Rahu in Swati Nakshatra

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Swati – the “Real Pearl”. Swati – the “perfect balance”. Swati – the “beauty of relating”! A wise man always understands the depth and beauty of SWATI Nakshatra. A woman born on SWATI is a blessing – a goddess and a man born on SWATI is lovely human being. Being Human is the most appealing slogan for SWATI Nakshatra beings – it is indeed a ‘Real Pearl’!

Swati has always been a special Nakshatra that dwells in the neighborhood of wise, intelligent men and women. It resides in a ‘high-class’ locality of ‘intellectuals’. It is NOT a Nakshatra that belongs to the lower class – but to the higher class. When I say “High-Class” – I mean ‘HIGH VALUES’ – ‘DEEP UNDERSTANDING – and ‘COMPASSIONATE’ heart. SWATI has all of it!

WINNING or SUCCESS comes only when you SHOW a certain quality, a certain CLASS…

Your words, your comments, your REACTIONS simply SHOW YOUR CLASS and when it comes to SWATI Nakshatra – the natives are quite sophisticated having a balanced perspective towards matters of life in general. A matured native will never pass or post a comment that makes no sense or is offensive by nature – instead he will balance his act by choosing the right words at the right time! That’s what the WESTERN PUNDITS address as EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. An emotional intelligent person always stay balanced.

BALANCE is one word that SWATI Nakshatra loves a lot. But when RAHU comes in SWATI – the native becomes obsessed in finding balance in life. And the irony is that they think that they are balancing well but that is their illusion (RAHU) and the reality is something else. RAHU in SWATI simply miss to find balance in life – and that creates many miseries in their life.

Natives born on SWATI Nakshatra are indeed beautiful souls – they have a certain aura of ‘intellectualism’ around them – the love to read books, they love to read poems – they are avid readers as well as also good writers.

Rahu in Swati is a perfect relaxing placement for RAHU. In Ardra – RAHU is communicating – trying to build relations. In Swati Rahu is successful in building relationships, doing good business, cracking the deals so that money flows in. While in Shatabhisha – Rahu is all set to enjoy the ‘profits’ – ‘benefits’ of his hard work (communicating, establishing contacts) & (succeeding in forming relationships, establishing business)!

So you see – SWATI is the Middle Ground – the actual point of manifestation of relationships, business deals, and public support (fame). Men and women having beneficial planets in SWATI – do well in life. Because SWATI is indeed a blessed star! A wise man always perceives SWATI with high regards!

Rahu in Swati brings obsession towards forming relationships. Obsession towards sex. Many women and many men with Rahu in Swati – try to perfect the art of lovemaking! Love making is also an art – and someone as artistic as Rahu in Swati knows very well on how to enact the art of lovemaking. SEX indeed is the most important subject for these natives – but they are NOT vulgar – they love to do sex in an artistic way – in a romantic way!

ROMANCE – Rahu in Swati native are very romantic by nature. They want more and more romance in life. People in general relate the word ‘Romance’ with LOVE – but the English dictionary defines the word “Romance” as ADVENTURE.

And so when you have RAHU in SWATI and by chance if you fall in love and there is a strong Yoga of LOVE MARRIAGE in your horoscope – and there are many ‘challenges’ to overcome before you marry the LOVE of your LIFE – then such a RAHU SWATI native goes all the way – HE may RISK his life – HE may go against the whole society – He may not bother about his status – because he perfectly understands the fact that when you love – you simply love!

The dashing-ness, the courage, the willing to go all the way – just to marry the love of their life – comes naturally to a RAHU in SWATI native – because they like a life of romance and adventures! It is a possibility that James Bond – may also have had RAHU in SWATI Nakshatra! Well that was on a lighter note.

Womanizer – RAHU in SWATI often is labelled as a man who is always in search of a woman – he just loves woman, he wants to romance as many women as he can – and that makes him a perfect womanizer – you can say that ‘WOMAN’ is his weak point. The man who says “My name is Bond, James Bond” – goes weak in his knees when he stumbles upon a sexy, good looking woman!

Woman anyhow is the ‘weak’ point of every man – though in case of Rahu in Swati natives – woman is indeed the weakest point in their life – the natural tendency to get attracted to opposite sex and to have intimate relation with the opposite sex is quiet intense in these natives.

