At what time does the 12 Houses Get Activated – Every Single Day?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Every Single Day – each house of all the 12 houses of the birth chart is activated based on specific HOURS of the DAY! Want to know – HOW? Then come, join me as I take you all on quick tour of the routine day:

12th House (Activation time: 9 PM to 5 AM)

Bedtime. Bed pleasures (If you have a partner). Else plain sleep. 🙂

1st House (Activation time: 5AM to 6AM) – You are awakened (physically – not spiritually :)) )

2nd House – (Activation time: 6AM to 7AM) – You focus on your teeth – brush your teeth, tongue, gargle your throat.

3rd House – (Activation time: 7AM to 8AM) You do a small chit chat sitting on the sofa with your near dear ones. Communication happens during this time.

4th House – (Activation time: 8AM to 9AM) You focus on the self-cleansing – house cleaning. It is at this point – where you take a nice BATH!

5th House – (Activation time: 9AM to 10AM) You now study – plan – schedule your whole day. If you are a lover/in relationship – and not working – then this is the best time to have a quick chat with your lover – (boyfriend or girlfriend)

6th House – (Activation time: 10AM to 12PM) Your routine work begins – 6th house is indeed the SERVICE – the ROUTINE WORK house!

7th House – (Activation time: 12PM to 1PM)You get into MEETINGS with the OTHER – the OTHER is none other than your IMMEDIATE BOSS in the office! 7th house is the house of your BOSS.

8th House (Activation time: 2PM to 4PM)- You get entangled in the part and parcel – politics of office, intrigues, plotting, planning, gossiping – depressing thoughts come to you at this time – when 8th house is active – generally this house is active during the LATE AFTERNOON HOURS – 2 PM to 4 PM – That is why NEVER SCHEDULE ANY IMPORTANT MEETINGS DURING THIS TIME.

9th House (Activation time: 4PM to 5PM)- You now start feeling better – its post 5 PM – and now you feel optimistic – a cup of tea – chit chat – some philosophical discussions with colleagues (9th house) and you are set to go back home.

10th House (Activation time: 5PM to 6PM)- You have the final word of the day – with your BOSS, giving, sharing the updated status of your work – it MATTERS because that is what shapes your career (10th house) – and then finally you are DONE.

11th House (Activation time: 6PM to 9PM)- Time to hop on your BIKE or in your CAR and have a nice outing with your FRIENDS (11th house – networking). Or if you are in a relationship – then to mingle with your girlfriend/ boyfriend! Eating dinner, Outing, Enjoying, Networking (11th house) – and THEN……

12th HOUSE – you are BACK to the BED! The day is over until it begins AGAIN!

So the whole point is sharing the above information is that YOU SHOULD NOT MISS THE RIGHT TIMING – and the TRUTH is that except the MILITARY and certain DISCIPLENED MEN and WOMEN – the rest of the WORLD NEVER follows a disciplined lifestyle and that becomes the REASON for their many miseries of life!

DISCIPLINE is utmost for an individual to MANAGE his or her daily schedule in the most efficient way.

And in these 14 hours of ACTIVE LIFE – the most IMPORTANT TIMING that you should NOT miss is the RIGHT TIMING for taking a good BATH!

The right timing astrologically for taking a good bath is between 8 to 9 AM. You can also take bath BEFORE 8 AM. But never miss your bath timing – try to take your bath before 9 AM – without fail!

Now let me share with you all – on WHAT IS THE MOST PROPER WAY (Spiritual way) of taking a GOOD BATH.

