How can we identify if a person is Satvic (Pious quality), Rajasic Guna (Pleasure-seeking quality), or Tamasic Guna (Offending quality) based on the birth horoscope?


Ghor. Aghor. Positive. Negative. Satvik. Tamas. Sugar. Salt. The human life is a mixture of Sugar and Salt (positive & negative – satvik & tamasic). You cannot find a single person – who is in his or her entirety – SATVIC or TAMASIC or RAJASIC and there is absolutely no doubt about this.

But the answer does not end here, it begins from here…

Human life is never one dimensional. It is multi dimensional. It is never ABSOLUTE. ABSOLUTE means BRAMHAN – ब्र्म्हा. The state of ब्र्म्हा (BRAHMAN) is the state of an enlightened GURU – the enlightened YOGI – the BUDDHA!

A REAL BRAHMIN is one who has become an ABSOLUTE ब्र्म्हा!

And so we have very very few BRAHMINS – while we have millions and millions of Brahmins who are Brahmins just by the name – and not by the state of evolution!

To evolve to the state of ABSOLUTE is not a joke, it takes millions and millions of years – until one day – one light – one soul attains the ABSOLUTE and becomes the ब्र्म्हा – BRAHMAN.

So when you ask about identifying a person as ABSOLUTE SATHWIK or RAJASIC or TAMSIC – than that is not possible – simply because NO PERSON LIVING A MATERIAL LIFE can be ABSOLUTE ब्र्म्हा.

Jesus is ब्र्म्हा. Muhammed is ब्र्म्हा. Arjuna is ब्र्म्हा. Buddhais ब्र्म्हा. Mahavira is ब्र्म्हा. Every human being who has ATTAINED the SELF – has become the ब्र्म्हा – BRAHAMAN irrespective of which class, society, caste, religion he or she comes from! SHABARI – the tribal woman and what a great woman she was!

Whole life she spend – devoted to Lord Rama. She left her home when she was ten just because she could not stand the killing of animals. She left everything behind, she escaped and she moved from towns – one town to the other until she came across SAINT MATANG – and Saint Matang took her under his wings – he must have thought – he must have been touched by the spirit of this young girl – and Shabari served Saint MATANG – her whole life. When Saint Matand was about leave his body – she started crying – she could still remember the day when he had brought her to his Monastery and how much he had loved her, nurtured her – she started crying….unable to control herself she said “ NOW after you leave, who is going to initiate me……?”

Saint Matang – and what a great Saint he was. His Aura, His bliss, His peace – it is beyond my words, Saint Matang just smiled and said “ Shabari – your Lord is yet to come, your master is yet to arrive and when he will arrive – you will be initiated – you will be enlightened….you wait, and you remain ‘ready’ to welcome him, he will be coming soon…..”

Shabari said “ But what is his name? Who is he?”

And Saint Valmiki’s eyes became wet, tears started flowing through his eyes, looking into the eyes of Shabari – he said “ His name is RAMA. Lord RAMA and he will come, he will definitely come – you just get ready.”

And Saint Matang took his last breath. Shabari waited and she waited not for just one year, two years, three years BUT for over 10 years – she waited and every morning she would clean the road towards her monastery – who knows anytime Lord RAMA would come – and so she continued to clean the road every morning – for 10 years – how much FAITH – how much PATIENCE – how to describe her depth of love – and one morning Lord Rama came and when he came – Laxman was also with him. And they both came and Shabari touched the feet of Rama – she offered him berries – but only after tasting each berry! Laxman objected – he said “How dare you taste the berry and then offer it to Lord Rama?”

Rama looks at Laxman and says “ Laxman – you saw her tasting the berries but you miss to realize why she is tasting each berry before offering it to me. She wants to make sure that I get only the sweetest berries of all – you miss to realize her feelings, her love for me. Whosoever offers anything to me with deep love – is received by me – I am hungry for LOVE and NOT for the offerings.”

And Lord Rama readily accepted every berry that Shabari offered – Shabari’s eyes were filled with tears – tears of joy – Rama hugged her – and then initiated her – she became an ABSOLUTE – BRAHAMAN – ब्र्म्हा!

A tribal woman became ब्र्म्हा – the whole RAMAYANA is incomplete without SHABARI – SHABARI completes RAMAYANA – SHABARI is therefore the symbolic representation of DEEP DEVOTION!- Absolute.

This human body – my body, your body and everyone’s body – is a combination of all the 3 Gunas:

Satvic ( Understanding, Tolerating, Forgiving, Unconditional loving, sharing, letting Go, Meditating, devotional, totally harmless.)

Rajasic ( pleasure seeking, bhogi, interested in the art of love making – royal, playful, sexually active, greed for money, power and status.)

Tamasic ( the might to kill, the art of all martial arts, hurting others without any or specific reasons, anger, lust and the determination to harm others at any cost.)

