Moon Ketu Conjunction – A blessing in disguise!


KETU is a healer. And so KETU + MOON is NOT a Vishyog – it is a SHIVYOG!

It is very unfortunate that people are defaming KETU – but till I am ALIVE, till my fellow travelers are ALIVE – we will ensure that nobody defames KETU – till the last breath of my life – I will keep saying AGAIN and AGAIN – that KETU absolutely is HARMLESS – it is the greatest irony of this KALI YUG that the one who is a provider is being labeled as a Killer!

D9 or any ‘D’ chart – the conjunction of MOON + KETU is definitely a BLESSING IN DISGUISE!

KETU distorts the MIND – KETU makes the MIND disappear and it is only when there is NO MIND – that meditation is possible, spiritual progress is possible. With MIND – meditation is NOT possible, with NO MIND – meditation manifests!

For spiritual life, for spiritual progress – KETU is necessary.

For material life – RAHU is necessary.

Moon coming in contact with KETU – followed with a beautiful positive aspect with JUPITER is the most fantastic placement for spiritual upliftment.

KETU – the focus is on TURNING IN.

RAHU – the focus is on TURNING ON.

KETU MOON – is a strange guy. He may have sex but if a time comes in his life than he may simply drop the idea of having SEX – forever – and that leads him to SANYAS – a life of celibacy, a life of ascetic.

RAHU MOON – is a very sexual person. He goes on having sex, many sexual fantasies – he gets TURNED ON very easily – in fact for a woman to attract a MOON RAHU man is pretty easy. RAHU MOON man is too weak when it comes to the opposite sex, they fall easily to their temptations! RAHU MOON men therefore become easy victims of sexual relationships.

But MOON KETU – is a man without HEAD. Just a positive guidance – and he never ever goes back to sex – he has moved beyond sex – he has embarked on the journey beyond!

Just for my close followers and readers, I am sharing a wonderful experience in relation to this beautiful MOON KETU conjunction – and it is so wonderful that it touched my heart – it may also touch….

On a beautiful evening I was reading about a man who went on to become a great healer – a Yogi! I found his Birthday and Birth-year. Just casually I cast his horoscope and voila – there it was – a MOON with KETU in the sign of Pieces!

And the best part is that I had a definite hunch before casting his horscope that his MOON must have some connection with KETU – and it was – it really was and it was in PISCES – the ‘marriage’ of Moon and Ketu had happened in his PISCES sign!

And because KETU is exalted in PISCES (the 12th sign and one of my favorite signs of all 12 zodiacs) – KETU proved extremely beneficial for him – his KETU with MOON in Pisces worked great wonders – spiritual wonders for him!

One has to realize that what does EXALT in reality means.

Mohan one day asked me “ What is this thing called EXALT in astrology?”

I said “ Mohan – you have asked a beautiful question…”

Exalt is the state of MATURITY. What happens when you MATURE – what happens when your bonds mature?

When a savings bond matures, you get the principal amount plus all of the accrued interest.

Similarly when a planet comes to its EXALTATION point – it means it has MATURED – now it is READY to PAY you all that you have invested (GOOD KARMA) along with the INTEREST (Benefits).

In the unending cycle of BIRTH and DEATH – every individual goes through ‘births’ in which a certain planet is either at inception level (debilitated) or maturity level (exalt state).

A man with EXALTED planets generally has many good qualities – and so he or she lives by following certain ETHICS, principals. It is obvious that such men of ethics earn less – because in the AGE OF RAHU – VALUES have taken backseat and GREED has taken the front-seat! The DO MORE is in ACTION – ethical people cannot DO MORE – they believe in DOING based on the NEEDS and not WANTS.

A man with DEBILITATED planets generally has qualities of lower nature – and so earning plenty of money in this RAHU AGE becomes easy for HIM – because he has absolutely NO VALUES, NO ETHICS,NO PRINCIPLES and so there is nothing that could STOP him from earning MONEY – for such men and women – the saying:

BAAP BADA NA BHAIYA – SABSE BADA RUPAYA (- बाप बड़ा ना भइया, सबसे बड़ा पैसा) goes well. In fact they have been believing in this philosophy for many births and so they carry on – with their stupidity – earning millions of rupees/dollars. It is different story that they are NEVER happy with what they have – the feeling of dissatisfaction continues to HAUNT them – they die in utter misery – pain and dissatisfaction.

Exalted planets may not make your RICH or a Millionaire – but they will certainly bring abundance of wisdom, love, satisfaction and happiness, joy to your life.

One has to understand – how a MATURED being will behave and how a novice would!

A matured being is aware of the FAKE GOLD that the world is running behind.

