Saturn Moon Conjunction


They don’t FAKE.

Saturn Moon native is – “REALISTIC” . This one word ‘Realistic’ captures the whole essence of Saturn Moon conjunction.

Evolved souls with this conjunction don’t give a damn to that hypocrisy of “Be Positive” – because they are REAL and when they see that something is not real – not good and is negative then how can they say ‘Be positive’? If a boss is trying to exploit his employee then how can you say to the employee – “Be positive” about your boss – when he or she can SEE clearly that the boss is taking advantage – exploiting him or her!

Be Positive means NOT to ignore that which is negative – and which is causing your harm.

Saturn Moon conjunction comes with a unique TATVA (essence) that focuses on the facts and figures – it is sign of Realism. They are beings who love to be in contact with Reality.

Reality can be known – the truth can be realized only through the realms of spirituality and not by philosophy!

Spiritualism is real – Philosophy has absolutely nothing to do with reality!

Philosophy means mind, philosophy means thinking, philosophy means going away from yourself. Philosophy is the art of losing yourself in thoughts, becoming identified with dreams. And one who is living in dreams – one who is just doing the ‘guess work’ by using his head can never experience the TRUTH! A philosopher thinks about truth. A blind man thinks about light.

A realistic man – a spiritual being don’t have to THINK – he has the ‘eyes’, he don’t think about light, he can see it. Seeing is a totally different process; it is a byproduct of meditation.

Philosophy is something that intellectuals indulge in – Spirituality is something that intelligent people embrace. Understand the difference – intellectuality is limited to the HEAD – intellectuality has absolutely no imagination – intelligence is unlimited because it connected to the HEART! Only intelligent men and women has offered this world – great imaginations that have manifested into ‘phones’ and ‘cars’ and ‘air-planes’ and all those inventions that were ridiculed by so called intellectual people!

Intellectuality is a POOR SUBSTITUTE to INTELLIEGNCE – always remember this.

A philosopher is an intellectual being – a spiritual person is an intelligent being.

Saturn breaks the illusions of MOON (monkey mind) – and so now you see a native who is or has the potential to become spiritual – because only a realistic person can become spiritual. A realistic person will never try to ESCAPE from the reality of his life – which a philosopher always does! Because a philosopher is trapped in his mind – he indeed is a slave of his mind!

Saturn – Facts. Figures. Realistic. Practical. Pragmatic. And Karma centric – man who focuses on actual action and not just imagination!

Moon – Mind, Thoughts, Illusions

Saturn is repressive by nature. Moon is expressive by nature! It is the coming of two contrast energies – (तत्त्व) – Tatva!

Native keeps his thoughts to himself. Many times this becomes a great hurdle especially in matters of LOVE – because the boy loves the girl – but CANNOT express – goes on repressing his feelings – goes on repressing his LOVE until one day the girl goes with some other boy – leaving the repressed Saturn Moon native in a great pain which ultimately leads him into madness – he becomes mad!

Repression is Suicide. Expression is Life.

You don’t know exactly what this native is thinking – you don’t know – you don’t have any idea of what this native thinks about you or about a certain matter or a political issue!

Did I say politics? – Then you must know that Saturn Moon natives do well in politics – because in Politics – SECRECY – maintaining confidentiality – efficiently keeping secrets of others is very necessary!

Saturn loves Politics. In fact only a man – only a woman who has STRONG SATURN can really succeed in Politics! Because Saturn brings PATIENCE – and when you are in political life – when you are in politics you need to have the QUALITY of Being Patient – and WAITING for the RIGHT TIME to make the move – to strike!

Saturn loves plotting – scheming – intriguing – and so when MOON (mind) is with Saturn – imagine how ‘political’ the person will be! Always be aware of a SATURN MOON native – they remain silent but their silence is because they are waiting for the right time – to strike back – to make the chek-mate move!

Such men and women are required – because every country needs a good politician who makes the right moves at the right time – and does all this for the larger interest of HIS people – HIS nation!

Always remember – NO PERSON – is useless in this world. And NO PERSON is BAD in this world. If the BAD is used to save the GOOD – then does the BAD remains BAD?

To save you from a ruthless enemy – you need someone ruthless! Someone who can pull the trigger of the revolver – someone who can use the sword – someone who can go on the battlefield and fight for you OR someone who is CUNNING POLITICIAN who can safeguard the interest of his people by make the right decisions!

