Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra


Buddha in Hitler’s place is not a good idea. However Hitler in Buddha’s place is a wonderful development – it simply signify that the desire to change for good, the desire to learn and mature, the desire to evolve as a wise person exists. Similarly, is the case with Rahu (Hitler) in Punarvasu (Buddha’s abode) – the native has an intense desire to learn, to evolve, to mature and to become knowledgeable.

Rahu in Punarvasu is therefore a positive placement for Rahu. Always remember – an extrovert person (Rahu) entering a place of worship (Jupiter – Buddha’s abode) is a good sign and not a bad one.

One thing you all should always remember – whenever Rahu is in Cancer – the attachment with Mother, with house, with car/bike, with emotions is always there. Either the person is obsessed with his/her mother or the mother is obsessed with the native – many times Rahu in Cancer gives birth to a mommy’s boy or mommy’s girl. However if the moon is placed negatively in the chart then disputes with mother, absence of mother, loss of mother is also seen.

Punarvasu means returning of the light (the Godly). Punar means Returning and Vasu means one who is Godly! A man or woman born with moon in Punarvasu Nakshatra is very much interested in restoration of health, restoration of home, restoration of wealth – such men and women have excellent potential to HEAL others – because restoration is indeed a way of healing – restoring your health, wealth and peace of mind.

And when Rahu is in Punarvasu – the person become too much obsessed towards restoration, towards healing, towards educating others, towards knowledge sharing. So you see – the intention is GOOD but whenever one gets obsessed with something – it becomes too much and Lao Tzu says – TOO MUCH is the only sin!

As long as Jupiter (Guru) is placed well in the birth chart – RAHU in PUNARVASU can provide excellent results for natives who aspire to become Doctors, Engineers, Professors and Scholars. However if Jupiter is afflicted then Rahu in Punarvasu can actually spoil the whole future of the native – and if Jupiter is RETROGRADE – then the native is simply dragged into many miseries of life then otherwise.

“What is Jupiter in Astrology?” asked Mohan

And I said “Mohan – Jupiter in Astrology signify VIVEK.

VIVEK means conscience.

And what is conscience?

Conscience is doing what you believe is right even though it might be unpopular or difficult.

That is Jupiter in Astrology.

Rahu in Jupiter’s Nakshatra – Punarvasu simply exaggaretes the person’s conscience – provided Jupiter is Yogakarak and is not afflicted by Venus or Rahu or Ketu.

Rahu in Punarvasu is generally found to be good for natives born on the following Ascendant signs:

  1. Aries
  2. Leo
  3. Sagitarrius
  4. Cancer
  5. Scorpio
  6. Pisces

Jupiter loves the above Ascendant signs and is also Yogakarak for all these six zodiac ascendants. And so Rahu in Punarvasu works wonders when the native is born on any of these six ascendant signs.

Punarvasu is a very knowledgeable Nakshatra and the other name for Punarvasu is – Aditya.

Aditya means the Lord of Suns or – the Sun Lord!

Whosoever is going through RAHU MAHADASAHA or negative RAHU TRANSITS should do 12 Surya namaskar every morning and while doing Surya Namaskar – he or she should recite the following 12 Mantras of Surya – Sun Lord:

ॐ मित्राय नमः Oṃ Mitrāya Namaḥ (meaning – I prostrate before Sun Lord who has affection to all)

ॐ रवये नमः Oṃ Ravaye Namaḥ (meaning -I prostrate before Sun Lord who is the cause of all changes)

ॐ सूर्याय नमः Oṃ Sūryāya Namaḥ (meaning – I prostrate before Sun Lord who induces all activity)

ॐ भानवे नमः Oṃ Bhānave Namaḥ (meaning – I prostrate before Sun Lord who diffuses light)

ॐ खगाय नमः Oṃ Khagāya Namaḥ (meaning – I prostrate before Sun Lord who moves in the sky)

ॐ पूष्णे नमः Oṃ Pūṣṇe Namaḥ (meaning – I prostrate before Sun Lord who nourishes all)

ॐ हिरण्यगर्भाय नमः Oṃ Hiraṇya Garbhāya Namaḥ ( meaning – I prostrate before Sun Lord who contains everything)

