Rahu in 4th house


Rahu In 4th House

Buddha says “You only lose what you cling to.”

This nature of CLINGING – is of RAHU. When RAHU in 4th house – the person is TOO OBSESSED with his or her HOME. Such a person is a ‘Mommy’s boy’ or ‘Mommy’s Girl’.

It is okay to be a mommy’s boy or mommy’s girl – but when RAHU is placed in the 4th – the person is too much obsessed with his or her mother.

A man with a 4th house RAHU is a great CHALLENGE for the wife.

A woman with a 4th house RAHU is a HEADACHE for the husand.

Why? Because such a man or woman with 4th House Rahu – are so much obsessed with their MOTHER – that they simply CANNOT tolerate anything said against their mother!

And then the ‘friction’ – the ‘fight’ is obvious – while the mother remains unmoved! It is a strange phenomena that the mother is also like the child – meaning she is also obsessive of her son or daughter! And so then the wife or the husband simply ‘SUFFER’ at the hands of such a person who has RAHU in 4th house!

Generally Men are attracted towards the woman’s breast – it is a natural phenomena studied and observed by many scientists across the world. But to a man who has RAHU in 4th – the attraction is a bit more than others. Rahu in 4th brings lustful tendencies – such men are in the tight grip of LUST and so it becomes very easy for any attractive woman to TRAP them and exploit them and then begins their story of many miseries and agonies.

4th house is the house of happiness – material happiness. Interestingly RAHU in 4th house men and women are so much fired up to SEEK happiness in their life BUT in reality they NEVER are found to be HAPPY – because – the ‘WANT MORE’ tendency instilled in them never brings any satisfaction – never.

4th house RAHU also brings too many DISTRACTIONS in life – the person is so much ‘haunted’ with illusions and fantasies that his or her ‘meeting’ with the REALITY of the life never happens.

4th house RAHU is equivalent to RAHU MOON conjunction! And guess – what if RAHU MOON is placed in the 4th house – then you have got a TOTAL RAHUISH man or woman who does well in the field of media industry – the newspaper – the film industry – the modelling – the politics.

RAHU is a good politician. You all remember – how RAHU ‘too appearance of the DEVTAS and drank the immortal nectar’ – the quality to APPEAR what it in reality he or she is NOT – is good when RAHU in 4th house!

Understand the fact that the 4th house is DIRECTLY connected to your EMOTIONS – and so here when RAHU in 4th house – the man or the woman – is TOO EMOTIONAL by nature.

And emotional person is always RULED by the MIND – and so often these people drag themselves into emotional situations that in turn makes them feel more tensed – more disturbed.

Astrologers make a lot of noise – when they find a woman with MARS in the 4th house – they instantly label her as MANGALIK – but I would say that is less damaging than a woman who has RAHU in 4th house!

How do you do in your marriage?

Understand the fact that the 4th house is 10th from the Seventh house of Marriage! So just the way you see your ‘career growth and happiness’ from the 10th house of your chart – similarly the ‘ growth in your marital relations and your overall happiness’ is seen from the 4th house of your chart! Now a man or woman who has RAHU in 4th house – is desirous of having plenty of marriage – marital happiness in his or her life – BUT – in reality they never are happy in their marriages!

If by any chance – the seventh house lord is placed in the 6th or 12th house – along with RAHU in 4th house – or if there is MARS or SATURN in the 7th house with RAHU in 4th house – then ‘MARRIAGE’ goes for a toss!

RAHU 4 – WANTS MORE AND MORE HAPPINESS from marriage life.


Understand the difference – remember the difference.

Whenever RAHU is placed in the FIRST house, FOURTH house, SEVENTH house or TENTH house – you must know that you are dealing with an utterly RAHUISH person!

RAHU IN 7th house person – is HUNGRY for sexual union, sexual pleasures.

RAHU MOON in the 7th house person – ATTRACTS attention from the opposite sex – no matter what they do – the opposite sex is always attracted towards them! A woman with RAHU MOON in the 7th house – often ends up with multiple sexual unions and so does a man with RAHU MOON in the 7th house.

RAHU MOON in the 4th house – is an emotional fool person. He is LOUD, he is IMPULSIVE and is prone to getting angry on small matters too!