Understand the fact that everyday – every moment- a common man EXPRESSES himself by GOING through each of these 3 GUNAS or QUALITIES.

So it is obvious that our birth chart of a common man like me or you or anybody who is reading this answer – is NEVER ONE DIMENSIONAL- is NEVER ABSOLUTE it is always a mixture of all 3 Gunas – though one of the GUNA is always predominating but NOT absolute.

When you are sweet – happy – joyous – You are in Satvic state – in a Spiritual State – in short in a meditative state.

When you are boasting, pleasure seeking, flaunting – you are in Rajasic state – in a Heavenly state – in short in Heaven.

When you fired up with ANGER, planning to HURT someone by your Words or Actions – you are in Tamasic State – in a Hellish State – in short in Hell.

So understand the fact and I appeal to all my followers, readers and fellow travelers – that NO BIRTH CHART CAN BE CATEGORIZED IN ANY ONE SPECIFIC GUNA – SATVIC, RAJASIC OR TAMASIC.

No one is TOTAL – No one is ABSOLUTE.

You may be 90% SATVIC – but 10% is somewhere caught up in the other two Gunas.

You may be 90% TAMASIC – but 10% is somewhere caught up in the other two Gunas.


ABSOLUTE is not what we all are – BUT – ABSOLUTE is what we all have to Be. And this is deep and this is very deep. The whole journey must be towards the ABSOLUTENESS – it is only when you become ABSOLUTE- that the turning point comes in your life and it is beautiful!

Either you are an ABSOLUTE YES – Positive. (Satvic)

Either you are an ABSOLUTE NO – Negative (Tamasic)

But nobody – nobody is an ABSOLUTE – the moment you reach the state of ABSOLUTE – you transcend to the next stage – because there is no further going – no further place – you have BEEN TOO GOOD -now the only next possibility is to become Godly and transcend. OR you have BEEN TOO WICKED – now the only possibility is to start becoming GOOD – Righteous. ABSOLUTE is what becomes the TURNING POINT of our life – that is why when someone comes to me with questions like:

“I have lost EVERYTHING – everything means everything. Now what next?”

I always smile and say that “NOW – is the time for the sun to shine in your life – when you have reached the ABSOLUTE low phase of your life – the ‘pendulum’ has no further space to move – it has to start moving towards the RIGHT – and so NOW – RIGHT is what is going to happen in your life.

ABSOLUTE is the word – beyond ABSOLUTE – there is no further going – you have to move on to the NEXT STAGE. If you have reached ABSOLUTE LOW – then the Road towards the ABSOLUTE HIGH opens up. If you have reached ABSOLUTE HIGH – then the ROAD opens two ways – Either you transcend or you fall! That is how there are fallen Yogis – who have reincarnated to again attain the ABSOLUTE – and there are YOGIS who have GONE BEYOND – who are here – in this material life – to HELP – to GUIDE – to show you the WAY…

ABSOLUTE TAMASIC – has to move towards becoming ABSOLUTE SATVIC.

ABSOLUTE SATVIC – has to move towards transcending – the liberation – the ultimate FREEDOM. OR – it has to move backward – falling from the GRACE.

ABSOLUTE is the turning point – it is THE end – either you turn around or you head on towards the next stage – the next destination!


ABSOLUTE is the MIRACLE POINT – the point of MIRACLE – real MIRACLES – because the REAL CHANGE starts happening only when you attain the ABSOLUTE!

Lord of the LORDS – Lord SHIVA is ABSOLUTE. HE is GHOR and AGHOR. HE is the GOD of the SAGES – the PIOUS – the POSITIVE as well as HE is also the GOD of the AGHORIS – the Negative. HE has attained the ABSOLUTE of BOTH ENERGIES – POSITIVE (SATVIC) and NEGATIVE (TAMASIC) and there is absolutely nobody who has attained the ABSOLUTE PEAK of both ENERGIES than the LORD of LORDS – LORD SHIVA….and I bow before HIS Holiness Lord Shiva – the ABSOLUTE.

Lord SHIVA – the ABSOLUTE GOOD & also the ABSOLUTE BAD – GHOR & AGHOR – both HE has mastered and so every man and woman who has mastered both – who has reached the ABSOLUTE – becomes SHIVA – that is how the great YOGI of the Himalayas are – ABSOLUTE – to SAVE you – they may use their ABSOLUTE DESTRUCTIVE powers to save you from your enemy and to PROVIDE you – they may use the ABSOLUTE NURTURING powers to help you GROW WITHIN! And that’s SHIVA – SHIVA is a state of ABSOLUTENESS – just the way BUDDHA is also a state of ABSOLUTENESS.

