Which Mobile Brand (android) is lucky for you – astrologically?


Communication (3rd house) leads to Connection (7th house ). And Connection (7th house) leads to Benefits/Profits/attainments (11th). And this is how the 3rd house, 7th house and 11th house become the real source of your livelihood! 3rd is the action of hands, 7th is where the hands meet, 11th is where the hands benefit! Astrology can be so interesting but only when you are following your heart and not the head! I am certain that the small community of over 6000 followers following me on Quora and Quora Space must be followers of heart – else they would have never connected with me!

When buying a new mobile phone – your Moon Chart becomes more significant because primarily human beings are controlled by their MIND (Moon Chart)! Until you become a Buddha – the moon chart (mind) continues to impact your life because you are carrying your mind – you are following your mind! You are slave of your mind. And so MOON CHART becomes significant in the daily affairs of human beings.

BRAND is an identity of certain values, ethics which in turn gives birth to a certain level of quality.

In a way BRAND is directly connected with the state of the MIND. When good minds come together – they build good brands. When poor minds come together they build poor brands.

So the most IMPORTANT message to all my close followers is that always buy POPULAR BRANDS – because they are SUCCESSFUL. Life’s success is based on the company you associate with. Many people – just to deviate – just to stand out – buy some less successful brands and in turn attract the same fate – failures!

Many of my ardent readers and followers had been asking this question “Which mobile brand is lucky for me – astrologically?”

Today I will answer.

The lucky ANDROID Mobile brand as per your MOON SIGN is as follows:

For TAURUS, VIRGO and CAPRICORN men and women:

  1. VIVO



For GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS men and women:




For CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES men and women:



For LEO, SAGGITARIUS and ARIES men and women:

  1. LG


3. Motorola

Now it is possible that you may not like the brands mentioned as lucky for your moon sign zodiac. But then that is how life is – stories and tragedies are born only when you will do EXACTLY opposite to what is recommended for you! That is how GOD is busy – very busy!

Because who wants to listen? If everyone would start listening and following the recommended solutions – then we will have a NO PROBLEM WORLD! And that will make RAHU angry. Because if everybody is happy then there is NO scope left for RAHU. RAHU will be RETIRED!

But hey – RAHU is never going to retire – because we have millions and millions of men and women who do exactly that which RAHU loves – they make wrong decisions – choose wrong brands – choose wrong people and then they start suffering – and then RAHU laughs – this is how RAHU has been laughing for millions of years – this RAHU has made GOD very busy. Because where will man go – the last resort – the last place is always the place where the bells ring – GOD’s place.

In the end – once you are bleeding from inside – outside – by being a victim to your never ending desires (RAHU) – you will finally comes to GOD’s place – because it is only here that you will find peace – and the joy that you seek. The PRESSURE of RAHU is relieved only in the COURT OF GOD – the place of worship.

Only the word of GOD can bring peace to your being. No matter how many cars you drive and how much sex you had – the satisfaction is always short-lived. Lasting satisfaction is only possible when you start turning inwards – when you start chanting the name of lord – when you self-realize that SEX, MONEY, POWER is NOT the answer that you seek – the answer is only to be found in GOD’s word.

And to be able to listen to GOD’s word – you first have to start moving beyond your mind. The mind is a monkey – at this moment it is here and the next moment on the other end of the world. So you have to take efforts to STILL the mind – meditation is the way to STILL the mind, chanting the name of the LORD is the another way to STILL the mind. Remember – a STILL mind is the perfect state of mind to embark on the spiritual journey! People talk a lot about spirituality – they miss to realize that the journey begins only when the MIND becomes STILL.

When your mind is TOO FAST – you are always found in miseries. A FAST MIND is a SICK MIND.

The very first lesson or step towards embarking on your spiritual journey is to start working on bringing the MIND to the state of STILLNESS. A wavering mind (in Hindi or Marathi – Çhanchal) is sign of weakness. Such a woman or man attract many miseries in life. The more a person talks – (talkative) means the more he or she is still too much into the clutches of the mind and the mind is fast – such a mind leads to many miseries – many decisions are taken impulsively – fast, many times such a person HURTS others by his FAST REACTION (negative) and so many such wrong ACTS (KARMA) happen because when your MIND is FAST – what else can you attract than more miseries, more enemies and more bad karmas credited to your ‘karmic bank account’!

And that is why the divine masters encourage you to first STILL the MIND.

Meditate every day – morning and evening – minimum 20 minutes in a secluded place or a closed room. Spend some quality time with your ‘SELF’. Recite the holy mantra – there is nothing as powerful as the chanting of the mantra – doing the JAPA-MALA!

When you start chanting, when you start coming closer to GOD CONSCIOUSNESS – you start making the right choices. Then you may listen to a GOD’s Fool like Me. Until then the rounds of RAHU will continue in your life – you will continue to talk a lot, talk and talk and just talk, you will continue to remain in illusions of Ï AM SOMEBODY – and this EGO will eventually lead you to many painful situations of life!

The human world is vast – and the mind cannot contain the vastness of this human world. In fact your world is limited to your MIND!

BUDDHA is not a name. BUDDHA is the state of NO MIND. A Buddha will not need a mobile phone. But you will need it because you haven’t yet gone beyond the MIND and neither have I! Because then I would not be here – I would have taken leave – gone in the woods never to be seen again.

But still my time hasn’t come, still your time also hasn’t come – we are in not in the same boat but we are still in the boat! We still have to step out of the boat (mind) – the journey is long – maybe it hasnt yet begin – may be it has begin – but who cares? Because the journey is NOT towards GOD, the journey is WITH GOD.

Come – the way is here – walk with me – with faith – with love – with patience and you will reach the shores – if GOD can transform buds into flowers – he can also transform you into a beautiful being – a beautiful flower – the larger question is “Are you ready?”

When you are ‘READY’- the master will appear – GOD will appear. The readiness is purely based on your efforts – your consistency – your willingness to turn inwards, meditate and come closer to that which has no name, no sex, no title – CONSCIOUSNESS.

Meditate and see – we started with choosing the right mobile brand based on moon signs and we have come to such a beautiful state – the meditative state! This is how the journey begins – this is how life blossoms – it begins with something very trivial and ends with something so beautiful – so enlightening. It always happens – one goes for one thing and ends up with something far more beautiful, more enriching!

Some accidents are beautiful – in fact many people whom you meet accidently – turn out to be angels. Planning is of the MIND – the HEART never plans – it just flows and because it flows with life – it meets many wonders of life – always follow your heart – the heart is always right.

Love to all my readers, followers – your mails, and your messages, and your love is reaching me – I am overwhelmed by your love – and it is this collective love of each one of you that brings more strength to this wonderful journey of sharing and caring.

Peace to all. People say “Rest in Peace” after one is dead. Our focus should be in resting in peace when we are very much ALIVE. Indeed this world is a strange place to be – and the more you find it strange the more you know – that you are coming closer to GOD – GOD consciousness.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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