How would you define Rahu and Mars from spiritual angle?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Society cannot stand to the reality of life. The FAKE cannot stand the REAL.

Rahu is FAKE.

Mars is REAL.

The greater you follow the path of righteousness – the more REAL, the more COURAGE you will have.

Mars is COURAGE. Rahu is FEAR. And they are two polarities that are NOT for each other – but against each other.

The question that you have asked – is an intelligent question. I know many will not understand your question because on the outer circumference it appears simple – may be silly – but I see a certain depth to your question – simply because you have applied your heart to it – the question has come naturally to you and what comes naturally is the MOST beautiful thing to happen!

FEAR is what the society tries to impose upon you – upon me – upon all of us – because the society would never want you to know the TRUTH – to follow the TRUTH – the society would never want you to be courageous – because than you will not BLINDLY follow the society laid norms and traditions – then you will question – and society never wants you to QUESTION – society simply wants you to be a robot and follow blindly.

Nobody wants you to be FREE because society is afraid of FREE people. FREE people will be rebellious. FREE people will start doing their thing and the society is very much afraid of such people.

TRUTH is always dangerous. Jesus is the TRUTH. Buddha is the TRUTH. And so when they lived in human form – the society ferociously opposed them – society can never stand the TRUTH – the society is ruled by the MIND – and the MIND is AGAINST the TRUTH. RAHU is the North Node of the MOON (MIND) and RAHU makes sure that you never get to the bottom of the TRUTH.

RAHU will make things appear as the TRUTH – when in reality they are NOT.

And so a man or a woman who is following his or her MIND is always found to be in the tight clutches of RAHU. AND RAHU ensure that you all live under FEAR.

And the more you all become FEARFUL the more you will find absence of COURAGE within you.

And SUCCESS comes, LOVE comes, only when there is COURAGE.

In fact LOVE is not possible without COURAGE!

A young man asked What is courage?”

To accept the challenge of the unknown is COURAGE.

What leads to fear?

To go on CLINGING is what gives birth to FEAR. ATTACHMENTS leads to FEAR.

A man who is DETACHED (KETU) can show COURAGE. He is NOT clinging – he is willing to lose everything for a certain CAUSE – a certain HIGHER GOAL – and only a man who is willing to LOSE everything can attain everything.

There is one famous verse of Jesus – Jesus says:- a man who goes on saving, clinging to things – to people – will one day lose. And a man who is willing to lose everything – will one day gain!

Reminds of of Rumi and one of his beautiful quote:

Stop clinging, stop trying to become ‘somebody’ – and you will find the way!

But who wants to listen?

The questioner has asked a very basic question. I like people who basic questions. The current state of your life and the future of your life is based on how deeply you understand the basics. And I am not just referring to Astrology but to LIFE in Totality.

Rahu is FEAR. A MAN or a WOMAN ruled by Rahu – is always fearful. Because Rahu is FEAR.

BUT the larger question should be – Why Rahu is Fear?

Rahu is what feeds your MIND. MIND thrives on RAHU and the MIND is always fearful. Understand the fact that the nodes of the MOON (MIND) are called NORTH NODE AND SOUTH NODE. The NORTH NODE is RAHU. IT IS THE DRIVING FORCE THAT DRIVES YOUR MIND. AND THE MIND DRIVES YOU. The Mind makes you run, makes you worry, makes you do all sorts of things that otherwise you would have not done!

Once a young man came to the master and the master smiled, HE realized that the young man is in trouble – and so HE said : “Come, lets walk….”

But the young man is disturbed. He says “But what about my problem, my miseries, my dreams….”

The master says ” Why you worry, always remember nothing happens before time and nothing happens after time – EVERYTHING happens ‘In-time’, so come, lets walk and enjoy this moment, look around – there so much beauty – look within – there is so much beauty – breath…..and continue to go with the flow….and so come, lets walk..and enjoy the quietness around us… “

But who wants to listen? The majority is driven by the monkey mind and so only a few – one in a million can truly relate to the words of the master – to the answers that I share. Understanding is something that is not taught in any universities or schools, it comes through your own efforts to TURN INWARDS!

And this TURNING INWARDS is what comes through Sri KETU!

