Rahu in Magha Nakshatra


In Ashwini – KETU is fighting the battle. In Magha – KETU has finally attained the seat of power. Magha is addressed by the ancient seers as the royal seat of power because MAGHA is where the Buddha sits and directs his disciples. Real POWER is not controlling others but controlling your self.

MAGHA is the supreme seat of power – where enlightened beings dwell – Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus, Prophet, because real power is when you conquer yourself – then you don’t have to fight thousand battles everyday – you have become the real master – one who has controlled and overcome his mind.

Real power is when you are out of mind (KETU) – miracles are performed here – because miracles are beyond mind while magic is born out of the mind. Magic is man made – Miracle is God made. Miracle is Godly. Only a Buddha can perform miracle, only Jesus, Mahavira, only the enlightened beings can perform Miracles because they are no more caught up in the MIND – they have gone beyond the mind – you cannot make them happy and you cannot make them unhappy – happy and unhappy are the states of the mind and the master dwells beyond mind – HE is the REAL KING – HE has found the REAL GOLD – that’s MAGHA (KETU).

MAGHA is worshipped by many seers because MAGHA is the seat of power – real power, power which not limited to the throne of the KING but power which can give birth to many kings and queens!

Once it happened – Akkalkot Swami Samarth was seated beneath a tree – and the King with his whole fleet of soldiers and ministers was coming towards Swami. Even while coming to meet the master – the King wanted to show-off his strength and his majesty. The King must be a MAGHA RAHU man because RAHU in MAGHA natives like to SHOW-OFF a lot. When the King stepped down from his chariot and bowed before Akkalkot Swami – Swami got up and gave a tight slap on the King’s face.

The King was taken aback. Real saints are NOT cats, but Lions. Swami raised HIS hand, looked at the King and said “I create ‘KINGS’ like you every day across this world. Next time you come – don’t come with all this show-off – else I will never meet you.”

The KING started crying like a child- he touched the feet of the master and said ” I am sorry – and I am so grateful to you for opening my eyes – bringing awareness to my being – next time I will never come with all this fleet of soldiers and ministers – I will come alone to seek your darshan. Please pardon me.”

Swami started laughing – this is how real saints are – their anger is also like a small child’s anger – for a moment they are angry and then the next moment the anger gone! Looking into the eyes of the King – Swami said ” Last birth you were a dhobi (cloth-washer) and you used to clean my clothes. Then one day you saw a huge proceeding of a KING – and an intense desire of becoming the KING – was born in your mind. I realized your desire and because of your selfless SEVA (service) towards me – I granted your wish and blessed you – my blessing has manifested – you have become the KING.”

The King’s eyes became wet – tears started flowing through his eyes. Swami touched the King’s forehead – just a soft touch and the King went back to his past life – and he could now remember his past birth name “Bhola”. He was a dhobi – a cloth washer. Before parting his ways – he had cried a lot – he had said “Although I will become the KING next birth but then I will miss you – when will I meet you again….”

And Swami had said ” When you will become the KING – then one day you will come in search of ME and you will find me – now don’t think much – you have a long way to go.”

The King having realized his past life connection with the master – could not control himself – he said “You please come with me to my Palace – I will take care of you – I will not let you have any trouble – I will personally attend you – just the way I was attending you in my last birth – I will wash your clothes but O master please come with me.”

Swami said ” Once hearts are connected – then there is no need to go anywhere. I cannot stay in a Palace, four walls cannot contain me – and you cannot stay in the forest because you have to take care of your people – remember you are now a KING and with power comes great responsibility. So go back to your palace and always remember – I am with you.”

The King returned back to his Royal Palace but with a very heavy heart…

The real power is the power that can create many such Kings and Queens – and MAGHA reflects such power which is beyond the human imagination!

However Rahu in Magha makes the native obsessed with attaining the seat of power. RAHU in MAGHA is a fortunate placement for POWER SEEKERS. These natives take keen interest in politics because that is where POWER is found! RAHU in MAGHA makes the person – a RAJBHOGI – meaning ‘person seeking royal pleasures’ – this placement gives birth to a person who just want to enjoy the riches, the luxuries of life. Such a person is also a spendthrift.

RAHU in MAGHA is a perfect placement that brings much trouble to the father of the native or fatherly figures or at times the father is absent because of early death.

