Astrological Guidance: Which Animal, Dog or Cat, Makes the Ideal Companion for Your Home?


Black dog or white/brown cat — any of the two is best to keep at home according to Astrology.

If you are seeking wealth or struggling with your finances or you are having financial problems then keeping a beautiful white cat and loving her dearly, taking care of her will immensely help in resolving all your financial problems. But remember — the love, the caring has to be REAL — straight from your ❤️ heart.

If you are seeking protection, status, popularity and good health then you can keep a nice BLACK 🐶 dog. The more you love and nurture a dog the more you will continue to grow in your career / business. I would say DOG covers all the aspects of human life and not just the financial problems. However Cat is extremely helpful if your major problem is with earning money/finance. In case you don’t like Cat (female) then you can keep a female Dog in place of a Cat if your major problem is with your finance/money.

It is a deep subject. The subject of pets in Astrology but I appreciate your question.

In simple words if you ask me then I would say that the Cats represent the qualities of a Brahmin ( priestly). While a Dog represent the qualities of a Kshatriya ( Warrior). A Dog therefore is Martian (signify Mars in Astrology) while a Cat is Venusian ( signify Venus in Astrology).

Venus also is the planet of GODDESS LAKSHMI. In fact the Romans would worship Venus as Goddess Venus! Before Christianity — the whole Europe was worshipping idols of God and Goddesses. They had huge temples of God and Goddesses just the way as Hindu we have in our country.

In fact just for the larger interest of my followers and readers — I want to mention that Brahmins are represented by Venus and not Jupiter. Jupiter is a very high level planet that represents someone as beautiful as Buddha, Mahavira, Kabir or Guru Nanak. Basically Jupiter represents the enlightened masters or the one who are walking on the path of Enlightenment.

Reminds me of a story — it happened when Buddha was yet to become a full moon — meaning he yet was to attain Enlightenment. He was walking with his disciples and the forest was very dense. And suddenly a mosquito came near his ear and Buddha’s hand moved near his ears to drive away the mosquito. The mosquito went away but after a while Buddha again stopped and moved his hand near his ear…. the disciples were surprised…Ananda said “ Master there is no mosquito but still you moved your hand. Why? Please explain us, we are novice…”

Buddha smiled and said “ The last time I moved my hand — but it was mechanical. There was absolutely NO awareness in my action. It was mechanical, robotic. But now when I moved my hand — it was with absolute AWARENESS. The mosquito may not be there but I wanted to ensure that there is awareness to my action…”

It was a message. A very significant message to each one of us — that every Action should arise through a certain level of Awareness.

Keeping a pet is anyhow a good Karma BUT looking after them with Awareness is also very important to avoid hurting them.

Keeping a female cat is good for financial problems. Does bring good money to your family.

Keeping a female dog as an alternative to female cat is also a good remedy for resolving financial problems.

Keeping a Male Dog is excellent from all aspects of human life — finance, health and career.

So now choice is yours. As far as I am concerned, I LOVE dogs. I never have had the pleasure of keeping a dog since I am a Fakir — a moving nomad. But that reminds me of a great spiritual master — I had met Him in his Ashram and he used to share many stories of his life with me. We had become friends. And so one day he said — I had a black dog and I am a Fakir, a nomad but I always ensured that this dog gets the best food possible. My disciples would feed him. Although we all are vegetarian but out of love — they would feed him all kind of non-veg food outside the Ashram so that he remains happy. After all God comes to a happy soul and a dog is no exception.”

And then he laughed out loudly — a loud belly laugh. He was a man of many miracles. One day he said “ This dog was once a great warrior in his past life. He was very close to the King.”

That is so true. Dogs or Cats — they always are found to be a subject of reincarnation wherein their past life they were Humans!

And so my fellows — love Dog and love Cats, because at some point of time they were also human beings, maybe great human beings but “Karma” has not skipped anybody — some sins of the past have compelled then to arive in the form of dog or cat!

Love them. Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi loved all animals in his Ashram in Arunachal. In the beginning whatever food was left — was offered to dogs and cats. Then one day a disciple said to the Bhagavan “ We give leftover food to the dogs and cats, I feel they may not like this.”

Bhagwan smiled and said “ If you are able to feel this then why you give leftover food to them?”

From that day — the disciples started cooking specially for all the dogs and cats and other animals in the Ashram. No more the animals had to eat the left over food, they were now able to truly relish on the food specially made for them — with 💕 love.

The sutra of life is simple — love animals, feed animals with love and GOD will continue to feed you, because just the way you take care of your pet — similarly GOD takes care of HIS children and WE ALL ARE HIS CHILDREN.

If you are planning to adopt a cat or dog, then do it based on the Nakshatra.

Cat — Adopt on a day when the Nakshatra is of Bharani, Purvashadha or Purvaphalguni.

Dog — Adopt on a day when the Nakshatra is of Mrig, Dhanishta or Chitra.

Love to all my readers and I truly appreciate all my readers and followers who have a pet dog or pet cat because I know how much it takes to upbring these beautiful souls who are so lovable and innocent. Their innocence is what drives God toward them — that is why NEVER hurt any animal because GOD is watching very closely…..HE loves and bless those who love and protect animals.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.🙏

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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