Rahu in Shatabhisha Nakshatra


The real strength is seen from your THIGHS.

A Wrestler’s (PEHLWAN) strength is also based on how strong his THIGHS are!

For a man – the THIGH is the supreme spot of displaying HIS strength.

For a woman – the THIGH is the epitome of her Sexiness – in fact a woman does well in the field of glamour because of her THIGHS – every woman who has a beautiful THIGH – attracts more glamour, more prosperity – more pleasures in her life!

The THIGH has always been a source of strength! To MEN – the THIGH signify their strong will and strength to FIGHT BACK. And to WOMEN – the THIGH signify their sexiness – beauty – glamour!

It is necessary to remember that we all are BORN through the THIGHS.

“From her thighs, she gives you life
And how you treat she who gives you life
Shows how much you value the life given to you by the Creator.
And from seed to dust
There is ONE soul above all others —
That you must always show patience, respect, and trust
And this woman is your mother.
And when your soul departs your body
And your deeds are weighed against the feather
There is only one soul who can save yours
And this woman is your mother.” ― Suzy Kassem

Great power, great strength is required in the THIGHS – so that a new life – a new baby comes out of the womb of the mother and sees the light of the day!

Salute to all MOTHERS – because the FATHER become free after ‘sowing’ the seed (sperm) but it is the mother who nurtures it, grows it and eventually gives birth by gathering tremendous strength in her THIGHS!

It is very significant to know that it is the WOMAN who goes through a major TRANSFORMATION the moment she gives birth to her first baby – the moment she becomes a MOTHER!

Every part of HUMAN BODY is of significance – has some purpose – has some higher purpose and has some CONNECTION with the STARS, PLANETS!

THIGHS are directly connected with SHATABHISHA NAKSHATRA.

Especially the RIGHT THIGH comes under direct influence of SHATABISHA NAKSHATRA and since RAHU rules this NAKSHATRA – it is natural for RAHU to showcase its strength through the THIGHS!

Have you ever seen the PEHLWAN showoff his strength by tapping over his thighs? It is a common practice – especially in a ypical Kushti match (Wrestling) in India.

RAHU rules over your THIGHS – and so when RAHU is in SHATABHISHA – the person takes great pride in showing of his thighs – they love to wear shorts – men or women – they are the short-lovers!

Wearing shorts is also a way of showing off – how MODERN and CAREFREE you are!

And that is exactly what RAHU loves – RAHU loves to do all of those crazy things that the traditional society would never let you do.

In many traditional mindset countries – wearing SHORTS at public places is still considered as a CRIME!

But RAHU loves to do all sorts of such ‘CRIME’ – maybe that is why many criminals have a misguided STRONG RAHU (Desire) in their charts!

RAHU in SHATABHISHA makes the person MODERN, FORWARD THINKER, and a trend-setter!

Yes – you read it right – these men and women have the ability to become fashion designers – they do well in all kind of creative arts.

The SHATABHISHA RAHU person is an EXTROVERT person – and so generally they like to have many friends – they are socialites – take great interest in social networking. Generally they have large network of friends and connections at all levels of the society.

RAHU in Shatabhisha brings great interest in SEX. Generally a person with this RAHU loses his or her virginity at a very young age. Although nowadays many women and men lose they VIRGINITY before they cross the 18 years age mark – this RAHU men and women lead the pack.

RAHU loves to do something different in sex. So they try different ways of doing sex – these men and women need constant change – something new – something different- be it in sex, food or work – they like to try something NEW – something DIFFERENT!

The ruling Vedic Deity of SHATABHISHA NAKSHATRA is God Varuna.

JUSTICE. TRUTH. LIBERTY. EQUALITY. God VARUNA represents all these values and RAHU simply exaggerates these VALUES – the person FIGHTS for FAIR TRIAL – JUSTICE – TRUTH.

Individuals with RAHU in SHATABHISHA can definitely become good lawyers, and law-makers.

Many forward thinking women are born with RAHU in SHATABHISHA NAKSHATRA. This RAHU has the capacity to bring great FAME and great AUTHORITY.

