Deep Insights on Ketu

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

The doctor is never harmful else he would not have been a doctor! The Master is never malefic – else he would never have been a Master. The Yogi is never going to cause you harm – else he would never have been a Yogi!

Understand the fact – that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with anything – with any energy that this whole universe is made of.

Albert Einstein is probably the only scientist who has so beautifully mentioned about the significance of ENERGY.

The whole universe is nothing but ENERGY – and let me tell you and through you and your question – to all my readers and followers – that the ENERGY is never ever the reason for causing any damage – because understand the fact that even to generate ELECTRICITY – along with the positive – the negative is also required!

And so when people ask such questions – they are missing the whole essence of realizing the fact that it is NOT Ketu or RAHU or Saturn – that is malefic or bad – it is HOW YOU HAVE BEEN USING THE SPECIFIC ENERGY of these entities from the many past births and rebirths – if the NEGATIVE energy has been used for POSITIVE PURPOSE – constructive Purpose than even the NEGATIVE turns out as a Blessing in disguise!

For a benevolent YOGI – there is absolutely NO WORST HOUSE or NO GOOD HOUSE – you cannot make him HAPPY and you also cannot make him unhappy – he is in his own bliss – you may go on pressing all the ‘buttons’ that you have known – but he will not move – he will not be disturbed – he remains engrossed within.

Once it happened – Buddha was passing through a village of Brahmins. And the Brahmins have always been against Buddha – because Buddha objected to the Caste System – the Manu system. And that made the Brahmins very insecure – this man is a danger – he is passing knowledge to everyone – a day may come when our importance will be lost – and so he must be condemned – he must be stopped – he must be ridiculed – and so the Brahmins gathered to insult Buddha.

It happens. It has always happened – the man who is saying the truth, sharing the truth – is ridiculed – is condemned – is insulted….

Buddha was also insulted. He listened silently. They pushed and pushed on the usual buttons but nothing happened. There was absolutely NO reaction from Buddha – he continued to listen silently with absolute no expressions. Now the Brahmins became worried – restless, this man is not reacting. They said “ Are you listening? Why are you standing silently? We are insulting you and condemning you. Have you gone dumb? Have you gone deaf? Cant you speak?

Buddha said “ I can feel. I can see your worries, your embarrassment, but I am sorry. You should have come ten years ago if you wanted me to react. Now it is too late. Now these buttons don’t work. I have gone beyond.”

Read HIS words again – HE says “ It is too late – I am finished with it – I HAVE GONE BEYOND.”

You cannot disturb the BUDDHA. You cannot disturb the benevolent KETU.

The state of BUDDHA is of KNOWING. The REAL KNOWING happens when you start transforming within. Until then you only KNOW – you have been gathering knowledge from all over the world – but you missed the most important thing – and that is KNOWING YOURSELF.

This KNOWING YOURSELF comes through the benevolent energy called KETU.


The real ‘journey’ begins when you are no more turn on – but you start to turn in.

Buddha’s whole message was to TURN IN. The Brahmins could not understand Buddha – they continued to condemn him.

By birth I belong to the caste of Brahmins. So if you are a Brahmin – there is no need to feel low – or to collapse this answer – because I am also a Brahmin by birth.

One has to ACCEPT the shortcoming of our community – the idiocy of our community. And so even though by birth I am a Brahmin – still I am sharing the truth – only a man of awareness – only a man who is turning inward – can openly discuss the shortcomings of his caste – his religion – his country – his state – and the state that Buddha traveled – which is now called Bihar – never accepted Buddha in totality – until he died, he left this planet – until he was no more in human form.

The most beautiful man walked on this planet and his name was Buddha, Gautama Buddha!

TURN IN – is the message of the master – of the Buddha. KETU is also saying the same to each one of you – TURN IN – in whatever place/house – KETU is simply asking you to TURN IN – the matters that are related to that house, that sign, that nakshatra.

Mohan is also a Brahmin by birth. He felt sad, that men of his community condemned someone as beautiful as the Buddha. He came to me and said “ I feel low to know that the Brahmins ridiculed the Buddha.”

I said “ You come here and sit and listen….”

I shared an incident with Mohan – about a young man who was going the wrong way….and one day this young man comes to the Master and says “I have been such an IDIOT all my life.”

The master smiled.