However it is also interesting to know that opposite sex also gets quickly attracted towards these natives. Women find RAHU in SWATI man quiet appealing and so forming relationship (primary mission of RAHU in SWATI) becomes an easy ride for these natives.

SEX is necessary. In fact there are men and women who remain as married couple but sleep separately. And then there are men or women who simply keep running like a horse in a race – trying to gain more money, more status but when it comes to SEX – they have no answer – there is no sex in their life and then they keep visiting all temples and astrologers – asking “Why my life is miserable – why I feel lost – why I feel stagnated in my life?”

The answer is simple – “You have forgotten or rather ignored the basic need of your physical body – sexual need. Your body is hungry for sex but your ignorant mind has kept your body starving while you keep roaming around the town asking for HELP!”

Nobody is going to HELP you and nobody is going to tell you the TRUTH because we are living in an idiotic hypocrite society which instead of telling you to address the sexual hunger of your body – will give long lectures on how it is good that you have had no sex for last 10 years! This is the whole idiotic state of our society – where priests have been condemning sex.

The general myth is that whosoever avoids sex is considered as a saint – though his body may be going through intense sexual starvation! It is funny that what is ALIVE – you ignore and what is DEAD – you worship! SEX is very much alive – we are born out of sex – how can we condemn sex? How can you go on ignoring sex? The answer is simple – because you have been following your MIND and the MIND becomes the priest – the MIND goes on condemning SEX.

You cannot condemn the source of life. But that is what you do and then you ask “Why I feel lost? Why my life seem to be dead.” You are not letting your body have sex and a starving body will only create more issues in your life than otherwise – that is how SEX SCANDALS are seen in many ASHRAMS and many BABAs and so called spiritual beings fall prey to SEXUAL ATTRACTION because SUPRESSION is dangerous – a little movement and the ‘bomb’ can explode leading you to many sexual scandals!

RAHU in SWATI natives – should never starve themselves – they should get married – or else – have satisfying sexual relationships.

There are men and there are women who just do ‘lip-service’ – meaning they keep chanting “Ram, Ram Ram” when inside their mind – SEX – the thought of sex is always lurking. What is the use of such ‘lip service’ – you are just fooling your SELF.

Why do we have many SEX PERVERTS in this human society? You know why – because these men and women are simply starving – they don’t do sex – they either condemn sex or they just don’t get the sexual pleasures that they expect – and then such SEX PERVERTS are ‘born’!

RAHU in SWATI – if is denied sexual pleasures – then many SEX PERVERTS are born with RAHU in SWATI. And when sex fails or sex is absent in your life, then many perversions happen to the mind. These perversions are expressed in hatred. Hatred is a failure of sex, a failure of love energy. Violence, lust for money, the continuous conflicting attitudes of egos: war, politics – these are all sex perversions.

RELIGION creates sexual perversions – because religion goes on condemning, blocking, putting many hurdles on your way – that you simply give up the idea of sex – you go on suppressing your sexual needs and that is how one day – a great SEXUAL PERVERT is born – a perfect creation of so called RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITE SOCIETY.

It is interesting to note that Psychologists consider ‘LOVE’ as a FOREPLAY that initiates you in to the actual act of sex.

“Psychologists say that love is nothing but a foreplay to sex. They are right – because they have no other specimen to study. They study you and then they come to conclude that love is nothing but a foreplay – just creating a situation in which sex can happen, nothing else. So when sex has happened, love disappears. It is just like when you feel hungry you gravitate toward food and look at food with enchanted eyes. But when your hunger is satiated, you look away from the food. All the enchantment is lost.” – Osho

This is a very realistic view of the LOVE that the society or the common man knows of. LOVE simply plays as a LUBRICATING AGENT that gets you into the act of sex. And when sex is satisfied, the husband moves to his own side of the bed and goes to sleep. He is finished; all the enchantment is gone. It will come again only when he feels a type of hunger. Psychologists say that love is nothing but a foreplay – just a mannerism. And they are right, because they do not know any other type of man.

RAHU in SWATI natives naturally do well in enacting the foreplay – and so sex is always good – though the thought that whether love is possible without sex always remains as a puzzle in their mind – which rarely they are able to solve!

