How is Satabhisha Nakshatra in Aquarius Sign?


Long back during the good old days of Indian Television – an Advertisement of a Tomato Ketchup brand used to run – and their punch line was – “Its different.”

Shatabhisha Nakshatra also can be expressed in just two words – “Its different.”

Shatabisha falls in Aquarius sign and in the Western Astrology it is addressed as the ‘Gamma Aquarii’ binary star.

People of this Nakshatra are different and they also like everything that is different. Who knows – that the man who created the punch line “ Its different” – may also have been of Shatabhisha Nakshatra!

RAHU loves all that is DIFFERENT. And SHATABHISHA is the permanent home of RAHU.


And interestingly – all the 3 NAKSHATRAS of RAHU fall in INTELLECTUAL SIGNS (Airy Signs)




RAHU simply LOVES Intellectualism. Debates, Competitions related to Knowledge – all of it is what RAHU loves!

An INTELLECTUAL person is definately a RAHU-ish man – and you will often find him or her – in abundance of MONEY, POWER, STATUS – and therefore generally RAHU-ish men and women have SO MUCH – SO MUCH – that it just becomes TOO MUCH!

And Lao Tzu says – TOO MUCH is the only SIN.


Money – HE becomes just ‘money’.

SEX – He becomes just so much sexual that it starts making his own life miserable – too many sexual affairs finally leads to nowhere!

POWER – He becomes TOO MUCH hungry for POWER – and in this hunger he commits many mistakes and mistakes repeated transform into SINS.

So – Shatabhisha man or woman may have it all – but they remain far away from the REALITY – the REAL – the TRUTH.

They generally are those INTELLECTUAL BEINGS who find pleasure in DEBATING, ABUSING,OFFENDING others – and in the process empowering their EGO – that says ‘I AM SOMEBODY’!

That is the nature of RAHU – and that is how all RAHU’s NAKSHATRAs has it – you cannot change the NATURE!

So if you love DEBATES, if you love to watch those DEBATE SHOWS on news channels – if you like to compete than you are a perfect RAHU-ish person!

A KETU-ish person is least interested in any debates or any competitions. He is a Yogi – and Yogi is least interested in winning.

KETU is disinterested in WINNING – because HE has gone beyond the state of winning and losing – HE is simply HAPPY TO BE!

RAHU is very much interested in WINNING – HE just loves the RAT RACE – and so he makes you run and run and run – so much that he simply never lets you REST IN PEACE – until a DAY COMES when you are DEAD and on your GRAVEYARD – People instill a nicely inscribed plate that reads “Rest In Peace.”

Shatabhisha Nakshatra – a brilliant glowing Nakshatra – Intellectual – Extrovert and all those qualities that has the potential to shape you into a scholarly person.

Scholar. – Yes the people of SHATABISHA nakshatra like this word a lot. Why?

Because – Its different! Anything that makes you different from the others is instantly liked by the men and women of Shatabhisha Nakshatra. Rahu always likes that – which is different.

So always remember – whenever anybody feels to have something different “it is Rahu calling”!

Mohan asked “ Rahu has THREE NAKSHATRAS that HE OWNS. But then among all the THREE NAKSHATRAS – SWATI, ARDRA, SHATABHISHA – why is it that RAHU LOVES SHATABHISHA more – why SHATABHISA is HIS favorite – why SHATABHISHA makes HIM feel Home?

“The answer is simple. But before that you answer my question.” I said.

“If there are 3 Wings in a Society – A wing, B wing, C wing – and if in the C wing – lives your best friend – then which wing you would love to visit?”

Mohan said “ C wing – because my best friend lives in that WING.”

Similarly RAHU loves to live in Aquarius (C WING) more because His best friend SATURN lives in AQUARIUS too! And since SHATABHISA NAKSHATRA falls in AQUARIUS – RAHU is very comfortable – empowered in AQUARIUS SIGN – especially in SHATABHISA Nakshatra!