The young man said “But now tell me when will I start walking on the right path?” .

The master again smiled and said ” Right now – the moment you SELF-realize your idiocy – you are set on the right path.”

But the majority is doing the exact opposite – they are trying to KNOW the OTHER – and in the process are losing the rarest of rare opportunity – time – to known themselves.

Shallowness has become the way of life – and so RAHU is on the rise – Ketu is ignored and then such question of what is worst and what is not – arise – DEFAMING the REAL – the TRUTH – the DIVINE – becomes the fashion – the routine in this world of shallowness – the human world has always been condemning KETU – they have CRUCIFIED KETU – they HAVE ridiculed KETU – they have INSULTED KETU – and yet KETU remains unmoved – you can CRUCIFY JESUS – you have ridicule MAHAVIRA, you can INSULT the BUDDHA – but you cannot get rid of them – you can NEVER get rid of the TRUTH. The TRUTH remains.

And the TRUTH is that there is absolutely NO HOUSE that is WORST for KETU.

For the simple reason – that KETU is NOT BOTHERED about the – OTHER. The OTHER is the WORLD. KETU is disinterested in the affairs of the WORLD – but KETU is extremely interested in the WORLD WITHIN. You place a YOGI in a palace or you place him in the most difficult place – the most dirtiest place and yet you will not find him disturbed. You will find him in his joy, his bliss – then you may also ask him like the Brahmins had asked Buddha “ Are you deaf, are you crazy – don’t you feel anything?”

And Ketu would reply in the same way what Buddha had said “ Now it is too late.Now these buttons don’t work. I have gone beyond.”

KETU can’t be turned on. You cannot TURN ON the BUDDHA – you cannot TURN ON the benevolent KETU – you may try to press all the ‘buttons’ that you have known – you may try to play all the moves that you have known – AND yet you cannot DEFEAT KETU – simply because KETU is not interested to WIN.

There was one great Monk – and he was also a great Astrologer – but not of the books – of the SELF! And he had a large monastery – located somewhere in the north of Japan. Many would come to become his disciple but he would let in only a few – a very very few. In fact the count of his disciples would not be more than 7. Every year – only 7 men or women were let in – while the rest of the monastery was filled with a large number of devotees.

Once it happened, a young man who lived at the far east of Japan – came to know about the great Monk and he came all the way to meet him – to become his disciple – but the Monk won’t let him in.

The young man said “ Master you tell me anything and I will do it – but don’t reject me – I have been praying all my life, all my way to become your disciple….please test me – please give me one chance…..”

The Monk said “ Fine. But you have to know the rules of the game.”

A Big Chess Board was brought before the young man. The Monk said “ In this monastery – there are only 7 disciples – one of my disciple will play CHESS with you. But remember – if you WIN – you will STAY. And my disciple will leave. If you lose – then you will LEAVE. And my disciple will stay.”

The young man agreed. He was a good chess player. In fact his whole life he had been a great chess player – nobody had ever defeated him in the Game of Chess.

And so confidently he sat before the chess board – waiting for the other player to arrive.

And the other player arrived – he was such a sweet young boy – deep eyes, calm posture, he comes – he bows before the Master and then he sits down to begin with the game.

And the game starts. The Master is watching – the devotees were watching – and the young man was playing very well. Move after moves – he was becoming more and more aggressive – more offending – and the young boy was struggling and slowly the fight began – it was becoming difficult for the young boy to stop the young man from playing his game – and the MOMENT came – the MOMENT to CHECKMATE the young boy came – and now it was just a matter of one move and the game was going to get over – the young man was going to WIN – everything was going to be AS HIS WISH – but suddenly something moved within his heart…..his heart won’t let him make the final checkmate move – somewhere his consciousness won’t let him – he said to himself “ If I WIN – i will get the place of this young boy and then the young boy would have to leave this monastery – where will he go? where will this innocent boy go? I have many bungalows and properties – but where will this young boy go – he will have no home – he will have to face depression – he will have to go through so many hardships – I CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO THIS YOUNG BOY – it is better that I lose than Win…”

AND THE YOUNG MAN starts making the wrong move – letting the young boy WIN. The whole monastery was surprised – the young man was winning – then WHY DID HE LET THE YOUNG BOY WIN?

The Master got up….went to the young man….gave him a HUG and said “ NOW YOU ARE WELCOME.”

