Sexuality, Spirituality and Rahu Ketu Transits in 2020-21


On September 19, 2020 : RAHU will transit the sign of VENUS – Taurus. KETU will transit the sign of MARS – Scorpio.

It always happens – that the energies are in CONTRAST. The meeting of the opposites create electricity! When positive and negative come together – electricity is generated! When MAN and WOMAN come together and melt in each other – a new life is conceived! So opposites are good, contrast energies are good – they help to maintain a certain balance in this Universe – they also help to maintain a balance in your life!

Life is Awareness of Contrast.


There are darker shadows on the Earth but it light are stronger in Contrast

And so if you watch – if you observe closely than the signs that they transit are also CONTRAST in nature – in energy.


Venus is LOVE. MARS is SEX. They are OPPOSITES and yet they create the ‘Magic’ when it comes to sexuality!

Wherever Rahu moves in – He brings OBSESSION.

Wherever Ketu moves in – He brings DISCONNECTION.

See how beautiful Astrology can be! And how deep!

And so when RAHU moves into the sign of Venus – you know “LOVERS ARE GOING TO MUSHROOM”.

And when KETU moves into the sign of Mars – you know that the ENERGY that you have within you is going to be LOW than otherwise!

And when energy is Low – Sexual drive is also low. It is all connected. It is all LinkedIn!

So now in nutshell the SIGNS of VENUS AND MARS are going to be under surveillance!

And this time it is TAURUS Venus and Scorpio Mars signs.

I see a lot of DISRUPTION in the Glamorous industries and also in Politics. Because Venus has to do a lot with Politics!

FINANCES and DEBTS – are going to be the TOPIC for the coming 18 months for the Masses in general.

If you have more than Two planets in Taurus or Scorpio sign than these 18 months are going to TEST YOUR patience.

RAHU KETU transits always impact from Ascendant chart as well as Moon Chart.

Simply because your MIND drives you. And your Situation impacts the MIND.

Being Jobless is your SITUATION. Which can be seen from your Ascendant chart. This SITUATION then IMPACTS the state of your MIND!

So you see – this is how it all shapes up!

And so first you have to observe the TRANSIT from your ASCENDANT CHART.

And then how it will IMPACT your MIND is to be observed from your MOON CHART.

So you all have to MAP the transits happening in your Ascendant Chart WITH the transit happening in your Moon Chart.

Example – Let us have Mohan’s chart. Mohan’s ASCENDANT is GEMINI. And Mohan’s Moon Sign is SCORPIO.

So now from Ascendant chart – His transiting Ketu from (September 19,2020) will be in the Sixth House on Scorpio sign.

And from his Moon Chart – His transit Ketu will be in the First House – Scorpio sign.

So Dissatisfaction in SERVICE OR JOB OR SOME CONFUSION IN GETTING CLARITY AT JOB is seen. Also careless attitude toward having proper medication or taking medicines in time is seen. Distraction at job. Loss of focus on providing good service is seen.

And from MIND perspective- since Ketu is in the First house in Moon Chart – the 18 months will seem DIRECTIONLESS with no idea of what is going to happen? Ambiguity and Confusion

From Sagittarius Ascendant- Ketu in Sixth. Rahu in 12th

From Taurus Moon Sign – Ketu in First house and Rahu in the 7th house

We have seen the results from Ketu transit perspective in Mohan’s chart.

Now we have to see the results of Rahu transit perspective from Mohan’s chart.

From his Gemini Ascendant- Rahu transiting will be seen in the 12th house.

Loss and more loss. If the natal chart has indications of Black Magic spells and ghosts than more trouble from such paranormal activities. Sleep at night will be not satisfying. Foreign connection can happen. And moreover the CRAVING FOR MORE SEXUAL PLEASURE is seen. Person is ot interested in routine daily activities but is more interested in Find what lies beyond – is fascinated by the unseen occult mysteries of life. Starts taking interest in occultism and if the chart is positive than also start doing meditations.

