Significance of lemon in black magic spells


One lemon can either BREAK your life or MAKE your life – that is the significance of LEMON. LEMON is the most effective ‘tool’ when it comes to dealing with the SUPERNATURAL WORLD.

Tantrik means Technique. The technique to cast BLACK MAGIC on a woman or man is usually not possible without the lemon that you get in just 5 Rupees in any Indian market!

However it is necessary to remember that the same lemon also holds high regards in the temple of KAALI or DURGA or KAMAKHYA or BHAIRAV or GODS and GODDESSES that are worshiped by millions of people across the globe.

So LEMON can be used for NEGATIVE (Black Magic) or POSITIVE (White Magic) – it is all based on WHOSE hands the lemon falls!

If the lemon falls in the hand of a man who has cultivated positivity within his being than he will use the same lemon for doing GOOD – for HELPING people overcome the negative spells of black magic.

And if the lemon falls in the hand of a man who is total negative within then he will use the same lemon to destroy someone – to kill someone or to cause many health issues to someone.

Always remember the energy is the same – but it become BLACK or WHITE based on the person who uses it.

A black magician generally uses a lemon along with many other Tantrik items such as Cock/Rooster.

It all depends on what level of black magic is being planned or executed to target a certain person.

Generally the black magician demands minimum 40 thousand rupees to cast spell on the targeted victim.

Now the question is – who pay such a huge amount?

Your secret enemy.

The next question may arise – who can be your secret enemy?

Someone who ‘was’ very close to you or someone who is very close to you and pretending as your friend and well wisher when in reality every day he or she is just waiting for you to FALL FROM GRACE – waiting to see your life become a sea of miseries.

The next question may arise – who and why would one pay such a huge amount?

JEALOUSY. ANGER. REVENGE. – When a person is caught up in these three attributes – then he or she can go to any level just to FINISH YOU – DESTROY YOU. Such a person cannot see anything good happening in your life – he or she is constantly trying to damage your prospects by indulging in the heinous act of black magic – the underworld that is driven by various types of PRETATMA (ghosts) and witch and sorcery experts.

Although many men are also practicing black magic rituals still women are more in this field and so often we hear more about WITCH and less about WARLOCK. A warlock is a male practitioner of witchcraft.

Although the capital of WITCHCRAFT and the DARK UNDERWORLD OF GHOSTS is in INDIA – still from the very beginning of time – WITCHCRAFT have been flourishing across the world – right from MEXICO to MIDDLE EAST to SOUTH EAST ASIA and RUSSIA.

Most prominent presence of WITCHCRAFT was in LONDON – until the King of England abolished the act of witchcraft and passed a state order that whosoever is found of doing witchcraft – will be beheaded then and there itself.

Still in today’s modern world – the market of witchcraft is ever blossoming in many European countries as well as in the US and CANADA. And the reason is obvious – with more modernization – more jealousy – more lust – more greed – more enmity is also on the rise and so people are choosing the option of casting black magic spells on their enemies – they think that this is the most safe way – because nobody will come to know – and they can get away with it easily. They think that their enemy will be finished and yet nobody will come to know that they were behind the curtains – that they had paid to the black magician to target your children, your husband or your wife or your brother or your sister. In the daylight they will roam with you as a friend but behind the curtains – secretly they will assign a black magician to finish you – to enslave you so that you become a puppet in their hands!

It is a very dangerous world. Ironically the man who pay to the black magician for casting heinous spells on you – thinks that he is playing safe – but in reality he is playing with fire!

Because these black magicians are very dangerous people – it is like getting in touch with Dawood Ibrahim gang – once you are in touch with them – they ensure that you never leave them – because you are their customer and no ‘businessman’ likes his customer to leave – they entrap you so nicely that someday you start suffocating. As the wise has said – that company matters. When you come in contact with a bad company (witch or warlock) – you are never safe. You come in contact with the witch to do bad things to others but in reality – you get entrapped in a bad company which eventually leads your life to an utterly bad state – worst state.