BUDDHA is ABSOLUTE SATVIC (POSITIVE) – the other SIDE – (Negative) is not present. That is why the Hindus believe that Buddha is the reincarnation of Lord VISHNU! I earnestly prostrate before Lord Vishnu – the GOD who nurtures, provides!

Lord VISHNU praises LORD SHIVA and that LORD SHIVA praises LORD VISHNU!


SHIVA is supreme – simply because HE is the only one who has attained the ABSOLUTE of both the aspects of life – the POSITIVE and also the NEGATIVE!

When the churning of the ocean was happening – and a BIG POT OF POSION welled up – the GODS and the DEMONS could NOT ACCEPT it – because the POSION was very severe – nobody dared to ACCEPT it and then they all wondered who will ACCEPT THIS POSION – and that is when LORD SHIVA comes to the rescue – HE ACCEPTS the POISON – how deep is the significance of this mythological incident – only an ABSOLUTE who has mastered the NEGATIVE and POSITIVE – can ACCEPT such a severe POSION (difficulties/failures).

And Lord Shiva ACCEPTS the POISON – the dark blue shade painted on his throat is a beautiful reminder and a mark – of HIS ABSOLUTENESS in both – the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE.

And so – the very IDEA of identifying a birth chart having ABSOLUTE POSITIVE (SATVIC) or NEGATIVE (TAMASIC) is senseless – the very message of LORD SHIVA is that – both energies are required – the POSITIVE and also the NEGATIVE – to manifest RESULTS – as per SITUATIONS.

Always REMEMBER – that to generate ELECTRICITY – both – the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE poles are required – the message of LORD SHIVA is also the same – that do NOT condemn the NEGATIVE – instead LEARN to USE THE NEGATIVE – for POSITIVE PURPOSE and then the NEGATIVE will no more remain NEGATIVE – it will instead compliment.

NEGATIVE is not always absolute negative – it becomes a great asset to the positive – when it comes to getting to a certain point – to manifest a certain result.

TAMASIC is NOT a total Negative – it is required – else the ENERGY to FIGHT on the battlefield – where you have to KILL the enemy soldiers to PROTECT your nation – would be absent – then how can one protect his or her country – or if we come to personal level – how are you Going to PROTECT yourself – if you do not have the TAMASIC ENERGY to RETALIATE and protect yourself? TAMASIC is the beginning of the NAKSHATRA CYLCLE –

From the DESTRUCTION begins the NEW WORLD. From KETU’s ASHWINI NAKASTRA begans the ZODIAC CYCLE – ARIES is also a sign of a warrior – a fighter – and therefore ARIES – the beginning and KETU – the very FIRST NAKSHATRA of the ZODIAC cycle is TAMASIC by nature and belongs to LORD SHIVA!

Sri KETU is an ardent devotee of LORD SHIVA!

I love LORD SHIVA, without SHIVA, I am lifeless – with SHIVA – comes life and flows through my blood, my nerves and my whole being! There is a beautiful incident – a real one that happened many many years ago in the HIMALAYAS and it is worth to recollect at this moment…..

It happened…..a young yogi was walking through the Himalayan mountains…..and he was such a beautiful man…..always engrossed in deep meditation….his whole being filled with love…whosoever would come across him, would start feeling good…..he was an angel, a great angel and he was walking… was getting dark and suddenly he stumbled upon a rock and as he tried to get up….a hand came to raise him up and the young yogi looked up and realized that the hand is of the none other than that of Mahavtar Babaji – the Greatest MASTER of the MASTERS!

And his eyes became wet, he started crying with joy,his joy knew no bounds – quickly he got up. His Holiness Mahavatar Babaji looked into his eyes – and the young yogi was deeply moved, he could not understand what to say, he could see millions and millions of suns and moons and the whole universe in the eyes of Mahavatar Babaji – tears continued to flow through his eyes, and only word he was able to utter – “SHIVA!”

Babaji smiled. The young yogi asked “ What is SHIVA?

And the Benevolent, Compassionate Master with a stick in his hand inscribed the word – शिव.

And then the holy Master just rubbed off the mark above Shiva and this is how it looked: शव्

There was absolute no word spoken -just these two actions and the young yogi realized the whole essence of SHIVA – he was so touched that he remained at the same place -meditating – deeply meditating!

SHIVA – is the consciousness. As long as the CONSCIOUSNESS is there – YOU ARE ALIVE – शिव. – the moment there is absolute No CONSCIOUSNESS – and you start LIVING in utter IGNORANCE (RAHU) – you become a dead body – शव् (SHAV)

The whole story of Human life is between the two polar ends – शिव & शव्

And what a beautiful message was shared by the divine master….how to express gratitude, I am speechless…..I am truly speechless.

A beautiful picture of His Holiness Mahavatar Babaji – I humbly prostrate before the divine master Mahavtar Babaji – the Lord of the Lords, my beloved master.

