Mercury in Pisces – is it good for spiritual progress?


A very significant question considering that Mercury is debilitated in Pisces.

Debilitation – the real meaning of debilitation is that the planet’s influence is LESS. Debilitation means not that the planet is weak – debilitation means the planet is simply incapable of making its FULL INFLUENCE on the native which is good considering that MERCURY is LOGIC – MERCURY is INTELLECTUALISM and INTELLECTUALISM is indeed a poor substitute for INTELLIGENCE.

When Mercury is less – and Jupiter is MORE – when Rahu is less and Ketu is MORE – then you have all the possibilities of attaining spiritual growth. Intelligence comes only from the HEART – and not from the HEAD which is represented by Mercury. And that is why the greatest scientist and the man who also believed in GOD – probably one of its kind – Albert Einstein was born with Mercury in Pisces – and probably there has been no other scientist in this human world other than Einstein who has been so vocal on the significance of consciousness.

After Albert Einstein – the only scientist who was able to realize the significance of consciousness and spirituality than that was the man named – NIKOLA TESLA.

Albert Einstein – the man born with Pisces Mercury was fond of Nikola Tesla and in 1931 – he writes a letter to Nikola Tesla:

Dear Mr. Tesla,

It is with great joy that I hear you are celebrating your 75th birthday, and as a successful pioneer in the field of high frequency energy you have experienced the miraculous development of this area of technology. Congratulations on the great success of your life’s work.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein became one of the greatest scientist because he was having his Mercury in Pisces – which ideally means – that LOGIC is LESS and IMAGINATION is more and that’s exactly what Einstein quotes – when he gives more importance to IMAGINATION than to LOGIC.

Only ALBERT EINSTEIN was one such scientist who could realize the significance of IMAGINATION over LOGIC – and that is precisely because his Mercury is in PISCES – debilitated! What a beautiful man he was – one in a million!

Here is a quick look at Albert Einstein’s horoscope – a man who was not just a scientist but also had great faith in God and had realized the significance of spirituality in human life – a time came in his life when he became pure vegetarian.

As you all can see – Einstein’s Mercury is placed in the 10th house in Pisces sign. Mercury in Pisces is very helpful for spiritual growth because it is only when your HEAD takes a backseat that your HEART can takeover and when the HEART takeover – you start realizing the REALITY and it is only the REALITY – the TRUTH which has NO MISERY.

The HEAD cannot let you know the REALITY – it is only your HEART and the way towards your HEART is through the path of meditation and meditation fructifies only when you meditate with LOVE & DEVOTION – when you start walking on the path of BHAKTI – the BHAKTI MARG, BHAKTI-YOGA.

A man or woman who has TOO MUCH OF MERCURY is always on the look out of all kind of fancy YOGAS in astrology – DHANA YOGA (Wealth indicating Yoga) – whereas a man or woman having LESS OF MERCURY and MORE of JUPITER is keen on seeking BHAKTI YOGA (the Yoga that brings more devotion, more love within your being) – that is the difference, the HEAD (Mercury) is behind money and power and fame and mental pleasures – whereas (JUPITER) is more inclined towards that which leads to SELF GROWTH – towards that which remains with you even when you die – when you are no more alive in this human body!

BHAKTI YOGA or the PATH OF DEVOTION is possible only when your MERCURY (HEAD) is LESS and since Mercury becomes LESS when it falls in PISCES – this placement becomes excellent for spiritual progress.

One of the greatest spiritual master and the man whom I love the most – AVATAR MEHER BABA was also born with Mercury in Pisces.

Avatar Meher Baba travelled all around the world and he transformed many mad-men into enlightened beings. When his followers asked “Why you seek insane people when sane people are available?”

Baba smiled and said “Because they are already out of their mind but through the wrong door (unconscious way). I just have to show them the right door – the conscious way to get out of the mind however the sane people are too much caught in their head – their logic and so it is far easier to transform a mad man into an enlightened man than a so called SANE MAN who is much caught in his head and in his logic.”

This HEAD – this LOGIC is your MERCURY. That is why all RAHUISH men and RAHUISH woman are attracted by INTELLECTUALISM – since MERCURY is the GURU of RAHU and that is why RAHU is EXALTED in GEMINI – the sign owned by Mercury! Whereas – those few beautiful men and women who are KETUISH – are attracted more towards the GURU – the MASTER because GURU i.e. JUPITER is the GURU of KETU. And therefore KETU is EXALTED in the sign of Jupiterian sign of Sagittarius.