And that is the reason why RAHU loves SHATABHISA more than the other two Nakshatras (Swati and Ardra).


RAHU is BOSS in these 3 SIGNS. In fact in GEMINI – Rahu EXALTS – because that is not his FRIEND (STAURN’s sign) but that is the SIGN OF HIS MASTER – MERCURY!

So when in Friend’s domain (SATURN – AQUARIUS) Rahu feels Home. And when in HIS MASTER’s domain (MERCURY – GEMINI) Rahu feels ecstatic – RAHU is HIGH (exalted) when in GEMINI!

See how beautiful all this can be – Astrology indeed is ALIVE – only if you are ALIVE.

3.7.11 – All these 3 intellectual signs are also highly SEXUAL SIGNS!

RAHU – who rules 3 Nakshtras in these 3 Signs is also highly SEXUAL by nature.

In short – whoever is born on ARDRA (Gemini – 3) SWATI (LIBRA – 7) and SHATABHISHA (AQUARIUS -11) by nature is highly sexual – these men and women excel in the art of mating, love making and romance.

SEX is interesting as long as there is ROMANCE. You remove the romance and SEX will look ugly – utterly ugly!

Imagine you are making love without romance, without poetry – just a biological action and it will be so difficult – and so man has created a smoke around sex – that smoke is called ‘Love’ – ‘Romance’ – because he cannot ‘do it’ without having the ‘smoke’ around….the smoke need to be there!

Now how does these three signs – Gemini. Libra. Aquarius create the ‘smoke’ to initiate sex – to enjoy sex?

Gemini – Talk. They talk and they talk – and have you seen a certain Gemini women or men – how they talk? They talk so impressively – that they can simply seduce you through their TALK. To Gemini – TALK is the ‘smoke’.

Libra – Romance. They are so romantic – they know exactly how to pose – how to wear appealing dresses – how to ATTRACT – the Venusian Libra is perfectly aware of their strength to ATTRACT through their body language. To Libra – Body Language is the ‘smoke’.

Aquarius – Intellect. They try to be DIFFERENT. This ‘being different’ appearance – then it may be in their OUTLOOK towards life – their REBELLION attitude – their STAND against the old TRADITIONS and CUSTOMS – but all of these – goes on creating an AURA of ‘Being Different’ – and this attracts those who also like to have something DIFFERENT! To Aquarius – Being Different, Intellectualism is the ‘smoke’.

So you see every SIGN has a ‘SMOKE’ – without ‘Smoke’ – without some ‘romance’ – without some ‘spice’ – sex is boring – union of two bodies is boring!

One of the most oldest ‘spice’ that brings LIFE to your love story is the game of ‘HIDE and SEEK’!

And it is played across the world – no matter what religion – what caste – what color you are – the game of HIDE and SEEK is played in every relationship – every love story!

How it happens?

If you will observe closely – than it is WOMAN who always HIDE and it is the MAN who always SEEK.


The more the woman HIDES – the more the MAN is excited to SEEK. And the more the WOMAN says ‘NO’ – the more he is eager to hear ‘YES’!

In fact whenever a WOMAN says ‘NO’ – it means a ‘YES’ – otherwise she would not even bother to say ‘NO’! She goes on saying – NO – and that NO is her HIDING and the man becomes more excited – this excitement goes on shaping their relationship – adding spice to their relationship and that is how the love story blossoms on the basis of this age old game – the game of HIDE & SEEK!

3.7.11 – these signs understand very well the game of Hide & Seek! Their love life is generally filled up with a lot of ‘smoke’ – that goes on making their relationship – a spicy relationship. And because there is spice – they love it – you remove the spice and their relationship is over!

In common relationships – the ‘smoke’ is required – without the ‘smoke’ – without the ‘fights’ – without the ‘arguments’ – you will feel lost – the relationship starts fading out.

But that is not how it is – when it comes to the love of the BUDDHA – the Master!

BUDDHA’s love is beyond the power of expression.

