Rahu in Kritika Nakshatra

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Kritika is HOT. But this Hotness is not of Mars – this Hotness is of Sun – the source of our universe! Mar’s hotness is simply sexual. Sun’s hotness is highly spiritual. Understand the difference. Savor the difference.

Placed in the fiery sign of Aries & romantic sign of Taurus – Kritika, the Nakshatra of the Star – Sun is all fired up to get things done! The fire to LEARN, the courage to take RISKS is what makes Kritika a very special Nakshatra. And when Rahu is in Kritika – these qualities simply are exaggerated.

So now you have a Kritika Rahu native whose desire is to learn as much as he or she can, do something unique, to have some adventure in life – basically the native wants some action, some spice, some thrill in life!

With most of its time being spent in the sign of Taurus (2nd, 3rd 4th Pada falling in Taurus) – the native having Rahu in Krittika Taurus – does demand a good lifestyle that has all the luxuries and pleasures to offer.

Rahu in Aries – Kritika First Pada is the only black spot – otherwise Rahu in Taurus in all the remaining 3 Padas is an excellent placement for the native.

Kritika Rahu in Aries is not comfortable considering Mars is enemy to Rahu. However the same Kritika Rahu in Taurus becomes a great booster for the native’s career and overall growth.

Action is what Kritika wants. Kritika is closely related to Lord Kartikeya – and Lord Kartikeya was a great Kshatriya warrior – he was the brother of Shri Ganesha and was known for his valor and courage.

Lord Kartikeya is also known as Lord Murugan in South India. HE is the Warrior-GOD.

Rahu In Kritika Nakshatra

And so when Rahu falls in Krittika then the person becomes a highly action oriented person. It is a good quality – because there are many who continue to dream but never take the necessary action. To achieve your dreams – you need to ACT first. That is exactly what Rahu in Krittika natives are good at – they take ACTION – they are highly action oriented fellows, they will simply JUMP first and then think!

Rahu In Kritika Nakshatra

In one of the greatest book of wisdom – Dasbodh – written by Saint Samarath Ramdas, it is mentioned in Marathi:

||केल्याने होत आहे रे आधी केलेची पाहिजे ||

Which means: “By doing it happens, so first you should DO IT.”

Saint Ramdas simply wants you to realize that ACTION is required – only by taking ACTION you can achieve your dreams, your goals, and your mission.

A true seeker should definitely read the wonderful insightful divine book of wisdom: DASBODH – (DAS means Servant and BODH means Self-Realization/Wisdom.)

Rahu In Kritika Nakshatra

Around 500 years ago Samarth Ramdas Swami scripted this divine book which is now being translated in English for a wider reach.

Krittika is good at taking ACTION. Now it all depends on what is the quality of your horoscope? Are you an evolved soul? Are you a meditative being? Because only then can you use this ACTION ORIENTED quality of Krittika for a GOOD CAUSE – GOOD PURPOSE.

Ignorant – negative folks having Rahu in Kritika can simply spoil their life by hurting others. So it is important to note that RAHU IN KRITTIKA is very sensitive placement because either you can become a good fighter who fights for a good cause – OR – you may simply continue to hurt others by your insensitive comments and actions. And so it is necessary that the overall planetary placement is positive in nature – and the person is an evolved soul.

When it is Krittika – some insensitiveness comes by default. Now this insensitiveness can actually become an asset for someone who is aspiring to join the Military or Police force. So it all depends on where the “seed” falls!

Krittika, Uttara Phaluguni & Uttarashada – all three belong to Lord Sun!

Krittika being a Nakshatra of Sun and placed in the Sign of Mars & Venus – these native are highly active. They have a certain charm to their personality. You can say that they are the ‘downtown’. A downtown has the charm and is full of activities and looks very lively!

Rahu In Kritika Nakshatra

When I flew to the US for the very first time in the October of 2006 – I wasn’t aware of what this “downtown” is all about! But then on the second day of my trip – a close American friend told me that “downtown” is the main city area where all business activities takes place. Across the US – every city has a downtown!

So you see – KRITTIKA is the downtown – a activity hub – a place where ACTION takes place.

Incidentally men and women born on Krittika Nakshatra are also highly action oriented. Never mess with a woman having her moon in Krittika Nakshatra – she will not hesitate to give you a nice kick if she know how to do Karate or if she knows a bit about boxing!