Melania Trump – has Rahu in Shatabhisha Nakshatra. An ex-model, she rose to the highest stature of power when she became the First Lady of the United States of America!

You see – RAHU in SHATABHISHA has full capacity to provide you the ‘essentials’ to RISE in life. But you all should remember – that you may have a BMW car (RAHU in SHATABHISHA) but you can drive it as FAR as you have the PETROL/GAS! So CAPACITY is there but the real question is whether you have enough PETROL (supporting planets and dashas) to utilize its CAPACITY to its fullest!

SHATABHISHA is connected with Medicines. And Alternative treatments such as hypnosis, reiki. Men and women having RAHU in SHATBHISHA especially with MOON – do well in the field of medicines, pharmacy and alternative medical treatments.

The negative side to this RAHU is that person can get addictive to DRUGS, ALCOHOL, TOBACCO. Because these native live more in their HEAD – the always need some ‘stress-relievers’ and so they get addicted to such harmful addictive items.

Intellectualism is what they breath day in and day out. AQUARIUS sign men and women – anyhow are highly intellectual beings – on top of that – if you are born with RAHU in SHATBHISHA then you become too much obsessed with intellectualism and miss to realize that ‘INTELLECTUALISM’ is a poor substitute to INTELLIGENCE.

RAHU in SHATABHISHA is a strong indication that the native is RAHUISH by nature – and that brings ambition, ego, aggressiveness, selfishness to the forefront. Although it works well for someone who is aspiring to become a Politician – because you cannot succeed in POLITICS unless you are RAHUISH – total RAHUISH by nature.

RAHU in SHATABHISHA gives birth to a born politician. Now it is not necessary that every born politician has to become to the Head of the State – he can be anywhere – home, family, office, company, shops, malls and he will not leave a chance to play politics. Certain SOULS are habitual – from many past births and rebirths – all they have done is to ‘play politics’ – so this birth also they continue to do the same – life indeed goes on repeating like a WHEEL until you become MINDFUL – until you become AWARE!

This is a very STRONG RAHU – and so when KETU MAHADASHA begins then these folks start feeling the HEAT!

And the reason is NOT KETU MAHARAJ – the reason is their RAHUISH nature – they always had wanted for MORE AND MORE – MORE SEX, MORE MONEY, MORE POWER, MORE LUXURIES – and now KETU slows them down – and they just cannot understand what is happening – it is like a man who have been travelling all his life in a BULLET TRAIN – suddenly has been shifted to a Local Train! Imagine his condition – he feel frustrated in KETU MAHADASHA – the reason is his own NATURE of always speeding up – running fast – trying to GRAB as much as he can- trying to CLING to as many things he can – but now KETU MAHARAJ is simply helping him realize that it is in his interest to SLOW DOWN – if he can listen to what LIFE is saying – he can sail smoothly through the KETU MAHADASHA else he will always remain FRUSTRATED!

RAHU in SHATABHISHA NAKSHATRA men and women simply cannot understand the fact that ‘ONE MUST NOT EXPECT ANYTHING IN RETURN.’

These natives being RAHUISH – always are EXPECTING – and that is how they make their life a misery – by their own IGNORANCE.

To all natives born with RAHU in SHATABHISHA – remember – EXPECTATION is the cause of your misery.

Once a young man had come to receive me. But he looked sad. I said “ What happened – you look sad.”

He said “ I was expecting 20 lakhs but received only 10 lakhs.”

This is the problem. Now if you would haven’t expected anything and would have received 10 lakhs then you would have been a joyous man – you would have been a GRATEFUL man – GRATITUDE would have been flowing through heart and you would have been THANKING GOD!

You see- HAPPINESS comes from GRATITUDE. It is NOT HAPPINESS that brings GRATITUDE. It is GRATITUDE that brings HAPPINESS!

Never expect anything and then even if you get a ‘small loaf of bread’ on your plate – you will cry with joy in your heart – you will be grateful towards GOD – and this state of being grateful – eventually will bring abundance of happiness in your life!

But people are shallow – and when RAHU is in SHATBHISHA – then what to say! These natives are full of expectations – they keep expecting and in the process keep getting frustrated.

The mother of all frustrations is expectation.

