What to do in Rahu Mahadasha? Which gemstones to wear?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

RA is SUN. HU is the SHADOW. RA-HU is a state of being in which AWARENESS (SUN) is SHADOWED by INTENSE DESIRES that eventually cause IGNORANCE (RAHU). This IGNORANCE then leads to SELFISHNESS, SELFCENTEREDNESS leading to a man or woman who just crush all those who come between them and their DESIRES.

RAHU MAHADASHA becomes a period of HELL & SUFFERING when you become too much SELF-CENTERED. So the very first lesson that you should learn as soon as possible is:


Yesterday Mohan said “My girlfriend has started chanting the name of Rahu – every morning and every night she continues to chant the name of RAHU. She is a RAHU BHAKT”

Now in this world – there are all kind of bhakts (devotees). Devotees who worship GOD as well as devotees who worship the DEVIL. Whosoever you worship, always remember you imbibe the qualities of the deity that you worship! If you start worshipping RAHU as Mohan’s girlfriend is doing, you will start becoming more and more RAHUISH.

I said to Mohan “Looks like you have to get ready for another break-up.”

Mohan said “I love her…and she also loves me.”

But LOVE has no place in the kingdom of RAHU. ONLY LUST, GREED, POLITICS, MANIPULATIONS, CHEATING, BACKSTABBING has place in the kingdom of RAHU. And by reciting RAHU’s mantra – Mohan’s girlfriend had entered into the kingdom of RAHU – soon she was going to change – soon she was going to become more desirous – more sexual – more greedy – more restless and one day she was going to dump our Mohan – leaving him with absolutely no clue!

Mohan denied to accept this prediction – but he will when it will happen!

As soon as RAHU MAHADASHA begins – people start chanting the MANTRA of RAHU. It is like as soon as you enter the valleys of Kashmir you start chanting the name of Terrorist. What is going to happen? The terrorist will come and cause more damage to you than otherwise!

But who wants to listen?

As soon as you come to know that RAHU is the cause of your misery – you start wearing a GOMED, Garnet (Rahu’s gemstone). And you start wearing it without even using your common sense! So many men and women have made their life miserable by wearing GOMED gemstone. Wearing a GOMED gemstone is empowering RAHU in your chart. By empowering RAHU – you are inviting more troubles in your life.


Only those who have absolutely NOTHING to do with SIRITUALITY. Only those whose whole purpose of life is to earn MONEY by whatever means they can. Only those POWER HUNGRY politicians who are willing to do anything under the sky to grab the seat of power. Only those who cut the throats of others without hesitating (Underworld criminals). So you see RAHU’s gemstone is for a specific CATEGORY of people – a CATEGORY which has absolutely NO MORALS, NO ETHICS, NO PRINCIPALS. Their whole purpose of life is to EAT, DRINK, SLEEP and have lot of SEX. That’s all. In Indian context – these kind of people fall in the category of ASURAs – interestingly RAHU also was an ASURA!

The most interesting part of such RAHUISH men and women is that they never miss to visit the temple or church or mosque! IN fact maximum crowd that you see in temples consists of RAHUISH men and women. Because one who truly loves GOD – he or she doesn’t have to visit any temple or church. Majority of people who visit temples are hypocrites. And in these group of hypocrites – a large chunk of people belong to this RAHU CATEGORY – in fact NEVER consider a person as a SAINT because he or she visits temple – you should remember that along with many good people – even the most worst corrupted RAHUISH people (looters, murderers, gamblers, cheaters) also visit temples!

NEVER judge a person based on how many times he or she visits a place of worship – because in a temple – all kind of people come to temple – from criminals and sycophants’ to SAINTS!

A real genuine person will NEVER go on any pilgrimage – because he is perfectly aware that GOD is always around him – so why should he on pilgrimage to find GOD? That makes no sense!

You don’t need to go anywhere – you don’t need to go to the Himalayas to experience God. Because GOD is NOT on the OUTSIDE – GOD dwells in your heart.

Saint Kabir – one of the greatest Saint says “I felt in need of a great pilgrimage, so I sat still for three days and God came to me.”

My fellows it is possible. For an evolved soul – for a meditative soul – it is very much possible – through deep meditation – he is able to STILL the mind and to a MIND that is STILL – the whole universe is available – what to say about GOD!

RAHU targets your MIND. RAHU ensures that your mind continues to waver – but it is only your willpower, your persistence, your efforts and your Guru’s blessings that enables you to STILL the wavering mind!

How to STILL the wavering mind?

By chanting the holy mantra.