So always remember – a THORN is also useful – because to remove a THORN – many times you need a THORN!

Saturn Moon conjunction person may appear as THORNY – but if such a person gets the proper environment – then he can rise to the occasion! A plotter, schemer is gets into politics then these ‘negative qualities’ can actually become ASSET for him or her to succeed in politics!

A HACKER is considered as bad but the same HACKER when starts working with POLICE – CYBER CRIME CELL – then he becomes a great ASSET for the POLICE! You see – it all depends on which SOIL (Environment) the SEED (conjunction) falls.

Saturn Moon conjunction (seed) falling in the appropriate Ascendant Angle can produce:

A good politician
A good preacher
A good Yogi
A good administrator
A good businessman

Saturn Moon conjunction works well for those Ascendant signs that withheld Saturn and Moon as Yoga karaka Planets

Libra Ascendant, Virgo Ascendant, Pisces Ascendant, Aries Ascendant, Scorpio Ascendant, Taurus Ascendant – for these six Ascendants – Moon Saturn Conjunction works well – becomes constructive in nature.

Swami Vivekananda had Saturn Moon conjunction in Virgo Sign.

Understand the fact that SATURN MOON brings BOREDOM – native feels bored often in his life but you all have to understand the REASON for the BOREDOM – to a common soul – BOREDOM comes because he has known all that is on the outside world – and now he doesn’t know what else to do.

But to an EVOLVED SOUL – BOREDOME comes in the state of UDASIN उदासी!

What is the state of उदासी – UDASIN?

Swami Vivekananda or any other great YOGI (evolved soul) with SATURN MOON conjunction therefore remains in the state of UDASIN – उदासी!

Today – in the divine holy town of SHANISHINGNAPUR (near Ahmednagar, Maharashtra) -rests the Samadhi of one such great उदासी Baba! It is said that your visit to Shani Shingnapur completes ONLY when you visit the SAMADHI MANDIR of उदासी Baba (Udasin Baba)!

This state of UDASIN उदासी – is the the state of SHANI – Lord Saturn! I prostrate before the great divine BIRTH PLACE of LORD SATURN – the place known as SHANI SHINGNAPUR – near Ahmednagar!

This is the real photo of Shani Shingnapur Lord Saturn Mandir – it is said that the doors of every house in this town is never locked – not even in the nights because this is the BIRTHPLACE OF LORD SATURN and so nobody could dare to loot or do anything wrong in Saturn’s homeland!

I have a wish – that someday I too would get an opportunity to visit this birthplace of Shani Dev – Shani Shingnapur – a miraculous town – the Mecca of Lord Saturn! Interestingly – this divine place is near to Shirdi! You see – it is all connected – it is all LinkedIn!

The UDASIN baba whose Samadhi Mandir is present in this divine place has a beautiful story to it….

It happened – there was a young boy, must be 17. He had many dreams, many ambitions – but one day he fell sick and then he was stuck. He started suffering from skin diseases – his hands, his legs – many rashes started appearing – the whole village abandoned him – those were the old days – people were very conservative and narrow minded. They forced him to leave his home, his village and then one night when the whole village was sleeping – the young boy left his village – his whole body was burning with the skin disease – but he kept walking until he reached the sacred town of SHANI SHINGNAPUR!

He started worshipping Lord Saturn. He started meditating on LORD SATURN’s holy name – and whatsoever people would offer him – he would survive on that. And as time passed by – slowly he started recovering – he then started sharing the GREATNESS (MAHIMA) of SHANI DEV (LORD STAURN) – he would go around the town and encourage people to read SHANI MAHATMYA book – he would encourage people to meditate on Lord Saturn’s name – he would show them the miracle – that how his hands and legs were cured just by worshiping Lord Saturn. Days passed and when he was totally cured – he decided to go back to his home – his village!

But Lord Saturn (SHANI DEV) had some different plans for the young man. The night before he was about to leave – Lord Saturn appeared in his dream and said “ Baccha (son) why are you leaving? You should stay here and should continue to spread my message – you should continue to encourage people to walk on the path of devotion, path of love.”

The young man opened his eyes and tears started flowing through his eyes – he got up and bowed before the idol of Lord Saturn – he was touched by the vision that he had in his dream – he could not believe that Lord Saturn had appeared before him to stop him from leaving Shani Shingnapur. From that day – the young man always remained in the town of Shani Shingnapur and he attained many miraculous powers with which he healed many – when he died, his samadhi mandir was build near Shani Mandir!