In reality – when you love someone very deeply – then SEX takes a BACKSEAT. Because SEX has limitations – as long as you are physically fit – you can have sex – but when body becomes OLD – when sexual organs cannot perform – then it is ONLY LOVE that can keep you and your partner bonded – Bonded WITH Love!

RAHU is the other word for DEMAND. The moment you meet a DEMANDING person – you should be alert that you are interacting with a RAHUISH person.

A demanding person is the most idiotic person and it is always advisable that you try to keep yourself as disconnected with them as possible.

It is good to love someone – but the moment you start becoming demanding you have killed the very essence of love – because love blossoms only in that person’s life – who is NOT demanding.

The real lover will NEVER demand. The real seeker will NEVER demand. The conscious being – one who is living with consciousness will NEVER EVER DEMAND.

Less evolved souls, ignorant foolish beings always go on demanding and that brings more miseries in their life then otherwise! RAHUISH men and women are too demanding and that is one of the many reasons for their miseries – their frustrations and depressions.


RAHU in SWATI is demanding in relationships and especially when it comes to SEX and EMOTIONS.

SWATI brings EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – but RAHU in SWATI simply damages this emotional intelligence because emotional intelligence is about finding balance in managing your emotions and RAHU simply doesn’t have the word ‘BALANCE’ in his dictionary!

The primary reason that stops RAHU in SWATI native from becoming a STAR PERFORMER is their inability to show emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is missing in RAHU SWATI natives and the sooner they understand – what is emotional intelligence? – the better for them.

LIBRA and moreover SWATI is very much able to recognize and understand emotions in themselves and others and also are good in managing relationships – but RAHU in SWATI spoils the game – the person becomes too emotional in relationships – and impulsive by nature resulting in sudden breakups and many personal setbacks in life. Emotional intelligence is when you restraint from REACTING – but RAHU in SWATI native is quick to REACT and this impulsive nature of reacting brings many miseries to their personal life – especially to relationships.

Rahu in Rahu’s Nakshatra (SWATI) precisely brings great importance to the placement of VENUS in the Ascendant chart. Rahu simply follows the ‘orders’ of VENUS and so the ultimate results depends on whether the VENUS is in good positive state or negative state.

SWATI rules the CHEST. And RAHU in SWATI can lead to problems in CHEST – especially during old age. When you breath – the breath has to go deep in your heart – but people breath shallow because when breath goes deep – it excites the sex center – you become more sexual – that is how many SADHAK – in the beginning during their spiritual penance – face this common problem that is increase in sexuality!

When you are on the path of spiritual journey – it is natural development – because the energy (MARS) is in the sex center – you just have to be more aware, conscious – The increased sexual energy will channelize on its own towards the upward direction as you remain committed towards the Master – as you remain devoted towards the compassionate master!

Obsession with – Partnerships, Dealerships, Negotiating, Diplomacy, and Socializing are some of the common traits of RAHU in SWATI.

Rahu in SWATI always is trying to appease – OTHERS – and so ‘buttering the boss’ to get promotion or ‘buttering a woman’ to get her is something that these natives passionately indulge in.

The main reason for the miseries in their life is primarily because they live under the wrong assumption or illusion (RAHU) that it is only when they can make OTHERS happy that they can remain happy! The reality of matter is – that it is not that when you make OTHERS happy – you will be happy. It is when YOU – yourself are HAPPY that you can make others happy.

When you go on submitting to the DEMANDS of OTHERS – you forget the fact that DEMANDS never END. If you give in to one demand then the same person will come up with second demand! And that is how you become a ‘puppet’ – you lose control of yourself – you lose control over your life – you simply become a silly person who thinks that by living to the demands of others and making others happy – you will be happy – and that is indeed suicidal and dangerous!

Always remember – by focusing on the OUTSIDE – by making OTHERS happy – you cannot find happiness because happiness is an inside job.

RAHU in SWATI does make you an EXTROVERT person – a person who is too much focused on the OUTSIDE and when you depend on outside – when outside situations DRIVE you than – your happiness is short-lived because the outside situations always keep changing!

The whole message to my fellows – especially to my close followers having RAHU in SWATI is – ‘start focusing within, turn inwards, and realize the fact that you have the power to control your mind and NOT the situations on the outside.

RAHU in SWATI simply shows that the ‘DESIRE’ has always been towards – TURNING ON.

