Zodiac Sign, Ascendant Lord, or Birth Nakshatra, who is powerful?


When making a cup of tea, between Sugar, Milk, Tea powder- who is powerful or useful?

I can see that your question has come out of innocence. And that is perfectly fine. Innocence is beautiful. Even though the question may sound naïve – still it remains a good question simply because it has come out of innocence!

Let it be clear that there is no specific answer to such kind of questions. But your question is appreciated.

To have a nice cup of hot tea- all the three ingredients are required in their best possible measurements!

Similarly to have a beautiful life – a life that is well balanced between the duties and responsibilities towards the family and devotion towards the Guru – all the three ‘ingredients’ – Rashi (Moon Sign), Lagna Lord (Ascendant Lord) and (Ascendant Lord’s Nakshatra) should be in the right place and in the right degrees.

Yesterday I visited my family doctor. She is a known celebrity doctor. It was a quiet afternoon, so she asked: “ What are the planets and nakashatra and do you think that with a distance that is millions of miles – they can affect human beings?”

I said “ Doctor you are perfectly right. These planets that you are talking of – certainly cannot affect us.”

She smiled. But I said, “ My answer is not yet complete.”

She said, “ Please continue…”

“ Doctor you are right when you talked about the planets that are in the space. But….I am talking about planets and stars that are NOT OUT IN THE SPACE….but planets and stars that are WITHIN us.”

“ The planets and stars that we talk about are the “QUALITIES” (GUNA) that we have attained through many births and rebirths. If I am a good dancer then you will see the quality of Venus and Mars exalted or these two planets will be in the state of a positive placement in my birth chart. Dance needs a lot of energy (mars). But along with energy – dance also needs a certain art of moving around, certain grace, certain style – that is Venus! It is the QUALITY that every planet through the energy of the Nakshatra provides.”

The doctor said “ Tell me more…now I am curious..”

“ Our Vedas have always mentioned that whatever is in the universe- is also within us. The Sanskrit verse says “ AHAM BRAMHASMI” – meaning “ I am the Universe.”

So, in reality, there is absolutely nothing on the outside that impacts us but it all that is WITHIN that impact us. All the rituals and all the puja that we do are simply to encourage the positive qualities within us. The planets dwell within us in the form of QUALITIES.

Being Romantic, being lovable is the QUALITY of Venus.

Being Sexy, Being sexual, Being energetic, Being warlike Being fighter Being bossy is the QUALITY of Mars.

Being too talkative, too curious, too intellectual, too logical being fearful, being a coward is all but the QUALITY of Mercury.

Being too outward – too extrovert, being hungry for fame, hungry for SEX, hungry for power – being always unsettled, being Ignorant is the QUALITY of RAHU. RAHU is always HUNGRY FOR MORE.

Being Responsible, Being cautious, Being hardworking, Being just, Being disciplined is the QUALITY of Saturn.

Being disinterested, being carefree, being detached, being a let go, being like a monk is a QUALITY of Ketu

Being Conscious, being studious, being a good student or disciple, be forgiving, being compassionate, being benevolent, being large-hearted is the QUALITY of Jupiter

Being disruptive being strange being unique is the quality of Uranus

Being imaginative being dreaming person, being a good cinematic talent being secretive is the QUALITY of Neptune

Uranus and Neptune are the higher realms of energies – all the innovations that you see happening today – is a direct blessing of souls that have exalted the qualities of these two rebellious innovative planets!

And so every planet is within us because every planet through its nakshatra represents the ‘degree’ of a certain quality within us!”

The doctor said, “ That is something enlightening, we should talk more…”

So it is necessary and I mention it specifically in the larger interest of all my followers and readers – that all you have been seeking on the outside is ONLY to be found within!

The way towards God – is not up in the sky – but way down within you!

And what a beautiful day to share this when most of us are deeply engrossed in the auspicious arrival of Shri Ganesha! The Lord who has NO HEAD – because the Lord is a symbolic representation of being engrossed WITHIN! And the elephant face that the ancient seers have instilled is a pure representation of WISDOM – that is only found when you turn inwards and live your life by being deeply engrossed within! See – how beautiful Lord Ganesha is – such a deep message just through his beautiful appearance!

And therefore Lord Ganesha is a pure representation of Shri Ketu. Ketu also has no head and yet it is SHRI KETU who is the epitome of wisdom- a diety that is deeply engrossed within!

And what is the nature of Shri Ketu? To ABSORB…! Like absorbing cotton cloth- Ketu absorbs.

The tradition of bringing Lord Ganesha idol in your home is simply to worship Shri Ketu and it is Shri Ketu that absorbs all the NEGATIVE ENERGY WITHIN YOUR LIFE and therefore when you do VISARJAN – Shri Ketu in the form of Shri Ganesha takes away all your troubles and negativity and thereby makes your ‘road’ clean and brings along peace and prosperity to your life!

Today – let us all bow before the most gracious and large-hearted Shri Ganesha and at his gracious feet – I pray that all the troubles and difficulties that you all are facing in your life, may it all evaporate and may you all experience peace and prosperity in your life.

A beautiful picture quote with Sanskrit Shloka and its meaning…..where you simply surrender to Lord Ganesha – by being totally engrossed in His Holy Name!

Blessings to all my dear followers and readers. Life indeed is not an easy journey but when you have unwavering faith and patience in your heart – life does transform into the most beautiful journey that you would ever be on. The journey towards the beyond – the journey within!

||Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha || – a beautiful effective mahamantra that can help you all walk through all difficult situations…..and experience bliss and peace within.

Wishing all my followers and readers – a very happy Ganesha Festival! Let us celebrate life – irrespective of all our difficulties and challenges – let us move on with faith and love, the greater we focus on being POSITIVE – the greater we would experience POSITIVE results. Always remember – what you FOCUS on – GROWS!

On this beautiful occasion of Ganesha Festival – let us strengthen ourselves inside out – by being more positive, optimistic and compassionate….

Let there be a song, a dance. For life should not only be lived, but life should also be celebrated!

Let the celebrations begin……

Ganapati Bappa Morya! Morya! Morya! Morya!

Love & light to all.

Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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