An intellectual being is always expecting. An intelligent being is never expecting – and that makes an intelligent person far superior than an intellectual being.

Intellectualism never brings DEPTH to your being – always remember this. A very common villager – in my home state – MAHARASHTRA – every year in July – thousands of devotees of Lord Vitthal set on a pilgrimage that starts from Alandi and ends at the feet of Lord Pandurang Vitthal in Pandharpur.

These thousands of devotees are called WARKARI.

It is possible that all these devotees may not be true seekers – because many join in – and there are always FAKE devotees (RAHUISH) who join in. But among these thousands of WARKARIs – there are FEW – very FEW – maybe just as much as you can count with your fingers – and these are the REAL BEINGS with great depth of understanding. They may not have gone to any universities or HARVARD or BOSTON and still what they have WITHIN – these intellectual beings can never understand – and can never appreciate! After all you can appreciate only that – which you also have within you!

A plastic rose that looks perfect on the outside will appreciate another plastic rose.

But a REAL ROSE – a REAL ROSE is one in million – and a REAL ROSE will always appreciate another REAL ROSE! A plastic rose is perfect – it has NO thorns – but it also has NO FRAGRANCE!

Only a REAL ROSE has the FRAGRANCE – and one who is willing to – able to ACCEPT A REAL ROSE WITH ALL ITS THORNS – can experience the mesmerizing FRAGRANCE.

And that is how GOD is – my fellows – that is how JESUS is – that is how KRISHNA is – that is how SHIVA is – that is how the supreme consciousness is – to walk towards it – you have to walk through many stones, and thorns – your feet may start bleeding – but a man who is truly devoted – a man who is truly fired up – a man who is truly committed – simply keeps walking – his feet bleeds on the way – his body may tremble by the many storm of his life – but like a TRUE WARRIOR – like a TRUE LOVER of GOD – he keeps walking with unwavering FAITH in his heart – such a man is WARKARI – such a man always experiences that – which your naked eyes cannot!

The naked eyes can only see your physical body. Man gets attracted to a sexy woman because his eyes vision is limited only to her external appearance. He is unaware of what she is in reality and that is how many men fall for the looks and then later regret heavily – this is RAHU – because RAHU is ‘APPEARNCE’ and RAHU is also ‘IGNORANCE’!

The woman you fall for is because of her APPEARANCE – RAHU. And the act of falling just by outward appearance is your IGNORANCE – RAHU!

RAHU in SHATABHISHA therefore brings many personal setbacks – especially in relationships.

Professionally – these fellows do exceptionally well. You will find many rich and famous men and women with RAHU in SHATBHISHA – one thing is for sure – when RAHU is strong – you will not remain poor for long time – even though you are born in a poor family – you will rise to higher status in life – because strong RAHU means strong DESIRE – and so when DESIRE IS STRONG – the desire manifests sooner or later!

Philosophy, Occultism, black magic – all of these comes and can be mastered by men and women with RAHU in SHATABISHA nakshatra.

However – SPIRITUALISM is something that remains far from these natives – because RAHU is more interested in OCCULTISM, MYSTERY and NOT in Spiritualism.

Spiritualism is the path of LOVE and DEVOTION. It is a greater path – a higher altitude realm which a RAHUISH man or woman cannot easily relate to. And so they take Occultism as spirituality – when in reality occultism has absolutely nothing to do with Spirituality!

Jesus will never ask you to learn hypnosis. Buddha will never ask you to learn black magic. The real masters simply will show you the most beautiful path – the PATH OF LOVE.

BHAKTI – DEVOTION is the way of spiritual journey. But people are behind powers – supernatural powers!

There was a young man – he never thought or desired for any powers – he simply devoted himself to his master – and a time came when he started walking on the water! And he was such a beautiful man – such an innocent being – he never even realized that by walking on water – he has performed a miracle!

My fellows such a man is the real disciple – such a man is the real devotee and such a man – someday also becomes the REAL MASTER!

RAHU in SHATABHISHA is a sign that the soul is still not evolved and is yet to go through many cycles of birth and rebirth until he wakes up to the higher cause of human life – “self-realization”

RAHU in SHATBHISHA native resonates with RAHU in ARDRA, RAHU in SWATI natives. Because the common factor that brings them together is RAHUISH nature (ambition, greed, intellectualism and intense sexual desires).