From his Scorpio Moon Sign – Rahu will be seen in the 7th house. So now Map the 7th house Moon Chart Rahu with 12th house Ascendant chart Rahu. This shows that the person is going to SUFFER from relationships and can also become a VICTIM if he or she is going through a negative planet Mahadasha or Antardasha.

This is how the Transit of Rahu Ketu is to be seen – in TOTALITY and not just through one dimension of Moon Chart or Ascendant Chart but from both Charts. Always remember Life is MULTIDIMENSIONAL and not one dimensional!

SEX is just a small part if this vast human life.

But Sex is also important for the body. Orgasm is necessary. It is interesting to note that women can have multiple orgasms but men cannot have multiple orgasms! Once the man ejaculates – he is Done. The sex is over for him – he has experienced orgasm but the woman hasn’t- the woman may want to have multiple orgasms and this is exactly what MANGLIK means! That the sexual appetite is too much and so a woman who is Mangalik need to have a man who is also Manglik because the whole question is about having Orgasms – not just once but multiple times.

When Ketu transit 7th house – especially from the Ascendant – the native starts feeling disinterested in sex – if the native is a woman then she feels incapable to SATISFY her husband or lovers sexual needs. She feels as if the partner is ASKING FOR TOO MUCH SEX – when in reality it is not true.

When you have less money – and someone ask for 100 rupees – you may think that the man is ASKING TOO MUCH.

KETU transit in 7th house curbs the sexual urge and the sexual stamina and so then you are not able to satisfy your sexual partner.

RAHU transit in 7th house from Ascendant gives you some real sex and generally the 18 months turn out to be two dimensional- Sex and trouble from sex partner! Generally lovers find it a challenging position because on one side they are have Good Sex – almost multiple times a week. But the problem for the native comes from the sexual partner – since along with sex – fights and misunderstandings is also seen in relationships.

Ketu 7 for a Man is a BIG problem when it comes to Sex. Because he ejaculates too soon while the partner wants orgasm and more sex more spice in the Bed!

Ketu 7 for a Woman is a BIG problem because she takes a long time to become ‘wet’ and so becomes a challenge for the man to penetrate and have orgasm!

So you see – there are millions and millions of women and men who are facing many such authentic sexual problems but nobody speaks about it because Sex is considered as Taboo and that is the greatest tragedy of human beings. We are born out of Sex and yet we go on condemning Sex. To condemn sex is to condemn the very source of our existence!

For centuries man has not talked openly about SEX. And whenever he has tried to – he had been ferociously CONDEMNED. And so even in today’s AGE – there are many dimensions of sexuality that women and men are still unaware of!

It is only in recent times that people have started talking about sex, finding more about sex, learning more about sex. For thousands of years- Man has always kept the Women deprived of sexual orgasm. And the woman cannot even speak because if she speaks – if she demands her birth right to have orgasms then she knows that she will be condemned and labelled as NOT A Good woman!

The man becomes afraid of the woman for the simple reason that if he triggers one orgasm in her, then she is ready for at least half a dozen more orgasms – and he is incapable of satisfying her.

And so MAN has always kept the WOMAN deprived of ORGASM. Because he is perfectly aware that the capacity of a woman is to have multiple orgasm while a MAN cannot have multiple orgasms but only only ONE ORGASM. And so MAN has always dominated the WOMAN – and denied her birth-right – the pleasure to have orgasm!

Infatuation is one thing and being able to Satisfy your sexual partner is other! Sex is at the very root of your Spiritual Growth – remember this.

Unless you overcome SEX – you cannot attain SPIRITUAL GROWTH.

And you will be able to Overcome Sex only when you have experienced SEX in all possible ways! Only then can you self realize that beyond SEX there is something that is FAR MORE BEAUTIFUL. In Sex you may have the Joy of Orgasm for a few minutes or seconds but in MEDITATION the Joy is not limited but far more superior and lasting than otherwise!