90% of black magicians across this human world are more inclined in looting their customers – they will continue to demand more and more money. This is how their trap works:

  1. First they will demand a whooping amount anywhere ranging from 40K to 2 Lakh rupees. If you ask “why so much money they want?” – the standard answer is “Because we have to buy many items and they are very costly.”
  2. Once they begin their black magic spells – they will continue to demand more. They may say that “ Now we have started targeting your enemy – now if we stop then it may boomerang on you – so pay now or else we cannot do much to save you from the wrath of the demonic souls – we need to feed them constantly with rooster’s blood, eggs, goat blood and many such items – if you don’t pay – you are on your own – then don’t call us”. FEAR works faster than anything in this world – and this is how the whole cycle of dealings and interactions generally happen – the black magician leaves no stone unturned to ensure that his ‘customer’ that is YOU – continue to churn out money. So to engage a black magician – you really need to have a good amount of money – probably you should be a rich man who is willing to spend his money for such ‘causes’!
  3. However – a typical middle class man or woman can also engage a black magician – these black magician demand less money but once you engage them – they too make sure that their customer – that is YOU remains with them. In short for every class of society – there is a black magician available. In the labor camps and rural villages also black magicians are available – every magician has his or her own charges and they exist right all over the world – Europe, Indian subcontinent, South Asia, Russia, South America, US, Canada – you name it and there is a black magician available. Recently in an international magazine – the growing instances of Black Magicians and the killing of Roosters/Cock for performing black magic rituals was highlighted.
  4. Most black magician or black magic spells are for securing RELATIONSHIPS or breaking RELATIONSHIPS.

Let us now discuss about the kind of black magic spells are cast and the specific reason or desires that trigger certain people to use black magicians for attaining their ‘goals’:-

  1. BREAKING RELATIONSHIP – It is a very common and in high demand black magic spell that is precisely cast to BREAK a RELATIONSHIP. The person who pays the black magician to cast such a spell is generally – the MOTHER or FATHER of the partners – since they don’t want their son/daughter to be with the partner of their choice. In certain cases – there is a THIRD PERSON who is jealous and wants the girl/boy and so they approach the black magician to break the relationship. Many times the partner himself or herself is fed up of the marriage or relationship and so one of them approach the black magician to break the relationship. Many times there can be some secret enemies within your family who cannot see you both living together happily – and so they approach the black magician to destroy your relationship.

Interestingly all these people – whether it is your MOTHER/FATHER – whether it is your secret enemy who hates to see you in relationship with a person – they all will NEVER let you know that it is they who are doing it all from behind the curtains – you will not even imagine in your wildest dreams that the person who is doing black magic to break your relationship is your own parent, relative or so called friend! These people will always talk sweetly with you – fake their good feelings for you – so much so that you will never believe that it was your MOTHER/FATHER or a close RELATIVE or a FRIEND who had been doing all this – just to BREAK YOUR RELATIONSHIP.

The Black magician is just a SUPARI KILLER – whosoever pays him/her – he/she will work for them. So never blame the black magician – it is the person within your circle – who is responsible for the BREAKUP in your relationship. It is said that JUDAS was close to JESUS and yet it is JUDAS who reported to the ROMAN EMPIRE about the whereabouts of JESUS. He sold JESUS for few silver coins – the Roman were able to crucify Jesus because Judas informed them the location of Jesus. It always the CLOSE person who BETRAYS – so be always careful and cautious of those who ‘’appear’’ as CLOSE to you but in reality they are NOT.


In this type of black magic – the TANTRIK or the AGHORI sends certain heinous ghosts with instructions to corrupt your MIND by introducing many lustful sexual thoughts in your mind. This type of black magic is very very cheap and dangerous – and is generally performed by a seasoned black magician who has done many years of penance in Graveyards. Such a black magician constantly keeps hammering the ghosts (His spell energy souls) to spoil your mind with dirty sexual thoughts – generally during Amavasya and Poornima – you may find your mind getting more corrupt with such lustful thoughts because during Amavasya (no moon day) and Poornima (full moon day) the black magician feeds his negative soul energies with blood of rooster and eggs and empower them so that they can do MORE damage to your MIND during these moon phases. The basic intention of such a heinous black magic spell is to BLOCK YOUR GROWTH and to SPOIL YOUR NAME IN THE SOCIETY so that people start labelling you as a “CHARACTERLESS MAN or CHARACTERLESS WOMAN”.


In this type of black magic – the TANTRIK or AGHORI sends heinous ghosts that were basically DRUNKARDS before dying. So when such DRUNKARDS die – the AGHORI or the WITCH catch such DRUNKARD SOULS and send them to the targeted victim. So then what happens? The Targeted victim starts DRINKING too much of ALCOHOL. No matter what his or her family does to save him – he just never stops – he goes on drinking alcohol and in turn spoils his health – his career – his overall life is drowned in the bottle of alcohol. The person who paid the black magician is secretly keeping watch – because he has paid a whooping amount of money to the WITCH to finish this person – though on the outward he always appears sweet and smiling and faking his feeling – saying to the family of the victim “I feel so bad about your son’s alcoholic situation” when in reality he is the reason – he is the one who is paying to the black magician so that your son or daughter is finished forever.

This article or post will continue as I keep sharing more types of black magic and many more details – stay tuned. And stay blessed.

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<<To be continued…….>>

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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