When he was alive – and serving the poor, healing the diseased men and women – people started addressing him as UDASI BABA!

Why the name UDASI? Because he had absolutely NO AMBITION to attain any material things or pleasures – He used to survive on whatever people would offer – and by chance if some wealthy person would offer more then all of that he would simply donate at Lord Shani’s feet!

UDASI – a beautiful word with a very deep meaning – especially from spiritual perspective!

Always remember – every CONJUNCTION – manifests based on the SOIL (environment) – based on the maturity of the SOUL.

SATURN MOON – SPIRITUAL side can gives birth to someone as beautiful and as spiritual as Swami Vivekananda and Udasi Baba.

SATURN MOON – Negative side can give birth to a repressive depressed child who is bullied by others.

SATURN MOON – Positive side can give birth to seasoned politicians like Sharad Pawar. Sharad Pawar has Saturn MOON conjunction but this conjunction is blessed by the presence of Jupiter in the sign of Aries. He has Saturn Moon in Aries along with Jupiter.

Sharad Pawar is one of the most experienced seasoned politician who has been Defense Minister & Agriculture Minister as well as chief minister of Maharashtra. PM Narendra Modi praises Sharad Pawar in the most generous way possible:

“Whenever the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government used to block schemes and projects related to Gujarat, as the chief minister I used to always seek help from Sharad Pawar and…he used to help me sort out my issues with the central government,” : PM Narendra Modi.

Sharad Pawar was agriculture minister during the UPA government’s tenure between 2004 and 2014.

Saturn Moon gives you a perfect visionary leadership provided the whole setup of the birth chart is suitable to its growth.

President of United States – Jimmy Carter also has Saturn Moon conjunction – a great statesman – a great politician! As mentioned above – Saturn Moon conjunction natives DON’T FAKE – they say what they believe is the truth. In a rare interview – Jimmy Carter (Saturn Moon native) shares the reality in regards to the ‘fake media news channels’ that were so hard on Trump.

The take away is – that Saturn Moon conjunction cannot tolerate FAKE people, FAKE news channels – news channels and journalist who claim to be impartial but run their ‘news channel’ at the behest of political parties!

Saturn and Moon are enemies – you know why?

Because REAL and FAKE have always been enemies!

Saturn (actual happening) is REAL. Moon (MIND) is make believe!

A man or a woman living under the influence of the MOON (MIND) is always living in a dream world – a world that has NOTHING to do with the actual reality (Saturn)!

Now depending on the strength of Saturn and the strength of Moon – we have to see who has the final say.

On a very higher level – if we observe then it is the MOON (MIND) that afflicts SATURN! Because elusive mind (Moon) distorts the ‘judgement’ of pragmatic Saturn!

Many times the ‘son’ proves to be an utterly ignorant being – the father (Saturn) wants to punish his son so that he comes back to his senses. But the mother (Moon) comes in between and always pampers and prevents her son from his father’s wrath and also tries to manipulate the father’s perspective so that her son gets his way! You see – this is how MOON distorts the Saturn’s sense of judgement – and end result is that the son gets spoiled. 90% of Sons and Daughters are spoiled by MOTHERS and NOT by FATHERS – because Fathers are realistic while the MOTHERS (Moon) are NOT!

Saturn Moon conjunction native are seekers of TRUTH – they speak the TRUTH – they never fear of speaking the TRUTH!

Reminds me of a beautiful story – the story of a boy and his name was Satyakam and he used to play with the King’s son – but a day came when the King’s son said “ From next month – I will be no more available to you because I am going to the great Sage Gautama and I will be learning under HIS guidance.”

Satyakam was a poor boy – he had never seen his father – he had always known his mother – she was his everything – mother and father – both! And so Satyakam went to his mother and said “ Mother – I also want to go and learn under the guidance of the great Sage Gautama.”

Satyakam’s mother was a very wise woman – she was poor but wisdom never comes asking whether you are rich or poor! Her name was Jabala. And so Jabala said “ Satyakam – Sage Gautama is a great teacher – a great scholar but the first question he will ask you is “Who is your father? What is your family name?”