Understand the fact – that SHIVA is the ultimate CONSCIOUSNESS and KETU is the devotee of SHIVA!

Self-Realization of SHIVA comes only through Enlightenment and Enlightenment comes only through destruction – this destruction isof ALL YOUR NOTIONS, EGOS, LEARNINGS and IDEAS. It is only when you DIE that you can REBORN – and it is only when you REBORN that you can ATTAIN the Higher Realms of Consciousness!

Jesus says “To realize the ultimate TRUTH – you have to REBORN.”

And to Reborn -you have to DIE – DEATH of all your EGOS,MIND, NATURE is required – this DEATH happens through the worship of SHIVA – and the process of DEATH happens through the benevolent KETU!

How beautiful is all this, how rejuvenating! I must thank the questioner for coming with such a deep question.

And so – that is how SHIVA signify destruction – it is NOT the destruction of your PHYSICAL BODY – it is the DESTRUCTION of your MIND – when the MIND is destroyed – finished – you realize your SELF – and that is how you become enlightened.

DESTRUCTIVE PROCESS is indeed a TAMASIC process – it is the process of KETU.

Through SHIVA begins a new – LIFE! The ZODIAC CYCLE begins through SHIVA (KETU) – ASHWINI Nakshatra!

And it ends at PIECES (JUPITER) with REVATI (matured BUDDHA) in the 12th house – now the HEAD has been merged with the HEART – the Enlightenment has happened – the journey towards the BEYOND has began!

Beautiful – see how beautiful Astrology can be…

ASHWINI (ARIES) – DESTRUCTIVE FORCE (TAMASIC) – becomes the BEGINNING POINT – the ENDING is always the BEGINNING! The ending is the beginning, and the beginning is the first step, and the first step is the only step.

Lord SHIVA is known as the DESTRUCTIVE FORCE – but now you must have understood that what does it mean when we say destructive force – the destructive force is the destruction of all that – which SERVES NO PURPOSE for your REAL GROWTH – the SELF GROWTH!

Always remember – and I specifically mention it for my genuine readers, followers and fellow travelers – that – MUCH HAS TO BE CUT – only the ESSENTIAL has to be kept – if you seek progress in your spiritual journey!

But the larger question is – how would you realize what needs to be CUT and what needs to be kept? And the answer is through your own meditation – through your own efforts.

Through your own efforts – your own willingness to look within – by turning inwards – by meditating – you can realize the great SIGNIFICANCE of LORD SHIVA and KETU and then there will be a song to your life, then life will become a garden of bliss!

BAMHA is the creator – HE has created the most beautiful planet – Planet EARTH and enriched it with many pleasures and beauties. BRAMHA is RAJAS GUNA.

VISHNU is the nurturer – HE has always NURTURED, ENHANCED this beautiful planet EARTH. VISHNU is SATVIC GUNA.

SHIVA is the destructing energy as well as the CONSTRUCTIVE ENERGY – that ultimately helps you to get rid of all the pleasures and the comfort zones and SELF REALIZE the ULTIMATE CONSCIOUSNESS – which is SHIVA – Lord SHIVA! SHIVA is TAMASIC GUNA AND SATVIC GUNA. GHOR AND AGHOR

And then there is one beautiful AVATAR – the unique GOD – the most unique DEITY that comprises of all the 3 GUNAS – BRAMHA VISHNU MAHESH (SHIVA) and that great DEITY is LORD DATTATREYA…I prostrate before Lord Dattatreya – the very beat of my heart.

I humbly prostrate before the greatest Diety of my life – my journey – Lord Dattatreya. The ‘Confluence’ – where RAJAS (BRAMHA) – SATVIC (VISHNU) – TAMAS (SHIVA) – happens – and it happens only in the FORM of the GREATEST AVATAR – the AVATAR of LORD DATTATREYA!

LORD DATTATREYA in itself signify that you CANNOT categorize a horoscope or a birth chart in any one GUNA – it is always a mixture of 3 – but NOT ABSOLUTE.

The moment it becomes ABSOLUTE – the stage of ENLIGHTENMENT – AVATAR – is attained – till then as a common man – my, yours and everybody who is reading this answer -we all have a mixture of all 3 Gunas – but not in ABSOLUTE form and your question is asking about an ABSOLUTE SATVIC, ABSOLUTE TAMASIC, ABSOLUTE RAJASIC – there is NO ABSOLUTENESS found in common people – no matter how much celebrity status – he or she may have – the moment there is ABSOLUTENESS – you no more remain in this HUMAN WORLD – you are in your way towards – the BEYOND!

There is HELL and there is HEAVEN in you, in me, in every person who is reading this answer – and there is a beautiful story to relate!

Once it happened, a great King visited Lao Tzu – the divine saint. And he asked “Where is hell?”

