Revealing Rahu in 27 Nakshatra


“Revealing Rahu in 27 Nakshatras” is yet another masterpiece from renowned spiritual Astrologer & Rahu Specialist – Sri Addittya Tamhankar. After the publication of his BESTSELLER “How to overcome Rahu” – Acharya Sri Addittya Tamhankar once again brings a very unique perspective on Rahu in Nakshatras and clears many misconceptions about Rahu. Enriched with many deep spiritual insights and quotes, the book is a blessing to insightful seekers. Addittya also answers many questions on Rahu and provides certain effective remedies to overcome Rahu Mahadasha. This wonderful book is indeed a must read for those who want to know the essence of their birth Rahu because it is only when you understand the problem called Rahu that you can find the solution. And the solution is in raising the level of your consciousness.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness” – Albert Einstein

Enriched with many deep insights – “Revealing Rahu in 27 Nakshatras” helps you to expand your consciousness so that you can effectively defeat the many temptations and illusions that Rahu introduces in your life and thereby live a much happier and peaceful life.

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