RAHU in 4th house is a CURSE. This CURSE targets the person’s material happiness. It also creates issues during the last stage of life – such a person (GENERALLY) dies accidentally – in a sudden manner.

Many men and women who dies of HEART ATTACK – have RAHU in 4th house – or RAHU MOON in the fourth house or MARS with RAHU in fourth house.

But the most UNHOLIEST – the most DIRTY conjunction is RAHU SHANI in the 4th house.

Such a person’s mother and siblings are not of good character. Unless there is any positive aspect to this conjunction – the native remains a puppet in the hands of his or her mother – siblings and basically the whole BALANCE of life (horoscope) is disturbed when RAHU SHANI is placed in the 4th house.

RAHU SHANI – the ONLY conjunction that I personally don’t like – the only one that is the most unholy of all.

RAHU MERCURY, RAHU MOON, RAHU SUN, RAHU MARS, RAHU SHANI – these all conjunctions are simply a sign that something has NOT gone well in the past life and the person has committed some of the most unholy KARMA in his or her past life.

The only better – or somewhat safe conjunction with RAHU is – RAHU VENUS conjunction – this too if there are other planets (MAHA-RATHIs) who have an upper hand in the horoscope.

KETU in the 4th house – simply denies happiness from marriage or mother.

RAHU in 4th house – simply makes you too much obsessive towards wanting more and more happiness in life.

One has to understand that why the DESIRE like this comes at first place? Why Rahu comes in the 4th house?

In the past life – you never had any happiness from marriage – so this life you have arrived to seek – to want – to desire happiness from marriage – from mother.

That is fine – but the larger question is whether you have the necessary KARMA BALANCE – the necessary PUNYA – GOOD DEEDS of the past life with you to fulfill your this desire?

If you have – then you will gain happiness from marriage – from mother but the bottom-line is that in-spite of getting happiness – you remain unhappy – because RAHU always remains unsatisfied no matter how much you give HIM – he remains unsatisfied – the nature of RAHU is to remain unsatisfied!

It is difficult to deal with MEN and WOMEN having RAHU in 4th house. I cannot TRUST them – they APPEAR to be somebody and in reality they are something else! And that is indeed the cause of the many miseries that they face in life.

RAHU 4 People think of doing Algebra, but then they feel to do Geometry – but eventually they end up doing Chemistry! – if this is how you live your life – if there is absolutely NO HARMONY – NO ALIGNMENT in what you THINK – what you FEEL and what you DO – then there is going to be no chance to experience the truth – no chance to experience happiness.

RAHU 4 are generally not the folks who will WALK THE TALK. They will TALK a lot but when it comes to walking – they do an exact U turn!

Remember – 90% of RELATIONSHIPS break because of EGO – it is shocking reality that if you are unaware of – then it will be good to beware of your EGO.

Rahu in 4th house

RAHU 4 is a highly EGOIST person. Emotions feed your EGO. Rahu 4 is an emotional person – gets quickly offended – EGO is too much – such men are quarrelsome and often goes through multiple relationship breakups – and the most common thread to all his break-ups is the BIG FAT EGO.

RAHU 4 is ARIES – is too blunt and aggressive by nature.

RAHU 4 in TAURUS – too much attracted to wealth creation – money making – also has strong indulgence in pleasure seeking activities.

RAHU 4 in Gemini – too much of a shallow person – though good in communications and generally lives a life of luxuries – outside marriage affairs (extramarital affairs) are generally found with this position.

Rahu 4 Cancer – Very emotional – very sensitive and very revengeful person. In general RAHU 4 – no matter which sign it is placed in – gives revengeful tendencies.

RAHU 4 Leo – A very jealous person – often is good at faking things and is not at all a trustworthy person. A woman with this position – in general is good at cheating. Extra marital affairs are common for such beings.

RAHU 4 Virgo – Too analytical women and men – they are a pain in the neck – because they just like to go on and on and on – they are too much in the head and so it becomes difficult to help them. They often end up distorting the meaning of the words that you spoke – leading to many misunderstanding and mishaps. Not a good position – if your girlfriend has this placement – beware!

