How to face death? And does Astrology blocks our Free Will and the determination to achieve the dreams of our life?


In this human world – every ‘art’ – whether it is Astrology, Hypnosis – NOTHING IS BAD or GOOD IN ITS TRUE SENSE.


Understand the fact that the ‘SWORD’ is always neutral! The ‘SWORD’ can save a woman from a lustful man and the same ‘SWORD’ can also kill.

So you see – KILLING or SAVING – the SWORD remains neutral!

Then who is the culprit or the one who makes a SWORD – good or bad?

It is the MAN or WOMAN who uses the SWORD!

And so ‘Astrology’ – or ‘ MAGIC’ – or ‘Hypnosis’ is PURE ART – a beautiful ART that can either make a great DIFFERENCE – positive difference or negative impact – based on WHO is OPERATING – WHO is using the SWORD!

Astrology can be harmless and a great savior just the way a SWORD can be harmless and a great savior – IF YOU USE IT WISELY – IF YOU DO NOT MAKE ASTROLOGY YOUR GOD and you realize the FACT that ASTROLOGY is just a small part of this vast universe – that ASTROLOGY is NOT ABOVE GOD – GOD is ABOVE ASTROLOGY.

If you and through your question – I want to make all my fellow travelers and followers, readers AWARE – IF YOU DO NOT MAKE ASTROLOGY AS WAY OF YOUR LIFE – IF YOU LIVE WITH THE FACT THAT GOD IS ABOVE ASTROLOGY – and ASTROLOGY is just a ‘google map’ to help you NAVIGATE through your LIFE JOURNEY – only then you will truly benefit from ASTROLOGY – and not otherwise.

Don’t blame ASTROLOGY – if you trap yourself TOO MUCH into the Planets and Stars – then you simply go on missing GOD! You simply miss to realize that GOD is ABOVE ASTROLOGY – GOD is ABOVE all sorts of MAGIC!

Never blame the ‘Sword’ – the Sword is ‘neutral’.

People often LABEL everything by categorizing them in GENERAL CATEGORY!

Let me tell you and to all my dear fellow travelers and followers that NOTHING in this HUMAN LIFE can be CATEGORIZE as GENERAL. There is NO GENERAL RULE – not in astrology – and NOT in life too!

Just because a certain woman with a certain name turned out to be a mess – an utter mess – doesn’t mean all women fall in the same category! Every man and every woman is NOT EQUAL and NOT UNEQUAL either – every woman and every man is simply UNIQUE – and one can understand and realize the UNIQUENESS in very man and woman – only when he himself realize his own UNIQUENESS! It is only when you yourself can JUDGE YOUR OWN HOROSCOPE – that you can JUDGE others – it is only when you can realize your OWN SELF – that you can realize the SELF in others!

It all begins with YOU – when you are feeling good – you feel the whole world good – and when you are in utter misery – you feel the whole world is in misery!

So you see – everything comes down to that one person – YOU – and when I say YOU – it is for all my readers.

Many people are afraid of the word – BLACK MAGIC. They think that is the only magic in this world. They are wrong – MAGIC is not just BLACK – it can also be WHITE!

You see – MAGIC is not bad – what is makes it bad or good – BLACK or WHITE is the man who practices it! If he is negative – he will make use of MAGIC for negative goals – if he is POSITIVE – he can use it for POSITIVE goals!

Black magic means using your energy, wasting it, in dominating others.White magic means using the same methods, but using your energy in dominating your own life, becoming a master of yourself.

Astrology is all about TIMING. Magic is also all about TIMING.

From the very beginning of TIME – Astrology and Magic has been related with each other but that is a totally different topic – not to be revealed on this forum.

So one has to understand that the ‘SWORD’ is ‘neutral’. What matters is ENERGY and the INTENTION.

When I was very young – I was a great fan of the movie ‘Spider-man’ (the old series that had some great dialogues). If you watch closely – the ‘superpower’ is gained by the Hero – Peter Parker, as well as the antagonist. So both have ‘superpower’ – but one uses it for the betterment of the society – the other for the destruction of the society! You see – the ‘superpower’ has absolutely nothing to do with good or bad – ‘astrology’ has nothing to do with good or bad – magic has nothing to do with good or bad – the one who has to do with good or bad is the MAN who is in ACTION. You all have to decide – whether you are Peter Parker OR Dr. Otto Octavius!

Always remember – with power comes RESPONSIBILITY!

One has to be AWARE. One has to be CONSCIOUS. One has to be GROUNDED.

Always remember a TREE loaded with FRUITS is always BENDING.

A Man loaded with wisdom is always living in humility. In fact he moves around with absolute no frills and fancies – he is AWARE, he is engrossed WITHIN.

Saint Kabir was such a man. Jesus was such a man. Buddha, Mahavira, so many enlightened beings – real beings – real Gurus – they never show off – they rejoice in their simplicity – life is beautiful only when you can be simple!

Whenever I see that a man is simple, a woman is simple – real simple and they approach me – I accept them wholeheartedly – because simple is beautiful. God is found in simple things – simple people – but in such a fake world very few are simple – the majority is all caught up with many complexities – they are too much in the mind!

Yesterday Mohan came – he said “You have to wear a certain dress – you have to talk in a certain manner – you have to be like this.”

I said “ Why you say so?”

Later I realized that it is not Mohan’s fault. It is the SOCIETY! The Society forces you and makes you believe that you have to wear ‘mask’ because you are expected to behave in a certain manner, to talk in a certain way, to dress in a certain way. You don’t have any freedom.