The young man started crying…..the master looked into his eyes and said “ This game was just to test your HEART. The Moment you started THINKING ABOUT OTHERS – the moment COMPASSION arose in your heart – you had started to WIN my heart – you LOST the GAME on purpose – and it is this purpose that I wanted you to make -for the life that is yet to come.”

And it is said that the young man not only became the disciple of the Master but he was the only one who cried that whole night when the Master was no more, when the Master had left his human form.

“YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME – because I am NOT interested to WIN.”

How beautiful is this – the young man must have had the same thought – when he gave up on WINNING – and chose to live to the Higher Purpose – the higher realms of consciousness!

KETU is also NOT interested in WINNING – and so you cannot defeat KETU – you cannot defeat a Yogi – you cannot defeat the Buddha.

WINNING is the game of RAHU.

LETTING GO is the way of KETU. The way of the BUDDHAS.

And so When KETU is in a specific HOUSE – he has gone beyond the matters related to that house – and so no matter what you do – the house he is placed in – brings NIL results – SHUNYATA – EMPTINESS. Whereas the house opposite to KETU – gets ACTIVATED – FIRED UP – because RAHU is on the OTHER end.

FIRST HOUSE KETU- the focus is on the OTHER (7th). Self realization becomes difficult because the whole focus – obsession is about the OTHER – it is therefore an unfortunate placement – NOT for KETU – but for the NATIVE who has never ever paid attention to channelizing the KETU energy towards self realization and he or she continues to go on and on and on….they KNOW a lot – but KNOWING is missing – they become SCHOLARS but they can never become the BUDDHA – unless they stop focusing on the OTHER and start focusing on the SELF.



FOURTH HOUSE KETU – the focus is on CAREER – obsessed with CAREER. I have met many crazy men and women who would do anything to get to the top of their career.

FIFTH HOUSE KETU- the focus is on networking, social life, benefits, media, a highly extrovert person.

SIXTH HOUSE KETU- the focus is on the BEYOND – the unseen, the monastery, the actions behind the curtains, the spiritual, the Yoga, the meditations

SEVENTH HOUSE KETU- the focus is on the SELF. ‘I’ becomes greater than the OTHER. Such a man always keeps his wife on the back-seat – such a woman always is found to take the front-seat and keep her husband on the backseat.

EIGHTH HOUSE KETU – the focus is on FAMILY, MONEY, POSESSIONS, BANK BALANCE, and building fortunes.

NINTH HOUSE KETU – the focus is on ‘doing something’, communicating, expressing, siblings – such a person is always restless – this restlessness if gets a positive support than they really do something unique – is a good placement for entrepreneurship.

TENTH HOUSE KETU – the focus is on the HOME, the mother, the properties, the urge to be the center of attraction. Material happiness is the focus – no matter how much this person gets – he or she always feels that it is NOT enough.

ELEVENTH HOUSE KETU – the focus is on LEARNING. Such women and men are passionate about LEARNING. And they are also passionate in ROMANCING! LEARNING and ROMANCING – without these two aspects – they feel lifeless. They can become doctors and engineers because learning is more. They also can become good artists – because art and romance and love and poetry and painting and dancing is what is their passion.

TWELFTH HOUSE KETU – the focus is on the daily routine life – service. Such people are passionate about job, they also do well in politics, generally are liked by the society – they also are fitness freaks – many fitness professionals do well with this placement. Because the focus is always on who is my enemy and how I can defeat him or her – they generally defeat their opponents.

Have you seen a see-saw? The one that you see in children play park. If you sit on one end and a child on the other – what will happen? You will be down and the child will rise up. Ketu always remains on the ground – down – a nobody – while on the other side – Rahu fuels in – and blooms up the matters related to the house in which Rahu is placed in.

So as you see – KETU is SHUNYA – and no matter where you place the SHUNYA – the EMPTY – the RESULT is always remains the same…

1+ 0 = 1.

1 – 0 = 1.

ZERO is KETU. The RESULT remains the same – whether you ADD or Subtract ZERO.

BEST and WORST is for someone who is going to GIVE you – PROVIDE you with something.