Lao Tzu looked into the eyes of the King and said “ What an idiot you are..have you ever watched your face in the Mirror?”

The King was shocked and angered. Swiftly he removed his Sword and brought it closer to Lao Tzu’s throat….

“STOP” said Lao Tzu. There was so much power in that one word that the King’s hand freezed. Looking into the eyes of the King – Lao Tzu said “ This is hell. When you are fired up with Anger – you are in hell.”

The King quickly realized his mistake – also was touched by the kind compassionate gesture of the master. He quickly dropped his naked sword and fell on the feet of the master – and the master then said “THIS IS HEAVEN – now you are in HEAVEN!”

When you are humble, understanding, devoted, forgiving – you experience HEAVEN.

When you are in ANGER, LUST, IGNORANT – you experience HELL.

So always remember – that it is up to YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS – that which GUNA you want to EXPAND. You are your HEll and you are your HEAVEN – it is up to you to choose the WAY OF YOUR LIFE – and then walk the way…

HELL comes when you become an absolute idiot – an absolute ignorant. And it is only when you become an ABSOLUTE IDIOT – that the way towards becoming an ABSOLUTE WISE – opens up and the journey begins!

It is only when you become an ABSOLUTE WICKED – that the way towards being ABSOLUTE SAINTLY begans!

The moment the Pendulum moves to the EXTREME LEFT – There is no further going – there is no further space – the cul-de-sac has arrived – it has reached the Absoluteness and then it has to start moving towards the RIGHT – the LIGHT – the TRUTH!

This human world has been witness to many such transformations– but only when one had reached to the state of ABSOLUTE.

A man called Ratnakar was the most dreadful murderer and looter. He killed many men and women just to earn his livelihood. Then a day came – when a very old man met him on his way….and Ratnakar’s appearance was such that anybody would have trembled with fear….blood red eyes, violent body language, big hands….the whole look and feel of Ratnakar was deeply frightening. But the old man wasn’t moved a bit. He stood in his own bliss, observing every move of Ratnakar with deep love showering through his eyes. An Absolute Satvic was meeting an Absolute Tamasic.

Ratnakar was taken aback because nobody could stand him – nobody could stay for so long before him, but this old man seem to be a strange fellow. His silence, His peace, His bliss – Ratnakar never had come across such kind of a man. It happens, it always happens when your whole life you have been coming across all kind of noisy men and women – and suddenly you stumbled upon a man who is utterly silent and his silence is a BLISSFUL silence that you can feel it and something starts moving within you and you start wondering- what is happening with you! Ratnakar also was wondering- what is happening with him. And suddenly he started crying…..the most dreadful murderer started crying….he could not understand why he is crying…but for the first time in his life…Ratnakar burst out with tears and the old man was just watching….witnessing the moment….there was every possibility for Ratnakar to ignore that old man and continue to walk on his way…but he couldn’t. Something stopped him. Something was there within the old man that stopped him – there was no further moving…the ‘Pendulum’ had reached the cul-de-sec point!

What was this something in this old man that was stopping him from moving on?

LOVE. ABSOLUTE LOVE. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. And Ratnakar could feel it. Not a single word was spoken, not a single message was shared and just the presence of the old man – just a gentle glance from the old man and Ratnakar was touched by such a love, whole life he had been WRONGED by every single man and woman…..the whole society had labelled him from the day he was born….if at all he knew about anything of this human world than that was HATE – that this whole world is made of HATE. And now for the very first time he was experiencing LOVE through just a glance – just a look and Ratnakar fell upon the ground…the noise of his falling was so huge that the whole forest trembled. Ratnakar was a huge man. He just fell down, still crying…still repenting and finally the old man stepped ahead…took his hand…and raised him up. Just a touch…and the whole being of Ratnakar was moved…he was a murderer..he was a thief..he was a looter…but every wrong man also has a right heart. And Ratnakar’s heart moved so deeply..that he said to the old man “You are something..I don’t know your name. I don’t know from where you have come. I don’t know anything about you…but you are something and I will now not move from here until I realize what is this something – that is so special in you that has moved me, my whole being…from this point, from this moment – I GIVE UP ON ALL THAT I HAVE BEEN DOING ALL MY LIFE…..KILLING, MURDERING, LOOTING. NOW I am at your feet and I would never want to leave you….master.”

Master. The word – Master- came through his own being. You see – whatever comes spontanously – is beautiful, is true, is real! The old man so far had not spoken a single word. Everything was happening, transforming just by his omnipresence. The very first self REALIZATION of who my master is – had come and it had come at the most unexpected time, in the most unexpected way. That is how it happens, that is the way of it’s happening.

The old man moved his hands around Ratnakar’s face and said “ Dear, you were lost. Now you are back. Now you decide what you want to do from here-now?”