SOUTH NODE IS KETU – here KETU cuts all that MIND LIKES or Wants. Here KETU helps a spiritual man to move beyond MIND by TURNING INWARDS. Here KETU becomes the ANGEL who help you to become a YOGI! In fact KETU himself is a great YOGI. And when you reach to the stage of a YOGI – there is NO FEAR – you are NOT afraid of anybody – then COURAGE comes – then MARS is not SEXUAL – then MARS becomes the DRIVING FORCE that looks into the eyes of the DEVIL Temptations (RAHU) and defeats it. Once the flame of awareness – of consciousness is instilled within your being – then you don’t run away from fear – from temptations – then you simply face it and defeat it. And that is your real victory – when you overcome your fears – your lower desires.

Interestingly I see two type of characters when MOON comes with KETU –

  1. First type – who is utterly frustrated because he or she cannot have enough SEX, enough Pleasures, enough Wealth and so he or she is always seen struggling to GET what they ‘feel’ lacks in their life
  2. Second type – who is extremely joyous – extremely lovable – extremely detached – and who is simply happy to have risen above the physical desires of this human body! Such a person has the potential to attain spiritual peak – the ultimate peak of consciousness!

Now understand the fact – that the same KETU can frustrate you – IF YOU ARE TOO BHOGI (pleasure seeking) by nature. And the same KETU can uplift you – motivate you to turn inwards and realize your self – IF YOU ARE YOGI by nature!

How to find the Nature?

And the answer to this question comes not from just one entity – but a whole combinations of planetary aspects and placements that signals the ‘nature’ of the person in question.

Based on the ‘nature’ (BHOGI or YOGI, MATERIAL or SPIRITUAL ) of the birth chart – the future course of your life starts appearing….

A MAN WITH RAHU MOON is always fearful. His nature is to CLING. And this nature of CLINGING brings the FEAR (RAHU) of losing!

A Man with KETU conjunct MOON has tremendous courage. He has all the potential to become the greatest mafia OR the greatest YOGI. There is no middle ground for such a person – it is either this side or that side.

Because in both cases you need to go beyond MIND! KETU can make you a mad man or a great YOGI – if you observe closely than there is a similarity between the two. A mad man is already Out of His Mind but through the wrong door. He still has no consciousness to his being. A Yogi is also out of His Mind but there is tremendous consciousness to his being.

Have you ever seen a Mad Man? When a mad man looks at a person – he is totally blank. As if he is simply scanning you through his glance! Whether the most beautiful woman is standing before him or the most simple woman – that does not affect him in any way – because there is absolutely NO MIND! He just stares at you – but that staring has no colors of judging – he just goes on looking at you and that’s all! AND a Yogi also when looks at you- there is NO MIND – no judging – He simply looks at you blankly as if your whole being from inside out is being scanned by his gracious eyes! The only difference is that the YOGI is looking at you consciously through his self – the MAD man is looking at you with no consciousness – what is common is ‘Looking’ – what is not same – is the consciousness!

So there is a lot of similarity between a YOGI and a MAD man. May be that is why one man went all over the world in search of Mad people and TRANSFORMED them into ENLIGHTENED BEINGS! AND HIS NAME WAS – AVATAR MEHER BABA.

And Great Men never desire for any awards or rewards! The love that they receive from the people is itself the greatest reward for the them – Meher Baba traveled all over the world – millions and millions of followers loved him – but many would wonder that why Meher Baba is always interested to enlighten the MAD, insane people when so many sane people are available?

And one day – one devotee asked this question and Meher Baba smiled – and he said “ “You don’t understand. To bring a sane person out of his sanity is very difficult. But to bring out a madman is very easy because in a way he is already out, but from the back door. He has tasted something of the outside; we have only to show him the right door and say, “Please don’t go out from the wrong door, go from the right door. Being out is perfectly right, but choose the right door.”

And Meher Baba transformed many mad men into enlightened beings. I humbly salute to His Holiness Meher Baba – may be someday I may get to travel to His Samadhi Mandir in a town that is now named on his name – Meherabad – near Ahmednagar, Maharashtra!

“There is NO higher or lower Goal – there is only one Goal – Self-Realization.” – Meher Baba

A beautiful rare picture of His Holiness Avatar Meher Baba.

A Yogi is all for the TRUTH. KETU is all for the TRUTH.