Gemstones are tools that slowly bring change in your body – and if this change is positive (provided you select a suitable gemstone) then this positive change simply boosts your capability to perform better in whatsoever you do! Then be it meditation, be it in relationship, be it your career – but this is how the whole essence of the matter is!

After a few months Mohan came on a hot afternoon and said “You were right. Today we had a breakup, she left me. But I was okay because you had already warned me and so I was mentally prepared. But now I have come to you with a different question. I would want to know – who should wear RAHU’s gemstone and what to do when RAHU MAHADASHA begins?.”

With time – Mohan was evolving, and I was happy to see him mature as a person. Looking at Mohan I said “You first have a glass of lemon juice, then I will answer your question.”

After taking two sips of lemon juice, Mohan looked fresh. I said to Mohan “Now that you are fresh, I will answer…I will share with you that which nobody has shared so openly – till date.”

Rahu is worldly by nature. All that happens on the outside is what interests Rahu. And that is how RAHUISH men and women are – always focused on the outside, always focused on others, always comparing themselves with others and all of this lead to jealousy, greed, lust, and most important – IGNORANCE.

Wearing RAHU’s gemstone, or by chanting RAHU’s mantra – you become more and more RAHUISH. Look what happened with your ex-girlfriend! The RAHU energy grew within her and then she started cheating on you – you were not even aware that on your back she was dating a new guy until you finally came to know and this breakup happened!

RAHU GEMSTONE ideally is for RAHUISH men and women – in other words for worldly men and women who are behind fame, wealth, and power. Now in the count of 100 – almost 99% people are behind fame, money, power so does it mean that all RAHUISH men and women can wear GOMED – the gemstone GARNET?

The answer is NO. Only those RAHUISH men ad RAHUISH women can wear GOMED – whose RAHU is in the following NAKSHATRA, HOUSE:

1. SWATI NAKSHATRA (3rd, 6th, 2nd, 7th house – )

2. ARDRA (3rd, 6th, 2nd, 7th house)

3. SHATABHISHA (3rd, 6th, 2nd, 7th house)

Mohan asked “What gemstone to wear when RAHU MAHADASHA begins?”

I said “The answer to your question will vary from person to person. Because every person is unique. However one thing is certain – that one must NEVER wear a GOMED (Garnet – Rahu’s gemstone) during RAHU MAHADASHA.

“So what are the gemstone that can be used – if you could just give a general idea…..that would help.”

“Only five gemstones can be used during RAHU MAHADASHA – but which one out of the four suits an individual is totally based on his or her personal birth chart.”

“Which are those five gemstones that one can wear during RAHU MAHADASHA – I am now curious – can’t wait – please tell.”

“These five gemstones are Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz, Sulemani Hakik (Onyx), Natural Pearl and Ruby gemstone.”

Mohan smiled – and said “Now could you explain – WHY these four gemstones are useful during RAHU MAHADASHA?”

“RAHU is the DARKNESS caused by IGNORANCE. From where does this IGNORANCE come? It comes from your intense DESIRES for pleasures, sex, money, power. It is natural that the more desirous you become – the more you stop caring about other’s feelings. You become more and more SELFISH. You indulge in low level karma – so all this can be prevented by wearing the beautiful highly expensive gemstone of Yellow Sapphire – the stone that brings awareness to your being – in Hindi (Indian context) we address it as VIVEK. As long as VIVEK is within your being – RAHU cannot cause harm to you or cannot push you into the deep valleys of pleasures.”

“And Yellow Topaz? How does it help?” Mohan asked.

“Yellow Topaz is a less expensive stone – a five carat Yellow Topaz can cost 5ooo rupees but a five carat Yellow Sapphire can cause close to 95000 rupees! So you see – everbody cannot afford Yellow Sapphire but everybody can afford Yellow Topaz and the Topaz is a beautiful effective gemstone that brings much optimism during the frustrating period of RAHU MAHADASHA. It is a stone that prevents you from indulging in suicidal thoughts – it is a stone that helps you to realize your value – it bossts your self-esteem which is necessary when going through the dark period of RAHU MAHADASHA. Many times people earn loads of money during RAHU MAHADASHA – even FAME to some extent – but whenever human being attains the peak of his or her career then there is a very strong possibility that such a person may fall from grace – because in the illusion of I AM SOMEBODY – the person commits many sins which later come to haunt him. And if RAHU MAHADASHA is going on – and the person is at the peak of his career then he should be very cautious because RAHU can drive him crazy – make him blind meaning ignorant – and so such stones become a great asset and should be wore without any doubt.”

Mohan stood and suddenly gave me a warm hug. His eyes became wet and he said “How to thank you – you explain everything so beautifully – you are a master.”

I said “I am NOT the master – the master is speaking through me. Now sit down my fellow.”

