Why You Fear?


“Why You Fear?” is a beautiful collection of spiritually motivating articles written by eminent Astrologer & Spiritual Guide – Sri Addittya Tamhankar. Enriched by beautiful spiritual quotes, life changing messages and insightful stories — Sri Addittya Tamhankar brings a fresh perspective to your life which in turn helps you to raise the quality of your life. Quality of life is not based on which brand of mobile you have or which brand of car you drive, quality of life is purely based on how much effort you take in turning inwards and attaining your self growth. Real growth is the growth within. This wonderful book is blessed with many deep insights and deep spiritual messages – that simply motivates you to turn inwards and attain self growth. Fear exists as long as you are following your Mind. The moment you start moving beyond mind — fear starts fading away and you start living your life in the true sense. This book is to help you overcome your fears by bringing more awareness to your being, by making you realize that YOU are NOT the mind. You are the Self.

“The nature of the mind is to wander. You are NOT the mind.” – Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

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