ॐ मरीचये नमः Oṃ Marīcaye Namaḥ (meaning – I prostrate before Sun Lord who possesses raga (celestial music)

ॐ आदित्याय नमः Oṃ Ādityāya Namaḥ (meaning – I prostrate before Aditya – the God of Gods)

ॐ सवित्रे नमः Oṃ Savitre Namaḥ ( meaning – I prostrate before Sun Lord who produces everything)

ॐ अर्काय नमः Oṃ Arkāya Namaḥ (meaning – I prostrate before Sun Lord who should be worshipped)

ॐ भास्कराय नमः Oṃ Bhāskarāya Namaḥ (meaning – I prostrate before Sun Lord who is the cause of lustre)

One who recite all these highly powerful 12 Surya Mantras and also does the Yogasanas – will never be harmed by RAHU.

When you recite each Mantra and do the Surya Namaskar as seen in this picture – you simply become invincible and no negative energy can harm you – and that is indeed the truth!

But who wants to listen? People want easy solutions – they just want to spend money and buy solutions – they forget the fact that money cannot buy solutions – it can only buy you products but not real time solutions.

What a conincidnce that while writing on Rahu in Punarvasu – this wonderful remedy has been revealed – indeed it must be a message from Sri Punarvasu – the Lord of Lords – the Sun Lord Aditya!

Rahu in Punarvasu loves to repair. As mentioned earlier – PUNARVASU is about restoration and restoration happens only through repairing that which has been broken, damaged!

PUNARVASU therefore is GODLY – because only GOD can repair and restore your life – only God! And whenever God repairs and restores your life, HE ensures that you no more remain on the same level of awareness, God raises you – uplifts you to higher altitudes of awareness, consciousness!

Reminds me of a story….

There was a young man, his name was Bhola, he must be like me. He lost everything – his father, his mother, his wife, his children, and then one day – he lost his home.

Walking on the streets – all alone he wondered – now what? The villagers also abondened him, the whole society turned back on him. They all started calling him – a bad omen!

Society is FAKE – my fellows, society will simply turn back on you as soon as you become a loser!

And so Bhola started living on whatsoever he could collect from the dustbins – slowly slowly he started turning inwards – he started chanting the name of the Lord, he became more and more spiritual and then one day – he moved out of the village – everything was now left behind – and Bhola started walking towards the beyond…..on his way he stumbled upon a old man, and the old man looked into his eyes…..and smiled. His smile was so divine, there was so much love in his eyes – that Bhola started crying…………..

The old man said “Why you cry, why you cry…..”

Bhola said “ I don’t know but just your glimpse moved my heart…..I am Bhola and I have…”

The old man said “ You don’t need to tell me anything, I know who you are and I know what you have been through. Son – I have been waiting for you, I have been observing you, not a day I have missed – every minute – every day I have been watching you….”

Bhola suddenely remembered his dreams. In his dreams he had been seeing an old man smiling and he looked exactly like this old man! Bhola fell on the old man’s feet – tears started flowing through his eyes – he said “ It was YOU – it was YOU – and you have been appearing my dreams so often – I now realize that YOU are my MASTER.”

The old man raised him up and said “Its time son – your real journey is going to start NOW.”

And the old man gave a warm hug to Bhola.

Bhola said “ Today I am truly reborn – I have lost everything – my wife, my mother, my father, my children – they all died – but now I know why I am alive. To experience this divine moment – to experience your blissful omni presence – O master – although I have lost everything – today I realize that there is absolutely nobody as RICH as I am – as fortunate as I am – as blessed as I am…..”

The Master said “ Whatsoever you have lost – was your destiny – your past life karma – now you are FREE in the true sense – now there is NO BALANCE left – you have arrived – and now you real education will begin….come lets move in to the forest…..”

And Bhola walked with the master….

Bhola was not seen for the next five years. Nobody knew where he went…until one afternoon – he was Back… but he looked different… there was a certain glow on his face, there was so much grace in his eyes. He was no more the same Bhola – he had transformed; he had changed into a man of awareness. A man of awareness needs neither duties nor responsibilities nor choices. Yet only he is capable of doing the right thing in the right moment. And that is how a true master is – HE comes only when the moment is right!

Bhola had arrived but he was transformed, he had become enlightened, by the grace of His master – he had attained that which your money your status cannot attain!