But RAHU is all for the FAKE! Because RAHU itself is FAKE. RAHU is a LIE. RAHU has no substance, no ethics, no morality. And where there is NO TRUTH – FEAR EXISTS.

And therefore RAHU is FEAR. And so when RAHU comes face to face with a WARRIOR (MARS) or a Holy PRIEST (JUPITER) – it is going to feel very uncomfortable – because the FAKE cannot stand the Vibrant ENERGY of the TRUTH!



But a Man or a Woman who is hiding – who has something to hide will fear. There is some secret, some sins, some acts, some stories that need not be unrevealed – and so FEAR is there. Then what do such men or women do?

They make a lot of noise. They shout, they scream, they yell – FEAR tries to MASK (Rahu) the TRUTH by creating a scene, a drama, a lot of noise.

FEAR IS RAHU. And FEAR BRINGS a sense of insecurity to you. And this fear of insecurity compels you to make a lot of noise.

A truthful man is always found to be silent. His silence is a peaceful silence – it is NOT out of compulsion – it is out of CHOICE.


And TRUTH always remains Silent. It is a Buddhist silence – it is Jesus’s silence – TRUTH needs no justification- it SHINES on its own when the time comes.

It is said that when JESUS was hanged on the CROSS and the Romans were about to Crucify HIM – Pointus the Roman Prefect who was supervising this – had asked one last question to Jesus – “WHAT IS THE TRUTH?”

And JESUS just looked into Pointus’s eyes and remained SILENT. It was the Buddhist silence. TRUTH cannot be expressed in words. It can only be realized in deep silence. And this Silence of Jesus moved Pointus – He cannot stand before Jesus, he had made Jesus naked, but in reality he felt as if he was standing naked before Jesus! And so Pointus says to his men – “ Take this man away from me, I cannot stand before him.”

FEAR cannot Stand before the Truth. Pointus could not stand before Jesus.

People want to hear the Truth. But the real question is ARE THEY WILLING TO DIGEST THE TRUTH?

And so I hold myself from responding to those many emails that come to me. Somebody wants to know if he can marry a girl – and I see that girl is a total fake – but how to tell him the truth? Somebody wants to know about filing a divorce – and I see that divorce will simply devastate his life – but how to tell him the truth?

And so I remain Silent. It is a Buddhist silence. Only those can be awakened who have TRUTH in themselves – who are truthful by nature – because only Truth has the courage to ACCEPT the reality!

Jesus did NOT respond to Pointus’s question – because Pointus was NOT a TRUTHFUL man. So what was the point to respond? And so Jesus remains Silent. But that silence is so deeply penetrating into Pointus whole being – that Pointus leaves and ask his men to crucify Jesus – he could not stand even the glance of Jesus – what to say about words – had Jesus spoken!

Something has always been said – even if it is only that nothing can be said!

Only Buddha has remained totally silent. And Jesus remained silent. HE did not answer, he did not respond. Truth will never respond. It will only respond when there is a certain level of understanding in the person who is asking the question.

A certain level of understanding has to be there – only then the truths can be given!

Only a man – a woman who can understand the language of silence – can understand the words that are shared. Unless you raise your level of consciousness – how can I help you – how can I respond – how can I share the Truths of your life?

And so the wise seers and sages have said that unless you are READY – the master will not appear – the answer will not come – the prayers will not be answered.

RAHU – is FEAR. Black Magic – Voodoo spells – and all kind of such negative arts of magic is basically to fuel FEAR – this FEAR than goes on Killing you all everyday – trust is lost – love is lost – life is lost!

In my life I have seen and also helped many VICTIMS of BLACK MAGIC. And so I know how it all happens and how FEAR grasps your MIND and then you no more remain an open person – you become a closed person – a person who DOUBTS everybody – everything and DOUBT is DEATH!

You see – this is how RAHU – this how BLACK MAGIC leads to FEAR – because the moment you are grasped with FEAR – life ends and the moment there is NO FEAR – life begins!

This FEAR is RAHU. When you overcome RAHU – your life starts blossoming into a beautiful flower!

You all can always avail a copy of my book “How to Overcome Rahu” on Amazon.

RAHU is FEAR. Witches or Dark energies have always feared the strength of the WARRIORS – the MARTIANS – the MARS!

The DARKNESS cannot stand the light of consciousness – cannot stand the positive energy of MARS!

