Rahu in Ashwini Nakshatra


The real fellow – the most authentic being is not sane, but insane! The most beautiful being is not caught up in the head but in the heart. The world calls such a person – “MAD” – but in reality it is these ‘MAD MEN’ who have revolutionized the human world – who have invented many wonders and who have shown this world a new way of living by sharing a fresh perspective and making the world believe in the power of possibility.

Always remember – only a GREAT person has a touch of MADNESS and only a person having a certain touch of madness can become GREAT. GREATNESS & MADNESS goes hand in hand!

MADNESS is that state when you are out of the MIND – and the moment you are out of your MIND in a conscious way – you give birth to many new ideas, new innovations – because IMAGINATION is possible only when you are out of the MIND – when the LOGIC is DROPPED!

Typical so called “sane’ people are always trapped in the four walls of knowledge – they just gather Knowledge – they become parrots. Knowledge can never let you ‘IMAGINE the BEYOND’ – because Knowledge is limited to your BRAIN and the BRAIN cannot imagine – the HEART can.

A so called ‘SANE’ – logical person is always trapped in his books, and his gathered accumulated knowledge – he forgets the fact that the true sign of INTELLIGENCE is not how much knowledge you have – but how wild is your imagination!

And you will be able to IMAGINE – only when you have NO HEAD – and that’s KETU!

ASHWINI is ‘KETU’s NAKSHATRA! The very first NAKSHATRA of the zodiac cycle belongs to KETU! And it primarily depicts the ‘KSHATRIYA flavor of KETU’! ASHWINI represents a WARRIOR – who will fight till the last drop of his blood but will never give up.

The class of WARRIOR is addressed as KSHATRIYA is the Indian society. To fight in the battlefield – to mount on the ‘HORSE’ (called ASHWA in Sanskrit) and to defeat the opponent is the true essence – nature of a KSHATRIYA (WARRIOR).

Always remember – whether it is on the battlefield – or in the meditation room – unless you are a WARRIOR – you cannot win – you cannot succeed! It is only the SPIRIT OF A WARRIOR that can help you succeed in MATERIAL WORLD as well as in the SPIRITUAL WORLD!

And that is how many great warriors have succeeded much faster in their spiritual journey – because when the SPIRIT is of a warrior – then and only then can you experience the beyond – the unseen – the Godly!

GREAT WARRIORS on the battlefield & GREAT SAINTS in the monasteries – are born only when KETU – the source stands firm behind them – without KETU’s blessings – you can never do the unimaginable – you cannot become GREAT – GREATNESS comes only when there is a certain touch of MADNESS and this MADNESS comes only when you slip out of your mind and this slipping out of mind is made possible only by the blessings of Sri KETU!

In this human world – there are many millionaires and billionaires BUT people remember MAHARANA PRATAP – people remember CHATRAPATTI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ – people remember SAMRAT PRITHIVIRAJ CHAUHAN – because they did that which was out of the mind – their ADVENTURES and their valor, their contribution is so GREAT that it can happen only when there is NO MIND – but only the HEART – when there is NO LOGIC but only LOVE – deep love for their motherland!

A true WARRIOR is not much focused on KILLING or FIGHTING but in safeguarding the FUTURE of HIS people, HIS country.

To save HIS people – the warrior fights like a HERO – he then doesn’t care about his life, his security – he just FIGHTS LIKE A BRAVE MAN – there is no place for HEAD or LOGIC – and that is where KETU plays a significant role – a great warrior is therefore born only with the blessings of KETU. Remember – KETU is the right hand of GURU – the Righteousness – the DHARMA – the JUSTICE.

When a warrior is fighting on the battlefield – he fights keeping his head aside because the head blocks the courage and to a soldier – to a WARRIOR – to a KSHATRIYA – COURAGE is the primary source that enables him to be adventurous – courage enables him to take risks and then he fights – he fights like a true warrior – right, left, all directions he moves his sword and just the way you cut the leaves of the tree – he cuts the throats and the heads of the opponent army. KETU plays a vital role in a WARRIOR’s life – because unless there is a certain madness to your being – you cannot cut the throats and heads of the enemy army. A sane person can never fight like a WARRIOR – to become a great WARRIOR – there has to be a certain madness to your being which only KETU can bring along!