Rahu in Magha is a perfect Dramatic character. They do exceptionally well in the field of drama/acting. Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan has RAHU in MAGHA. Interestingly he played the lead role in the movie SARKAR RAJ – whose slogan was “POWER CANNOT BE GIVEN – IT HAS TO BE TAKEN”! What a coincidence – RAHU in MAGHA native Amitabh Bachchan and the role he played was of power seeker – Politics!

One of the finest Hollywood star George Clooney also has RAHU in MAGHA Nakshatra.

RAHU in MAGHA natives are impressionist when it comes to performing on the stage or before the CAMERA. They want to make most of it in the shortest time possible. They are born ‘individuals’ – individualism means a lot to them – and so they focus on their performance and don’t worry much about the crowd – the people.

A girlfriend having RAHU in MAGHA is very demanding by nature. And so is the boyfriend.

These natives are obsessed of showing-off – of much pomp and shinning and becoming a center of attention. They crave for an applause. They want more and more admiration – and often they become a victim of flattery. On the other hand – they themselves also know how to flatter others – and one who knows how to flatter others – also knows how to slander others.

MAGHA RAHU is too obsessed with ROMANCE, LOVE RELATIONSHIP – and wants a certain ‘thrill’ ‘adventures’ in life. These natives are the perfect ‘MASALA MOVIE’ lovers. These natives always are looking for a variety – because variety is the spice of life and the native having RAHU in MAGHA always want some ‘MASALA’ (spice) in their life too.

This Rahu brings intense desire of ‘learning’. If other placements are positive to this RAHU – then a good student is born out of this placement BUT not a disciple!

A student is someone who is just curious – he is in rush – he is not willing to be patient. He is in rush because he wants to gather all the knowledge as much as he can – so that he can make ‘use’ of it in the market and earn money. There is nothing wrong to be a student – it is just that the stage of student exists at the very base level.

A disciple is an altogether different phenomena – a disciple can wait – he can wait for eternity because he is NOT in rush. He has surrendered himself at the feet of the master. Remember – a student never surrenders – he remains just on the circumference – but a disciple has surrendered – he is no more separate for the Guru – he has merged at the feet of the Guru. ONENESS!A disciple is NOT interested in gathering knowledge from the outside world but from WITHIN. And that makes a disciple far superior to a mere student.

RAHU in MAGHA is searching for knowledge – he or she just goes on accumulating knowledge – they can become a good student – but not a disciple!

A disciple is always patient – he can wait and wait and wait – because he has tremendous FAITH in the master.

A student is always impatient. A student is always demanding. A student is a ‘commercial’ product who just ‘pays’ to learn – and the teacher is one who ‘charge money’ to pass on knowledge! It is a very commercialized arrangement – and you cannot expect sharing of ‘the beyond’ in a commercialized environment – and so the student may learn and become a teacher someday – but not a master – because to become the master – you first have to become a disciple!

To experience GOD – you first have to become ARJUNA – you first have to become ANANDA, you first have to become John, the Baptist! These were the greatest disciples – the love between the master and the disciple is beyond the power of expression.

RAHU in MAGHA spoils all the possibilities of become a disciple – though the person becomes a good student – at the most earns a few degrees from Oxford or Harvard and earns a good amount of money and status – but that’s all – nothing beyond the material world comes his/her way because they are too much caught up in their HEAD – the ‘focus’ is on learning from a ‘teacher’ – because to learn from the master – you need to surrender yourself at the feet of the master – you need to have patience – and to have patience – you need to have unwavering faith which is absent in a RAHU MAGHA native.

RAHU in MAGHA is a state of a corrupted conscious – and a corrupted conscious cannot become a disciple – cannot melt into the master – cannot evaporate – cannot merge – cannot surrender.

Reminds me of story. Story of Rahim.

Rahim was one of the greatest Sufi saints – and one day his disciple asked “ What happened when you met your master?”

Rahim had become very old. Looking at his disciple – Rahim’s eyes became wet – the fond memories of his master brought tears in his eyes – he said “ When I met my master, the master never looked at me for three years. I was sitting from morning till evening. So many people were coming and going and he was talking to people and he did not look at me, as if I did not exist for him yet. But I was persistent because I had felt the presence of the master and I had tasted the sweetness of his surroundings. I remained — in fact the more he ignored me, the more I became certain that there is some secret in his ignoring me.”