I love and respect Krittika because we need brave, courageous men and women who can dare to FIGHT BACK. We need fighters who will fight against injustice, against corruption, against inequality. Krittika Rahu natives has that “fuel” to fight for their rights as well as for other’s rights.

“My Birth Right” is a favorite phrase of Krittika Rahu natives as well as those born on Krittika Nakshatra! They always want to secure their rights – be it human rights, legal rights – but they want to ensure that they get what they are entitled for.

Reminds me of Martin Luther King – who fought for Black Americans. King participated in and led marches for blacks’ right to vote, desegregation, labor rights, and other basic civil rights.

You see Rahu in Kritika brings such courage to fight against inequality and injustice. King was awarded the Noble Prize on October 14, 1964.

Rahu In Kritika Nakshatra

You see – the spark of Sun’s Nakshatra Krittika and how this spark becomes a great light when Rahu falls in Kritika! Martin Luther King had Rahu in Krittika and his great struggle for basic human rights for the Black Americans is simply inexpressible in words.

An evolved soul having Rahu in Kritika Nakshtra will NEVER stand injustice – he will fight back for justice.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Rahu Krittika natives rejoice when they are able to FIGHT BACK and attain the crown of Righteousness.

Rahu In Kritika Nakshatra

It is always good to have a friend having Rahu in Krittika or Moon in Krittika because such a friend has the courage to fight for you – especially if you are being sidelined or mistreated by others. These natives will give you confidence by saying “Don’t worry – I am here for you.”

Rahu In Kritika Nakshatra

Rahu Krittika natives are those kind of friends who will remain with you – when the whole world goes against you or condemns you. They are the “Karna” of this modern AGE.

Rahu In Kritika Nakshatra

Reminds me of a beautiful story – the story of two friends on the backdrop of the Second World War.

Two soldiers were very friendly, great friends. One evening one soldier comes back to the trench but finds that his friend has not returned. Many people have been killed on the front. He becomes afraid — is his friend killed?

He enquires, and then somebody says, ‘We are not certain that he is killed, but he was so terribly wounded that it was impossible for him to come to the trench. By now he must be dead.’

It is getting dark now and the enemy is still firing madly but the soldier wants to go and search for his friend.

The officer says, ‘No, this is foolish’, but he doesn’t listen to the officer — he goes.

It is very difficult in the dark and there are thousands of corpses all around.

He looks and looks and in the middle of the night he returns — dragging his friend’s dead body on his back. He himself is now terribly wounded, mortally wounded… he cannot survive.

The moment he reaches the trench he falls on the floor with the body of his dead friend.

The officer comes and he says, ‘I told you not to be foolish! It was not worth it. Now you know what you have done to yourself. The friend is dead and you are dying!’

The dying man opened his eyes and he said, ‘But it was worth it — because when I went there, he looked at me and he said, “Jim, I knew you would come.”‘

For love, life can be sacrificed — it is worth it.

“We have been taught just the contrary: sacrifice everything just to be alive; just to survive, sacrifice everything. I teach you the contrary: to be loving, sacrifice everything.” – Osho

Such is the spirit of Krittika Nakshatra. The spirit of Love – the spirit of sacrificing everything for a higher cause – a higher purpose!

But unfortunately many people and so called pundits have simply defamed this beautiful fiery NAKSHATRA – simply because they cannot stand the TRUTH – they are wolves and NOT tigers like Krittika Nakshatra!

Rahu exaggerates the matters of life to which it is associated with. Similarly now that Rahu is in Krittika – the base desire of the native is – attaining social status, prestige & power, pleasures of this human world, luxurious life & a constant active life!

People having Rahu in Krittika generally don’t like to retire. Retirement is not something they desire for – they want to continue working until they take their last breath.

Rahu In Kritika Nakshatra

The wise NEVER retires. I have been with great spiritual masters and I have seen them fully active in serving people until their last breath – and so one should NEVER retire. You may get an official retirement after the age of 58 in a government office however you should ensure that you remain active by doing something constructive for the society in general.

Family, Wealth, Accumulation of wealth, treasury is what the native is obsessed with. POWER is what they want – but this power is basically to strengthen their treasury and bank balance – they want power to secure their future.