ASHWINI brings this touch of madness! And that is why ASHWINI has been closely related to the ‘HORSE’ (ASHWA) because during the old times – WARS on the battlefield were fought by mounting on the horse!

The relation between the WARRIOR and HIS HORSE is beyond the power of expression. MAHARANA PRATAP – one of the GREATEST WARRIOR of the Indian subcontinent and his heroic horse – ‘CHETAK’ or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his heroic horse ‘MOTI’ – history has witness many such deep close relation that the great warriors of this human world shared with the heroic horse (ASHWA)!

ASHWINI ruled by KETU precisely has all the qualities of a HEROIC HORSE – and remember HORSE and WARRIOR are not two separate beings – they are ONE – ONENESS always exists between the WARRIOR and HIS HORSE – and so the HORSE also falls in the KSHATRIYA sect – because the horse has all the qualities of a WARRIOR. And just the way a true warrior has a touch of madness – the warrior’s heroic horse also has a certain touch of madness!

A true warrior is also a good learner – he has a certain deep desire of learning. In our Indian history – there was once such warrior – he was not a Hindu – his name was JALLALUDIN AKBAR – and he was the Greatest Mughal Emperor of the whole Indian Subcontinent!

Although AKBAR during his initial days had been very ruthless towards the Hindus – still during his later years he was the only Muslim Emperor of India who showed much compassion towards Hindus and he was the only wise Muslim Ruler after many centuries! A time came when Akbar was no more a Muslim but had converted himself to a new religion ‘Din-i-Ilahi’. The founder of this NEW RELIGION was AKBAR himself. “Din-i-Ilahi’ was a religion that was essentially an ethical system, prohibiting such sins as lust, sensuality, slander, and pride and enjoining the virtues of piety, prudence, abstinence, and kindness. The soul was encouraged to purify itself through yearning for God. There were no sacred scriptures or a priestly hierarchy in the Dīn-i Ilāhī. In its ritual, it borrowed heavily from Zoroastrianism, making light (Sun and fire) an object of divine worship and reciting, as in Hinduism, the 1,000 Sanskrit names of the Sun. In practice, however, the Dīn-i Ilāhī functioned as a personality cult contrived by Akbar around his own person. Members of the religion were handpicked by Akbar according to their devotion to him.

Although a great human being and a wise man – AKBAR was illiterate – much of his early years were spend in many wars and the many complexities of administration and so he had no time to learn. That was the primary reason for his attraction towards wise men. That is how he formed the ministry of NINE WISE MEN – called as NAVRATNA meaning NINE JEWELS of his court!

But it is said that AKBAR was not happy with these NINE wise men – because he could not learn anything from them. And so one day he called all the NINE wise men in his court and said “ You are here – and you are the wisest men in today’s world but I have not been able to learn anything from you. What is the matter? You all are here and yet I remain the same – then what are you doing here?”

The NINE WISE MEN remained silent. After all they were standing before the most powerful man on the planet – EMPEROR AKBAR! So they could not utter a single word – BUT there was a child. The child had come along with one of the WISE men. And listening to AKBAR’s words – the child laughed out loudly….

Emperor Akbar looked at the child and said “ Why are you laughing? It is insulting to the court. Seems your father hasn’t taught any manners to you.”

The child said “ I am laughing because these NINE WISE MEN are SILENT. And I know why they are silent. And I also know why you haven’t been able to learn anything from them.”

Akbar stared at the child’s face. A child’s face looks innocent but also very ancient. Whenever a child is very innocent – you can see a deep ancientness in his eyes as well – because no child is a child – he has lived, experienced much in his past births and rebirths – he carries all the wisdom from his past births.

Akbar said “ Then can you teach me something?”

The child said “Yes”

Akbar said “Then teach.”

The child said “Then you will have to follow me. Come down here where I am sitting and I will sit on the throne. Then ask like a disciple and not like a master.”

And it is said that Akbar understood. Those nine wise men had been absolutely useless. He could not learn – not because they couldn’t teach but because he was NOT ready – he was NOT receptive and he was NOT humble enough.

It is said that AKBAR sat down and the child sat on the throne and he said “Now ask like a disciple, not like an Emperor.”

Akbar never asked anything. He thanked the child, touched his feet and said “There is no need to ask. Just by sitting in a humble attitude near your feet I have learned much.”