Ratnakar said “ I want nothing but you. Your grace. Your love. Your blessings. I am now going to follow you, I am not going to go to my home. I am going nowhere but with you.”

One of the most beautiful moment was happening – the moment of transformation – one of the dreadful man on this planet was on his knees – surrendering to a man – whom he has met for the very first time in his life……how to express such a miraculous moment…I am out of words….speechless….

The old man smiled and said “So be it so.”

And Ratnakar started following the old man, the master. And the following became so deeper and deeper, the penance became so harder and harder….the meditation went so deep – that for years after years…..he continued to TRANSFORM and so much so – that he himself never realized that when he was transformed from RATNAKAR to SAINT VALMIKI!

AND it is this Ratnakar (Saint Valmiki) who went on to write the greatest holy scriptures that every Hindu man and Hindu woman beholds close to his or her heart – the scriptures of Holy Ramayana!


Only an ABSOLUTE TAMASIC can transform into an ABSOLUTE SATVIC.

Only an ABSOLUTE RAJASIC can transform into an ABSOLUTE SATVIC.

ABSOLUTE is the key. And it is a very significant key towards ultimate transformation! And what a wonderful transformation happened – a thief transforms into the greatest SAINT that the HINDUS had ever known – Saint Valmiki!

Saul was one such an ABSOLUTE hater of Jesus Christ and HIS newfound religion – Christianity. He lived in Jerusalem and he would watch Jesus moving around, sharing messages that he could not understand. Ignorant fellows can never understand the messages of the divinethe same was happening with Saul – he could NOT relate to JESUS and HIS divinity. And so he would get angry and he was a very rich man, one of the wealthiest man of Jerusalem. An empowered angry man is always dangerous. And so Saul started killing and torturing the Christians. He would do every bit that he can to cause trouble to Jesus and His fellows. And he continued with his propaganda of troubling the Christians when one fine day, Saul stumbled upon a rock, a very hard rock and his eyes started bleeding, he lost his vision. His eyes started bleeding…and there was nobody to help because he was walking on a dark night and that too with an agenda to cause more troubles to Jesus…and now he was at loss…there was nobody to help and Saul was in utter pain, he could not move, he was stuck and he remained stuck for a long time until a passerby came across and he turned out to be a Christian! And the Christian lifted Saul, put him on his back and took him to Jesus.

Jesus was seated with a few children of the town. Children loved Jesus. The innocent always loves the Divine because Divinity is very innocent by nature!

The faithful Christian came before Jesus and softly placed Saul ‘s bleeding body before Jesus. Saul was crying in pain, both eyes were bleeding…Jesus just went, touched the bleeding eyes of Saul and those eyes were healed. The bleeding slowly stopped, and slowly the heart of Saul was also moved. He could not believe that such a miracle is possible – he could not believe that the MAN he had been hating all his life had SAVED him from dying, had given him a pair of NEW EYES – a NEW SIGHT! Embarrassed by his many sinful acts…Saul started crying….like a child he burst out with tears….he could not decide what to say…what to say to a Man who he had always hated…what to say…

And Jesus must have realized his dilemma and so Jesus looked into his eyes and said “You don’t have to say anything. You have arrived.”

And those words…those words “You have arrived” – moved Saul’s whole being with such a great affect that he left everything behind and he became one of the greatest lover of Jesus that the world had ever known. And to remember this moment of transformation- Saul changed his name to Paul. And it is this PAUL who later goes on to become one of the greatest Christian Saint – he is revered as Saint Paul in the Christian Faith and it is this Saint Paul who build the first Christian Church in Europe, Jesus was not the founder of Church, it was Paul, Saint Paul – one of the greatest lover of Jesus Christ!

Absolute. Understand this word. It is a very significant word. The key towards Real transformation is through ABSOLUTENESS!

When you are in ABSOLUTE LOVE – you can do anything – you can change for the person you love – you can transform within for the person you love.

And if the same ABSOLUTE LOVE is uplifted towards GOD – towards the Master – then how much can you transform – how much can you change for good!

In BIRTH CHART – no person is an ABSOLUTE SATVIC or TAMASIC or RAJASIC. But as mentioned earlier – one of the GUNA (QUALITY) predominates. How to detect or identify which GUNA predominates?

Through the MOON. MOON is the MIRROR. It is the MIRROR of your MIND.

WHATEVER HAPPENS to YOU – appears to happen through the MOON simply because you are DRIVEN by your MIND and NOT SELF.

And since the MAJORITY is driven by the MOON – (MIND) – since the majority is enslaved by the MIND – the MOON becomes your key to identify which GUNA predominates.

Whenever MOON is in the sign of JUPITER – and placed in houses except 8th – and has an aspect (DRISHTI) from JUPITER – the SATVIK GUNA predominates though the other TWO (TAMASIK and RAJASIK) ALSO are active.