“ Then after three years – one afternoon when I was sweeping the floor – the master looked at me – that was the FIRST TIME – when he looked at me. That was a recognition that I am NOT a student but a DISCIPLE. A student would have got lost in three years; no student can stay that long waiting just for a look. Then another three years passed and he never looked again.”

“Then – then what happened…” asked Rahim’s disciple.

Rahim said “ After three years the master looked again and smiled too, and his smile went almost like a sharp sword into my heart. I wanted to ask “Why you smiled?” But the master didn’t give him a chance to ask – he started talking with other disciples.”

“Then when was it that the master looked at you again?”

Rahim said “ Three more years passed – then one day he called me – kissed on my forehead and said “My son, now you are ready. Now you can go and spread the message.”

Nine years – after nine years I had heard him talk – and my heart was moved – I started crying – the master gave me a hug and said “ You are ready – why you cry, I am with you.”

That was all – the master said “You are ready and now you can leave and spread the message.”

No message was shared in words – just a touch – just the omnipresence of the master and his ‘Aadesh” – Order and I was set on my greatest journey of life – the spiritual journey!

For nine years Rahim had been there. The only message was that once he was looked at, once he was smiled at, and once he had been kissed on his forehead.

But if the master is saying you are ready, it must be so. Touching the feet of the master in gratitude he left.

No student can wait for NINE years just for a look, just for a smile, just for a kiss from the master! A student is always in RUSH – RAHU in MAGHA can give birth to a good student but not to a disciple – to become a disciple – you need more than what a student has – you need PATIENCE, you need FAITH, you need the willingness to live your life by surrendering yourself in totality at the feet of the compassionate divine MASTER!

Eklavya learned the art of archery just the way Arjun learned from his teacher “Dronacharya”.

EKLAVYA remained a STUDENT. DRONACHARYA may not have taught him – but EKLAVYA made a statue of DRONACHARYA and learned – he was a self-learner – a good student. Arjun also was a good student of DRONACHARYA.

Then what made ARJUN superior to EKLAVYA – when EKLAVYA also was as expert as ARJUN?

While ARJUNA was a STUDENT of DRONACHARYA – later he became a DISCIPLE of KRISHNA! There cannot be any good example than this – and only a wise can relate – only a man of understanding can realize the difference between a STUDENT and a DISCIPLE. EKLAVYA never was able to find his master because he could not go beyond the level of a student – he remained a student – he never was able to become a DISCIPLE. Whereas ARJUNA became one of the greatest DISCIPLE of Lord KRISHNA – that the world had ever known!

RAHU in MAGHA – basically is a typical placement that does well on the material world platform. ‘Student’ is also a version of material world – while ‘Disciple’ is the higher version – a version that is made available only in the spiritual world. To become a DISCIPLE – you need a certain depth of spirituality within you – which RAHU in MAGHA lacks and so they do well as a BRIGHT STUDENT who goes to a good university – earns a degree and earns money and fame. Their whole energy is in becoming the center of attention – the ‘knowledge’ that they seek is also to gain more attention – they want to SCREAM to the whole world that “I AM SOMEBODY”.

RAHU in MAGHA can become a good SHOW MAKER. They can do well in DRAMA, POLITICS and also bestows the qualities of becoming a good entrepreneur.

These natives are highly obsessed with their children. They are also demanding towards their children – these folks are the ones who demand “ You should come first this time in your class.” – “You should win this race” – “You should make us feel proud.” – a long demand list is always lurking the minds of these people. Many times their children are fed up of this demanding nature and so they often face a ‘breakup’ from their children – they blame their children but in reality it is their demanding nature and high expectation that break them apart from their children.

These natives become parents who are obsessed with their child – and this obsession comes from RAHU because RAHU is obsession – RAHU makes you one dimensional when life has to be multi-dimensional.

Even before the child knows what ‘doctor’ means or what ‘engineer’ means – the parents who say “We love our child” – goes on brainwashing their child – dumping their failed dreams of becoming a doctor or an engineer on their child – they go on feeding the child’s brain – “You should become a doctor” – “You should become an engineer” – and then they smile and say “ We love our children”!