A few villagers noticed him – but they didn’t recognize him. They bowed before him and said “Please come to our village, we will take care of you.”

Bhola smiled. He knew that these villagers were the same villagers who had caused much trouble to him, that these were the same villagers who had abandoned him, condemned him. But now they could not recognize him – Bhola said “ Sure I will come to your village, that is where I belong.”

The villagers could not understand. They showed him the way towards their village and Bhola started walking……

Every step reminded him of the days when on the same route he had walked as a lost man, a man who was abandoned by the society – a man who was condemned by the same society!

Bhola smiled – at moment while walking he laughed – a loud belly laugh! The villagers wondered what made this man laugh at such strange moment. But that is how a true master is HE laughs on himself, HE laughs at the strange ways of this human world; HE laughs at the jokes that God plays often in this human life!

After a while they reached the village. The whole village came to seek blessings – and Bhola blessed everybody. Then someone said “There has been no rains this year – the cattle is dying of thirst, women and children are dying of thirst – please help us….”

Bhola said “Your problem will be solved. I will stand in this flowing river and meditate for two days – after two days – the rains will come – they will have to come.”

And Bhola stood in the running river water and meditated for two days – with his intense penance and love – God granted his wish and exactly after two days rains came and they came so heavily – so heavily that all the fields and farmlands received abundance of water – the cattle, the women, the children – everybody rejoiced – the birds started singing, the flowers started dancing – the whole village became happy – and they all could not find words to express their gratitude – they came and said “ We are truly blessed by your omni presence – you have done a great service to our village.”

Bhola said “ It is also my village – remember when you met me I had said that it is this village to which I belong…”

The villagers said “ But how?”

Bhola said “ You remember – there was a young man in this village – you all hated him, you all condemned him – you all labeled him as a bad omen – do you remember that young man who had lost everything?”

One old villager stepped ahead and said “ Yes master – yes, I remember – his name was Bhola.”

Bhola smiled and said “ I am the same Bhola – my fellows, I am – the same Bhola.”

The villagers could not believe their eyes and their ears – they all started trembling with fear – they all said “ We are sorry – we are very sorry to have troubled you – please don’t curse us….please don’t hate us….”

What a strange way of this world is – those who hated you are now saying – “Don’t hate us”!

Bhola smiled and said “ Hate is not my way of life – my way of life is LOVE – and I LOVE YOU ALL – so now go back to your home and start making preparation for celebrations – God has showered the rains and now we all must sing in HIS praise – dance in HIS praise….”

The villagers went back home with heavy heart – they all felt guilty for their behaviour but they also were happy to see that someone from their village has risen to the height of Buddha – they felt blessed, happily they started preparing for the celebrations!

After a few days Bhola left the village – the villagers kept crying – they were not willing to let him go – but Bhola said “ I am like a flowing river – I cannot stay here forever because only flowing water remains fresh whereas water that never flows becomes stale and so I must leave….”

And Bhola left – never to be seen again. Later many men and women became His disciples and whenever his disciples asked “Who restored your life?”

Bhola’s eyes would become wet and he would say “ That old man who always waited for me – who loved me, who blessed me – without whom I am lifeless – My Guru – My Master. He restored my life and not only he restored my life but he also raised me to the highest level of consciousness – even if I wash his feet with my blood – even if I clean his feet with the whole skin of my body – still I will NEVER be able to express my gratitude to the fullest – so much he has given my – His breath is my breath – my breath is HIS…..”

That is how a true master is – HE restores your life but also raise you to the higher altitude of consciousness. And that is exactly how PUNARVASU NAKSHATRA is – Punarvasu too restores your life and Punarvasu is ruled by Jupiter – the Guru, the Master!

What a beautiful connection – and how beautiful astrology can be – only if you can connect with your heart – only if you can FEEL more.

Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra native having a positive placement of Jupiter – does takes great interest in:

  1. conceptualizing new initiatives
  2. focusing on remedies that improve health
  3. performing certain remedies
  4. providing solutions
  5. repairing and restoration of damaged materials
  6. Coaching and providing counselling
  7. Farming & poultry business
  8. Education sector, spreading knowledge, educating the weaker sections of society
  9. Social work, laying foundations of large institutions
  10. Family life – especially considers Mother as an ideal or an inspiration in life

One of the most striking sign of Rahu in Punarvasu is that the native loves to preach, teach and nurture the society. Many great preachers are born with Rahu in Punarvasu.