Rahu 4 Libra – A good position – at least far better than the all previous six signs. I would rather invite a man or woman with RAHU 4 in Libra Sign for a tea party than those with above signs placement.

RAHU Scorpio – Again not a good sign for RAHU. Here RAHU is very uncomfortable and creates many miseries in life.

RAHU SAGGITARIUS – It is like a ‘DRUNKARD’ in a ‘TEMPLE’! You can imagine what is going to happen – the 4th house SAGGITARIUS SIGN (TEMPLE) gets affected badly – happines is at stake with this placement.

RAHU CAPRICORN – A ‘thief’ in the ‘COURT OF JUSTICE’ – where discipline is above all. Rahu in Capricorn sign brings forth the disciplined life -the person is TOO MUCH obsessed with FORMALITIES of LIFE. Moves around like an officer. Is exactly opposite to the idea of living your life by being yourself! A man who loves to live bu being himself – who is an INDIVIDUAL – who values HIS INDIVIDUALITY will feel SUFFOCATED if he comes across a man with RAHU 4 in Capricorn. Such a man is a bad boss – makes the life of his employees – a pure HELL.

RAHU AQUARIUS – YES – this is HOME to RAHU. Here RAHU in comfortable and so of all the RAHU 4 positions – RAHU in LIBRA and RAHU in AQUARIUS and RAHU in GEMINI are the overall BETTER positions than others.

Many of you who have been following me – may have learned so far that I simply don’t like AQUARIUS WOMAN or MAN. And the reason is simple – this sign of AQUARIUS is just TOO MUCH. And RAHU is TOO MUCH. Many poor husbands suffer at the hand of their wife who is of Aquarius sign or Aquarius Ascendant. Now before you all jump – first let me clarify that – a KNIFE is NOT BAD. AQUARIUS is NOT BAD – but if the KNIFE is put on BUTTER – what will happen? That is what happens when an AQUARIUS WOMAN connects with a MAN who is NOT AQUARIUS but a CANCER! He is like the soft butter – then he suffers at the hands of the AQUARIUS woman! And so generally AQUARIUS WOMAN need a man who is also like the KNIFE. AQUARIUS and CAPRICORN do well. AQUARIUS and GEMINI do well. AQUARIUS and LIBRA do well. AQUARIUS and VIRGO do well – both are intellectual by nature.

The only signs that should stay away from AQUARIUS is CANCER, SCORPIO, PISCES. The watery signs are emotional and sensitive while AQUARIUS is insensitive and rough and blunt.

RAHU PISCES – here the situation is such that a ‘thief’ in a kindergarten school! RAHU feels uncomfortable – here RAHU creates more confusions in life than otherwise.

RAHU 4 as I have mentioned in many of answers – is a perfect position to become a victim of BLACK MAGIC – but only if RAHU is alone. In case RAHU is with SHANI – then this person is not just a victim of black magic but also does black magic on others – by hiring black magicians!

If RAHU is alone – then the case of black magic is limited to being a VICTIM.

But the moment RAHU gets a companion in form of SHANI or MARS – then the same person becomes ACTIVE in seeking a black magician so that he can CAST black magic on those men and women who he disliked or feel JEALOUS or wants a REVENGE.

MAXIMUM cases of BLACK MAGIC are out of REVENGE, out of JEALOUSY, out of ANGER, and if the matter is related to SEX – then out of LUST.

Many men with RAHU 4 (Provided they have other weak placements – evil placements) – use black magic to attract the WOMAN of their interest. And the woman doesn’t understand that why all of sudden she is getting attracted towards that man whom she never liked at first place!

Many such things happen almost all around the world – such ACT OF BLACK MAGIC to attract a woman – or – man – is called VASHIKARAN KRIYA.

People use BLACK MAGIC to manipulate matters of their life. For example a man wants a specific woman – he just wants her – he is mad for her – but she is not willing to. Then such a man goes to a black magician – asks him to cast a SPELL so that woman comes in his trap. People do all kind of such manipulations – and then they later SUFFER.

Rahu in 4th house

Whenever RAHU is in the KENDRA (1, 4, 7, 10) the tendency to MANIPULATE things – using all possible ways – exists within the native.

Enough for today.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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