Many times for marriage-matching – people look out for ‘Moon Nakshatra Matching’ – but along with Moon Nakshatra matching – one should also look for RAHU NAKSHATRA MATCHING! And that could be altogether new stream of studies – because RAHU in itself is a subject as vast and as deep as the 7 oceans!

RAHU when falls in SHATABHISHA – the whole focus is on SATURN (since SATURN becomes the SOURCE of DESIRES (RAHU) and so placement/aspects of SATURN along with RAHU’s placement and aspects become significant in the matters of destiny – Yoga!

In all – SHATABHISHA NAKSHATRA men and women are perfect RAHUISH – they are passionate – extrovert and simply loves the limelight. May be that is why we have many glamourous men and women born with RAHU in SHATABHISHA nakshatra! These natives just LOVE to stand before the CAMERA!

Many TV anchors and media news channel reporters are born with SHATABHISHA RAHU.

AQUARIUS. GEMINI. LIBRA – RAHU simply is on HIGH – when placed in these three NAKSHATRAS.

In SHATABHISHA (AQUARIUS) – RAHU is socializing, working on BIG network, brings forth wide publicity and basically fires up the values of LIBERTY, HUMANITY, EQUALITY.

In my next blog – we will see what RAHU does in the other two NAKSHATRAS – ARDRA & SWATI.

Always remember RAHU is highly intellectual by nature – if this intellectualism finds a good support for a good CAUSE – then RAHU in SHATABHISHA Nakshatra can and does bring a positive change in the society.

Although RAHU is poison – still the same poison has helped many doctors and scientists to create greatest medicines that can HEAL their patients. And so it all depends on where and what form this serpent – RAHU – falls in. RAHU can either MAKE your life or BREAK your life – depends on what quality of DESIRES (RAHU) you have been cultivating within your being from the many past births and rebirths!

Every human birth – you get a golden opportunity to raise the quality of your desires – and you can do so only when you start turning inwards – only when you start controlling your monkey mind – only when you start CHANTING the name of the Lord.

Always remember – BIRTH happens because of your DESIRES (RAHU) and LIBERATION (Moksha) happens because you have overcome your desires by focusing within and chanting the holy name of the Lord (KETU). The cycle of births and rebirths begins with RAHU – and the cycle of births and rebirths ends with KETU. Only the blessed ones walk on the path of liberation – that is why I always say that real blessing is not in getting a BMW or a Beautiful woman – real blessing is realizing the fact that the purpose of life – is self-realization and taking the efforts towards it – which only happens with the blessings of the compassionate master – the Guru!

Therefore my fellows – always be grateful – always be compassionate – always HELP those who DESERVE your help – always chant the name of the Holy Lord.

RAHU’s hypocrisy is so deep that many time people fail to find the REAL FACE. But that is how RAHU is – RAHU is good in creating a FALSE impression – a FAKE Aura which only a man of heart – a meditative man can identify – can expose the ‘illusions’ that RAHUISH men and women generate.

Your relationships or your business deals or the decisions you make in life – will improve as you start turning inwards – as you start meditating – as you start finding time to spend with YOUR ‘SELF’.

Only a man who can be alone – can love in the true sense. Always remember – being lonely is different from being alone. Being lonely means you are missing someone – Being alone means you are simply happy to be with your SELF.

Loneliness is a dependence; aloneness is sheer independence.

If you want to mature as a human being – if you want to experience the essence of TRUE LOVE – then my fellows – I appeal to each one of you – to come out of the fear of being lonely and start realizing the beauty of being ALONE! The day you will realize the difference between being lonely and being alone – the day you will be able to live your life perfectly by being alone – that will be the day – the moment – the real turning point of your life!

That man and that woman is blessed soul – a beautiful soul who simply rejoices in the state of aloneness!

Rejoice in the state of aloneness. Spend some quality time with your ‘self’ – every day.


{Next in series – RAHU in ARDRA NAKSHATRA.}

Stay Tuned.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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