Taurus is a sign that deals with the practicalities of life. It is highly romantic – but you should remember that the word ROMANCE is defined as ADVENTURE in the English dictionary. And so Taurus men and women go through many adventures in life – some are tragic – some are enlightening – but there is always action in their life. Being a Sun’s Nakshatra – the native is more individualistic – he follows his heart – he believe in living life by being yourself.

Sun’s sharpness comes naturally to a Rahu Kritika native. Being ethical, being truthful, being sincere and most importantly – taking the lead – taking the initiative is something that Rahu Krittika native loves to do. Reminds me of Benjamin Franklin – one of the founding father of the US and the author of the essay – Way to Wealth. Benjamin had Rahu in Kritika Nakshatra. If you visit the White House – then you will see the photo of Benjamin Franklin hanging on the wall of the Oval office.

Rahu In Krittika Nakshatra

How significant must be this genius man – Benjamin Franklin! Just near the resolute desk – the desk of the US President – you will see only Benjamin Franklin’s photo hanged on the wall! In fact Benjamin Franklin photo is also imprinted on most of the US currency notes.

Rahu In Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika is the first Nakshtra in the zodiac cycle that belongs to Lord Sun – and so the sharpness, the intelligence, the genius quality is indeed a boon of Kritika Nakshatra! Benjamin Franklin is one fine example of Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra!

The Way to Wealth is an essay written by Benjamin Franklin in 1758. It is a collection of adages and advice presented in Poor Richard’s Almanac during its first 25 years of publication. The essay is organized into a speech given by “Father Abraham” to a group of people. Many of the phrases Father Abraham quotes continue to be familiar today. The essay’s advice is based on the themes of work ethic.

Rahu in Krittika are highly faithful beings -and it is clearly seen through the quote of Benjamin Franklin:

Rahu In Krittika Nakshatra

Greatness comes when you surrender to God – when you have deep faith in God. Benjamin Franklin expresses his faith in God is such a beautiful way – I am touched.

Famously known as “The Little Flower of Jesus” – Thérèse of Lisieux also has Rahu in Kritika Nakshatra. Born as Marie Françoise-Thérèse – she felt an early call to religious life and after overcoming various obstacles in 1888, at the early age of 15 she became a nun. The Catholic Church later revered her as Saint Therese.

As mentioned earlier this bright star of Sun – Kritika has given birth to many great personalities of which some I have mentioned through this sharing.

Rahu In Krittika Nakshatra

Incidentally another famous Saint – Saint Mother Terresa also has Rahu in Kritika Nakshatra. Krittika Rahu in the sixth house (Taurus Sign) of her Ascendant chart shows her obsession towards serving the under privileged. Sixth house – a perfect place that signify the desire to serve the diseased, orphan, unhealthy, oppressed and those men and women who are in some kind of trouble or problem. Sixth house typically signify servitude – and Rahu in 6th house signify that the person loves to provide SERVICE to others.

Rahu In Krittika Nakshatra

Kritika is a Warrior’s Nakshatra. And a true warrior is not the one who sheds blood of innocent men and women – but one who sacrifices himself for the GOOD of OTHERS. Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra in an evolved soul’s chart can give such fantastic results – can make you less selfish and more selfless.

Rahu In Krittika Nakshatra

Kritika can do something new – that is out of the blue. Kritika can make history. That is what Hillary Clinton did when she became the FIRST AMERICAN WOMAN to contest the 2016 US Presidential Elections! Hillary Clinton made history – she has Rahu in Kritika Nakshatra – so you see the power of Kritika! A woman having Rahu in Kritika is a fortunate placement because in this AGE – a woman need to have fighting spirit – not giving up spirit!

So Kritika is a Nakshatra that can carve its own name in gold! It has the ability to bring a certain uniqueness to your individuality and Rahu in Kritika does bring along some uniqueness to the native’s individuality.

Mohan asked “What is the spiritual significance of Kritika Nakshatra?”

I said to Mohan “You have asked what others won’t think of asking. I will tell you now – the spiritual significance of this great magnanimous Nakshtra – Krittika.

Krittika Nakshatra is connected with Lord Dattatray.