Mohan said “And what about Black Onyx (Sulemani Hakik)?”

“Mohan in this human world – there is more hatred, more jealousy, more anger – and people go on casting black magic spells on each other. This is a messy world my fellow – and when one is running through RAHU MAHADASHA – then definitely the effect of black magic is more seen – because for black magic to materialize – RAHU DASHA is the best time – and so whosoever have cast black magic – his or spell start working on the target victim – when the victim is running through RAHU MAHADASHA. And so to safeguard people from becoming a victim of black magic especially those who are going through RAHU MAHADASHA – this miraculous stone of heavens – BLACK ONYX (Sulemani Hakik) is of great help my fellow. So based on the native’s horoscope – and the intensity of black magic spell cast on him or her – this stone weight is suggested. But for that a proper study of the horoscope is necessary.”

“And what about Ruby gemstone? Why to wear Ruby during Rahu Mahadasha?”

Mohan – your question reminds me of a story. Ruby is SUN. And SUN is very lovable. SUN is the LIGHT of CONSCIOUSNESS. RAHU is the DARKNESS. God made the world, and from that very day the sun went running after darkness. And darkness could not understand: it has not harmed the sun, it has not even talked with the sun, it has not even met the sun, yet the sun is continuously harassing her.

After millions of years of harassment, she finally got tired and went to God and said, “It is ungrateful to complain, but there is a limit to everything. I have been harassed for millions of years, and I cannot conceive of any fault on my part. The sun goes on expelling me from everywhere. It is even difficult to take a rest without anxiety — the sun may be coming, the sunrise may be close. I have not slept for millions of years — the anguish would not allow it. The sun has been almost a continuous torture, and without any reason. I simply want to know: what have I done wrong?”

God said, “You should have come earlier. There was no need to wait so long. This is very ungentlemanly on the part of the sun. The sun should be called immediately.”

The sun was called. He asked the messenger, “What is the problem? — because I have never done anything wrong. I simply go on doing the same routine every day. Since God made me, I have not done anything else.”

But the messenger said, “God is very angry. You have been hurting, harassing a poor woman — darkness.”

He said, “My God, I have never heard of her. I have never met her. I am not interested in women at all — I am a born celibate. I am coming, I want to see who this woman is.”

And as the sun came to the house of God, darkness disappeared.

God said, “Where has that woman gone?” They searched everywhere; darkness was not found.

Millions of years passed again, and one day the woman appeared and she said, “You have not done anything; it is still continuing, the same torture.”

God said, “You are strange. When the sun was here, where did you go?”

She said, “You are behaving like a simpleton. If the sun is here, I cannot be here; if I am here, the sun cannot be here. We cannot stand each other. You will have to hear our story separately and then decide.”

God said, “That is not my way. You both have to be present here so I can be certain that nobody is lying.”

The woman said, “Then it is better I take my complaint back.”

Since then, the woman has not appeared again. Once in a while the sun comes to inquire, “What happened to the woman — because I want to clear it up, it has become a worry on my head that somebody is being hurt by me, perhaps unknowingly.”

God said, “You need not be worried. The problem is such that it cannot be solved. I cannot give any decision unless you are both present in my court together and I have listened to both sides in the presence of each other. But by the very nature of things, you cannot both be present. That woman is your absence. So of course you cannot be present and absent simultaneously. Drop your worry. You are doing perfectly fine, and that woman is not going to report against you again. The file in your case is closed.”

And that is the whole essence my fellow – when SUN is PRESENT – the DARKNESS (the woman) RAHU cannot be present! And so when you wear RUBY and worship the SUN GOD – then RAHU cannot harm you during RAHU MAHADASHA – that is how RUBY is a gemstone of great significance but to come to a conclusion, the horoscope should be observed closely – remember JUDGING is UGLY. OBSERVATION is beautiful.

“Observation without evaluation is the sign of real intelligence.” – Jiddu Krishnamurthy

Mohan asked “And why Real Pearl? How can it help during Rahu Mahadasha?”

“Real Pearl is very expensive but it is worth it. During Rahu Mahadasha certain individuals go through many frustrations and depressions. When depression comes? When frustration comes? When you start expecting more. This state of being depressed impacts the MIND and the MIND starts sinking downwards – to prevent this sinking – the support of MOTI – REAL PEARL is required. When MIND is strong – you can face the most difficult situations of life with ease! And remember RAHU is the NORTH NODE of the MOON (Mind) and so it is necessary that the MOON (MIND) remains strong while you sail through the many shocks and upheavals that RAHU MAHADASAHA brings along.”