In the medieval England – witchcraft was on rise – and the King of England (Mars) was fed up of the growing instances of black magics in his country – so he declared that whosoever is found doing Black Magic will be beheaded.

RAHU (Black magic, negative energies, the unseen, the smoky ghosts) always fear MARS. FEAR is their NATURE. FEAR is the nature of RAHU.

And Courage is the nature of MARS – the Warrior – the real Kshatriya – the Savior!

A real Kshatriya will not fight to kill – he is not willing to let the blood of the innocent men and women and children flow – A REAL KSHATRIYA OR WARRIOR is one who SACRIFICES himself for the good of others.

Jesus sacrificed himself for his people. I think there is no as greater as a WARRIOR than JESUS. JESUS is the greatest Warrior. My answer may be collapsed for this – I may be banned on Quora – but at this moment nobody can stop me from stating the TRUTH – that YES – JESUS WAS THE GREATEST WARRIOR that we had. HE sacrificed himself for the people – for the TRUTH – for what he believed in – Jesus remains one of the greatest WARRIOR of this AGE.

“This is how we know what LOVE is; Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.” – John 3:16 Bible Verse

This is how MARS is – this is how a true WARRIOR is.

From a common man’s perspective – understand the fact that MARS likes the Opposite SEX. But MARS will never RUN behind a woman. A true Warrior lives by his Values, his DIGNITY. A LION is a LION. Have you seen – how a Lion and Lioness make love?

It is the Lioness that caresses the LION for a long time – until he gets turned on – and then follows the passionate art of love making!

MARS should never come closer to RAHU. If it comes than it becomes an unholy conjunction – an unholy marriage!

The moment MARS JOINS RAHU – it is like the KING – the WARRIOR joining the NEGATIVE FORCES. Then the energy of MARS is used for evil purpose – and therefore whenever MARS RAHU come together in a horoscope – there is a high possibility that the native may indulge in some evil activity in his or her life – that can be indulging in black magic practice or in any other corrupt practices – but this unholy conjunction of MARS and RAHU certainly leads to many negative results – it simply blocks the consciousness and leads to more and more IGNORANCE.

RAHU should never come in contact with MARS in your natal birth chart.

But the larger question is WHY IT COMES? Nobody asks WHY – everybody is interested to ask WHEN? When will this happen and when will that happen!

The placement of conjunctions in the charts of you all – is simply a ‘continuation’ of your past life KARMIC cycle.

Whatever you have got now – is NOT FREE. NOTHING IS FREE in this UNIVERSE – let this be very clear – some people in your life may feel that you are getting everything for FREE – but they don’t know how much you have gone through in your past lives to earn what they think is FREE!

Nothing is FREE. I may not CHARGE you all for my guidance – but again only those will be guided by me – who have done something good in this or past life! So even though I don’t charge a single penny – still my response comes only to those few – who deserve! And even I don’t know how it all happens – many mails come – some get quick response from me- and some never ever! And people don’t understand – and let me tell you all – neither do I!

It all happens by HIS – the almighty’s wish – I am NOT the doer – HE is the doer – I am just a medium – HIS servant. GOD’s servant.

And GOD directs me to answer only those emails that comes from a pure heart – a faithful man – a faithful woman – who has patience, who has faith.

PATIENCE has immense power. And FAITH is the fuel that goes on providing the necessary motivation to remain Patient. Sai Baba – always emphasized on practicing FAITH and PATIENCE.

My father spend his whole life in spreading spiritual awareness. He was an occultist, a great astrologer and a novelist. He was one of the most eminent journalist of his time. And he interviewed many spiritual dignities – including Osho. His meeting with Osho was very unique….Osho was in his car, and his car was about start when a young man jumped before his car – and Osho wondered who this young man is – who has the COURAGE to RISK his LIFE – just to meet OSHO – and so Osho stepped out of his car and he found the young man sleeping before his car – Osho went and asked “ Why ?”

And the young man said “Because I want to meet you, to seek your interview…”

Osho gave him a hand – and then the ‘journey’began – that young man was my father – a journalist and an astrologer by birth – and he went on to become one of the most known journalist of his times.

COURAGE is MARS. Osho must have seen – that this young man has the COURAGE to JUMP.