  1. Always take bath WITHOUT using the Shower.
  2. Always take bath by sitting and using the bucket – the photo above is just for helping you all get an idea – it is necessary that with the help of a bowl or jug – you pour water on your head – and clean your body by sitting. Why by sitting? Because when you sit – you relax and BATH is a RELAXING PROCESS – always remember this! In our ancient AGE – especially in our country – BATH was a kind of ROYAL TREAT! But with the growing western influence – the RELAXING BATH PROCESS has become a FASTTRACK process – taking away the whole essence of this wonderful process of cleansing called BATH!
  3. Always allocate minimum 15 minutes for BATH. Because to RELAX you need TIME and as mentioned earlier – BATH is specifically meant not just to clean your body but also to help your body RELAX.
  4. In the ancient days – especially in our country – we used to have a nice copper or brass globular water container called LOTA in Hindi. It looked like this:

Instead of using those plastic bowls – use such kind of metal globular water container for pouring water on your body.

Now the question may arise – Why?

Now you tell me – when you do ABHISHEK on Ganesh idol or any other God’s idol – you use plastic bowl for pouring/doing the Abhishek?

No – you use exactly the kind of LOTA globular water container for pouring water on the Ganesh Idol!

So now tell me – for a lifeless silver idol – you use a nice copper water container (Lota/Kalash) – and for a LIVING BEING – for YOU – you use a plastic bowl to take bath?

Remember – BATH is ABHISHEKH. When you take BATH – you are doing your own ABHISHEK because GOD is not on the outside – GOD is WITHIN you. God dwells within every human being – every living creature!

And so to VALUE the GOD within you – to VALUE the GOODNESS within you – you have to use a nice metal globular water container for pouring water on your body – while you take bath!

During BATH – there are many small REMEDIES that can help you OVERCOME the negative energies – such as BLACK MAGIC, SPELLS, or an EVIL EYE (nazar)!

What are those remedies?

I will share two remedies – because all remedies cannot be shared on this public forum.

Remedy 1 – At the end of your bath – in the last bucket of water – use FRESH GOMUTRA (20 drops)

Remedy 2 – At the end of your bath – in the last bucket of water – use PURE ROSE WATER (20 drops)

Whole day – after bath till the very next day – your physical body goes through many VIBRATIONS – some vibrations touch your AURA by those people who come in your close contact (meeting, hand-shakes, hugs, or while traveling in crowded bus or train).

And then the other set of vibrations is that which is FORCED ON YOU – meaning NEGATIVE SPELLS (black magic, evil eye (nazar) – etc.

And so the whole day – your body goes through many levels of vibrations which ONLY CAN BE CLEANSED during the act of BATH!

That is why it is extremely necessary that you all DON’T miss your BATH and moreover you TAKE YOUR BATH before 9 AM.

But the most important point is still left.

And that is how deeply you are engrossed while taking your bath?

People – particularly shallow people give many excuses that they don’t have enough time to spend in the bathroom – in reality they don’t understand the significance of BATH – else they would have spared a good amount of time for taking a nice bath!

The ancient Vedic period had a lifestyle having bath two times a day – early morning and then in the evening. If you can take bath two times a day – then that will bring a wonderful development in your life!

Because then the ‘vibrations’ will be cleansed two times a day – provided you take a proper bath by sitting and using the bucket water and NOT the so called advanced shower system!

Every ACT that you perform is indeed a ‘KARMA’! So it is not that when you work in your office – then the work is the only WORK (KARMA) you do! Every act that you do – right from getting up in the morning till going to sleep in the night is indeed a WORK.

KARMA is a very deep subject. A time comes – when the only Karma you do is to MEDITATE!

That is what the Buddha was doing – that is what the Bhagavan was doing – that is what Paramhansa Yogananda was doing – when the only KARMA you execute is BREATH IN and BREATH OUT – with FOCUS on the name of the Holy Lord! That name is in the form of Mantra.

ISKCON founder Sri Prabhupada did a wonderful job – by emphasizing the significance of chanting mantra. Today HIS mission has extended to the farthest shores of the planet with people irrespective of what faith or religion they follow – are simply happy to chant the name of Krishna, a very soothing mantra – “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare”!

The FIRST BATH is the BATH of your physical body.

The SECOND BATH is the BATH of your MIND – cleaning, purifying, dropping the MIND! And this bath is possible only through meditations – through chanting the holy mantra!