If you love your children then you will NEVER cast your DREAMS – you will never enforce your DREAMS on your CHILD – you will give him/her FULL FREEDOM to become whatsoever they wish to – because that is TRUE LOVE – LOVE is NOT DEMANDING – LOVE is giving FREEDOM to the person you LOVE!

The very first lesson for natives having RAHU in MAGHA is – love the person but give total freedom to the person you love. If you love your wife – or girlfriend – give her the freedom to breath and take her own decisions. If you love your daughter or son – give them the freedom to make their choice of career – don’t force your desires and dreams on your children – they are NOT products that should carry the labels that you want – they are living beings – they are individuals – let them have their life – let them have their freedom.

RAHU in MAGHA natives are good parents but they miss to experience love from their children because they become too demanding and too possessive or at time the child dies early in life leaving the RAHU MAGHA native in a deep shock.

Joe Biden – the current POTUS – having RAHU in MAGHA – lost his first wife and two children – his daughter died in a car accident and his son from second marriage died of brain cancer.

RAHU in MAGHA attracts many tragedies in life – and many of them come suddenly – pushing the native in a deep shock.

Interestingly – Joe Biden and Barack Obama – both have RAHU in MAGHA Nakshatra.

And both became attained the seat of power (MAGHA) – when Obama became the first black President of US and Biden the Vice-President! While Biden had to face tragedies in his mid thirties – Obama had to go through many difficulties and tragedies during his childhood days since he was raised by a single mom and later by his maternal grandparents.

These natives find good SHOCK ABSORBERs because RAHU in MAGHA brings many shocking moments in their life. The best SHOCK ABSORBER is laughter and so the native having RAHU in MAGHA should learn to laugh – should take it easy. When Obama became the President in 2008 – the US was in deep economic recession – war and poor economy had led to a gloomy environment across America – and that is when he truly became a great shock absorber for his country – he tried to bring the ‘ALOHA SPIRIT’ among his people, his countrymen.

Generally natives having RAHU in MAGHA avoid being too serious because seriousness is illness – seriousness stops you from being yourself. You miss humor, you miss life!

RAHU in MAGHA – is a unique combo that gives a feeling to the native as if his life is like a roller coaster.

These natives go through many SUDDEN HIGH and LOW phases of life. However if the native’s birth chart has overall positive placement of planets then even though while going through the low phases of life – they NEVER lose their enthusiasm.

Investments in stock markets is a favorite subject for RAHU in MAGHA natives. Many also become good investment banker with this placement. They like to RISK. George Clooney having RAHU in MAGHA – is a perfect example of a high risk taker!

RAHU in the MAGHA NAKSHATRA of a GREAT GAMBLER (KETU) – makes the person a high risk taker in the matters of stock market and investments. This placement brings great potential to earn a lot of money through stock market – or through gambling.

Many big time investors have RAHU in MAGHA nakshatra – because to become a good successful investor – you need to take HIGH RISKS.

One good thing about RAHU in MAGHA is that they like everything to be GRAND – SPACIOUS – KINGLY in display. Generally you will not find stingy people having RAHU in MAGHA – they spend well and they also spend well for lavish parties and for friends and family.

Their motto is simple – LIVE BIG, LIVE KING SIZE.

RAHU MAGHA native just loves to buy big brands – he or she is indeed a man who buys a thing by first looking what brand it belongs to!

RAHU MAGHA natives are large hearted men – who may do a favor but will not ask or expect anything in return. The ‘LEO’ (Lion) nature is of GIVING and just GIVING like a GODFATHER!

LEO zodiac natives are good friends – and when it comes to RAHU in MAGHA – then the native becomes too attached with friends. To him – friendship is more than family!

RAHU in the ROYAL NAKSHATRA of MAGHA – naturally brings a craving for ROYAL LIFE – natives are naturally attracted towards ROYAL families – or towards ‘men and women who hold top posts in the Administration.” MAGHA RAHU native take great pleasure in establishing connections within the top Government circles – because that gives a boost to their ‘Status’ – their ‘Prestige’.

Prestige. Prestige is like ‘Oxygen’ for these men and women – they may be unhappy in their marriage but they will never knock on the door of the court – because DIVORCE means threat to their prestige and so they generally remain unhappy in their marriage but never dare to file a divorce because “What people will say?”

