What is the God Experience?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Albert Einstein says – We have made the RATIONAL mind as our Master – and we have completely forgotten the intuitive mind! The SERVANT has become the MASTER – and the real MASTER is being IGNORED – is being sidelined!

The ‘calculations’ have become the master – and calculations cannot help you much – you may travel from A to Z – but then the doors closed – then you start suffocating – there is NO WAY OUT – you are trapped in the ‘calculations’!

The more you are driven by the MIND – the more you are trapped in your CALCULATIONS! A man who has moved beyond the MIND – can JUMP – can take the RISK – can be COURAGEOUS in the true sense!

When people reach to the tip of the MASLOW pyramid – when they have enough of wealth and money – then they start getting ideas about spirituality. And that is perfectly right – because it is only when you have ENOUGH or more than ENOUGH that you can truly start moving towards something that is BEYOND – UNSEEN – UNKNOWN – the DIVINE!

But since the majority of these men and women have been following their HEAD and LOGIC has been the only anchor to their life – they find it difficult to FEEL – they find it difficult to JUMP – they find it impossible to DROP everything – because whole life they have been CALCULATING – following the MIND – the LOGIC and so taking the first step towards the unknown – seems difficult to their calculating MIND.

People who are logical – who are philosophers are trying to KNOW God. The HEAD will always try to KNOW. The HEAD is impotent to FEEL – to EXPERIENCE – it can only KNOW!

And the greatest truth is that GOD cannot be KNOWN – GOD is unknowable.

Buddhas – the enlightened beings point the way but they never talk about the ultimate experience – the GOD experience.

Guru Nanak – one of the greatest divine masters never talked about the ultimate GOD experience – but HE shared the way – the ultimate way to experience GOD through the first few words that HE uttered after experiencing GOD – after being with GOD. And those few words that HE uttered came to be known as the Japji Sahib. And the whole incident (symbolic in many ways) is worth sharing….

It happened so that Nanak was sitting on the bank of the river in total darkness with his friend and follower, Mardana. And suddenely – spontaneously without saying a word, Nanak removed his clothes and walked into the river. Mardana called after him “Where are you going? The night is so dark and cold….”

Nanak went further and further – he ‘walked’ into the river and slowly he plunged into the depths of the river. Mardana waited, thinking that Nanak would be out soon. But Nanan did not return. Mardana waited for five minutes, when ten minutes passed by he became anxious. Where could he be? Where could have Nanak gone? There was no sign of him. Mardana started crying – he ran all around the river shore – calling to him “Where are you? Answer me! Where are you?” He felt he heard a voice saying, “Be patient, be patient.” but there was no sign of Nanak.

Mardana ran back to the village – the whole village loved Nanak. They all had some sense, a glimpse of what Nanak was going to be. They had felt the fragrance of his presence, just as the bud gives the sign of its fragrance before it becomes a flower! All the villagers wept – they ran back and forth around the river shore – but no luck. Nanak was nowhere to be seen!

Three days passed. People thought that Nanak must have drowned.They thought that his body must have been carried away by the wift current of the river and perhaphs eaten by wild animals. The village was drowned in sorrow. It appeared as if the whole village had become lifeless – the pain of losing one of the greatest master – Guru Nanak was unbearable….

But on the fourth day – Nanak appeared from the river! And the first words he spoke became the ‘Japji’.

The GOD EXPERIENCE was expressed in the form of Japji.

Japji Sahib is a Sikh prayer, that appears at the beginning of the Guru Granth Sahib – the scripture of the Sikhs. It was composed by Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. It begins with Mool Mantra and then follow 38 paudis (stanzas) and completed with a final Salok at the end of this composition.

And so after 3 days – Nanak returned but the Nanak who returned was also God Himself. Then each word uttered by HIM – became so invaluable as to be beyond price, each word equal to the words of the Vedas. The Japji Sahib is one of the most revered holy scriptures for those who follow Guru Nanak.

GOD cannot be KNOWN – shallow people spend their whole life in FIGURING out who GOD is and how GOD is – the real fellows JUMP into the RIVER – and RETURN only when they have EXPERIENCED GOD – they cannot share the experience but they can show you the WAY – JAPJI – that Guru Nanak uttered was the ‘way’ – the ultimate ‘path’ to guide those who are ‘thirsty’ for God experience!

Have you seen a child? Look at the child – the child is full of life and full of heart. He or she can JUMP into the unknown because they have not yet become CALCULATIVE as you have! As the child starts growing – slowly slowly the innocence fades away and what comes is the HARD CALCULATIVE MIND – this is how you start moving AWAY from GOD – this is how you start moving AWAY from the TRUTH!

Innocence is the way towards GOD. You have to go into simple innocence, just like a small child holding the hand of his father can go into the deep forest without any fear. Lions may be roaring but the child has no fear because he knows his hand is in his father’s hand.

The child has FULL TRUST in his FATHER – he is not worried, not afraid, he is enchanted with the whole journey, with the whole adventure. Such a simplicity is needed, such innocence is needed, only then can you take the risk!