If you give a project to a Manager having Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra – then he will treat the project as his child – and like a mother – he will take care of all the aspects of the project and complete it with great care and perfection. Rahu in Punarvasu makes the native extremely caring – to the extent that sometimes it just becomes too much to handle. For example a mother having Rahu in Punarvasu is so much caring that the child starts suffocating – always remember TOO MUCH is the only sin!

Yesterday Mohan asked a very interesting question – he asked “ Cancer Rahu in Ashlesha is caring – and Cancer Rahu in Punarvasu is also caring – but then what is the difference between their caring nature?”

I said “ Mohan – Rahu in Ashlesha brings too much head into the caring nature – and Rahu in Punarvasu brings too much of alertness in caring nature. There is one beautiful word in Hindi – Siddhant – meaning values/principals/ethics. A person having Rahu in Punarvasu is more focused on ensuring that he as well as his child follows certain Siddhant – meaning values, principles and ethics – his or her caring nature is more about following certain values and principles while Rahu in Ashlesha is more about the chattering mind that goes on caring and this type of caring makes you worry more and more.

Ashlesha Rahu simply goes on worrying – this worrying is of the head – and to such a worry he considers as caring!

Whereas Punarvasu Rahu simply cares – his caring is of the heart and not of the head.

Generally Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra attains success in whatsoever he undertakes. When Rahu is in the abode of Jupiter – certain positivity of Jupiter compels Rahu to act with awareness then otherwise.

Rahu is the north node of the mind – and so no matter in which Nakshatra Rahu is – as long as Rahu is in Cancer – the control of mind over the native is very tight and the native often is engulfed in the clutches of mind – unless he is meditative being or has a Ketu Moon conjunction.

The MIND is a great prison. The Sufis say – the mind is a disease and indeed it is a truth!

Once it happened – There was a man who lost his axe and he suspected the boy next door. He watched the boy walking–he had stolen his axe. His expression, his talk, his behaviour, his manner, everything about him confirmed that he had stolen the axe.

However the next day the man was digging in his garden and he found the axe. So in reality – the axe was NOT stolen by the boy but was lost in the garden!

NOW – when the man saw the boy next door again – nothing in his behaviour and manner suggested that he would steal an axe.

So you see – this is how the cunning mind works – first the man’s mind made him believe that the boy must have stolen his axe – the mind made him believe that the body language of the boy indeed is that of a thief – you see, but in the end the TRUTH was something else – the TRUTH was that the axe was NOT stolen by the boy but was simply lost in the field!

This is how people spoil their relationship! The boyfriend starts thinking that his girlfriend is cheating him – that she is having SEX with another boy – then whatever the girlfriend says – the mind makes the boyfriend believe that indeed his DOUBT is CORRECT! When in reality the girlfriend is completely INNOCENT – and then a day comes when the relationship no more can survive – and it breaks – bringing a great deal of pain to both – the boyfriend and the girlfriend! DOUBT is of the MIND – and the MIND is a MONKEY – the MIND can NEVER know the TRUTH though the MIND goes on making you believe that what you think is the TRUTH and that creates more and more distance between you and your partner – the MIND is a monster that it simply destroys LOVE – the MIND kills LOVE.

“An ordinary mind is an active agent. It is not like a mirror. It is not just showing whatsoever is the case; no, it penetrates actively. It brings its own ideas to reality. It colors reality, it gives a shape. It gives a form to reality which is not there, which has been brought by the mind itself.” – Osho

The trick of the MIND is such that whatsoever the mind thinks, it always finds there… because first you put something in reality and then you read it. With the right hand you put it, with the left hand you read it and you think you are reading reality.

Always remember – the MIND creates MAYA (Illusion). If you live through the mind you live in maya, you live in illusion, you live in your own projections and ideas. Layers of your thoughts hide you from reality and hide reality from you. Dropping the mind is dropping the maya, the very base of all hallucination. Once the mind is not there, suddenly that which is, is revealed.