Mohan again gave me a warm hug and thanked me. I said “It is time for you to go back home. Your sister must be waiting for you and I know she loves you a lot. She will not have her dinner until she finds you back on her dinning table. So go my fellow and remember to come back whenever you have time – my doors are always open for you.”

With tears of joy, Mohan left. But you all must remember that along with wearing gemstones – you also should chant specific mantras during RAHU MAHADASHA. What are those mantras?

Here they are and they are very simple – because simple is what GOD loves. Because God is also SIMPLE. LOVE is also SIMPLE. And TRUTH is also SIMPLE.

  1. Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha
  2. Aum Namaha Shivaya
  3. Aum Ram Krishna Hari
  4. Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram
  5. Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay Namah
  6. Ram Krishna Hari

My fellows – and I say it to all my close followers and readers – by reciting anyone of the above mantras – consistently for 20 minutes morning and evening using a Japa Mala (preferably -use Sphatik Mala(quartz) – you can slowly slowly overcome the many issues that RAHU MAHADASHA creates.

But who wants to listen? People want all kind of fancy solutions – they forget the fact that the most effective solutions are not fancy and complex but utterly SIMPLE – very SIMPLE!

Along with the suggested five gemstones that can help you overcome the RAHU MAHADASHA period – there are also certain semi-precious gemstones that can help:

  • Opal (black/blue/white)

  • Aquamarine

  • Moonstone

  • Peridot

  • Green Aventurine

  • Green Jade

The reason these above six semi precious affordable gemstones can help you during RAHU MAHADASAHA is because these all are healing gemstones that can cool your body down and improve your spirit and help you keep going!

During RAHU MAHADASHA always follow a simple diet:

  1. Eat veg or non-veg but ensure that it is not spicy. If possible eat the way the westerners eat – without applying any MASALA!
  2. Avoid eating outside street food. Rahu loves street food – whenever you meet a person who loves to eat street food – he or she is a RAHUISH. RAHU never is worried about hygiene – all he wants is good taste – he forgets the fact that good tasty food can cause food poisoning – just the way a good looking woman can cause much pain – that you later realize that you just fell for the looks and forget to check if the woman is ‘hygienic’! RAHU always makes you fall for appearances – and appearances are always misleading – beware not to fall for looks and words – instead focus on finding what lies BENEATH!
  3. RAHU or SHANI – one who worships LORD HANUMAN – always is saved from the tight clutches of RAHU! Always remember there are only two clutches that you all should beware of – Clutches of RAHU and Clutches of GIRLFRIEND. Both can become toxic – and both are always demanding – very demanding! 🙂

Always remember true love is never demanding. True love never demands perfection. Never.

It happens – that you may fall in love with someone. That is fine. To LOVE someone is NOT a crime. But the crime happens when you start expecting that the other person also LOVE YOU BACK! Always remember my fellows – you have the right to LOVE – but you don’t have the right to DEMAND anything!

When you love – you simply love! Then it doesn’t matter if the other person loves you back – what matters is that YOU ARE IN LOVE! And love in itself is such a beautiful heavenly feeling – that love is enough unto itself! It is only LOVE that can HEAL you – my fellows – it is only LOVE.

Love to all my readers and followers. Remember to meditate every day – and when you meditate – meditate by reciting the mantra – a mantra should be soothing – only then it can help you and those who come in contact with YOU!

Always remember – LOVE is the BRIDGE between YOU and everything. So always walk on the PATH OF LOVE – for that is the chosen path of BUDDHA, KRISHNA, MAHAVIRA, JESUS – the PATH OF LOVE – BHAKTI MARGA (devotional path).

What is devotion? Devotion is unconditional love overflowing – then it doesn’t matter who is present – it will continue to flow – to tables, to chairs, to everything it comes in contact with! It has great transformative healing power – and only those can experience it – who have become the followers of their heart – because GOD dwells in your heart – and the heart is always right – always!

Listen to the voice that speaks without uttering a single words – for that voice is your guide – that voice is your GOD – that voice is the light of your consciousness.

Breath. And love. What else is there to this journey called life! And when you are on the gretaest jourey of life – never care about destinations. Shallow people always think about results and destinations – you are NOT shallow – you have to rise – you have to be like Arjuna – you have to listen to the words of Madhav – Madhav says “Arjuna – don’t worry about results – just shoot – just follow my words and you will be alright”

And so will you be all – alright. All you have to do is to follow Madhav, follow the master – and you will be able to follow the master only when you SURRENDER at HIS feet – only then the wheels of your life will start moving on the right direction and then they will never stop – the journey will continue….

The journey never stops, life never stops – because you exist in time but you belong to the eternity.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru. 🙏

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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