A true WARRIOR is humble. There is a very old saying – If you’re not a humble person your horse will make you one.

That is how the ancient seers relate SATURN with the HORSE – because both – SATURN & HORSE likes only those men and women who are HUMBLE by nature!

And only a humble man can learn – only humbleness can help you touch the skies.

Instead of having one hundred disciples – only ONE disciple is enough – one who is humble and NOT demanding. One who is understanding and compassionate by heart.

ASHWINI NAKSHATRA is the WARRIOR NAKSHATRA. And a true warrior always has a compassionate heart.

KETU is ZERO – SHUNYA. ASHWINI is therefore the BEGINNING – the START point of the ZODIAC GALAXY. ASHWINI is the FIRST NAKSHATRA – the WARRIOR NAKSHTRA, the NAKSHATRA that thinks less and feels more! And that is how they have a touch of madness to their being – which makes them HEROIC -DYNAMIC and DASHING by nature!

RAHU’s arrival in ASHWINI NAKSHTRA simply exaggerates the ‘WARRIOR QUALITIES’ – making the person a high risk taker, and highly impulsive by nature which compels the native to quickly react. And when you react – you invite trouble – you invite more miseries in your life!

The very first lesson for RAHU in ASHWINI nakshatra natives is to control their impulsive nature and stop reacting and start responding.


On social platforms – there are occasions when some negative utterly cheap people comment to hurt you, to abuse you – to offend you – but it is up to you whether you want to REACT or you just want to IGNORE – because that’s what the wise do – they just IGNORE the ‘NOISE’ and RESPOND to the ‘VOICE’!

NOISE makes no sense – VOICE makes sense because it is the VOICE of your HEART and the HEART is always right! When a person comments positively then the wise understands and gives a response – the wise is perfectly aware of what is NOISE and what is VOICE.

NOISE is of the MIND. VOICE is of the HEART. A man enslaved by his mind will make a lot of noise. A man following his heart will always voice out his feelings – his understanding. A man of heart NEVER REACTS – but always RESPOND and that too only when it is necessary – when his heart directs him to respond.

Shallow people always REACT. Wise people always RESPOND. REACTING means you are no more in control of yourself – responding means you are in control of yourself.

Response can be in many ways – you may just disconnect or block those who create a lot of NOISE and disturbance in your life. Or you may simply take legal action – if someone is commenting or trying to hurt you badly – so many actions can be taken without REACTING – and that’s what a wise man – a wise woman does. The wise is always in control of his SELF.

RAHU in ASHWINI natives should also learn to be in control of yourself.

SPORTS, RACING, ARCHERY, SHOOTING SPORT – RAHU in ASHWINI natives do well in all kind of sports – sport and sporty nature comes to them by default!

The man with RAHU in ASHWINI will never hesitate to say those three magical words – “I LOVE YOU” to the woman of his life. However these natives also don’t take much time to BREAK-UP – if they find that their partner is cheating them or taking undue advantage of their goodness! So you see – these natives are QUICK in ACTION – quick to fall in love and quick to break-up as well!

ACTION, MOVEMENT, QUICKNESS, and constant CHANGE is what these natives like and so they get bored quickly. For a girlfriend – it is a challenge to retain a boyfriend having RAHU in ASHWINI – she got to be innovative and constantly present something NEW before him – so that he remains engaged.

Similarly for a boyfriend – it is a challenge to retain a girlfriend having RAHU in ASHWINI – he need to bring something new to the table so that his girlfriend remains interested in him and not breakup with him.

The most effective way to keep a RAHU ASHWINI girlfriend or boyfriend engaged is by constantly giving them pleasant ‘Surprises’ .

Life is always interesting when there are many surprises on your way!

When it comes to spiritual practice – I always recommend ‘Walking Meditation’ to men and women born in Ashwini nakshatra or with RAHU in ASHWINI nakshatra. Because these natives always like to remain in action – and so walking meditation becomes more appealing for them than meditating by sitting in a closed room!

Walking meditation is effective way of integrating meditation into your daily life.

What is walking meditation?

Walking meditation is very simple. When you walk – just walk. Don’t think about anything – just walk. By doing so you bring your wavering mind to HERE & NOW. And meditation begins the moment your MIND is in the NOW moment.

Walking meditation is simply a state where you just walk with absolute NO THOUGHTS – NO MIND.