In exception situations they will take divorce only when they are pressurized by their family – otherwise they generally want to keep their ‘image’ as crystal clear as possible.

These natives generally don’t wait for others approval of their talent – they go out in the market – roar like a lion and build their own brand.

Instead of begging for a seat, these natives build their own table.

For RAHU in MAGHA natives – driving on the road to greatness is possible when they bring humility, service and character to their being and self-realize the fact that GREATNESS is NOT found in position or prestige or power.

In this universe – three prominent energies dwell – the Sanskrit scriptures address them as:

  1. SATTVIC (Pious by nature)
  2. TAMASIC (Devilish by nature)
  3. RAJASIC (Pleasure-seeking by nature)

RAHU in MAGHA is TAMASIC by nature. And so the craving for POWER, for KNOWLEDGE, for POSITION is too much than otherwise. The subtle desire (RAHU) is to gain the SEAT OF POWER by hook or crook. Joe Biden finally attained the seat of power and became the 46th President of US – though many doubts and questions were raised by his opponent (Donald Trump) concerning the authenticity of the US Presidential elections.

Magha Rahu natives seek Knowledge -but this seeking is to gain more PRESTIGE and more POWER in the society. The focus is on the outside and not much on the self-growth! The whole focus is on the OUTSIDE POMP – the more the POMP the better.

TRUTH is HARD but TRUTH can also liberate you – transform you into a much evolved being – only if you are able to accept the TRUTH.

RAHU in MAGHA is determined individual who is power hungry and also hungry for attention. It is said that whatsoever you wish – whatsoever you desire – someday – during a certain birth cycle your desire manifests – it is pure science – it is the law of vibration.

If you want to experience GOD – if you want to ‘see’ Krishna – then you first have to become ARJUNA – only then the vibrational match is possible. To ‘see’ Krishna you should have the ‘eyes’ of Arjuna! Only when there is ‘match’ – the desire – the wish manifests – it all begins from that one person – YOU.

That is why it is said that the master appears before you only when you are ‘READY’. This ‘READINESS’ is based on how much you have ‘succeeded’ through your self-efforts in expanding your consciousness.

When a soul holds an intense desire for POWER – then in some birth cycle his desire is manifested because he has shaped himself according to what he desires for!

DESIRE is what DRIVES us all – you cannot drop the desire but you can always raise the quality of your desire by purifying your desires.

The very first step towards raising the quality of your life is focusing on purifying your desire. Purifying the desire simply means that you want to hurt someone – but now you have decided not to hurt. Purifying your desire means you had the desire of having sex but now you have consciously dropped the idea of having sex. You have self-realized enough is enough.

When desires start transforming – when desires start purifying then RAHU signify positive results in your birth chart because Desire is RAHU. If you all are having trouble from RAHU in your chart then you all should focus on raising the quality of your desire – that in itself will change the quality of RAHU in your birth chart.

RAHU in MAGHA native is very ambitious by nature – and when ambition takes over – joy is not found. When ambition is curbed – you can find joy in life!

The road to spirituality and the key to spiritual growth begins only when you drop ambition – when you stop being ‘SOMEBODY’ (Rahu) and start being a ‘NOBODY’ (Ketu).

The very source of AMBITION is RAHU – because the other name of RAHU is FEAR.


RAHU is more damaging in MAGHA and UTTARA PHALGUNI Nakshatra than otherwise – especially if it is with MARS or SATURN in LEO sign.

RAHU in MAGHA may satisfy the demands and desires of attaining the seat of power but in return the native also has to pay a heavy price. The native may fulfil his desires but he or she has to pay a heavy cost in return.

RAHU will never give you anything for FREE. If RAHU gives you MONEY – he takes away your PEACE in return. If Rahu gives abundance of sexual pleasures than he he takes away your awareness in return. If RAHU gives you immense POWER than he he takes away your love life in return. In fact a man who LOVES POWER will never fall in love or he will always keep himself away from LOVE!

RAHU in MAGHA natives are POWER ADDICT people – and when a man is behind power – he fails miserably in personal relationships – his family life is in chaos or he simply has NO family life!

To a power hungry person – LETTING GO is not possible. RAHU in MAGHA native find difficulty in LETTING GO – they will NEVER forgive – because they can NEVER LET GO.