My father was a great astrologer and a very dynamic person – he was Aries. And he was a very famous journalist during his days and had met many spiritual dignitaries including Osho and Jiddu. His last years were spend in Shirdi – he used to run a weekly magazine dedicated to Shirdi Sai Baba. He always used his knowledge of astrology for good purpose. And he lived naturally – no frills, no fancies. No masks! I had been with my father when he visited Shirdi on 5th March 1995 – and we stayed for one day and he said “When I went to Sai Mandir – my head was totally blank – no questions – no wish nothing.” He must have got a signal – that time has come to exit. And the next day when we returned – on that same afternoon – he died. A massive heart attack – first and last. And I was 14 at that time.

Death is not bad – one has to accept death as a part of God’s will! I would say ‘Sai’s will’!

In reality there is no such thing as FREE WILL. There is only one WILL – and that is GOD’s WILL.

A man who talks a lot about FREE WILL is in real danger – he can mess up and I have seen many such men and women messing up with their life.

AND I have also seen some beautiful men and beautiful women – who simply have lived their whole life by following GOD’s WILL! And they have evolved, they have progressed, they have transformed into a beautiful song, a music, a dance!

I always suggest – that do not rely too much on your FREE WILL – because you are not yet ‘ready’ to use your freedom wisely.

But intellectual men and women don’t understand. They will continue to talk a lot about FREE WILL – but they don’t know that FREE WILL or REAL FREEDOM is more dangerous than otherwise!

I DO NOT have FREE WILL – because I simply follow GOD’s WILL!

And that is what I would love to see my readers and followers do in their real life – because it is only when you ACCEPT and FOLLOW GOD’s WILL – that you all can truly evolve as ‘individuals’ – the majority is behind FREE WILL – I am encouraging you all to simply GIVE UP to GOD’s WILL – and rise – become ‘individual’ and not a part of the crowd!

Somebody asked “But why I am not able to live by GOD’s WILL? What is stopping me?”

And the answer is your reluctance – your unwillingness to SURRENDER!

It is only when you SURRENDER to HIM -that you can truly live your life by GOD’s WILL.

Always remember – GOD’s WILL is above all. People are talking about FREE WILL – I am talking about the beauty of GOD’s WILL. And whosoever is WITH ME – whosoever is following me – will understand the fact that NOTHING EVER IS POSSIBLE WITHOUT GOD’S WILL. One of the founding fathers of the United States of America – expresses the significance of GOD’s WILL in the most beautiful way – that it should be written in Gold.

Benjamin Franklin – what a great man – a genius and a great God Lover! The life of Benjamin Franklin is in itself an encyclopedia!

In fact the very foundation of today’s most powerful nation – US, is totally based on its strong FAITH in GOD. In fact it is only in the US – that every currency note is inscribed with four beautiful words – IN GOD WE TRUST.

It feels good to see a country build on FAITH – a country that has become one of the greatest superpower. You see – GOD’s WILL matters – above all.

In fact people talk a lot about freedom and being independent – and practicing free will and so on – but in reality – WE ALL ARE DEPENDENT ON EACH OTHER IN SOME WAY OR THE OTHER.

We all are dependent. Someone in the farm fields is working day and night so that we can have food, someone on the borders is guarding day and night so that we can have a good night sleep – in every way – we all need each other and that is what makes this world – a beautiful world!

You feel the burden because you are still caught up in your FREE WILL.

Jesus feels NO BURDEN – Jesus says “ Come Follow Me – My Burden is Light.”

Because JESUS lives in GOD’s WILL. Jesus is not saying at all about FREE WILL – Jesus is all the time saying and emphasizing on GOD’s WILL!

You all will also start feeling lighter – the moment you all will suspend your FREE WILL and ACCEPT the benevolent compassionate GOD’s WILL!

Then there will be a great transformation WITHIN you – then there will a song to your life – then everything around you will be the same BUT you will be no more the same – then life will be no more a misery – this is the way of its happening – this is how it happens – when you LIVE your LIFE in SURRENDER.

Krishna says to Arjuna “Surrender to me.”

Jesus says to Peter, the fisherman “Follow me and I will make you the fisher of men.”

Buddha says to Ananda “ Follow me and all your burden will become lighter.”

And Ananda followed Buddha for many many years! And when Buddha left his body – Ananda attained enlightenment!

Everything is possible – only a heart that beats with FAITH is required – only a heart that is living in SURRENDER is required – only a heart that can be patient is required!

But who wants to listen? People cannot understand and so the miseries, the many traps, and the many tragedies.

Life always gives you a choice – what you choose is what you become, whom you follow is what you become – what you love is what you become!

LOVE is contagious – always be conscious of what you love – love something higher than yourself – something of the higher altitudes. When you bring awareness to your LOVE – something beautiful starts manifesting – then no matter what falls in your hand – it turns into GOLD!

The power is WITHIN you – and it is called the POWER OF FAITH – the POWER OF POSSIBILITY – the POWER OF LOVE!

To receive love – first you have to love yourself! Only when the ‘ripple of love’ forms around you – within you – that it can reach the farthest shores of the planet!

When there is LOVE blossoming within you – then the FEAR of HARM will never arise!

Buddha never was fearful. Jesus was never fearful of any harm. Buddha spend his whole life in bringing awareness to people – but never did he talked about FREE WILL – but always talked about the IMMENSE SIGNIFICANCE of GOD’s WILL!

And so come, come you all and meditate on GOD’s name – follow GOD’s WILL – never try to manipulate matters – because GOD knows the best – you may not understand what GOD is doing NOW – but you will come to know when the time is RIGHT!

GOD’s WILL is always in your favor. A man whom GOD chooses – whom GOD loves – is always tested – he then has to go through the fire of sufferings but in the end he comes out shinning – just the way a piece of iron metal comes out shinning when it goes through the fire!


And when you walk with such a beautiful feeling in your heart – tell me – will ever GOD let you fail? Never – because GOD is GOOD – ALL THE TIME!

Love to all my followers and readers.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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