The other type of walking meditation is when you concentrate on just ONE THOUGHT (by chanting the holy Mantra) while walking – and that indeed is also a beautiful way of meditating while walking!

Chanting while walking is the most beautiful and easiest way to control the wavering mind while providing the necessary exercise to the physical body.

Always remember – the NEGATIVE can always transform to POSITIVE! Similarly RAHU IN ASHWINI is a TERRORIST or a PATRIOT – remember the RISK is the same – the DASHINGNESS is the same – the willingness to DIE for a certain cause is the same BUT the nature of the cause is DIFFERENT.

A terrorist attacks because he want to cause trouble. A PATRIOT attacks because he want FREEDOM for his people, his country.

ASHWINI RAHU can go either way – a terrorist (NEGATIVE) or a PATRIOT (Positive).

ASHWINI has immense will power and strength of a horse (ASHWA is Horse in Sanskrit). And on top of that – when RAHU comes in ASHWINI – then you got a man who is fired up with a certain PURPOSE – a certain MISSION!

Whether it is the Hollywood movie “The Patriot” or Bollywood movie “Gaddar – Ek Prem Katha” – the HERO is just the way a RAHU in ASHWINI native is – full of action, full of dynamism, full of life. He has a certain mission – “Benjamin Martin” in the movie “The Patriot” had a mission to liberate America from the hands of the Britishers and “Tara Singh” in the movie “Gaddar – Ek Prem Katha” had a mission to rescue his wife from Pakistan and return to India – safe and sound. In both scenarios – the HERO has a certain madness to his character – he takes many risks, risks his life – shows great courage – that’s how RAHU in ASHWINI is.

And then you have a perfect example of “BAJRANGI BHAIJAN” – the Bollywood movie in which an Indian goes all the way to help a Pakistani little girl meet her mother by crossing the border and entering the most dangerous country – Pakistan – just so that he can little girl can find her mother who stays in Pakistan! The scene – in which ‘Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi’, the titular protagonist (Bajrangi Bhaijaan) enters Pakistan and denies to move on in spite of the Pakistani officer letting him go – depicts a perfect RAHU ASHWINI native – when the Pakistani officer says addressing the Hero of the movie that “HE is not just MAD – but FULL MAD.”

That is how ASHWINI RAHU native is – FULL MAD – but this MADNESS is so sweet because it has the fragrance of SELFLESSNESS – and a certain HIGHER purpose.

HUMANITY and BEING HUMAN is the very essence of RAHU ASHWINI natives. You all must remember that ASHWINI is the DEV (GODLY) NAKSHATRA! The only NAKSHATRA ruled by KETU – that is mentioned by the ancient seers as GODLY – DEV GAN NAKSHATRA!


Because ASHWINI primarily has the qualities of a true KSHATRIYA – qualities of a WARRIOR!

And in the ancient days – the KING – the KHSATRIYA was worshipped as GOD. A KING would sacrifice his whole life for the betterment of his people – and so people also would love their KING and worship HIM as GOD. Even today – after over five hundred years – people remember – Maharana Pratap, Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj, Chatrapatti Sambhaji Maharaj, Emperor Akbar – because these great men had literally lived for the betterment of their people – their country!

Emperor Akbar is the only Mughal Emperor – who is fondly remembered by many HINDUS – and he was the only Mughal Emperor who died NOT as a Muslim but as a follower of a new religion that he himself had formulated – the religion “Din-I- Elahi”!

The depth of Akbar can only be realized by someone who has a certain depth of understanding!

Among all the 3 Nakshatras that come under the rule of KETU – ASHWINI is the most dynamic, dashing and quick in action – many times native born on Ashwini do something that they never had imagined in their life – and RAHU just fuels in – and the person executes courageous actions – something like you all may have seen in the recent Bollywood movie – “Tanhaji – the unsung warrior”!

Great bravery, great courage, great spirits are born with RAHU in ASHWINI – the subtle desire is to be in action – show dynamism and do the unbelievable – the unimaginable!

It is a good placement for – a STUNT ARTIST, SPORTSMAN, MILITARY MAN – SOLDIER. To be a soldier one needs that special gene, that extra something, that enables a person to jump into one on one combat.