BUDDHA’s love has no SPICE to it. In HIS LOVE – there is absolutely no shade of HATE – and so you will find Buddha’s love boring – because there is no HATE to it – it is pure love – unconditional – flowing like a river – if you come – you are welcome – if you leave – HE will still BLESS you! There is no HATE to HIS LOVE – and so such a love is of the HIGHER LEVEL.

BUDDHA’s love is the love of KETU – there is absolutely NO HEAD – only the HEAD needs the ‘smoke’ – there is absolutely NO MIND – only the MIND needs the ‘smoke’ – and BUDDHA has gone beyond MIND, beyond HEAD – now HE is no more falling in LOVE – HE is LOVE!

Buddha is LOVE. Jesus is LOVE. Mahavira is LOVE!

When you are in LOVE – you are falling for the ‘other’ person in your life.

When you are in MEDITATION – you are falling in your OWN BEING.

Understand that in both situations – you are GETTING OUT OF YOUR HEAD.

Trouble starts only when you AGAIN START MOVING BACK TO YOUR HEAD – then everything starts falling apart.

As long as you remain OUT OF YOUR HEAD – you remain engaged.

The message for SHATABISHA NAKSHTRA – is to NOT to remain too much into their HEAD – their INTELLECT – else they will go on missing LOVE – they will simply miss.


At the exact OPPOSITE end – in the SIGN of LEO is MAGHA – NAKSHATRA OF KETU.




And SO – many scientists, doctors are born with this nakshatra as well as many HI-TECH innovations and inventions and discoveries happen on SHATABHISHA NAKSHTRA – because the desire to find something new – something better is very intense – RAHU.

And so RAHU has in a way helped this WORLD to PROGRESS TECHNOLOGICALLY – but along with this PROGRESS – the same RAHU has also stolen – taken away the much peace – the much joy – the much happiness that one seeks.


KETU is DESIRELESS. RAHU is overflowing with DESIRES.

Desires are ugly. Needs are beautiful.

Once it happened – a young man went to a Doctor. He knocked at the door – the Doctor said “ YOU – again! Now what has happened?”

The young man came inside, sat on the chair and said “ Doctor – I am not able to sleep. For last 2 weeks I have been having a NIGHTMARE.”

The Doctor observed closely. Yes- the young man indeed looked very tired. His eyes were red – soared eyes. He looked weak. The Doctor became concerned – looking at the young man – the Doctor said “What is the NIGHTMARE – tell me about it.”

The young man said “Every night I am having a horrible dream…..I am alone – in isolation and there are 16 beautiful women – all around me…..”

The Doctor laughed and said “ Then what is wrong with it – what is so horrible about it?

The young man looked into the eyes of the Doctor and said “Have you ever tried making love to 16 women who are standing in a queue??”

And this is what happens with DESIRES. MANY MANY DESIRES are born and then you get TIRED – then you don’t know what to do – YES – you had DESIRED for many beautiful women – and now there are over SIXTEEN beautiful woman all over you – how are you going to manage them all – it is but obvious that it will BECOME a NIGHTMARE!

And that is what happens – YOUR DESIRES become your NIGHTMARE and THEN you are not able to SLEEP – then you have to find ways to SLEEP and this is how you – yourself become the greatest obstacle to the PEACE that you seek.

RAHU therefore becomes the greatest hurdle to your PEACE. This RAHU is your DESIRE – it is BORN from you – and if you want to get rid of RAHU – then you have to KILL your desires – you have to simply KILL your desires!

How to kill the desires?

Neem Karoli Baba – (the divine master to whom Steve Jobs had come all the way from America to seek His blessings) shares the answer in the most beautiful way:-

Needs come from the BODY. DESIRES come from the MIND.

When you meditate – when you all meditate – you all have to move beyond the MIND – meditation happens only when there is NO MIND.

Yesterday – Mohan said “Birds, Animals – they have no desires.”

That is TRUE. That is indeed the greatest TRUTH that if one can realize – he can realize the many dimensions of this human life.