That ONE MOMENT that you experience during the SEX ORGASM – that one moment is the moment when you are ABSOLUTELY HERE – in the NOW MOMENT – with no thoughts, no mind – it is just that ONE MOMENT – this STATE OF NO MIND – NO THOUGHTS and BEING HERE AND NOW – is what you experience in orgasm is the SAME STATE that the MEDITATIVE BEING EXPERIENCE in HIS MEDITATION – the difference is that HE does not NEED any OTHER person and his STATE of NO MIND remains for much longer than your ONE MINUTE of ORGASM.

In the human body – the center of the navel is in being. The center of the heart is in feeling and the center of the head is in Knowing. Knowing is the farthest from being – feeling is nearer. If you miss to feel (heart) – then you cannot connect the reason (head) with your being (navel)! That is why a loving person may realize certain things much easily than the one who has no feeling but is just a dry intellectual being!

Heart and Head are peripheral centers, not real centers, the real center is the navel, which is also called the HARA.

When the mind – the consciousness flows down toward sex you pass through the hara, Navel point – you touch it. But nowadays modern man is more engaged in sex – mentally! He thinks about sex, watch movies – read erotic novels and then he ejaculates – so the real touch rarely happens unless he EXPERIENCES sex and not just imagine about sex.

That is why I say to you all – DO NOT CURB YOUR SEXUALITY OR SEXUAL NEEDS. Else a FAKE MONK OR A FAKE NUN will be born who at some day will FALL for Sexual desires leading to Sexual Scam that you often read in newspapers – fake Babas and fake Ashrams.

Those men and women who have had no sex and yet became great Saints and Yogis – are exceptional men and women who have had enough of sex in their past birth and had self realize the futility of sex.


There was a a great Yogi. I had met Him in Mumbai. And he was truly a Master of all Masters. He had been in the Himalayas for 5 years and his life had changed when he had met his Master in the Himalayas. Then after 5 years of deep penance the master told him to leave and spread the message. He came back home in Mumbai. And I remember him saying “ When I was young I was the richest man in Mumbai and I tried everything- Sex, Cars, Power, Money – even Alcohol of the best brands and everything under the Sun and yet NOTHING could satisfy me – NOTHING could give me that – which will last ever with me – the Joy! And then by accident when while traveling on a trip to the Himalayas I met my master – for the first time in life – I found my ANSWER and then there was no looking back – I simply dropped everything and started following the Master.”


But who wants to listen? People are simply shallow. They think that by leaving their family and going to the Himalayas they can become a Monk! They think ESCAPING is the ANSWER.








And that is what Buddha says, Jesus says, Krishna says that FIRST LOOK WITHIN and OVERCOME ALL THESE TEMPTATIONS AND NEGATIVE QUALITIES WITHIN YOU – for that is the REAL WAY and Not the way of Escaping.

Experience SEX in totality. Unless you EXPERIENCE – you cannot understand the futility of it. You cannot come to the ‘self-realization’ that SEX is boring and that there is something much more beautiful and long lasting than SEX!

The moment sex falls away from you, real life begins. But first you have to go through the experiences of sex – a man who have had many sexual relationships understands the futility of sex at some point in his life!

Don’t suppress your SEXUAL DESIRES – because the more you suppress – the more you create room for a sudden eruption leading to a certain sexual scam!

Instead experience sex – there is ABSOLUTELY NO SIN or HARM in HAVING SEX even though you are a spiritual seeker – because what is the point if you continue to say RAM RAM RAM and inside the deepest and darkest valleys of your being – STILL THE URGE TO HAVE SEX exists?

And that is how millions of BOGUS SADHUS and BOGUS YOGIS and BOGUS BABAS and BOGUS MONKS are born – they APPEAR as SPIRITUAL BEINGS – they think that they are ENLIGHTENED beings – but in reality that is just an ILLUSION and NOT a reality.

Interestingly the FAKE BABAs are RAHUISH men – who think that they are enlightened but in reality they live in illusions!