Whenever MOON is in the sign of ARIES or SCORPIO or CAPRICORN – and placed in houses except 8th – and has an aspect (DRISHTI) from MARS, SATURN – the TAMASIC GUNA predominates though the other TWO (SATVIK and RAJASIK) ALSO are active.

Whenever MOON is in the sign of VENUS or MERCURY – and placed in houses except 8th – and has an aspect (DRISHTI) from MARS, SATURN – the RAJASIK GUNA predominates though the other TWO (TAMASIK and SATVIK) ALSO are active.

However along with the above generic rules:

Whenever MOON is with RAHU – irrespective of which zodiac sign it is in – the TAMASIC GUNA predominates.

Whenever MOON is with SHANI – irrespective of which zodiac sign it is in – the TAMASIC GUNA predominates.

Whenever MOON is with MARS – irrespective of which zodiac sign it is in – the TAMASIC GUNA predominates.

Whenever MOON is with URANUS – irrespective of which zodiac sign it is in – the TAMASIC GUNA predominates.

Whenever MOON is with SUN – irrespective of which zodiac sign it is in – the TAMASIC GUNA predominates.

All these fellows should worship SHIVA – infact many of them are and have been devotees of SHIVA – or of an AVATAR of SHIVA such as KALBHAIRAVA.

The only EXCEPTION is for KETU – whenever MOON is with KETU – in the following signs:

CAPRICORN, ARIES, SCORPIO – the TAMASIK GUNA predominates though the other two exists.

The only SIGN – in which KETU comes in contact with the MOON – that it DOES NOT bring TAMASIK GUNA is the SIGN of PIECES.

So observe the MOON. Observe the NAKSHATRA in which MOON is placed. Observe the DRISHTI of planets that fall on the MOON. Observe the aspects that Moon is making with TAMASIK/RAJASIK/SATVIK planets and then you will be able to identify which GUNA (QUALITY) predominates in a specific person – though always remember that NO PERSON is ABSOLUTE SATVIK or TAMSIC or RAJASIK – every SINNER has some positive quality in HIM or HER and every SAINT had some negative quality in HIM or HER – the whole journey is towards ABSOLUTENESS – the whole spiritual essence is in the state of ABSOLUTENESS – which one has to attain – at some point of his or her many birth cycles!

Yesterday Mohan was asking “ Buddha shared everything with Ananda – or was something left?”

I said “ Mohan – that is a good question.”

And this is a significant question – a very significant indeed.

Understand the fact that BUDDHA is ABSOLUTE (BRAHMAN) ब्र्म्हा! ब्र्म्हा means UNIVERSE – the whole UNIVERSE is contained in one man and his name is GAUTAMA BUDDHA!

And Ananda is still to become an ABSOLUTE – ब्र्म्हा! Now how can the DEPTH of a SEA be realized by someone who is still a RIVER!

One day – the same question Ananda had asked – there was nobody around, Buddha was alone and so Ananda asked “Master – you are always surrounded by people. Today you are alone in the forest and I cannot control myself, I have to ask you a question…”

Buddha smiled and said ” I am listening. Ask.”

Ananda asked “Have you shared everything with us. Or have you kept some secrets?”

This time Buddha laughed. A blissful laughter and then looking into Ananda’s eyes, He said “Do you see the leaves in my hand? And do you see the leaves all over the forest?

Ananda said “Yes I do see but I don’t see that is the answer.”

Buddha said “You will understand. I have said only this much AND I have kept secret all these leaves that are in the whole forest.”

The MASTER is the OCEAN of WISDOM. And this is the whole essence of all. You think that the Master has shared all the ‘leaves’ (secrets) of the forest while only a few are kept as secret. The reality is – just a few ‘leaves’ are shared with you – whereas there are millions and millions of secrets (leaves) of the whole forest (universe) that is still to be shared – only when YOU are Ready.

Mohan asked “ When will this Readiness come?”

This Readiness comes when you start living your life in ABSOLUTE SURRENDER. When you are no more interested to drive your own life by following the MONKEY MIND – and you decide that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH -and you LET the MASTER DRIVE – when you become ARJUNA and you let KRISHNA direct the CHARIOT of your LIFE – at that moment – your life starts moving towards the RIGHT DIRECTION – at that moment you start feeling something special within – at that moment you start TRANSFORMING into a beautiful human being – at that moment – LIFE no more remains a misery but starts blossoming into a Garden of Bliss!

This Body. This Money. This Wealth. This whole family of mine. This whole life of mine – is now no more mine and I SURRENDER to you in TOTALITY – when this thought – sinks into your being – when you not just talk but in reality LIVE your life with this belief – then and only then there is a possibility of something beautiful happening in your life – else the round of birth cycles continue – for a few moments of pleasure – you sacrifice your whole being – you get stuck and then you come and ask “ Why life is so miserable?”