Birds, Animals hunt when they NEED. The NEED is met – then they will not keep running. But Human beings keep running – BECAUSE they are not focused on the NEED – they are focused on fulfilling the DESIRES. And DESIRES never END – after one DESIRE is fulfilled – the other is standing to be fulfilled – the QUEUE of DESIRES never end – MAN is always found engaged in the unending QUEUE OF DESIRES and that is how HE makes his life miserable by HIS OWN IGNORANCE.

Birds are happy. Animals are happy. The fishes in the water are happy. There is NO TENSION – because TENSION comes out of DESIRES – and not NEEDS.

TENSION comes when the DESIRE is to BECOME and when you are not happy to be yourself!

What I AM. And WHAT I want to BECOME. The more you try to connect the PRESENT with the FUTURE – the more TENSION will come.

And the MORE you REMAIN in the PRESENT – the more PEACE will come your way!

MEDITATION is simply to help you all to BE HERE NOW.

Once it happened – the master was having a cup of tea. And it was a beautiful evening – birds were singing their song, flowers were dancing in the breeze and the whole world seem to have come to a certain peak of joy! Amidst this – came a stranger – and he bowed before the Master and the master asked “ Do I know you?”

The stranger says “ No master. I have come for the first time.”

The master smiled and said “ Have a cup of tea.”

After a while a very close disciple comes – Master is in his own bliss – engrossed within – looking at the disciple the masters asks “Do I Know you”

The disciple is confused. He says ” I have been with you for last 10 years….”

Master smiles and says ” Then have a cup of tea.”

Now the Manager was standing near by. Managers are very logical beings – too much into the Head. So the Manager steps ahead and asks ” Master – how come your response to the stranger and the disciple is – same?”

The master loudly calls out – “MANAGER – ARE YOU HERE?”

The call out was so spontaneous that the Manager’s whole being is moved – suddenly his awareness brings him to the present moment – looking at the master – he says “Yes Master – I am here.”

The master smiles and says ” Then have a cup of tea.”

The whole message is simply to BE HERE NOW – no past, no future – life is NOW – just to BE HERE NOW.

One who is able to BE HERE NOW – can meditate.

And one who can meditate is becoming aware of His or Her intelligence!

Intelligence is NOT intellectuality.



HEART is Intelligence – that is why the sign of LEO is the most intelligent SIGN of all the 12 signs and I have absolutely no doubt about it – it remains a TRUTH – and I remain firm on this till the very last breath of my life.

On one end is LEO – Intelligence (MAGHA- KETU)

And exactly opposite to MAGHA (Inteligence) is SHATABHISHA (Intellectuality)

But one need to understand that it is NOT THE MOON SIGN but it is the ASCENDANT that has the final say in the affairs of human beings.

Nature is your Ascendant.

Mindset is your Moon sign.

NATURE is spontaneous. You are born with it.

MIND is not spontaneous- it is shaped as you grow. It is given to you by the society. Your MIND goes on shaping based in the society you grow up.

Moon is the Mind – a Leo Moon Sign may think of himself as a compassionate man but that is just THINKING – it is NOT the reality.

REALITY is your NATURE – Ascendant sign.

In my life I have met many Leo Moon Sign men and women and they have been the most mean people I would have ever met!

BECAUSE – MOON (MIND) is NOT a reality.

REALITY is your NATURE – Ascendant sign.

Once it happened- a young man and his name was Arjun. And he was such compassionate man – full of heart. He was like a fakir – whatever he had – he would give away and in that GIVING he would find his bliss.

One day he asked me – what is my Ascendant sign? Because with just a matter of minutes — my Ascendant changes. I was born on the night of 16th January at 12.36 AM. But if I move the time from 12.36 to 12.25 – the Ascendant changes from Leo to Cancer. So who am I – Cancer or Leo?


The starting part of LEO is MAGHA NAKSHATRA.

Arjun can either be on this side or that side – ASHLESHA or MAGHA.