RAHU in ASHWINI loves combat – because then all the fire within his being comes out in the forefront and the native defeats the enemies or even if he has to face defeat – he dies like a true warrior – like a ROARING LION!

KETU’s rules three Nakshatras – ASHWINI, MAGHA and MOOLA however each of these 3 NAKSHATRA has a specific TATVA (essence) to showcase.




How beautiful is this – always remember – RAJDROHI cannot be labelled as bad – because at times when the ruling KING is corrupt – then someone like CHANAKYA has to stand against the ruling KING – he may be labelled as RAJDROHI by the KING’s men but in reality he is going against the throne because he cannot stand the injustice and the suffering of his men at the hand’s of the corrupt KING!

So never be quick to JUDGE – a knife is not bad – because the same knife can also be used to save a woman, a child from corrupt hands!

Out of all the 3 NAKSHATRAS of KETU – ASHWINI is the most pious by nature – with its arrival – a new beginning is guaranteed – a better society is guaranteed. These are natives who has the potential to bring FREEDOM from oppression, corruption and injustice.

RAHU in ASHWINI is indeed the ROBINHOOD of the poor!

Someone has to stand up against the corrupt rule – someone has to risk everything – someone has to ‘JUMP’ first and then think – and RAHU ASHWINI is the one who ‘JUMPS’ first!

Only a man who ‘JUMPS’ without thinking much becomes a BUDDHA. Only a man who ‘JUMPS’ first experiences GOD – sees the unseen – the beyond!

This nature of risking everything – not thinking much (KETU – ASHWINI) and crossing all limits just to do the unimaginable (RAHU) is what comes your way when a person has RAHU in ASHWINI receiving positive aspects in the birth chart.

Falling in love, risking everything for love, chasing a certain goal, a mission and being always action-oriented is what RAHU in ASHWINI bring along.

Someone has to START – and always the one who STARTS is courageous by nature – is dashing – is dynamic – is a risk taker – is the HERO!

ASHWINI is the START – the starting point – the starting NAKSHATRA of the zodiac cycle and RAHU in ASHWINI simply loves to initiate a project – loves to start a series – to start a business – to start a relationship!

START is the word – that is why ASHWINI NAKSHATRA is highly regarded as the most positive Nakshatra by the seers. The seers have addressed ASHWINI NAKSHATRA as the GODLY (DEV- GAN) NAKSHATRA! Whenever you have to start something new – be it a project, new construction, new shop or new relationship – ASHWINI is the most suitable NAKSHATRA because ASHWINI triggers a START – an AUSPICIOUS START!

From spiritual perspective – ASHWINI is a wonderful NAKSHATRA to ‘initiate’ a person as a disciple.

Also ASHWINI is great to start reading the holy scripture (Bible, Quran or Gita) or to start a certain spiritual deep penance – sadhana.

Only a true warrior – only a man who has a touch of madness can succeed in his spiritual journey – and that makes ASHWINI and RAHU in ASHWINI significant in many ways. Because this RAHU brings the dashing, the courage – and courage is indeed one of the significant ‘key’ that can help you progress spiritually!

A coward cannot succeed in the spiritual world. In fact a coward would never enter the spiritual domain because to become a BUDDHA – you need the courage to renounce everything – SEX, MONEY, POWER. Prince Siddhartha dropped everything – HE decided to live in danger – he decided to go into the deep forests and live in the neighborhood of wild animals – HE REJECTED a SECURE LIFE and EMBRACED INSECURE LIFE – that is when HE became GAUTAM BUDDHA and that is how you all can also become BUDDHA – because BUDDHA is NOT a name – it is a TITLE – a STATE of BEING AWARE!

When Buddha was asked “Who are you?”

Buddha said “ I am AWARENESS. I do not belong to any category because every category brings identity and I HAVE NO IDENTITY – I AM JUST THE AWARENESS.”

To attain the higher realms of consciousness – to experience GOD in the true sense – one has to get out of his comfort zone and take risks.

ASHWINI RAHU can take risks – and because they take risks – they earn more, and attain fame and wisdom!

The deity of ASHWINI is the three ASWINI KUMARAS – they are also said to be the physicians of Gods.

FAST, QUICK, INSTANT – these are words that ASHWINI RAHU natives like. These natives are quick to judge – quick to express their feelings and emotions.