Innocence means there is NO HEAD,NO LOGIC and LOVE wells up only when there is absolutely NO LOGIC! Love is many things – NONE of them is logical!

And so become a child – become innocent – and you will able to do so when you walk on the path of TRUTH – when you remain truthful to your SELF.

You were born with innocence but you die with absolute no innocence within you but only a dry logic. A man who seek GOD – must turn around – must drop the MIND and move towards the HEART – for the HEART is innocent – the HEART can TRUST and the way towards the SKY – the way towards GOD is only through the HEART and not through the head.

The real home is the home WITHIN you. The real ASTROLOGY is the ASTROLOGY WITHIN you. Only few can understand this and so only few can overcome the MIND and experience the BEYOND and one who can experience the beyond – can realize the fact that ASTROLOGY is NOT above GOD.

ASTROLOGY is NOT above GOD – always remember this. You can CORRECT the COURSE – you can ALTER THE COURSE OF YOUR DESTINY – that is why you have got this precious HUMAN BIRTH!

But IGNORANT MEN AND WOMEN have made ASTROLOGY GREATER THAN GOD – and that is the greatest tragedy of this human world.

In rural villages and the most deserted places – astrology and astrologers have literally ‘locked-up’ the FREEDOM of individuality – they have spread so much of FEAR that men and women – alike – have become mere puppets in the hands of the Astrologers!

The situation is real, even today traditions and astrology and rituals and remedies have a very tight control on the lives of men and women – who CANNOT do ANYTHING – because they are compelled to follow the astrology – they are compel to MARRY based on ASTROLOGY and NOT LOVE!

And this is the greatest tragedy of human life – this is the PEAK of IGNORANCE in which the whole society exists and compels you to exist and NOT live!

The Society wants you to mix with the crowd. The Society HATES INDIVIDUALS. Because INDIVIDUALS are a danger – they will NOT follow blindly – they will ASK questions – they will RAISE doubts – they will simply DENY to LIVE LIKE ROBOTS! And so the SOCIETY always FEARS the INDIVIDUALS.

In spite of the society – the real INDIVIDUALS cannot be stopped – always remember it is the individual that has shared the TRUTH with the people – Guru Nanak shares the Japji Sahib – Jesus shares the TRUTH – Buddha shares the TRUTH – TRUTH happens only to INDIVIDUALS and NOT to the crowd.

It is the GRACE of the benevolent master that enables one to come out of the crowd – come out of the mind and RISE – GROW as an INDIVIDUAL!

There was a young man – and he always tried to BECOME like Buddha, like Krishna, like Rama – and when he was 50 years old – one day he met a great Sufi Saint. And the Sufi said “ You have wasted your whole life in BECOMING like somebody – you have missed, you have simply missed to live your life by being yourself!”

The man who was now no more young but had become old – started crying – his eyes became wet – he said “ Now what…..what to do….half of my life is gone – I am already 50 years old….and I am lost – totally lost.”

This is what happens when you try to BECOME – when in reality GOD had send you to just BE and not Become.

You can experience GOD – only when you can live your life by being yourself.

And when you are able to drop the ‘MASK’ – the personality and let the INDIVIDUALITY within you well up – that is when you start becoming innocent – and the moment you start becoming innocent – the moment your life starts flowering in the soil of innocence – a day comes when the ‘fruit’ starts appearing – that ‘fruit’ – is God experience – it comes through your own efforts.

Always remember – GOD is NOT on the outside. When Guru Nanak goes into the river – it is a symbolic representation of HIS journey WITHIN! And when HE attains – when HE becomes enlightened – when HE experiences GOD within the river of HIS being – HE comes back to this human world – to share the nectar – the JAPJI SAHIB – one of the most revered scriptures in Sikhism! HE utters a few words – those words are scripted in the JAPJI SAHIB – and those words have become the TORCH – the POINTER for HIS followers – those divine words have helped many to become a light unto oneself!

Guru Nanak had two close disciples – one was a Hindu and the other was a Muslim! Mardana was Hindu and Bala was a Muslim! Nanak is the confluence of the two rivers, of Hinduism and Islam. He harvested the essence from both. There was a saying: “Baba Nanak is the king of the fakirs. He is the guru of the Hindus and the saint of the Mohammedans.”

Nanak went to Mecca. The priests there told him to be careful not to point his feet toward Kaaba while he slept. As the story goes, Nanak’s reply was that they should turn his feet where God was not, and, it is said, the holy stone of Mecca turned wherever they turned his feet. The symbolism means only this: wherever you turn your feet, there God is. Where will you put your feet if He is omnipresent?

God is everywhere – within you – without you – you simply have to start turning inward – that is the message of the divine master – that is the message of the Gurus – that is the message of GOD – that if you want to seek ME – than you have to first SEEK your SELF.

Deep WITHIN the SELF – is the LIGHT OF GOD!

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi says – the SELF is the GURU. Who is this SELF – this SELF is the CONSCIOUSNESS – when you rise above the MIND – when you realize your SELF – then you are coming closer to GOD – because GOD is CONSCIOUSNESS.