When RAHU is in CANCER sign ruled by MOON (MIND) – the native has to take special efforts to control the monkey mind and evantually overcome the mind by turning inwards – by chanting the holy mantra. However this is possible only in the case of EVOLVED SOULS.

Common souls – shallow souls having RAHU in CANCER simply remain in the tight GRIP OF THE MIND and when you remain a SLAVE of your MIND – the MIND takes you for a nice ride!

When you make the MIND as your MASTER – you will SUFFER a lot in life.
It is only when you make the MIND as your SERVANT – that you will find peace, bliss and happiness in life.

What is the MIND? This MIND is the RESULT of your many past birth SANSKAR (cultures/impacts). The STATE of your MIND (Moon placement) is directly connected with your past birth cycle journeys. If you have MOON in the 8th house – it simply means that for many births you had been focusing on the matters of the 8th house matters (sorcery, investigations, research, underworld, treasuries, etc) – however the most significant trademark of 8th house moon placement is – FEAR. Natives having moon in 8th house are always fearful – the lack courage unless there is another planet along with moon in the 8th house. 8th house moon natives are driven by FEAR – and not by LOVE!

If Rahu is in Punarvasu (Cancer sign) and Moon is in the 8th house then matters become worse in matters of family life, house, etc. Rahu in Punarvasu is beneficial only when Jupiter and Moon are placed in positive house – and NOT in 6th, 8th and 12th house. However if Moon is in 6th, 8th and 12th house and is receiving 5th or 7th or 9th aspect from Jupiter then Rahu can give positive results! It all depends on how and what state Moon (mind) and Jupiter (conscience) is. Always remember – 8th house, 12th house and 6th house placements are NOT always bad – provided the Lord of these house is Yogakarak and placed in suitable house and sign. So never be quick to judge.

In the very beginning of this sharing I had specifically mentioned that Rahu in Cancer generally makes one a mommy’s boy. The native is attached to his mother and the mother is also attached to her son. In the history of Indian Politics – there can be no other better example than that of late Prime Mininster Rajiv Gandhi. His attachment to mother (Indira Gandhi) was well known and incidentally he became the Prime Minister of India – when Indira Gandhi was killed. So he became a successor to his mother (Cancer Rahu in Punarvasu). In fact Rajiv Gandhi was the first accidental Prime Minister and not Manmohan Singh!

Millions of Sikhs were brutally killed after Indira Gandhi was assisanated – and when journalists ask that why the Congress Government did not interven and stop this mad killing and bloodshed – Rajiv Gandhi quotes:

So he is justifying the killing of Sikhs and the bloodshed and the anger – by claiming that his mother – Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was a BIG TREE and when a big tree falls – the ground shakes (bloodshed happens)!

So you see – attachment with mother is a trademark of Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra and in general Rahu in Cancer sign.

Rajiv Gandhi had Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra. Punarvasu Nakshatra definately brings the desire to restore, nurture. And Rajiv Gandhi did many good things for the country – he was the one who encouraged establishing the IT industry in India – today the blooming IT industry in India certainly cannot get away without expressing gratitutde towards Rajiv Gandhi – one of the youngest leader who became Prime Minister at the age of 40.

Philanthropy and social work is what Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra native is good at. Reminds me of Ivanka Trump – a rising social figure who has done exceptionally well for herself by devoting herself to many social causes and philanthropy work. Ivanka Trump has Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra and I certainly will not be surprised if she attains a prominent role in US Politics – for she has what it takes to succeed in Politics.

Punarvasu is ruled by Jupiter and Rahu in Punarvasu thus brings great interest towards learning about other FAITHS (Religions) and at times the native also converts to the FAITH in which he or she believes in. Raised as a Christian Ivanka Trump converted to Orthodox Judaism in July 2009. Ivanka took the Hebrew name “Yael”. She describes her conversion as an “amazing and beautiful journey” which her father (Donald Trump) supported “from day one”, adding that he has “tremendous respect” for the Jewish faith.

Ivanka Trump at the Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray, in Jerusalem’s Old City

Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra indeed makes the native a faithful person – Ivanka Trump having Rahu in Punarvasu indeed confirms this fact!

Yet another Jewish native who is one of the greatest legendary Hollywood Actor – Michael Douglas – also has Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra.