The ANSWER is within you – and to find the answer – you have to first learn to TURN INWARD – only then can you start feeling more – only then can you have a good night sleep – only then can you smile even when the whole world is against you -even when all the odds have gone against you! And that is the real coming – that is the real evolution – than you become special -then the master will nurture you, help you to GROW inside-out!

So come, come you all and meditate. Life goes on – today you are this and tomorrow you would be something else – your situation changes, your moods changes – your mind keeps changing – and you are focused on all that is CHANGING – all that is changeable – but you miss, you simply miss to focus on that – which NEVER changes – and that is your SELF.

Without understanding yourself, what is the use of trying to understand the world?

Once you understand yourself – once you realize your own shortcomings – only than you can change for good. Your own self realization is the greatest turning point in your life – people ask me – tell me my turning point – they think turning point is when they start earning millions -when they start have pleasures of sex and many material things – now how can I tell them that what they think as turning point is in reality NOT the turning point! Not everybody is Mohan, not everybody is Ananda!

The real TURNING POINT in our life comes only when we start TURNING INWARD.

Rest all turning points simply keep you on the surface – and one who remains on the surface – never really understands the DEPTH that is below the surface and how beautiful it is!

The whole focus of the MIND and those who are following the MIND is on the OUTER CHANGES – the ‘Makeup’ – the looks and I have been wondering my whole life -that in reality there are millions and millions of beautiful women and handsome men – but when it comes to the INNER BEAUTY – the human world is truly the poorest world to exist on this planet.

The MIND gets attracted to all that is SHALLOW – the LOOKS, the APPEARANCES – the MAKEUP – it gets attracted quickly – because all these are shallow. And the MIND cannot go beyond Shallow – it has absolutely no potential to look beyond the shallow – and that is how you all get trapped by appearances, by beauties – because – in reality you NEVER SEE through the EYES – you always see through the MIND and the MIND is shallow – it always gets you – it always does!

A Yogi sees you – but his seeing is NOT through the MIND – his seeing – his observation is through the SELF. The SELF is intelligent – it cannot fall for the APPEARANCES – it SCANS the other person just the way a scanner scans inside out!

Be a YOGI. SEE – but SEE through your SELF and NOT through your MIND – and then everything will be realize – but to do so – first you have to realize your SELF and the way is by TURNING INWARD.

Turning in – happens only when desiring is no longer clouding your mind. And when there is absolutely no desiring -you are in. This is turning in.

The REAL inward looking is when you forgot that you are looking inwards. If you remember that you are looking inward that again it is a thought and nothing else. You will able to turn in – only when there is NO THOUGHT, but total concentration on your BREATH – while you take the Lord’s holy name.

Once you start turning inwards, once meditation becomes your ONLY religion – once you start getting rooted WITHIN – then you will gain the insights on balancing the three GUNAS – SATVIC – TAMASIC – RAJASIC – then you will become a balanced person – BALANCE is the word – and it is very significant word – I appeal to you all -let there be a BALANCE in whatsoever you do and then you will find joy, then there will be a song to it – then life will start changing for good. And then you all will NEVER BOTHER whether you are SATVIK or TAMSIK or RAJASIK – because such thoughts come out of hypocricy. A priest thinks that he is ABSOLUTE SATVIK – bring a beautiful women before him and his mind will start wavering. To become an ABSOLUTE SATVIK – you have to first REALIZE YOUR SELF – and once you realize your SELF – once you become a BUDDHA – then the thought about being SATVIC never comes -because then there is NO MIND – the MIND is the Mecca of Hyporicy – of lies – once you have gone beyond MIND – you become REAL – and the society is always afraid of the REAL – the society can NEVER stand the REAL – it has crucified the REAL, ridiculed the Real – the Society is for the Hypocrites and NOT for the REAL, not for the TRUTH.

You will go missing life as long as you are caught in the trap of hypocrisy – of CASTE, of RELIGION – nothing is REQUIRED – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – even a man in the most common attire – can be REAL – the greatest YOGI – you would have ever known in your life – because the REAL needs NO MAKEUP -no flaunting – the REAL is natural and whosoever is NATURAL is beautiful!

You look beautiful – only when you are simple and natural.

God comes only to the most simple man, the most natural being – meditation is simply to help you return to your roots – the source – which is always simple innocent and so beautiful! Once you come back to your source – to your roots – you become a child…

Once you become the ‘dance’ – once there is absolute no EGO – once you become a joyous being – then the doors open – then GOD comes – then the divine is felt and then you are no more caught up in the worldly things – you become Godly – you become divine and then you stop worrying about the destination – the ‘journey’ itself becomes the destination…

Meditate. Every minute spend in meditation is bringing you back to the source. Come back to the source –come back ‘home’.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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