It is true that when chanting reaches to a certain stage – then the physical bath is no more required. But for common men like me and you – we have to perform our daily routine activities – we have to earn our bread and butter and in this process we have to interact with many OTHER men and women – we have to go through many places and people – and so the VIBRATIONS that stick to our AURA need to be cleaned – by taking a nice relaxed BATH! Because the physical body is a MEDIUM – and the MEDIUM has to be cleaned – nurtured and taken care of!

That is why we have to EXERCISE, that is why we have to CONTROL our DIET. There is a wonderful revelation on DIET and planets related to DIET which I will share separately for the larger interest of my fellow followers and readers.

Lately – many men and women are losing their jobs – then they don’t know what to do! Because whole life their mindset had been programmed to serve – to do the ‘duty’ – they forget the fact that they can do something on their own – they can start something of their own. In my new book “Beauty of Acceptance” – there is one whole chapter to finding how you can overcome a jobless situation! When you get some time – you can read my book available on Amazon.

When there is no job – people are totally shattered because they cannot think anything else than to do what they have been doing their whole life! That is how the human mind is – it is HABITUAL.

Yesterday evening – after a long time, I was watching TV and I stumbled upon a beautiful movie – and it was so beautiful, that I remained deeply engrossed. The movie was “The Terminal”.

What a splendid movie! A man gets trapped on the Airport – and he has no other option then to stay on the Airport – he is a total lost man, his country is at war, he cannot go back to his country – he has no money – and he cannot step outside the New York Airport – and then HOW HE SURVIVES? – that is the whole plot of the story and the ‘reason’ for his traveling all the way to New York is something that can make your eyes wet! Beautiful movie and what a great performance. Interestingly – it was after the movie ended that I realized that it was a Steven Spielberg movie!

‘Work’ says it all – indeed a truth that I experienced after watching this splendid movie!

Every time a ‘BATH’ is necessary – the only bath that you have known is the physical bath – but in reality every moment when you are bringing AWARENESS to your being – that is also a BATH – a significant bath!

Yesterday a young man came – he said “I am in trouble.”

I said “That is not new, people come to me only when they are in trouble. So tell me what is the trouble?”

The young man and his name was Shashi – said “ I don’t know what happens but every morning after 10 AM I start feeling uneasy – many temptation start coming to my mind. Sexual temptations – I don’t know why this happens…..when in reality I myself have absolutely no interest in SEX. Please help me.”

I asked him “ When do you take bath?”

He said “ I work from home – so I take bath late afternoon or sometime in the evenings or sometime I simply miss….”

I said “Then there is no wonder why you go missing life – there is no wonder why you fall for your temptations – you are not following a proper lifestyle – how can you ever experience happiness or peace of mind?”

Temptations, Negative thoughts, thoughts of harming others, thoughts of taking revenge – all of these developments that happen within you are NEGATIVE DEVELOPMENTS and not positive and the SOLE REASON is you NOT following a proper LIFESTYLE.

I said to him “ You go home. And from tomorrow start taking a good bath – right before 9 AM – without fail.”

And then told him a few remedies to follow.

After 7 days Shashi calls me and says “ Addittya Bhai – Now I am feeling better – now I can concentrate on my work – now I am also getting a good night sleep. Thank you.”

Whole life is spend in ignorance – money comes in abundance – bank balance is overflowing with money – but people are not getting good night sleep!

Because IGNORANCE has absolutely NOTHING to do when it comes to MONEY.

That is how we have millions of corrupt officers and ministers and corporate executives earning stacks of money – so much so that they don’t know where to hide all of this MONEY!

So always remember – ignorance has nothing to do with earning.

But consciousness has a lot to do with the QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE!

Only a man – only a woman who can have a good night sleep – has a LIFE that has a certain QUALITY to it!

Else there are millions of people earning BIG FAT SALARIES and LARGE PROFITS but cannot have good night sleep!

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much money you have earned – what matters is how much QUALITY of LIFE you have earned!

And Quality of Life has nothing to do with MONEY but has a lot to do with the VALUES and ETHICS and PRINCIPLES that you follow in your life.

