Retrograde Jupiter in First House


The very nature of retrogression is to go against the natural flow of life. What is life? Life is energy. Energy is pure however you put this energy to use is totally based on your nature. Similarly how energy is put to use is based on the nature of the planet. Mars will use this energy to enjoy sex or to fight for rights. Saturn will use this energy to provide justice. Mercury will use this energy to communicate. Venus will this energy in pursuing work of arts and romance. Sun will use this energy to fulfill ambitions and to raise their status in society. Moon will use this energy for vivid imagination. Rahu will use this energy towards dragging you into many illusions and obsessions. Ketu will use this energy to help you turn inwards!

So you see – every planet or entity utilizes this universal energy based on its NATURE – SWABHAV.

So far so good. However what if the planet itself is not in good mood? What if the planet is not in its normal course of motion? What if the planet is stuck or slowed down? Then it is obvious that NOW such a planet is impotent in utilizing the energy in the way it was supposed to. For example – let’s say Mars is in retrograde motion – then such a retrograde Mars will be totally confused and thus cannot channel the energy towards fighting or towards having proper sexual intercourse. It is like a warrior under house arrest – he can’t move – he has to utilize his energy in a limited scope – and so you see even though he is a warrior – he feels frustrated and dejected. Now the next question that arises is whether the warrior is good or bad. The answer is based on the quality of Mars – its placement in the chart. If Mars is debilitated and retrograde then the situation is worst however if Mars is exalted and retrograde then the situation is better – at least the warrior i.e. Mars is a man of good quality – even though his movement has slowed down – he will not commit any serious mistake that a debilitated retrograde Mars may!

So in simple words – Retrograde Planet is unable to utilize the energy to its full potential. For example – a car can run at a rate of 100km per hour but now existence has put a speed limit of 50km per hour! So now it is obvious that the car will reach late – and so delays and more delays is a very common trait of retrograde planets. If you are supposed to get a promotion at the age of 32 – then you will end up getting a promotion at the age of 36. And so frustration and depression due to delays is something that happens when you have more than one retrograde planet in your birth chart.

Before I share the results of retrograde Jupiter in 12 houses it is necessary to remember that results is one thing and the message is another. The result is something that you cannot change – it is predestined. However, the message that a retrograde planet tries to convey to you is something very precious – because if you can understand the message of the retrograde planet then you can truly start working on yourself and rectify the shortcomings and thereby raise the quality of this life and life hereafter.

I will now start sharing the results of retrograde planets in 12 houses. The first planet that I would start with is – Retrograde Jupiter in 12 houses.

Before I begin – please note that Retrograde Jupiter results may vary based on the sign he occupies. If the sign is Aries, Scorpio, Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Cancer, or Aquarius then Retrograde Jupiter will be more positive. However, if Retrograde Jupiter is in Capricorn, Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, or Libra then Retrograde Jupiter will be impotent in providing positive results.

Retrograde Jupiter in 1st house – Health issues or personality disorder is a common observation especially when Retrograde Jupiter is placed in a negative sign – such as Gemini, Virgo, Libra, or Taurus. The character of such a person is always under the scanner – it does not imply that the character of the native is bad but it is just that he or she is constantly judged and criticized by others. Vitality is essential – however when Retrograde Jupiter is placed in the first house – then the vitality is low and so such a person may catch up with diseases or his health may suffer. One good thing that this Retrograde Jupiter does is that it helps the person in keeping his weight under control. So such a native generally is not overweight or doesn’t face issues such as obesity. Retrograde Jupiter in Ascendant gives good height to the native but in certain cases – depending on the Nakshatra of Retrograde Jupiter – the height is so much that the native looks an odd figure in public – because he or she is just so tall!

If Sun is afflicted in the birth chart then such a Retrograde Jupiter is not good when it comes to relations with the father. Either the father is absent or relations with the father are not always on good terms – in short happiness from the father is absent in life. Retrograde Jupiter is in itself a strong indicator of PITRU DOSHA meaning Ancestor curse – since the native has not behaved properly – in a respectful manner with seniors in the family. Retrograde Jupiter, therefore, is also a signifier that the native may face problems while dealing with his or her seniors at the workplace.