Lord Dattatreya is represented as having three faces, one of Lord Brahma, the second of Lord Vishnu and the third of Lord Siva. In simple words – it signifies that this is the only deity that has attained the strength of Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh (Shiva). All the three Gunas – RAJAS (ROYAL), SATVIC (PIOUS) and TAMAS (Fighter) are found in Lord Dattatreya and so one who worships Lord Dattatreya – attains the blessings of all the three DEVTAS – BRAMHA, VISHNU, SHIVA. He becomes invincible – he attains great spiritual heights.

Now you must be wondering that what connects Krittika with Lord Dattatray?

The bridge that connects Kritika with Lord Dattatray is the holy Audumbar Tree.

Audumbar OR Udumbara is known as Blue Lotus in Buddhism. In English – it is called “The Redwood Fig or Cluster Fig Tree.) This divine tree is the favorite of Lord Dattatray and the tree that comes under Krittika Nakshatra is also the Audumbar Tree! So those who have RAHU in Krittika should definitely worship this holy divine tree – Audumbar on every Thursday. Thursday is the day of Lord Dattatray and across India – especially in the State of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujrat – the divine tree Audumbur is worshipped by the devotees of Lord Dattatreya.

The significance and importance of the greatest diety that the world had ever known is found in the golden words of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi:

“Dattatreya is the universal Guru, isn’t he? And he has said that the whole world was his Guru. If you look at evil you feel you should not do it. So he said evil also was his Guru. If you see good, you would wish to do it; so he said that good also was his Guru; both good and evil, he said, were his Gurus. It seems that he asked a hunter which way he should go, but the latter ignored his question, as he was intent upon his aim to shoot a bird above. Dattatreya saluted him, saying, ‘You are my Guru! Though killing the bird is bad, keeping your aim so steadfast in shooting the arrow as to ignore my query is good, thereby teaching me that I should keep my mind steadfast and fixed on Ishwara. You are therefore my Guru.’ In the same way he looked upon everything as his Guru, till in the end he said that his physical body itself was a Guru, as its consciousness does not exist during sleep and the body that does not exist should therefore not be confused with the soul — dehatmabhavana (the feeling that the body is the soul). Therefore that too was a Guru for him. While he looked upon the whole world as his Guru, the whole world worshipped him as its Guru.”

Just look at the positivism! The hunter ignores Lord Dattatreya – but HE makes the Hunter as his Guru because through him – he has learned something new. See the positivism, see the quality of constant learning…..from situations! I humbly prostrate to the deity of my many past births – Lord Dattatreya.

Rahu In Krittika Nakshatra

One who worships the divine TREE – AUDUMBUR (cluster fig tree) receives the blessings from Lord Dattareya and Kritika Nakshatra as well.

The first Nakshatra of the Zodiac Cycle is Ketu’s Nakshatra – ASHWINI. From NOTHINGNESS (Ketu) we are born.

The second Nakshatra of the Zodiac Cycle is Venus Nakshtra – BHARNI. This beautiful human body, all the organs of this human body are the blessings of BHARANI – Goddess Venus.

And the third Nakshatra of the Zodiac Cycle is Sun’s Nakshatra – Kritika. Body is formed but CONSCIOUSNESS – AWARENESS comes through the divine light of the SUN – Krittika.

To such a sharp, fiery Nakshatra of Sun – Kritika, I humbly prostrate and pray that may all my readers are blessed by its divine light!

Rahu In Krittika Nakshatra

Always remember – SUFFERING is necessary as long as you are ‘asleep’. The moment you wake up – suffering ceases to exist – then you truly start enjoying every moment of life – the key is to wake-up and that is possible only when you start turning inwards and realize that the light of consciousness is within you.

The fire of suffering becomes the light of consciousness! So stop whining over your suffering and start learning from your suffering – the more you learn the more you become aware and then this awareness will burn up your ignorance.

The key is to meditate. The key is to devote your time to God. The key is to start chanting the holy mantra – Aum Ram Krishna Hari. Aum Ram Krishna Hari. Aum Ram Krishna Hari.

You will realize the power of chanting only when you start chanting – so get started, because life is short – I may be dead by tomorrow – you may be dead by tomorrow – we never know when the exit call would come – we never know when death will strike us – so use this precious moment to grow inside out – for the real growth is the growth within.

Rahu In Krittika Nakshatra

Meditate every day.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru. 🙏

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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