Religious, Faithful, Preacher – all these qualities of Jupiter are simply exagarrated when Rahu is in Punarvasu Nakshatra and the person can and does goes to extremes when it comes to RELIGION.

It is not bad to have Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra – as mentioned in the very beginning of this sharing – it is always good to have Hitler standing in the abode of Buddha! So natives having Rahu in Punarvasu certainly have arrived on this planet to strengthen religion, religious thoughts, and to raise the flag of religion much higher than it is NOW!

Being righteous, being religious, being caring, nurturing, restoring and repairing – motivating and inspiring others to walk on the path of FAITH – are some of the prominent traits of Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra. It is a good placement and if the chart is of an evolved soul then this Rahu in Punarvasu certainly can bring a better change in this world and make this world a much better place to live!

That is exactly what Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra can provide to this planet – healers, peacemakers and restorers! I prostrate before the divine knowledgeable Nakshatra – Punarvasu. May its blessing shower upon me and all my readers & followers.

To attain more strength from the pious and benevolent Nakshatra Punarvasu – one should plant a bamboo tree in a big pot or garden. The tree that Punarvasu signify is Bamboo tree and those who know the immense power and beauty of the bamboo plant cannot agree more – bamboo is the most auspicious plant – just the way Punarvasu is the most auspicious plant. No doubt – Lord Rama was born on Punarvasu Nakshatra – the Nakshatra that restores righteousness – DHARMA.

RAMA is indeed our SOUL. Sita is our HEART. While Ravana (the demon king Asura) is our MIND. Eradicate the MIND – DROP the MIND – DEFEAT the MIND and the SOUL will rise and speak! Eradicate the MIND – and your Heart will start beating with LOVE – for the first time you will feel ALIVE – you will feel lighter – the miracle dwells in your heart – your heart knows the answer – your heart is where GOD dwells – your heart is beautiful..

Intellect and Logic is dry and boring – that is why the Guru – the Master loves those who follow their heart, I love those who are followers of the heart – then we can sing together – then we can dance together – then life is no more a misery but a wonderful adventure!

You continue to EXIST as long as you are following your HEAD – however the moment you drop your HEAD and start following your HEART – that is when you truly start LIVING – that is when you truly become ADVENTUROUS!

Adventure is possible only when you walk the way of the heart – God realization is one of the greatest adventure – Punarvasu means God of Gods – and God loves all those beautiful souls who are willing to “Jump” – into the unknown, God loves those who are willing to take the RISK!

Always remember – it is GOD who chooses HIS men – it is the GURU who chooses HIS disciples – Jesus choose 12 disciples (Apostles), Krishna choose Arjuna, Buddha choose Mahakasyapa, Mahakasyapa was the first disciple of Buddha who attained enlightement and he was not in rush – in fact he wanted to delay the experience of enlightenment because Buddha had made a rule – once His disciple attains enlightenment then he cannot live with Buddha – he has to leave Buddha and travel to to spread the light – the knowledge – the wisdom! And Mahakasyapa loved Buddha so much that when he attained enlightenment he remained silent – he thought Buddha will not know – but who can hide anything from the master!! And so Buddha said “Mahakasyapa, don’t try to deceive me. Now there is no need to sit under this tree. Get on and move! There are millions of people who are still groping in darkness, and you are sitting here enlightened. Take this fire of your enlightenment and make as many people aflame as possible.”

Mahakasyapa was in tears. He started crying…he said ” Master…I have been hiding. I am enlightened and I cannot go near you. I wanted to touch your feet, but I touched your feet – just made the gesture of touching your feet – from faraway under the tree. Because I knew that once one is enlightened he is sent away.”

Buddha raised Mahakasyapa – and said “ I love you. I am with you. Wheresoever you go – I am with you. So now start your journey, walk to the farthest shores of this planet and help those who are thirsty for GOD – for LOVE – for the TRUTH.”

And Mahakasyapa left – he travelled his whole life and helped those who were thirsty for God – for Love – for the ultimate Truth!

Truth is what Punarvasu loves – one who seeks the TRUTH – one who seeks GOD – one who seeks LOVE – should always worship the pious benevolent Nakshtra of Punarvasu!

Love to all my close followers and readers. Stay blessed and remember – you are NOT alone, God is with you.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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