Remedy – Worshipping SURYA DEV – Lord Sun. There are many SUN TEMPLES in India and abroad – recently scientists found 8000 years old Sun Temple in Egypt. So find a Sun Temple and worship Lord Sun. Do Surya Namaskar by reciting the following 12 Surya Mantras:

Om Mitraaya Namaha (Praise be to the One who is the friend of all)

Om Ravaye Namaha (Praise be to the One who shines brightly and is filled with radiance)

Om Suryaaya Namaha (Praise be to the One who eliminates darkness and brings in light)

Om Bhaanave Namaha (Praise be to the One who is filled with brilliance and luster)

Om Khagaya Namaha (Praise be to the One who traverses the entire sky and is all-pervasive)

Om Pooshne Namaha (Praise be to the One who provides nourishment and fulfills desires)

Om Hiranyagarbhaaya Namaha (Praise be to the One with a golden-hued lustre)

Om Mareechaye Namaha (Praise be to the One who shines with the light of innumerable rays)

Om Adityaaya Namaha (Praise be to the One who is the son of the divine cosmic mother, Aditi)

Om Savitre Namaha (Praise be to the One who gives life)

Om Aarkaaya Namaha (Praise be to the One who is worthy of all glory)

Om Bhaskaraaya Namaha (Praise be to the One who is wise and illuminates the heavenly world)

Face towards the East direction and recite these 12 Surya Mantras repetitively for 20 minutes. If possible do these when Sun is rising.

Retrograde Jupiter in the first house moreover brings more attraction towards the unseen world – the cosmic world. Such a native is born with other positive aspects then inclination towards spirituality is very strong. If the horoscope reflects higher awareness then the native may also encounter certain spiritual experiences as well as may also get Darshan of enlightened masters. However, since Jupiter is in Retrograde – the native becomes a victim of self-doubt. Remember – Doubt is Death.

Self-doubt means – a lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities.


The greatest obstacle to your success is SELF DOUBT. Always remember – Never let self-doubt hold you captive. Self-doubt leads to low confidence and when your confidence is low – you tend to fail in achieving success. Self-doubt is very destructive by nature – and Retrograde Jupiter in the first house does bring this tendency of self-doubt. And when you are doubting yourself – it is natural that you will start doubting others as well! And that is exactly what happened with one noble King. There was one noble King – he was a good man but he was also a very doubtful man. It happened so – that while going around his capital – every night he would encounter a young man who always remained underneath a tree, sitting silently. Every night the king passed around the city in disguise to see whether everything was right or not. He always found that young man sitting like a statue, without any movement.

Finally, he could not contain his curiosity. He stopped his horse and he said, “Young man, forgive me for disturbing your meditation.”

The young man opened his eyes and he said, “There is no need for any apology because I am not meditating, I am meditation — nobody can disturb it. But whatever your curiosity is, please fulfill it.”

The king said, “I would love you to come to my palace. I will take care of you. There is no need to sit under this tree. Seeing you so silently, like the ancient story of Buddha, I have fallen in love with your silence, your gestures, your utter undisturbance. I invite you to come with me to my palace. I am the king.”

This is how the barbarous mind functions. The king asks the young man to come to his palace — inviting him — but deep down his unconscious wants him not to accept his invitation because that will mean he is still desirous of luxuries and palaces.

But that young man simply stood up, and he said, “I am coming.”

Immediately the whole scene changed. The King’s mind was haunted by DOUBT. The mind of the king was thinking, “What have I done? This man is still interested in the luxuries of a palace, being the guest of a king. This is not a great saint.” This is the old idea of the saint, that he should be as uncomfortable as possible. Discomfort is religion. Sick, hungry, torturing oneself in thousands of ways… and then you become a great saint. This fellow has suddenly fallen from his sainthood, in the mind of the king. But now it was too late. He could not take his word back; it would be too ungentlemanly.