I have been knowing Arjun for a long time – his nature was of Giving – his nature was of LETTING GO. And had he been born anytime between 12.25 to 12.34 – then Ashlesha Nakshatra would have been rising and Ashlesha was exact opposite of his nature.

Ashlesha is the Nakshatra that loves to CLING. ATTACHMENT is what Ashlesha’s nature is and DETACHMENT is what Magha’s nature is and so I said to him – let there be no doubt about your Ascendant– there is absolutely no need of any Birth Rectification my friend – You are A Leo ASCENDANT – born while Magha was rising on the eastern horizon – MAGHA – the Nakshatra of detachment- the Nakshatra of Ketu.

MAGHA – it is the seat of the ROYAL. The KING. A NAKSHATRA RULED BY KETU is being addressed by the ancient seers and sages as KINGLY – ROYAL!

Because ONE WHO HAS CONQUERED HIMSELF – is the REAL KING. ONE WHO CANNOT BE DISTURBED BY THE OUTSIDE NOISE – is the REAL KING. ONE WHO is deeply ENGROSSED within – is the REAL KING. One who cannot be moved – no matter how many ‘buttons’ you press – is the REAL KING.

KETU is that KING – the KING who has CONQUERED HIMSELF. THE KING who has defeated the MAYA – the LUST – the GREED – the DESIRES and emerged as the greatest CONQUEROR.

Buddha is KETU. Ketu is Meditation. The greatest YOGI exists because of KETU – KETU is the bridge between you and the beyond!

Today coincidentally is the Jayanti of Lord Parshuram – the 6th incarnation of Lord VISHNU – and one of the greatest Yogis of INDIA – the man who CONQUERED Himself – and rise above – LUST.ANGER. And JEALOUSY.

A beautiful picture of LORD PARSHURAM – I earnestly bow before His Holiness. Long back – some five years ago – accidentally I had come across His beautiful Temple in a place called CHIPLUN – Konkan. Such a beautiful temple – magnanimous and located in deep forest area.

Lord Parshuram is the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Gautama Buddha is the 9th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Let us all bow before SHR VISHNU for giving us one of the greatest AVATAR who touched our lives in so many ways!

Astrology is just a small – a very small part of this VAST UNIVERSE. But people understand the language of astrology and so – Astrology!

The QUALITIES of SHATABISHA NAKSHATRA is primarily seen through the ASCENDANT and NOT the MOON SIGN.

NATURE (SWABHAV) is important – and NOT the MIND. The MIND is a monkey – now it is on this ‘branch of thought’ and the next moment it is on some other ‘branch of thought’ – MIND keeps CHANGING – but the NATURE remains and SO NAKSHATRA at the ASCENDANT level is IMPORTANT.

A quick walk through of all ASCENDANT – in just one line description if I have to make then this is it:













SO you see – the Ascendant is the very nature of your whole being. When you call someone a Miser – it is HIS nature. He may want to give – His MIND may want to give – but still his nature won’t let him.

And let me tell you – the NATURE remains – even if you become a YOGI – even if you become one of the greatest SAINT – still the NATURE remains – because it is NATURE and you cannot change the NATURE – changing the NATURE means interfering with the existence – the source and that never happens – it never can.

You can change the MIND – you can overcome the MIND – but the NATURE remains!

You all must have known the great Rishi – Atri Rishi. He was one of the greatest Rishi – and yet it was his nature to get ANGRY at even a small instance! It is NATURE – you can’t help!


Paramhansa Yogananda was born on LEO ASCENDANT with MAGHA RISING (KETU)!

He became one of the finest YOGI – that the world had ever known.

KETU – MAGHA Rising – brings a NATURE that is willing to LET GO – that is a perfect nature of a YOGI – to LET GO! KETU – the divine energy brings along the realization that the difficulties in your life are to awaken you – to awake you and NOT to hurt you.

KETU’s Magha is placed exact opposite to RAHU’s Shatabisha!