Whenever you want to know how RAHU KETU TRANSIT will result for you – you have to see what you are? RAHUISH or KETUISH?



It all depends on what type of soil – you are made of?

Understand this – because this is a very deep phenomena. A KETUISH person has the UNDERSTANDING to APPRECIATE the KETU TRANSIT – no matter what house KETU moves in – he is perfectly aware that the HOUSE in which KETU will transit – will be the HOUSE that will indicate SHUNYA – ZERO results. For example if HIS KETU is transiting in 7th house – he UNDERSTANDS that now KETU wants HIM to SLOW DOWN on SEX and FOCUS more in HIS SELF (Ascendant placed RAHU). And because he is KETUISH and he understands the signal of KETU – he ACCEPTS the signal of KETU – he finds ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM with KETU transit.

In contrast a RAHUISH Person having KETU transit 7th house – will become FRUSTRATED because his nature is of WANTING MORE and MORE SEX and POWER and AUTHORITY and now KETU ‘APPEAR’ to him like an ENEMY!

You see – this is how the whole beauty of the stars and planets is – only if you are able to resonate with it – relate and rejoice in it!

BHOGI is also SHIVA.

YOGI is also SHIVA.

AGHOR is also SHIVA.

GHOR is also SHIVA.

GOOD is also SHIVA

BAD is also SHIVA.

It is only in INDIA – in our HINDU community that we have a GOD that has both energies WITHIN HIM – the GOOD and the BAD. KETU and RAHU. POSITIVE and NEGATIVE.

That makes LORD SHIVA the LORD of all LORDS – I humbly prostrate before LORD SHIVA – the ultimate consciousness – LORD SHIVA and HIS consort – Goddess Mata PARAVATI!

It is just that the issues of Bhogi are different than the issues of a Yogi!

Bhogi or Rahuish person’s trouble is from the detachment that Ketu demands.

Yogi or KETUISH person’s trouble is from the attachment that Rahu demands.

As long as this human body remains – the karmic cycle continues for both – Bhogi and Yogi..

Krishna was also a YOGI – in fact one of the greatest YOGI and still he too had to face certain issues – in fact Gandhari cursed him! Can you imagine that someone as GREAT LORD as KRISHNA being CURSED!

As long as one remains in the HUMAN BODY – the KARMIC CYCLE continues – Bhogi or Yogi – the rule applies to both!

The coming RAHU KETU Transit of 18 months – starting from September 19, 2020 – is going to be challenging for RAHUISH men and women whose KETU is going to TRANSIT in the:

3rd House

7th house

11th house

3, 7, 11 are closely RELATED to SEX. Remember this – this a KAMA TRIKON – meaning a Sexual ANGLE.

So when KETU is placed in any of the SEXUAL ANGLE house – expectation of SEX should be balanced. Once should not expect much from friendships, relationships or even from a marriage union.

Now in contrast – the same challenge is also for those KETUISH men and women whose RAHU is going to TRANSIT in the:

3rd house

7th house

11th house

Because being KETUISH – RAHU’s transit will now bring the – DO MORE and the OBSESSION towards SEX, RELATIONSHIPS and FRIENDSHIPS becomes a hurdle to the native’s own SPACE and spiritual growth.

So you see this is very deep subject – of RAHU KETU transits – you have to OBSERVE the transit based on the INDIVIDUAL’s nature – RAHUISH or KETUISH!

Now the common transit reports you read – they cannot be of any help because now you can understand – why?

The question that starts with a – WHY – is of great significance. While common people are behind knowing – WHEN – When will I get a job and WHEN will I get a wife and WHEN will I get a husband – the intelligent man wants to know – WHY?

Incidentally – this month on 21st September my new book on KETU is coming and the title starts with a- WHY? “Why Ketu Can Heal – Understanding Ketu Spiritually.”

I am certain that those who are intelligent beings will read this new book at some time in their life.