A novice – a not so evolved soul keeps running behind money – his focus is on MONEY. A matured being’s focus is on SELF GROWTH! He understands the fact that when SELF GROWTH happens – money comes on its own – you don’t have to chase money!

One has to understand maturity in deep. KETU is highly matured being – a meditative being.

It is difficult to find a mature person. Because every person – you come across is having some desire – either the desire is to have money – or the desire is to have moksha. Either the desire is to have power – or the desire is to experience GOD. The desire is there – and a MATURE person – is a person without any desire – HE is the BUDDHA!

If you meet BUDDHA – you will find HIM with absolute NO DESIRE. He is totally RELAXED. You may provoke HIM – you may go on pressing all the ‘buttons’ that you have known – but you cannot disturb the Buddha – you cannot make him angry and you cannot make him happy – HE is relaxing with the WHOLE – your words won’t affect HIM.

NOTHING CAN BE DONE. And that is the whole message of KETU – of the divine masters – that you simply have to go with the flow – you have to simply go on ACCEPTING – living with ACCEPTANCE!

The central concept of Buddhism and Buddha is of TATHATA! Tathata is living with suchness. Such is the situation – such is the happening – it is RAINING – you cannot do anything – you simply live in the suchness – TATHATA!

My new book – TATHATA – is primarily for those fellow of hearts – who have the ‘thirst’ to realize the many ways to overcome sufferings, insults, failures and the many storms of life.

Understand the fact that MOON KETU conjunction is a beautiful conjunction that provides you with all the qualities that can help you to LIVE YOUR LIFE IN ACCEPTANCE.

For a matured person – there is NO goal. To have goals is like having toys! The matured person is perfectly aware that there is no need of having any toys (goals) – there is no need to go anywhere – to seek anything on the OUTSIDE – all that is – is WITHIN – you just have to come to it – realize it by TURNING INWARDS.

Moon when comes with KETU – what happens?

Moon – the MIND is now under the command of KETU! But this conjunction becomes more matured from spiritual perspective when MOON and KETU not only conjunct but fall in the SAME NAKSHATRA! Then the ‘honeymoon’ truly takes place – and then through this honeymoon what come out – what manifests is – deep meditation and it is beautiful!

Just in…..just turning inward – that’s KETU and it is this KETU that can bring a great transformation within you – and real transformation happens only when it moves you from the INSIDE!

The whole story of KETU – is the INSIDE STORY.

The whole story of RAHU – is the OUTSIDE STORY.

As long as you remain stuck in the OUTSIDE STORY – you remain miserable.

The movement you sit down – close your eyes and start exploring the INSIDE STORY – you start slipping out of the MIND (Moon) – and the moment there is no MIND – there is no misery – you become FREE – you experience FREEDOM for the very FIRST TIME in your life – for the REAL FREEDOM comes only when slip out of the MIND.

KETU unlocks the ‘Prison’ (MIND) – it is KETU that leads you to the final LIBERATION (moksha) – KETU therefore exalts in the 12th Sign of Pisces – the 12th house of the KAALPURUSH – 12th – the house of liberation – END – end of the cycle of birth and rebirths!

And LIBERATION comes only when the SOUL has overcome the MIND – it is a MYTH that liberation comes after death.

Liberation of the state of total freedom (MOKSHA) comes to you when you are very much ALIVE in human form. The great Yogis experience MOKSHA very much when they are alive. Jesus, Muhammed, Mahavira, Buddha – and the many divine masters attain liberation when alive and NOT after death.

KETU MOON can JUMP into the unknown – it brings COURAGE – it brings INTELLIGENCE – it overcomes INTELLECTUALISM which is poor substitute for INTELLIGENCE!

A KETU MOON man or woman is not to be taken lightly – a tremendous energy is within them – how they use it – depends on the sign in which this conjunction happens and the aspects that influence this HOLY CONJUNCTION!

KETU MOON is one the best conjunctions – in fact it is even better than MOON JUPITER!

MOON JUPITER brings EGO – it brings more strength to the MIND – the MIND becomes powerful – this is a good conjunction from material perspective – but from spiritual perspective – it often becomes a hurdle – such a man or woman is obsessed to DO GOOD – doing GOOD is good – but getting obsessed to do good often boomerangs and leads them to depressions.

The whole essence of MEDITATION is to drop the MIND – to overcome the MIND – and who can be the most suitable than Sri KETU – one who has NO HEAD, NO MIND. Ketu can then takes MOON under its control – it is a beautiful conjunction that helps you to CONTROL YOUR MIND. A Mind is beautiful SLAVE – but a dangerous master!

When MOON KETU – MIND can be enslaved.