Satyakam was a very inncoent boy – looking into his mother’s eyes he said “ You tell me who is my father – and I will tell Sage Gautama.”

Jabala said “ I don’t know. In my youth when I went about a great deal as a maidservant I conceived you. I don’t know who is your father – because I had to go through several relations. I do not know who is your father. I am Jabala and you are Satyakam, so call yourself Satyakam Jabal.”

The boy agreed and then after several days of journey he reached the hermitage of Sage Gautama.

He bowed before Sage Gautama and said “ Please accept me as your disciple – O master Gautama.”

Sage Gautama was touched by this young boy – his innocence – his aura – his soft voice….

Sage Gautama said “ I will accept you but first tell me who is your father – what is your family name?”

Satyakam again bowed and said “ “I asked my mother what my family name was, and she answered, ‘I don’t know. In my youth when I went about a great deal as a maidservant and then I conceived you. I do not know who is your father. I am Jabala and you are Satyakam, so call yourself Satyakam Jabal.’ Sir, I am therefore Satyakam Jabal.”

Sage Gautama got up and rushed towards Satyakam and gave him a hug.

Sage Gautama said ““None but a true brahmin, a true seeker of truth, would have spoken thus. You have not swerved from the truth, my dear. I will teach you that supreme knowledge.”

TRUTH is REWARDED. Saturn Moon conjunction has all the potential to stand for the TRUTH – even though it may disturb you – it may cause a certain restlessness to you.

We need SATURN MOON people because this world is filled with majority of FAKE people – and that is one of the many reasons that TRUTH is only experienced by few – because TRUTHFUL are very few – very very few!

These people love facts, figures, because Saturn is more interested in facts – that is why the seers have addressed Saturn as JUDGE – JUDGE gives his ORDER only based on FACTS and not emotions and feelings!

Moon distorting Saturn – can affect Saturn’s good qualities of being impartial and judging without any prejudice. Moon Saturn conjunction in Cancer is not good – Saturn is spoiled – simply spoiled and all that good which was expected from this conjunction goes for a toss!

Saturn draining out Moon – too much is always bad. And so when Saturn Moon falls in Capricorn or Aquarius the it gives TOO MUCH strength to Saturn – which makes the native insensitive and too dry – too analytical – and unromantic by nature!

So moderate signs – (apart from Cancer and Capricorn/Aquarius) – are good for this conjunctions.

Since the subject is of being truthful (SATURN MOON) – it reminds me of KARNA – the great warrior!

Remember the incident when Karna cheated Sage Parshuram? Sage Parshuram was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He had defeated all Kshatriya Kings – and he had ONE RULE – that whosoever wants to learn under his guidance – whosoever wants to be become his disciple – must be a BRAHMIN!

And Karna was perfectly aware of this condition – but just to attain knowledge – just to seek the great wisdom of Sage Parshuram – he lied to Sage Parshuram – when Parshuram asked “Who are you – what is your background – tell me your caste.”

Karna answered “ My caste is Brahmin. I am a Brahmin and I have come to become your student. Please accept me in your hermitage.”

Sage Parshuram accepted Karna but he was doubtful. And so one day he decided to test if Karna is really a Brahmin. He said to Karna – “I will sleep my keeping my head on your lap. I am tired so just be sure that nobody disturbs my sleep.”

Karna was very happy – Sage Parshuram softly placed his head on Karna’s lap and fell asleep.

But can the master ever fell asleep? It was just a make believe. Then by his miraculous powers – Sage Parshuram created a dangerous Scorpio – while he remained asleep.

Here Karna was seated – trying to make sure that nobody disturb Sage Parshuram – when suddenly the Scorpio (created by Sage Parshuram) appeared on Karna’s lap – and the Scorpio started sucking blood – imagine how painful it must have been for Karna to tolerate such an attack – but he did not move – because moving his lap would disturb the master – Sage Parshuram!

After a while Sage Parshuram opened his eyes and he could see blood flowing from Karna’s lap — Sage Parshuram got up and asked Karna “ Tell me WHO YOU ARE? WHAT IS YOUR CASTE?

Karna said “ I am Brahmin – Master.”

Sage Parshuram was very angry – he said “ You are lying – you cannot be a BRAHMIN because a BRAHMIN cannot have such level of TOLERANCE that you have shown – the Scorpio was sucking blood from your thigh and yet you made no noise – NO BRAHMIN in this world can show such TOLERANCE – such BRAVERY – such GREATNESS – you are NOT BRAHMIN – you are a KSHATRIYA.”