BEST and WORST is NOT for someone who has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to GIVE – to PROVIDE – there is absolute NOTHINGNESS. And so how can you expect KETU to give WORST or to give BEST – when there is absolute NO GIVING – to the nature of KETU – the very essence of KETU is SHUNYA – there is NO GIVING and there is NO TAKING – absolute NOTHINGNESS.

One day a young man came and said “ I have lost my home,my job, my wife,my daughter,my son – NOW WHAT TO DO?”

The master smiled and said “ Now you have to RESTART AGAIN with strong BELIEF that everything is going to be just fine!”

The young man said “ BUT…..”

The master said “ As long as there are BUTs and IFs -you will remain stuck. What has happened has happened – it was your PAST – NOW is your PRESENT and life is flowing NOW -life is neither in the PAST and nor in the FUTURE – LIFE IS NOW – and so get back to work – always remember – IT IS NEVER TOO LATE.”

KETU may bring EMPTINESS – KETU may clear the ‘ground’ – just so that you move to the next level. Many times it happens – you become a loser – just so that you GROW double in the years to come! And this is the way of GOD – the benevolent Master – Shri KETU. You may not realize HIS WAY at the moment – but ONE DAY – YOU WILL!

A RAHU-ish man or a RAHU-ish woman cannot understand the language of KETU. They are the ones who will condemn KETU – who will condemn me. And I can understand their problem – they just can’t get away from the – OTHER. They are SO MUCH focused on the outside – that they just cannot understand the language of BUDDHA – the language of MEDITATIVE YOGI – the language of KETU.

Buddha therefore says that – Remember the FORGOTTEN LANGUAGE.

Mohan asked “ What is this Forgotten language?”

It is the Language of Silence. Unless there is SILENCE – TRUTH cannot be realized. GOD cannot be experienced. LOVE cannot be experienced in the true sense.

Knowledge is noisy. And TRUTH can be found only in Silence. When you meditate – you become SILENT. In that silence – the SELF speaks – the HEART moves, vibrates – and then there is a song to it, a dance!

KETU is innocent. He has absolutely nothing to harm – because he simply has NO AGENDA. You become frustrated with KETU – only when you are deep into SEX,MONEY, POWER, LUST, GREED – when you obsessed (RAHU) with all of these – you will definitely resent KETU. It is YOUR IGNORANCE that becomes the HURDLE – that becomes the CAUSE of the WORST OUTCOMES -when KETU DASHA BEGINS – or when KETU TRANSITS over your SUN or MOON.

Then your mind starts boggling – then you start wondering why everything is losing out from your tight GRIP (RAHU) – then the CLINGING nature is challenged by the LET GO nature of KETU and because you have been habitual of CLINGING – of ATTACHMENTS – you find the KETU period as the most difficult period of your life.

So understand this – for ARJUNA – the years of EXILE was not at all an issue. His nature was NOT OF CLINGING. Krishna would command and Arjuna would simply follow and that was the beauty of their relation – the relation between the Master and the disciple is the greatest love relation – the master stepping towards the disciple – the disciple stepping towards the master – how to express such a divine pure love – ONENESS…..I am speechless.

You can become a disciple only when you can resonate with the energy of KETU. Because the very first step that KETU wants you to take – is to DROP YOUR INTELLECTUALISM – drop your EGO – drop your LEARNING – and become a ‘NOBODY’.

People don’t understand. The majority is running behind all that Shines – whereas the real remains away from the limelight – because the moment the limelight comes – the danger of getting dragged into the never ending glamorous distracting world of RAHU is always there – the real Yogis therefore remain away from the People – though they continue to share their message – their direction through someone who is a ‘NOBODY’!

And this NOBODY is KETU – and so how can a NOBODY cause harm to someone!

If you place a holy divine Idol on your ‘DISCO FLOOR’ – it is obvious that you will start going through hardships – the fault is NOT of the IDOL – the fault is in your IGNORANCE – you are so much ignorant that you DON’T KNOW WHERE TO PLACE WHAT – it is like a BLIND MAN who just plays with the REAL DIAMOND – and then SHOUTS TO THE WHOLE WORLD that ‘I AM STRUGGLING _ I AM POOR’!

And so – to all my fellow travelers, followers and readers – FIRST you have to UNDERSTAND KETU – and to understand KETU – you have to FIRST VISIT HIS WAY – and HIS WAY is INWARD – TURNING INWARD!