And natives do well materially – they prosper, they earn good fame, good properties but what about happiness? What about wisdom? What about peace of mind? What about experiencing the joy within?

The answer to all these questions is only found when you stop TURNING ON and start TURNING IN – and that’s KETU!

RAHU will always push you to TURN ON.

KETU will always encourage you to TURN IN.

The whole story of human life is caught up between RAHU (Turn On) and KETU (Turn In)!

That is why the ancient seers have held RAHU and KETU with high regards – because these two can either MAKE or BREAK your life!

Reminds me of a beautiful story – the Buddha story!

Once it happened, a very learned astrologer was taking a walk on the river shore when he stumbled upon certain footprints of a man. The astrologer quickly realized that these footprints are NOT of an ordinary man. All his life – the Astrologer have been reading many scriptures and the scriptures mentioned about certain signs that exist in the feet of a man who rules the world — a chakravartin — a ruler of all the six continents, of the whole earth. And the Astrologer saw in the footprints in the wet sand on the riverbank all the symbols so clearly that he could not believe his eyes! Either all his scriptures were wrong and he was wasting his life in astrology…otherwise, how was it possible on such a hot afternoon, in such a small, dirty village, a chakravartin would come and walk barefoot, on the burning hot sand? He became very curious. He started following the footprints…..and soon he came near a huge banyan tree. And beneath that tree – he could see the BUDDHA – engrossed in deep meditation.

The Astrologer was taken aback. He was an intelligent being. He quickly recognized that the footprints were of BUDDHA! Stepping closer to Buddha – he bowed before the master and said “I am sorry to disturb you – but I am surprised to see that your footprints clearly signify that you should be a chakravartin, a world ruler. What are you doing here, sitting under this tree? Either all my astrology books are wrong, or I am hallucinating and you are not really there.”

Buddha said, “Your books are absolutely right — but there is something which belongs to no category, not even to the category of a chakravartin. I am, but I am nobody in particular.”

The astrologer said, “You are puzzling me more. How can you be without being anybody in particular? You must be a god who has come to visit the earth — I can see it in your eyes!”

Buddha said, “I am not a god.”

The astrologer said, “Then you must be a Gandharva — a celestial musician.”

Buddha said, “No, I am not a Gandharva either.”

And the astrologer went on asking, “Then are you a king in disguise? Who are you? You can’t be an animal, you can’t be a tree, you can’t be a rock — who exactly are you?”

And the answer the Buddha gave is of immense importance to understand. He said, “I am just a Buddha — I am just awareness, and nothing else. I don’t belong to any category. Every category is an identification and I don’t have any identity.”

How deep are the words of BUDDHA – HE says “ I am just AWARENESS – and nothing else.”

Truly touching – it is said that this wonderful meeting with the Buddha – transformed the Astrologer – inside-out and he dropped all his knowledge and became a MONK – it is said that when Buddha died – when BUDDHA left his body – he was the one who cried the most…..

AWARENESS comes only through the doors of KETU. KETU is DETACHMENT and unless you start living in detachment – there is no possibility of bring AWARENESS to your being – there is no possibility of experiencing the BUDDHA LOVE – the BUDDHA HAPPINESS!

A grateful heart is the most beautiful heart and God comes, the Guru comes seeking a man, a woman who is GRATEFUL – a person who is NOT demanding but loving by nature! Love NEVER demands – EGO demands – but LOVE – Never! Love is happy when it is able to GIVE – to SHARE, EGO is happy when it is able to TAKE something.

My answers and my sharing is for those selective ‘individuals’ who are NOT demanding but loving, understanding and has a certain depth of understanding.

You can always turn the tables around- you can always change your life – you can always raise the quality of your life – everything is possible – ONLY when you start CHANGING yourself!

Change Yourself – and to change yourself, you have to let change happen within you – and you can let change happen within you – only when you SURRENDER – when you start living your life by surrendering yourself to the almighty Lord – to the divine compassionate master.

Meditate every day – and remember that the journey begins with desires (RAHU) but liberation (Moksha) is possible only when the journey progresses towards the state of desireless-ness (KETU)!

Love to all my readers and followers and I humbly prostrate before the wonderful Nakshatra ‘SWATI’ – the Real Pearl!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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