have to turn inward and explore yourself – discover yourself!

Your SUN is your SELF. It is your Individuality. It is YOU – the real YOU!

And let me tell you all – the SELF within you is beautiful – it is always beautiful!

What blocks you from realizing and experiencing your SELF (SUN) is your MIND (MOON)!

And so, come – come you all, let us meditate and let us all focus on taming this monkey MIND. How will you tame the monkey mind?

My new book “NO MIND – The Journey Beyond” addresses this question and many more. Next month – November the second week, the book will be available on Amazon.

Whenever the SUN is in Higher Degree – especially between 27 to 29 degrees – you always have strong individuality.

Whenever SUN is with RAHU – the real you remain hidden – such men and women always move around with a ‘mask’ – with something that they appear to be – but in reality, they are NOT!

So many factors are there – but I encourage you all to not to get distracted to all these things – these things have been discussed for millions of years – it has been known – but there is something that is yet to be known – yet to be discovered – yet to be revealed and that is – WHO AM I?!

The answer to the question – WHO AM I? is something that only you – yourself can discover.

There was a young man. Nobody knew him. He would walk around and people won’t recognize him. He was such a commoner. Then one day he ‘became’ a policeman. Everywhere he went – people would salute him – because now he was a policeman. By and by ‘policeman’ became his identity. Now the man also starting believing that he is a ‘policeman’ – his ‘identity’ became his answer to the question “Who am I?” – and that is how your ‘identity’ – my ‘identity’ becomes our answer to the question – Who am !?! Our identity comes from the LABEL that we put on our self – somebody is the Police, somebody is a CEO, somebody is a Doctor – the label becomes our identity and our identity is taken as the answer to “Who am I?” The real answer to the question ‘Who am I?” is something else. And it is our ‘duty’ to find the answer through our own efforts – our own ‘journey’ – by turning inwards.

It is only when you turn inwards that Love can be experienced in its totality – it is only when you experience the light of consciousness that you can know -what Love is!

Once there was a great Siddh Yogi – he helped many people but a certain Ego started accumulating within his being. It happens. Just a little distraction and EGO can take over and you may not even know from where and how it has sneaked in!

But always remember – you may miss – you may forget – you may go wrong – but once the Master holds you – once the Master takes you under His wings – HE never leaves you!

And so the Master came. And HE came in disguise of a common man. People asked him – ‘what is your name?’ – and the Master said: “ My name is Shiva Nath.”

And so Shiva Nath would come every day to do gardening – there was a small garden in the village and Shiva Nath would water the plants, take care of the trees. Many birds would come and they all would sing and rejoice in the presence of Shiva Nath. Many also came and would play with Shiva Nath – some birds would come and sit on His shoulders. Shiva Nath became the talk of the town – people were amused to find birds coming and sitting on Shiva Nath’s shoulders – nobody has done this kind of thing – it was just impossible – how come the birds don’t fear this man – what is so special in this man? Many such questions would come to their mind.

The Siddhi Yogi also heard about this miraculous thing. His EGO burst up. If that Shiva Nath can do this then I can also – what is so difficult in it! And so he went up to the garden – people were watching Shiva Nath – it was evening time and many birds had come to play with him, many beautiful birds were sitting on His shoulders.

The Siddhi Yogi came and said to Shiva Nath “Let me also play with the birds – I will call them.”

Shiva Nath said, “ Why not – give it a try.”

Siddhi Yogi tried to use all his SIDDHIS and magical powers to attract the birds – to call them – to manipulate them – to make them sit on his shoulders – BUT – no luck! Not a single bird came near him. Such a great Siddhi Yogi – but he cannot do what Shiva Nath so easily was able to do!

The Siddhi Yogi realized that this is something else. He fell upon Shiva Nath’s feet and said: “ I have spent 20 years in attaining Siddhis and I have also attained them and have done many miracles but what you do – I cannot – I cannot – please tell me – who are you?”

Shiva Nath gave him a hand – raised him up.

And then Shiva Nath appeared in His real Swaroop and said “Bhola – you did not recognize me?”

Bhola was the name of the Siddha Yogi – and Siddha Yogi broke down – burst out with tears – people gathered – and Siddha Yogi again fell upon the master’s feet and said “ MASTER – how come I missed to recognize you…..”

And then NO WORDS……Bhola just kept crying, like a child – who sees his father after a long time…..

The Master said “ Bhola, I had to come. Look at you – how much EGO has trapped you. You can do all the miracles and magic of this world by the powers that you have gained. BUT – you cannot attract these birds – you cannot make these birds come to you…..”

Bhola said “ Why….why master?”

The Master said “ Because they will come only when they see, they feel LOVE flowing through you! Your POWERS – your SIDDHIS cannot pull them towards you…..but your LOVE can!”

Bhola got up and gave a hug to his Master – tears still flowing, he said “ Master – what a fool I had been – what a stupid – what an idiot I had been – but YOU – YOU have been so compassionate to come here – just for me – just to help me realize the significance of LOVE – the beauty of LOVE – the strength of LOVE!”

And Bhola remained in the arms of the Master for a while – he simply had no words – it happens – sometimes words fell short – the energy is too much for the words to express!

It is said that from that day – Bhola dropped all his powers – all his Siddhis and just kept walking on the path of LOVE….

Come. Come you all – let us lose ourselves in LOVE. Let us all meditate – let us spend some time in deep meditation. Focus on your breathing – and while you do so – focus on the holy name of the Lord.

|| Aum Namaha Shivay ||

I know that life is not easy. It comes with all its colors. But you always can make an effort to make your life as beautiful as you can. And you CAN do it – when you learn to WITNESS – WATCH the play of the monkey mind!

The ‘noise’ is always of the MIND! It is strange that you are standing in the quietest place on this planet and yet you don’t experience peace within. And it is also strange that at times you are standing in the same quiet place and you experience so much of peace within! The ‘Outside’ does NOT matter – what matters is the state of your MIND – when the MIND is quiet – you experience peace – when the MIND is restless – you experience anxiety. Focus on your MIND – understand the play of your MIND – just watch – just witness – that in itself is ‘Meditation’.

This Diwali – I wish and pray for you all – that may there be more light of consciousness in your life – for it is only when there is the ‘light’ of consciousness that you can ‘connect the dots’!

This Diwali – let your ‘Individuality’ find its way – let your ‘Individuality’ well up – let us make a point to make this life as beautiful as we can. Because who knows what is to come after this life?

Life is NOT in the PAST. Life is NOT in the FUTURE. Life is NOW – life is flowing NOW….let us live NOW – moment-to-moment – without regretting the PAST and without worrying about the FUTURE – because PAST is no more and the FUTURE is not yet! NOW is the moment – if you are able to BE HERE NOW – you have made it – you have found the golden ‘key’ to your real growth – real progress!

To Be HERE NOW is to meditate – your meditation will start flowering the day – you are able to BE HERE NOW!

If anybody of you asks me – what you should pray on the occasion of this Diwali – than my answer is – “To be able to live in the moment.”

For that is the miracle – the greatest miracle that you can ever experience in this life – AND that is the ability to be in the moment – to BE HERE NOW!

Just learn to – BE HERE NOW and celebrate life to the fullest.

Celebrate life. Celebrate yourself.

Life is flowing every moment – if you can make a point to – be here now – you can celebrate, you can rejoice, and you can realize the true value of your ‘self’!

Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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