KETUISH man can easily LET GO – and because he can LET GO – he can FORGIVE. KETUISH man is detached from everything and yet connected to everything.

Paramhansa Yogananda – the divine master and Author of the legendary book “Autobiography of a YOGI” was born on rising MAGHA Nakshatra(Ascendant LEO). It is said that at the time of death — Steve Jobs had only ONE BOOK on his i-pad and it was “Autobiography of a YOGI”!

MAGHA NAKSHATRA is perfect NAKSHATRA when it comes to LETTING GO – because it is ruled by KETU. In fact MAGHA has all the essence of a MONK, a SANYASI – a man who is on the greatest journey of his life – the Spiritual Journey!

People connect with me spontaneously – when they are born on MAGHA NAKSHATRA – especially when their ASCENDANT is rising with MAGHA!

But when RAHU arrives in MAGHA – the LETTING GO nature of this beautiful NAKSHATRA is reversed and native is unable to LET GO. And when you are unable to LET GO – you cannot forgive and when you cannot forgive you are bound to experience more miseries and more sleepless nights.

A good night sleep comes only when you go with the flow – when you accept – when you LET GO.

Much of the miseries come your way because you are not willing to LET GO – and the primary reason is your MIND. RAHU is the NORTH NODE of the MOON which signify the MIND and RAHU loves to CLING – and a man who goes on CLINGING – is bound to lose the person or thing he clings to!

RAHU in MAGHA natives just cling to power – and so they always are under the fear of losing the SEAT OF POWER (MAGHA) – and usually they lose the seat of power – because you only lose what you cling to!

When it comes to POWER – it reminds me of ALEXANDER, the GREAT because he had been winning many continents – he was an EMPEROR – EMPEROR ALEXANDER – the GREAT. He was the epitome of POWER, AMBITION, STRENGTH.

Although ALEXANDER was another name to ‘POWER’ – it is said that when ALEXANDER came to INDIA, he collected many precious treasures – abundance of GOLD and DIAMONDS, and when he was about to leave India – he came across a naked fakir.

Alexander asked the fakir “Do you see my treasures? Have you ever seen anybody with so many treasures?”

The fakir said, “All your treasures are nothing, but I can give you one thing that will really make you rich!”

Alexander could not imagine what this naked fakir could give him. In his begging bowl the fakir had a small mirror. He gave the mirror to Alexander.

Alexander said, “This mirror will make me the richest man in the world? You must be mad!”

The fakir said, “First look in the mirror.”

And Alexander looked into the mirror: it did not show his face – it showed his inner being, it showed his interiority, it showed his subjectivity. His being was reflected in the mirror.

He touched the feet of the fakir and said, “You are right – all my treasures are nothing before this mirror.”

It is said that he kept this mirror continuously with him.

That mirror represent meditation. The fakir must have given him some meditation because only meditation can make you aware of who you are.

POWER cannot help you to realize who you are – greed for POWER drags you away from your ‘SELF’ – you go on killing thousands of people just to gain more power – more territories but within – you remain a restless miserable man.

POWER is NOT bad – only if it is in the hands of an awakened being – a BUDDHA, a Christ, a Krishna, a Mahavira!

POWER becomes bad – when it is in the hands of an ignorant corrupted being.

RAHU in MAGHA does well when the individual or the native has brought much awareness to his being – then through the ‘seat of power’ (MAGHA) he can help the common man, the nation and its people.

It is a MYTH that Power corrupts YOU. Power cannot corrupt you – unless you are already a corrupt being. Power simply brings your corruption into action.

People are full of violence, greed, anger, passion – but has no power; so they remain a saint. To be violent you need to be powerful. To fulfill your greed you need to be powerful. To satisfy your passions you need to be powerful. So when power happens into your hands, all your sleeping dogs start barking. Power becomes a nourishment to you, an opportunity. It is not that power corrupts, you are corrupted. Power only brings your corruption into the open. You wanted to kill somebody, but you had not the power to kill; but if you have the power, you will kill.

POWER in the hands of an awakened being will not cause harm but only help to those who are in need.

Whatever is hidden in your seeds, whatever is your potentiality, power gives you a chance – because most human beings are living so unconsciously that when they come to power all their unconscious instincts have a chance to be fulfilled. Then they don’t care whether it kills people, whether it poisons people….