The whole thing comes down to that one golden word – CONSCIOUSNESS!

Someday you all should read my book “Gift of Consciousness” – that was my first published book on Amazon worldwide.

Always remember – everything is available to you – what comes in between is your MIND. This MIND is your own creation – the MIND that you have in this birth is the result of your many past births and rebirths! The ‘MOON’ placement in your birth chart is the result of how you have been – what kind of thoughts you have been following – what quality of desires you have been holding through the many cycles of birth and rebirths. So if you are now becoming CONSCIOUS – if you are now AWAKING to the higher cause of this human life – then you have to GIVE TIME to your SELF – because the ‘karmic journey’ of many births cannot be CHANGED in one night!

ROME was not build in ONE day – similarly your NEW LIFE – your TRANSFORMATION cannot happen in one day – you have to be patient – you have just ‘awakened’ from a sleep of many births – the process of transformation is going to slow – the way to experience the SELF – the way to experience GOD is going to be long way – a journey of million steps!

But always remember – every LONG journey begins with a SMALL STEP.

The question must not be how many years it is going to take – the real question should be whether you are enjoying the JOURNEY WITHIN!

Because when you start enjoying – when you start flowering – than the JOURNEY becomes the DESTINATION – then you no more are worried to REACH SOMEWHERE – you are simply HAPPY TO BE!

Once you are rooted WITHIN – once you are no more meditating but you have become MEDITATION – then no matter how long the journey is – no matter how many births will have to be taken – you are always found to be happy – in bliss!

Bliss is superior to happiness because bliss is something that wells up within you. Bliss is the next stage of happiness – bliss is something that wells up through your inward journey – through meditations!

So come – come you all and start meditating – a woman once said – why you always talk about meditation – I said if I am talking 1000 times about meditation than at least ONE fellow will WAKE UP!

And so the repeating is necessary – the reminders are necessary – Buddha’s last word was Sammasti – meaning REMEMBER – my sharing, my answers and my posts are simply a medium to help my readers to REMEMBER the forgotten language – the language of SILENCE!

Truth is found in SILENCE. You have to first silent your mind – and then drop the mind so that you real journey towards the BEYOND begins – everything is available to you – BUDDHA, JESUS, NANAK, MAHAVIRA – all the SAINTS and all the SCRIPTURES are available to you – all you have to do is to start turning inwards.

Buddha says – only two mistakes can happen on the JOURNEY towards the BEYOND – one – not starting and the other – not going all the way!

Once you set on the JOURNEY WITHIN – many challenges and many difficulties may come to distract you – but like a warrior – a courageous meditative NEVER give up and continues with the BATTLE WITHIN!

Always remember the greatest battle to conquer is the battle WITHIN!

A man may conquer a million men in battle but one who conquers himself is, indeed, the greatest of conquerors.

Be the real conqueror – not of KINGDOMS and MEN on the outside – but conqueror of ANGER, LUST, GREED, SELFISHNESS – for these are the REAL ENEMIES – the real enemy is never on the outside but within – the real enemy is YOUR DISTRACTED THOUGHTS!

Start turning inwards – meditate and focus on your breathing, listen to some soothing meditation music if you are a beginner – but always remember when you meditate you don’t have to get distracted to thoughts that come and go – but focus WITHIN – focus on GOD’s name – breathe in and breath out – slowly slowly you will start feeling good – the war in the beginning is always difficult – many give up because they cannot stand the CHAOS WITHIN – but you should NOT GIVE UP – you should continue to meditate – because only a true warrior can meditate – meditation requires tremendous courage!

The death of your EGO – your ILLUSIONS – your NOTIONS – your preconceived ideas – your learning is far dangerous than your physical death! Deaths to your body has happened many times and many times you have again re-appeared in a different body – in different appearance. Jesus says to Nicodemus that to experience GOD “You have to REBORN.”

This message of Jesus is the message to Nicodemus that you have to first KILL your EGO, your ILLUSIONS, your LEARNING – only when there is absolutely NOTHING within you that the DIVINE can come to you, flow through you. To reborn you have to die but this death is NOT physical it is the death of all those bad qualities – ignorance that is stopping you from progressing in your life.

“You have to REBORN.” – how beautiful and deep are these words – Nicodemus could not understand in the beginning but when Jesus explains to him the meaning of these words – Nicodemus starts crying and Nicodemus is not a common man – he is the greatest scholar of Jerusalem, he is elder to Jesus – he was a very old man when he met Jesus! And yet that one moment was enough to bring a great transformation in his life. Nicodemus later becomes one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus – anything is possible when you have a certain depth of understanding – when you are a follower of your HEART!

Life is less of logic and more of LOVE! Only a man who is following his heart can one day experience GOD – you can too experience GOD – all you have to do is to let the HEART take over the MIND and then the real journey begins – the journey of peace and bliss!

Love to all my readers and followers – raise the quality of your life by helping each other to become more meditative. 🙏

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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