Hazarat Babajan – the greatest Sufi Saint that the world had ever known – transferred her powers to a young Parsi boy – and he must be 12 yrs old at that time – and it was this young Parsi boy who later came to be known as AVATAR MEHER BABA! The story is beautiful and it is REAL. It happened in Pune. It happened with a kiss from Hazrat Babajan.

It happened so that the young Parsi boy (Merwan Sheriar Irani) was just passing, coming back from his school. He must be not more than 12 years old. Hazrat Babajan – was just sitting under a tree for years and years and years. The young Parsi boy (Merwan Sheriar Irani) was just coming, and Babajan called him. He knew this old lady. She was sitting for years under the tree, and he had passed by that street daily on his way towards his school and towards his home. She called and he came near. She kissed him – and he dropped as if dead just there. Then he had to be carried home. For one year continuously the kiss remained on him and he was in a coma. It may happen suddenly like this. This was a great transfer, and Hazrat Babajan died afterward because she had just been waiting for this moment to give someone the whole energy. This was her last life, and there was not enough time even to explain what she was giving. And also, she was not the type to have explained. She was a silent mystic. She had not touched anybody for years. She was only waiting for this moment when she was to kiss someone and the whole energy was to be transferred in a single transfer. Before this, she had not even touched anyone, so this touch was to be total.

When the divine touch – when the realization – when the enlightenment happens – all actions stop. Because desires no more exist. Many desires will drop and many actions also. Those actions which were just caused by desires will drop. If I was running for a particular desire, how can I run if the desire has dropped? My running will stop. At least the same running on the same route will stop. So when a person becomes desireless, at least for an interim period, for an interval – and how long it will be will depend on the individual – he will become inactive. The desires will have dropped – and all the actions that he had been doing were concerned with desires, so how can he continue? They will drop. One may also go into a coma. That is how the young Parsi boy ((Merwan Sheriar Irani)- with that divine touch of Hazrat Babajan – went into a coma – because all desires vanished with that one divine kiss – and when there is absolutely NO DESIRE – there is NO ACTION – you almost go into a deep sleep to which the world may address as Coma!

After 1 year of coma, Merwan Sheriar Irani opens his eyes – his eyes are the same but now his perspective towards life has changed – everything around him is the same – but he is no more the same – great spiritual energy – a great light has come to his heart – the transferring has happened – spontaneously – with just one divine kiss – the Hazarat has passed on her ‘self’ to Merwan who later came to be known as AVATAR MEHER BABA – how deep must be the love between them – how deep must be the connection of many past lives between them!

AVATAR MEHER BABA – the man who revolutionized the whole world – traveled around the world – and transformed many mad men into enlightened beings!

Avatar Meher Baba remained silent for most of his life. He never spoke. But without speaking a single word – he transformed many lives.

The question or rather the focus should be on how we can focus within. TOO MUCH OF MERCURY always moves your attention outward and LESS OF MERCURY with the right support of JUPITER and KETU always moves you WITHIN – therefore Mercury in PISCES is excellent for spiritual progress because when the HEAD is LESS – you will stop AGREEING and DISAGREEING and you will simply let the words of the master penetrate your being – and it is these words – it these beautiful divine words of the master that can bring inner transformation – and real growth begins only when you start transforming within.

Here is a quick look at the birth chart of the greatest spiritual master that the world had ever known – AVATAR MEHER BABA:

As you can see – in Avatar Meher Baba’s birth chart Mercury is placed in Pisces. While Sun and Venus is in the 8th house – the most significant house when it comes to spirituality and spiritual progress.

Today a whole town is named after Avatar Meher Baba – it is named as MEHERABAD – and it is around 25 km away from the city of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

Avatar Meher Baba – the man who lived with Sai Baba of Shirdi, and the man who once walked on this planet. I humbly prostrate before His Holiness Avatar Meher Baba – a perfect example of Pisces Mercury.

God experience is possible only when you are REBORN. That’s what Jesus says to Nicodemus when Nicodemus comes to meet Jesus on a dark night. He comes and asks Jesus “How to experience God?” And Jesus says “To experience God – you have to reborn.”

Nicodemus is a very old man – he must be 80 yrs old – he asks “What do you mean when you say REBORN?”

Jesus says “Reborn means dropping all your learning, your scholarship, your head – your Ego – it is the death of your material life and the birth of your spiritual life.”

My fellows – debilitated planet in an evolved soul’s birth chart therefore works wonders because it is a sign that the qualities of that planet are no more required – the soul has moved on – the journey has begin – the journey within and NOW there is NO LOOKING BACK.

Love to all my readers, keep walking towards your heart – because your heart is beautiful – your heart knows the language – the language of SILENCE.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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