When MOON RAHU – MIND makes you its SLAVE.

And Buddha says:


The MIND is restless – the nature of the MIND is being restless. A man or woman ruled by the MIND is always restless – but if you watch – if you observe the Buddha – a meditative being – HIS MIND IS STILL – HE is not restless – HE is not worried – HE is not disturbed – HE is no more meditating – HE IS MEDITATION!

A woman – a man with MOON KETU conjunction should worship Lord Ganesha – should meditate on HIS name – Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha.

Many time – almost all times – a person having prominent KETU is often a devotee of Ganesha or Shiva!

It is through the worship of Ganesha and Shiva – that you will be able to STILL the wavering MIND – and once the MIND becomes STILL – overcoming it becomes far easier than otherwise!

The conjunction of KETU with the MIND (Moon) – is a signal that the ‘potential’ to transcend – the ‘potential’ to progress spiritually is there – IF support of positive energy (Jupiter drishti – 5, 7, 9 or aspect with Jupiter – Trine) exists in the birth chart. If not then it can go waste – leading to many depressions and frustrations.

Because KETU wants support of GURU – when GURU stands with HIS GRACE (Drishti) on this beautiful conjunction – then you are meeting a man who is going to change – going to transform – going to be a BUDDHA!

And you will be able to ACCEPT only when the MIND becomes NIL and it becomes NIL only with the arrival of KETU! KETU therefore is a great blessing in disguise – it is natural that the process is painful – the process of enlightenment is always painful – because it brings the destruction of the elusive MIND!

All the illusions that you imagined to be TRUE – are burned up – so as to bring you FACE to FACE with the TRUTH – the ultimate TRUTH.

And TRUTH – you can face only when the MIND is no more.

One of the greatest saint – Meher Baba – the man who transformed many mad men into enlightened beings! And he traveled across the world – millions and millions followed him – but he rarely would talk with anyone – for the major part of his life – he would simply write – if someone would come to seek His darshan – Meher Baba would write – BLESSINGS.

And that’s all – but even those written words would move – would transform the person in totality!

MOON KETU can make you a man of heart – a woman of heart and a heart-full man or woman is beautiful. Such a man – such a woman can RELATE to the words of the master – such a man such a woman can progress in the true sense!

In this July – my new book on Ketu is coming, you can read it when it is published.

Realize – and I have been insisting to all my followers, readers and fellow travelers – that REALIZE is the word – and realization happens through the HEART and not the MIND. Realization happens through INTELLIGENCE and NOT intellectualism.

But who wants to listen? Shallowness has taken over this world – but among these shallow men and women – there are a few who can arise above the monkey MIND – my answers are for those selective beings – beings who are followers of the HEART and NOT of the MIND!

Let the MIND evaporate – KETU can do it – the question is whether you are willing to do it by realizing the many benefits of KETU – by having a positive perspective towards KETU – towards life – towards yourself – because it is only when you are POSITIVE – you can appreciate all that is positive – when you LOVE yourself – you can love others – when you are happy – you can spread happiness around – so FIRST the focus has to be on – YOU!

To focus on yourself is NOT selfishness – it is simply BEING YOURSELF!

You don’t have to do anything special to get LIKES – you just have to Be Yourself – those who can vibrate with your thoughts – with your sharing will come – will be pulled towards you – because always remember there is always somebody out there – WHO UNDERSTANDS YOU – who resonates with you!

So come – come you all and focus WITHIN. Spend everyday – a few minutes in a closed room with your ‘SELF’ – meditating – breathing – breathe in – breath out and focus on the name of the Lord while you do so – there is absolutely no need of any techniques – techniques are of the MIND and the moment you start seeking techniques to meditate – you are bringing forth the monkey mind – nothing is ever going to manifest – so no techniques – just FEELING – just LOVE – just the nectar of your DEVOTION and that is ENOUGH – to take you towards the higher altitudes of Consciousness!

People like to talk a lot – but talking takes you away from your ‘Self’ – by talking you may make many ‘connections’ – these ‘connections’ may help you to prosper in life – but from within you become poorer – you move away from your SELF – you get into a lot of ‘noise’ – and then you wonder “What is going wrong in my life?”

Nothing is wrong in your life – but everything is going wrong WITHIN you – the way is to COME BACK HOME – the way is to RETURN to your SOURCE and the SOURCE is WITHIN you – so close your eyes, and start moving back towards the SOURCE – towards the’SELF’ – only then there is a possibility to experience PEACE – only then there is going to be LOVE,JOY and HAPPINESS in your life.

It all begin WITHIN and KETU’s message therefore is in just two words – TURN IN.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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