But the young man was watching everything. He didn’t say anything. The king provided for him in the best part of the palace, with servants, and young girls to look after him — and he accepted everything. With each acceptance he was falling down in the scale of saintliness: what kind of saint was he? He accepted a beautiful king-size bed. He accepted all the delicacies of the palace.

The doubtful king said, “My God. What kind of a stupid person am I? This man has deceived me. It seems like he tricked me. Just sitting there every night, he knew I passed at that time, sitting silently like a buddha, he knew that I would be caught — and he caught me. And now it is very difficult either to swallow him or to spit him out. He is inside the palace.”

But how long can you carry such a state of mind?

After six months, one day early in the morning when they were taking a walk together in the gardens, the king said to him, “One question has been continuously harassing me and I want to get rid of it. Because of it, for six months I have not slept well.”

The young man said, “You can ask any question.”

The king said, “It hurts me to ask, but I want to know what the difference is between me and you. You live in the palace, you enjoy all the luxuries… what is the difference between me and you?”

The young man said, “I knew that this question was going to arise one day. In fact, it arose the same moment I stood up to follow you. You are not a very courageous man. You should have asked immediately. Why waste six months, and for six months unnecessarily disturbing your sleep. I can answer your question but not here. You have to come with me outside the boundary of your kingdom.”

It was not far away. Just a few miles away was the river, the boundary of his kingdom.

The king said, “What is the need to go there? You can answer me here.”

He said, “No. There is a need.”

Both went past the river. Standing on the other shore, the young man said, “My answer is that I am going ahead. Are you coming with me?”

He said, “How can I come with you? I have a palace, I have a kingdom, I have my wife, my children… I have thousands of worries and problems to solve. How can I come with you?”

The young man said, “Do you see the difference? I am going. I don’t have any palace, I don’t have any wife, I don’t have any problems. I was as happy under my tree as I have been happy in your palace — not a bit more or a bit less. My awareness is the same whether I am in a palace or in a forest.”

The king felt very sad at his ugly mind, that he thought such an ugly thing. He touched his feet and he said, “Forgive me even to think this. In my own eyes, I have fallen.”

The young man said, “No. Don’t do it. Seeing your tears and you touching my feet I have no difficulty, I can come back, but you will still start thinking, `My God. Has he deceived me again?’ I have no difficulty but so as not to be uncompassionate towards you, I will not come. Just let me go. The whole world is there and I don’t need much, just a tree to sit underneath. It does not matter to me at all.”

This is how DOUBT destroys all the good fate that was to come your way. Retrograde Jupiter should therefore focus on dropping all the doubts that haunt your mind – and also stop being too strict with yourself – you can have some fun – lighter moments are necessary to maintain balance in life. Yesterday – an American woman had come for a consultation – she is a Yoga Practitioner – she also meditates and chants every day. I liked her dedication to meditation and chanting but then she said “In the evening I watch some movies or some programs on television – because I like to watch movies and shows. But I feel guilty – is it ok to watch television shows or movies when you are on the spiritual path?”

Doubt – Self-doubt. I said to her “ There is absolutely nothing wrong as far as you watching good shows and movies that don’t corrupt your mind. It is always good to watch television serials since many a time you get to know the latest trends of society since certain challenges and present conditions of the society are reflected through ongoing television serials. Whenever you watch a movie or television serial – always watch as if you are just a witness – don’t relate yourself or your life story with whatever you watch on the television. If you are able to do this – then you can absolutely watch television and have some lighter fun entertaining moments – since that brings down your stress and the seriousness within you also fades away. Always remember – Don’t be too wise. Always remember to stop; don’t go to the extreme. A little foolishness and a little wisdom is good, and the right combination makes you a buddha – a little foolishness and a little wisdom. Don’t be just wise or else you will be a long face; don’t be just a fool or else you will become suicidal.”

And that is exactly what I would like to tell all those beautiful souls who have Retrograde Jupiter in the first house – that don’t be too serious and don’t be just a fool – find balance in life – a little foolishness and a little wisdom is the right combination that can make you a Buddha!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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