Karna realized his mistake – he said “ I am SORRY master – but I was not willing to learn from anybody else but only from you and since you teach only to BRAHMINS – I had to lie – I had to say that I am Brahmin but in reality I am not a Brahmin – but a Kshatriya.”

And then Sage Parshuram CURSED KARNA – that the knowledge that you have gained through me by lying to me will be of no use to you when you will need it because at that moment you will forgot all that you have learned under me. Now go.”

And it is said that this became the reason for Karna’s death – because while fighting the greatest battle of Mahabharata against Arjuna – he forgot the knowledge he had gained – his chariot’s wheel got stuck and at that moment – Lord Krishna said to Arjuna “ Kill him – this is the moment – shoot your arrow and kill Karna.”

And Arjuna shoots – that is when one of the greatest warrior – Karna is killed – one lie leads him to defeat!

TRUTH is the key to success. LIE is the reason for failure!

Saturn Moon conjunction is all for TRUTH – if the conjunction gets support from other planets then the native speaks the TRUTH – if the support is not available even then the native KNOWS the TRUTH but certain selfish motives prevents him from saying the truth or acknowledging the truth.

Saturn Moon natives do well in administrative jobs – police duties – CID, CBI – because Saturn loves the system – and any government administration is indeed an established SYSTEM! And the native generally follows the SYSTEM – he is NOT a rebel kind of person – he will not try to change the system – in fact he loves to FOLLOW the system and that is what he or she does – they remain sincere to the SYSTEM! In fact Saturn Moon natives not only follow the established system but also try to find loop-holes within the SYSTEM – their passion and desire is to strengthen the system by introducing certain changes to the system.

Judgement is good – and so the native can utilize the resources effectively – because he or she understands who fits where?

Overall Saturn Moon on a positive note is indeed a conjunction that brings a certain depth of understanding to the natives! In fact many of my followers and readers must be having Saturn Moon or Saturn Jupiter conjunction – because both bring depth of understanding – which is significant for an individual to progress on his or her spiritual journey!

Someone as beautiful as Swami Vivekananda – is the ultimate highest and finest evolved example of Saturn Moon Conjuction! When the conjunction falls in the ‘SOIL’ of an evolved soul – then this conjunction is NOT interested in doing better than others – but rather is interested in doing better for others!

My message to all Saturn Moon conjunction natives – irrespective of what ‘SOIL” (environment) is – you should take efforts to turn inwards – you should learn to Let Go – and you should try to adjust to CHANGE – remain OPEN to change – because except change everything else changes – life is a flux – a river – it continues to flow – nothing remains the same – neither the weather – nor the times – if you are down – then that is a sign that soon you are going to rise in life – because that is how life is – UP and DOWN – Morning and Night – Warm and Cold. It is these CONTRASTS that keep us alive – remember this – it is these HIGH phase and LOW phase keeps us going – makes us stronger – more matured – more evolved as a person!

SO never get depressed and never repress your feeling – because as they say – Repression is Suicide, Expression is Life!

Stop repressing your feelings and start expressing yourself – that is the most beautiful way of being yourself!

When you love someone – express your feelings to that person.

When you hate someone – express your feelings to that person.

When you want to laugh – laugh to your heart’s content.

AND…..when you want to cry – when you cannot control your tears – then let those tears flow through your eyes – because only a NATURAL person can cry – only a man who is following his heart can cry to his heart’s content and GOD loves such a person – Master loves such a person because a heartless man can never cry – only the most beautiful person – the person who follows his heart – the person who has a pure heart – can cry and that ‘cry’ always touch the skies – that is how God comes – when your eyes become wet – when your heart starts beating with LOVE & DEVOTION!

There are moments when the inexpressible can be expressed only through your tears!

Open up – don’t remain a closed person – because God never comes to a person who remains closed, repressed. God comes only to that man who declares to the skies his reality – without being ashamed – without thinking of who will say what….

Always remember – even Jesus had haters, and even Krishna had haters and even Buddha had haters – haters are always there – but our focus should NOT be on those who hate us – but on those who LOVE us! And so to all Saturn Moon conjunction natives – live like a lion – let the great roar arise in your heart – the roar of freedom – total freedom!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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