Power is misused because you have desires which are ugly. The real character of a man comes out only when he is given power – absolute power.

RAHU in MAGHA is NOT a bad placement because it brings POWER – it is a great placement for someone who aspires to shine in Politics, in Drama, in Acting, in Modelling. POWER is NOT bad – that is what the society has been labeling always that POWER is BAD – POWER CORRUPTS YOU – no, power is NOT bad – if you are not bad, if you are living with AWARENESS.

RAHU in MAGHA natives are power seekers – the intense subtle desire is to attain the seat of power (Magha) – which is good as far as you clean all the ugly instincts that are hidden within you – and to cleanse yourself the only way – is by meditating every day!

Just the way the physical body needs a good bath every day – similarly your inner being also need a good bath every day and it comes in the form of meditation.

When awareness comes to your being – when awareness, consciousness expands – then all the RAHUISH (WORDLY affairs) can be very effectively managed for the well being of others!

This is how you can change the quality of your life – this is how all those having RAHU in MAGHA can brings a pleasant change in this human world by cleansing themselves and expanding your consciousness – which is possible only when your meditation is not limited to a few minutes but becomes a way of life.

Every day millions of buds blossom into a beautiful flower…..

You also can blossom, you also can dance, you also can sing a song – only when you live by surrendering yourself to GOD – only when you start meditating on God’s holy name.

Chant the name of the Lord – every day, with unconditional love, with no expectations. And then the miracles will start happening – miracles happen every day in our life – we miss to ‘see’ these miracles because we are still ‘blind’ and the fakir has given us a mirror – the fakir must be really mad because he is giving mirror to blind people like us – but the mirror he gives is the most wonderful gift of the beyond – the mirror is ‘meditation’ – through meditation you can ‘see’ – it is only through meditation that you will gain a new ‘perspective’ towards life – a fresh perspective – a new vision.

Meditate with love – because there it is only through LOVE – unconditional love – that you can experience the beyond – the Godly – the Divine – and that’s what MAGHA is all about – the Divine Seat of POWER – where the enlightened beings sit and direct this human world.

I humbly prostate before the divine seat of power – MAGHA – the majestic Star where the angels dwell.

Angels represent: the totality of life, innocence of life, celebration of life.

MAGHA is the home to angels – and RAHU in MAGHA natives perfectly understand the fact – that life is NOT logic, that life is NOT a philosophy – life is a celebration!

The real meaning of ‘creativity’ is – loving whatsoever you do, celebrating it as a Gift of God!

RAHU in MAGHA brings creativity because they love whatsoever they do – they dance, they sing – they are perfectly aware that the true religion is in celebrating life. They don’t analyze, they celebrate life.

When you celebrate, the whole existence participates with you.

God comes only to a open mind and not close mind. You have to open up to the existence, you have to share your thoughts – you have to express yourself without thinking who will say what – RAHU in LEO’s MAGHA – gives that open window – to express, to sing, to share, to dance!

Dance – but when you dance – become the dance – don’t let the dancer (ego) control you – when you sing – become the song, when you love – become love.

The solution to all the miseries of human life is found only in one word – LOVE.

Love can heal – Love can forgive. And Love can lead you to the state of liberation (Moksha).

Leo is indeed the sign of individuality – and only an individual can truly love – only an individual can understand the essence of true love – because he is not bothered about the society – he is not chasing respectability – he is happy to BE – he is not interested in BECOMING.

Be who you are and share what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Freedom is the fuel – freedom is the foundation of a blissful life but this freedom should come from within – inner freedom. Inner freedom is possible. It happens as you go deeper and deeper into awareness. Watch your body, watch your thought processes.

Buddha says: Watch, witness the whole process of your thoughts. Slowly, slowly, you will be aware that you are not any thought—you are not mind at all. You are a pure witness. The experience of pure witnessing is the experience of total freedom, but it is an inward phenomenon. And a man who is inwardly totally free has no hankering to be outwardly free. He is capable of accepting nature as it is.

Such a man lives with ACCEPTANCE – to such a man, Buddha calls a TATHATAGATA – one who has experienced total freedom within – one who is the real LION – the real GURU – the real MASTER who reigns over the ‘space’ to which the world calls MAGHA – the seat of power, real power whose roots are found in the seed of Love.

Love to all my readers.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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