And so come you all – let us meditate – let us go again and again to that inner space and experience the PEACE, the JOY, the ABUNDANCE of LOVE within. Always remember – you can love others only WHEN YOU CAN LOVE YOURSELF! The first ripple of love has to be around yourself – only then can the love reach the farthest shores, only then can your love heal those who are suffering, only then can you comfort those who are in trouble. But it all has to first start from YOURSELF.

KETU is the KEY to HEAL yourself first! And you all can do it. Those who have been following me -must be something because following me and reading my sharing, my answers is not everybody’s potential – very few, the chosen ones can only relate to my sharing – in fact it is HIS sharing, I am just a medium, just a servant.

Mohan always asks “ When will my master find me – should I go in search of my master.”

The answer is – NO.

The child seeks the mother. But the child miss to realize that the mother too is waiting to meet her child! Your first birth is through the mother – your second birth is through the Master. The Master is equal to your mother – HE surrounds you like a Mother. The Master is your spiritual mother. The Master is more like a mother than the father. The Mother can understand you more than your father.

Always remember – what you seek, is also seeking you! There is absolutely no need to go anywhere – just be where you are and focus WITHIN, turn inwards, and move towards total SURRENDER and then when your SURRENDER is TOTAL – when you are a NOBODY (KETU) -when you have dropped everything that no longer serves the higher purpose of your life – then ONLY then the Master will come – only when you 100% Ready.

When the disciple is ready – the master appears, says the divine master Lao Tzu!

And when the disciple is really ready – the master disappears – says Lao Tzu. Because a true master would never want his disciple to remain dependent on HIM – he would never want his disciple to remain attached – because the very essence of spiritual life is to become detached – more and more detached!

KETU is the very source of DETACHMENT. KETU enables you to CUT all those things that have become useless to your REAL GROWTH – the SPIRITUAL GROWTH!

And so KETU is beautiful. KETU can HEAL. KETU is NOT for those who have lost their ‘eyes’ (Awareness) – they can never relate to KETU and in the process will continue to live in the ‘ILLUSION’ that KETU is causing them hardships. Let them live in those illusions – while you all – my fellows – you all continue to focus WITHIN – take a deep breath – and MEDITATE. Morning and evening – whenever you have time – MEDITATE. I have seen many people living in riches and yet in the end what comes to their share is – MISERY and just MISERY.

BUT YOU ALL – you all can turn the tables – you all have still got time to turn inward – while the majority of this human world is concerned with TURNING ON – you all can focus more and more and more on TURNING IN!

The whole essence of this human life is to TURN IN. And that’s KETU. That’s Meditation. And that is the surest way to eternal happiness.

To realize the SELF – you have to reach the state of NO MIND – and the way towards NO MIND goes through KETU – if you cannot walk the KETU WAY – you really cannot attain -you remain in the grip of Rahu – you remain in the grip of miseries.

You have to make a choice – you have to begin with meditation – this can be your last chance – this can be your first chance – you don’t know, I don’t know, nobody knows – what is going to happen after this human birth – all you have got is this moment – the NOW moment and the more you can BE HERE NOW – the more you can progress spiritually. The key is to BE HERE NOW – to live without regretting your PAST and without worrying about your FUTURE – PAST is gone, FUTURE is not yet – NOW is the moment – BE HERE NOW. Meditation happens only when you are able to BE HERE NOW.

A young man had once asked – what is the easiest way to BE HERE NOW?

The master had smiled and said “ LOVE”

When you are in LOVE – you are 100% able to BE HERE NOW! And this is the beauty of LOVE – so let there be LOVE within you – no matter how many times you have been ditched or missed on LOVE – always remember LOVERS fail – LOVE never fails – LOVE remains and it remains forever – you are born out of LOVE – we all are born out of love – LOVE is our mother says the divine Sufi Saint Rumi!

And so when you meditate – meditate with love – with devotion – with your whole being surrendered to HIS love – God’s Love and then you can see the miracle happening -it happens – it always happens – this is the way of its happening – the larger question that you all should ask yourself is that – Are you ready for it?

Love brings you HERE and NOW and then there is no looking back – the sky is clear and you are ready to fly.

Learn to BE HERE NOW – and only then you can appreciate KETU – only then you can realize the essence of meditation – only then you can experience the greatest miracle of your life – the miracle of transforming your life from the inside-out.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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