An intelligent being is the one who lives MOMENT TO MOMENT – he is a man of awareness – he is NOT lost in HIS PAST and NOT worried about HIS FUTURE – HE simply lives in the moment – he is indeed a beautiful progressive being – who continues to progress – continues to flower – continues to blossom into a New Man!

Every person can become intelligent – intelligence is always present in the unintelligent person.

Those boys who were ridiculed by their teachers and parents as an – unintelligent dumb boy – those boys have grown up to become the PRESIDENTS, the PRIME MINISTERS and SCIENTISTS – the ‘seed’ is always present – it is just a matter of fact that some ‘seeds’ sprout late but when they start sprouting – they start GROWING in LEAPS and BOUNDS – then nobody could STOP them – once they catch up speed – they leave everyone behind!

The ‘seed’ of intelligence is WITHIN. The key is – on how you break it so that it starts sprouting!

And the way to break the ‘SEED’ – is by turning inwards and doing HEART MEDITATIONS!

The ‘seed of intelligence’ is in your HEART. Focus on your HEART – what you FOCUS on – GROWS!

Intelligence is of the HEART.

Intellectualism is of the MIND.

Intellectualism is a poor substitute for intelligence – intelligence is always superior to intellectualism. Heart is always superior to the calculative HEAD.

Be a man of HEART – follow your heart. When you follow your heart – you can TRUST your SELF and Swami Vivekananda says that a man who can trust himself – can TRUST GOD!

The master, the Guru always comes to a man – to a woman who follow the heart.

There was a young cobbler – he must be like me – he knew no prayers, no rituals and yet when he would PRAY – GOD would comes and LISTEN to his prayers. And God loved HIS prayers – if I tell you HIS prayers than you may laugh – but his prayers came from the depth of his heart. His prayer was simple – he would sit and say “ GOD – I know you are very tired, I will give you a nice massage. God, I know you have been wearing ancient shoes – and your shoes have become so old, torn, I will make new shoes for you. And God – I will also cook for you, my wife is not a good cook, but I cook well, I will cook for you – and GOD – you have been walking through so many millions of years and your clothes have become so old, and there must be also so much of dust on your body – I will give you a nice bath. God – give me a chance to serve you. I MISS YOU GOD, I MISS YOU.”

That was his PRAYER. And GOD would always come and secretly listen to his PRAYERS. Tears would roll down HIS eyes but he would never appear before the poor cobbler. Because HE wanted the cobbler to BE JUST THE WAY HE IS – HE loved the cobbler.

But then it is said that one day MOSES was walking on the street and he heard the prayers of the poor cobbler and MOSES stopped – he looked at the poor cobbler and said “ Is this your prayer?”

The poor cobbler said “ Yes Sir – this is my prayer, this is what I have been praying all my life.”

Moses said “ I will teach you the proper prayer.”

And Moses teaches the cobbler the proper prayer. The cobbler thanked him and Moses left.

On his way – Moses thought that GOD MUST BE HAPPY – because he has taught the PROPER PRAYER to the cobbler. And so just receive acknowledgement from God – Moses looked up in the SKY and he was taken aback. Because GOD was angry – GOD was upset – GOD said to Moses “ WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? That cobbler was the only man who PRAYED from his HEART – and now you have taught him the PROPER PRAYER – but that prayer will be just of WORDS and not of HEART – you have taken away my most beloved devotee – Moses…..what have you done?”

And this is the real question – what have you done? People are more focused on reciting the PROPER PRAYER – when GOD is in search of a man – who recites prayers from HIS HEART!

To such a man – God comes, to such a man – the MASTER comes – to such a man – the whole universe comes – all you need is the – HEART!

Nothing much is required – really, but a man of heart, a woman of heart – and then there is song to it, a music, a dance!

Sit down, close your eyes, fall in love and stay there! Focus on your heart, breath in, breath out, your heart is beautiful – you just have to get rid of the mind and the way to do so is by meditating every day.

Meditate every day and remember – YOU are NOT alone.

And GOD is GOOD all the time! 😊

Walk with FAITH and not with SIGHT.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.


Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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