And only a man who can jump into the unknown is COURAGEOUS – he can attain the Higher purpose of this life! My father continued to serve the people through his articles and his many novels and television serials and documentaries. But what made him – was HIS COURAGE and COURAGE is MARS – RAHU cannot stand MARS – because MARS is COURAGOUS and COURAGE comes only from a TRUTHFUL HEART – only from the TRUTH.

My father passed away when he was 47. During his last years – he worked for Sai Baba – devoted himself to running the Sai Leela magazine of the then Shirdi Sai Trust. Just before the day he died – he had visited Shirdi – and he realized that his time has come – death is close. The next day when he returned back – he died of a massive heart attack. Indeed he was also a great practicing astrologer of his time!

But for a courageous man – the longevity of life is not important – QUALITY of life is important. And though my father may not have lived for long – he certainly was able to add a certainly quality – a certain depth to his life!

And so to YOU ALL – I therefore encourage – that let there be a certain QUALITY to your life – a certain DEPTH to your life – a certain UNDERSTANDING to you life.

Life starts flowering when you start meditating!

But before you start meditating – first you have to start purifying your MIND!

Unless the mind is purified – meditation cannot flower.

A purified mind gives way to compassion, to love – then such a mind does not become a hurdle – then such a mind can be merged within – then in that state of no mind – compassion starts flowering and when compassion is there – meditation starts on its own – it is all Linked – Linked-in.

Now the question will be – how to purify the mind?

And the answer is simple – and the answer has been repeated again and again by your ancestors – by my ancestors – by the seers and the wise sages of this human world- the answer is by following a conscious lifestyle. A conscious approach towards your every action that you execute. And the very first step to do so is to start READING THE HOLY SCRIPTURES of YOUR FAITH. Shloka, BhagvadGeeta, Bible, Quran, Guru-Granthsahib – no matter what you FAITH is – it is important that you READ everyday atleast 10 pages of holy scriptures and shlokas of your Faith. The second step is to follow a healthy food diet. Non-Veg or Veg – doesn’t matter – but how you eat, when you eat and what you eat does matters.

So there are many such small instances that you should focus on – to purify your MIND. One of the most critical aspect is – WHAT YOU WATCH ON YOUR IDIOT BOX.

The TELEVISION SET or TV is the IDIOT BOX and so always focus on watching good stuff on your TV. Interestingly almost all television serials are filled with negativity – that you all will ask – what to watch! But we cannot help because that is what the society is – but you have to decide whether you want to follow the society or you want to live as an INDIVIDUAL.


And I would love to see you all – especially those who have been following me – to BE AN INDIVIDUAL – one who is NOT afraid of the SOCIETY – one who is NOT afraid of getting condemned – one who is NOT afraid of saying the TRUTH – sharing the TRUTH – one who LIVES with LOVE and NOT with FEAR.

It is likely that this answer will be collapsed soon by Quora, but I am not afraid and so should you all be NOT afraid of saying, sharing and facing the TRUTH.

So come you all – and to overcome FEAR – to overcome RAHU – to overcome the negativity – I would appeal to each one of you – to start meditating – to take the first step towards YOUR ‘SELF’ – by turning inwards, by taking the Holy Lord’s name – by focusing on your breathing – and by coming closer and closer to that ultimate state of consciousness – Krishna Consciousness – God consciousness!

The whole essence of finding happiness is in our journey from IGNORANCE towards CONSCIOUSNESS – from being IMPURE to becoming PURE. The Mind when purified can be merged within – can become your servant and the moment you are NO MORE the slave of your MIND but the MIND becomes your SLAVE – suddenly life starts changing for good – suddenly there is a light that you see – a light of wisdom – the light of consciousness – and the moment you come to state of consciousness – there is no looking back – the ‘sky’ is clear and you are ready to FLY!

Then the real freedom comes – then you experience the real taste of FREEDOM – then you are NOT bothered about who says what about you – then you ROAR – then you are NO MORE a sheep – you have transformed into a LION and a great ROAR arises in you – the roar of FREEDOM.

And although my answer may be deleted or collapsed by Quora – still as long as it is there – I would love to see you all becoming COURAGEOUS – FEARLESS and LIVE your life by being yourself – by being an INDIVIDUAL and not just a part of the CROWD!

TRUTH happens to Individuals and NOT to crowds.

Be an Individual.

Let there be more individuality to your being.

Individuality is Dignity.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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