Generally a man or a woman who are spontaneous in expressing their feelings or emotions are good heart individuals. Because when you are spontaneous – there is no mind in play and so what you express impacts the other more deeply than otherwise!

A man can say “I LOVE YOU” thousand times – but still it will not touch the heart because it is not spontaneous – it is not natural. But imagine that you are driving or walking with an old friend – and suddenly – from nowhere – it was not even in your mind – it was not even planned – and spontaneously you look into the eyes of your old friend and say “I LOVE YOU” – and the miracle has happened! The friend is in tears – tears start flowing through his eyes – your words have touched his heart because those words have come spontaneously from the depth of your heart! And whatsoever comes from your heart ❤ – always reaches and moves the other ❤ heart.

KETU brings this nature of being spontaneous and RAHU in KETU’s ASHWINI NAKSHATRA – makes the person more spontaneous.

You are spontaneous only when your mind is absent!

“Spontaneity is the fragrance of no-mind.” – Osho

Whenever you are spontaneous – you look beautiful!

Reminds me of a story – the story of Mary Magdalene.

Marry Magdalene was one of the greatest lover of Jesus. She was truly devoted to Jesus and so one afternoon she comes and pours a very expensive perfume on Jesus’s feet.

Jesus smiles. But Judas is angry. Judas must be a communist – because he says to Jesus “How can she pour such an expensive perfume – we could have feed the whole town from the price of such an expensive perfume. And why you allowed her?”

Jesus looked into the eyes of Judas and said “ Not knowing how to express her feelings – spontaneously she has poured this perfume on my feet. Unable to express her love – by pouring this perfume on my feet she has expressed her love. How can I stop her? The poor will always be with you, but I will not always be with you. You can feed the poor later on when I am gone, but I cannot stop her. You can see only the perfume, I see her heart. I cannot say no to her. In deep love, in deep overflowing, not finding a way to express, she has poured that perfume. I cannot say no to her.’

The heart is always spontaneous.

ASHWINI is always spontaneous.

I humbly prostrate before the beautiful nakshatra of KETU – ASHWINI – one who is spontaneous, one who has a pure heart – one who follows the voice of the heart!

START is very important. There are millions of people out there who want a SECOND CHANCE to START A NEW LIFE!

ASHWINI gives this opportunity – to START AGAIN!

And RAHU in ASHWINI never give up – reminds me of the greatest freedom fighter of our nation- LOKMANYA BAL GANGADHAR TILAK – his whole book on BHAGVADGITA was burned by the cruel British jailer – but TILAK was not a common soul. When his whole book that he authored while in jail was destroyed by the British officer – he said “PUNASCHA SHRI GANESHAYA” (पुनश्च श्री गणेशाय) – meaning “Lets start again”!

That was how his spirit was – high and that is how ‘tall’ Lokmanya Tilak was! Your ‘height’ is not based on how many feet you are tall – but how strong is your willpower and how deep is your understanding!

RAHU in ASHWINI has the spirit of starting up – no matter how many times you knock down these natives – they will STAND UP and START AGAIN!

STARTING is important – INITIATING is important – in the old days – the monarchy would fear that if a person establish his own empire than it will be difficult to manage him because now he has become independent – now he is no more our vassal but has become the KING!

That is how the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb became worried when he heard the news – that SHIVAJI MAHARAJ has established his own KINGDOM – SWARAJYA – that he was formally crowned as the Chhatrapati (emperor) of his realm at Raigad. And Shivaji Maharaj was the only man after centuries to establish the first secular state – the state of SWARAJYA that later blossomed under the rule of the mighty Peshwas and then a time came when the Mughal empire became a vassal of the great Marathas!

You see – how the tables turn – just a START – just the establishment of a new KINGDOM and slowly slowly the MARATHAS grew in leaps and bounds while the Mughal empire started declining!

You just need to START – many people will stop you from STARTING because many are aware that once you START something NEW – nobody can stop you.

Buddha always said “That you need to START meditating – you need to START turning inwards – you need to START accepting your mistakes.”

Those who listened to HIS words – progressed in life.

START brings progression.

ASHWINI brings progression.

The only message for RAHU in ASHWINI natives is that – just as you know when to START – you also should know when to STOP. And you should STOP only when you you have gone all the way – NOT until then.

Meditate and remember to start again every time you fail.

A fighter always wins – not because he is strong but because he never give up.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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