And so is how life unfolds.

On one end is INTELLECTUALISM ( Shatabhisha- Aquarius) and on the other end is INTELLIGENCE ( MAGHA – LEO). Shatabhisha is the HEAD. MAGHA is the HEART.

It is not a question of who is good and who is bad – in Astrology – in thIs Universe there is absolutely NOTHING that can be labelled as GOOD or BAD.

Intellectualism is a poor substitute for Intelligence.

A meditative man is an intelligent man. He is a man of awareness. He may not be literate like the intellectuals – he may not be a PUNDIT like the intellectuals but he has that which the intellectuals doesn’t – and that is LOVE. FAITH. And the readiness to live life in TOTAL SURRENDER!

The intellectual keeps searching for the master – but the master comes only when you are READY – only when there is READINESS to SURRENDER to LOVE.


So the whole story of 27 Nakshatras is either on the side of INTELLIGENCE or the INTELLECTUALISM.

An intellectual cannot understand the language of Buddha. Buddha’s language is the language of the HEART and the intellectual’s language is the language of the HEAD – of logic.

Love and LOGIC are two ends that can never meet. You either LOVE or you either are caught up in your LOGIC (HEAD).

SHATABISHA – is LOGIC. (Aquarius)

The message to SHATABISHA natives is – to get out of the HEAD and get into the HEART. Thinking will not help – FEELING will.

And so come – come you all and meditate with focus on your HEART. It doesn’t matter whether you are RAHU-ish – at some point of time – in some lives – in some births – those who today are KETU-ish – were also RAHU-ish!

But they changed – and they changed because they allowed CHANGE to happen. You also can change – you also can transform – you also can experience the taste of real freedom – all you need is to start MEDITATING – all you need to start GIVING…..

You have been focusing a lot on the OUTWARD journey – NOW the time has come to start FOCUSING on the inward journey. Transformation happens when you start turning inwards.

When you start turning inwards – you realize what an idiot you have been – you realize the many mistakes you have been committing out of IGNORANCE – you realize how much you have been ACCUMULATING your whole life – when you would have had SHARED so much with others! And GOD had been giving many opportunities to SHARE – to HELP – but you missed, you simply missed.

It is time to GIVE AWAY. It is time to SHARE. Sharing is Caring.

RAHU’s Nakshatras may give a lot of money and fame -still in the end – if you cannot have a good night sleep – if you cannot enjoy life than what is the use?

Being Rich and Famous is NOT the answer. But turning inward and realizing yourself can lead you all to the many ANSWERS that you seek. Your SELF REALIZATION is one of the greatest miracle – and only you can make it happen by turning inwards and meditating – everyday – without fail.

It happens – it always happens that one who is moving towards the beyond – the unseen – the Godly – is labeled as – INSANE!

And yet it is the INSANE whom GOD LOVES the MOST!

“God loves the insane, the sane often miss.” – Osho

God loves only those who are insane – those who are followers of the HEART – those who can RELATE to His Holy Name – those who are WILLING to JUMP without having any doubts or questions – only such men and women are the blessed ones – the world may call them INSANE – but what they could relate to – what they could listen to – cannot be listened by those who call themselves – SANE!

You will hear the ‘music’ – you will also start ‘dancing’ and then you will be so much engrossed in the dancing that you will forgot the dancer – and that is the peak of your ‘arrival’ – when the dancer (EGO) exists no more – and you become the Dance – then GOD comes in search of you – then you have to go nowhere else – the Master will come in search of you……

And so first become the Dance.

Get out of your HEAD (Shatabisha) and get into your HEART.

Let the journey of many wonderful experiences begin – you don’t have to go anywhere – you just have to close your eyes – focus on your breathing – focus on the Lord’s name and Meditate.

Through meditations you can work out on all your relationships and your miseries – the real work-out is Meditation – and so the larger question that you all should ask yourself is – Are you Ready to Meditate?

Your answer matters. Turn inward and find your answer.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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