A few years ago – a couple said that “We became parents – but our child is such a nuisance – now we wonder why we had a child!”

When you have SEX at wrong TIMING – a WRONG or a LOW LEVEL SOUL takes birth through your womb.

There are couples – sexual partners who have sex at any given time of the day! At at any given place! In the farm, in the car – lovers have sex – there is no awareness – because when you are fired up in seeking physical pleasures – awareness is always absent!

Who seeks pleasures?

And the answer is – the MIND. (MOON)

A man or woman enslaved by the MIND (Moon) is always seeking pleasures – then the BATH (AWARENESS) is not possible!

Awareness comes only when you start moving beyond the MIND – when you enslave your mind – then AWARENESS – the first ray of Awareness starts penetrating within your being just the way the sun rays penetrate…in the darkness and enlightens the whole environment.

And once AWARENESS comes into your life – once you become aware then the real transformation begins – the transformation within!

Life can change – but it can change only when YOU can change! A clever man is always trying to change the world – a wise man is always trying to CHANGE HIMSELF.

The right time to have sex is in the afternoon (2pm–5pm) or in the night/midnight between 10 PM to 4 AM). But passion knows no time – and when mind is all glued to sexual pleasures where do you have the time to wait? But those who are planning kids – those who are taking efforts to become mother – should have sex only on the following days:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. And never do sex on Amavasya (new moon day) and Purnima (full moon day).

But who wants to listen? The man is just in rush to take his partner to bed and the woman just can’t wait! And so then we have miseries after miseries – cases after cases – somebody’s son/daughter is born handicapped – somebody’s son or daughter has become a nuisance – a great danger to their life!

So many things are there – this HUMAN LIFE is not as simple as it appears to be! This birth chart of yours – and I say to all – is also not as simple as it appears to be! But still I say that life is simple – life is beautiful – life is the only opportunity you have got to BETTER YOURSELF.

“This world is the place to do it.” So beautiful, so deep and so true – as always!

Remember – every day when you take bath – remind yourself of the following affirmation – the cleansing mantra:

The only person who can help you CHANGE is – YOU. Because unless you allow change to happen within you – how can someone change you? Unless you let the master ‘CUT’ all that is doing NO GOOD to your GROWTH – how can the master help you to change, to transform, how can you REBORN?

Jesus says to Nicodemus “You have to Reborn”

This ‘reborn’ is the transformation within. Birthday is the day when you are born physically – reborn day is the day when you slip out of the MIND – that is the day when your journey begins in the true sense!

Next month on the 15th – comes my birthday. There are so many things to share – the road is long and I am getting old. But as long as this journey of sharing continues – I will be with you all – Love to you all. Meditate every day – and remember – YOU are NOT Alone.

GOD is always with those who follow their heart. I love all those who are men of heart – they are the beautiful beings – they can change – they can transform – they can truly understand the significance of physical bath (body) and spiritual bath (soul) – they are the ones that God is always seeking – they are the ones that the master always seek and so if you are one of them then you don’t have to go in search of the master – the master will come in search of You!

Once Ananda asked Buddha “What is it that drives you to a certain man, a certain woman, a certain place….?”

And Buddha said “ Love. When I see that someone is thirsty for my Love, when somebody is waiting for me – when somebody is praying day and night with devotion in their hearts – my legs start moving towards them, Ananda and it happens spontaneously – I have never planned my journeys – in fact I have never planned anything ever in my life.”

Life should be like this – devoted, faithful and flowing like a river! The river has no plans – the river simply flows…..and yet it always reaches to the right destination!

Be like a river – continue to flow, continue to express, continue to sing your song – don’t worry who will say what – those who will resonate with your song – will join you – this is how ‘journeys’ grow – this is how ‘life’ blossoms into a beautiful flower!

Be a part of this blossoming journey – come, close your eyes and start meditating every day – let the light of awareness flow within you – happiness comes only when you start becoming aware – conscious.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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