Rahu in 2nd house

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Money is necessary for survival. But Money should not become an ‘obsession’ but RAHU 2 becomes just that – RAHU 2 becomes Money. Have you ever watched a greedy man – a man who just loves money and only money?

But RAHU 2 cannot love something beyond money. His whole life revolves around money. His health remains good as long as his bank balance remains good. And that is the trap. As soon as he finds himself trapped in the heavy debts and bad credit dues – his health starts deteriorating. His peace is no more – his happiness is no more – so you see – if you want to bring this man down – then you don’t have to do much – just attack his money – his bank balance – and he will come crashing down.

It is always easy to make a material man miserable – but it is always difficult to make a spiritual man miserable – for a spiritual man is not a man of money – he is a man of values – a man of ethics, a man of principles – but RAHU 2 is exact opposite – he is just a man of money! Today – the world has become a ‘man of money’ – just money!

RAHU 2 is more materialistic person. Let this be very clear – unless there are other contrast aspects. But usually a RAHU 2 is straight to the point of ‘How much money will I get?’He is less bothered about values, ethics – the most important question is – Honey – Where is the money?

Using abusive words is one special quality of RAHU 2. There was a woman – and she never used a single abusive word – but one day – when there was no one and she was with her servant – she started using abusive words – not that she was abusing her servant – but she was abusing her mother-in-law!

The society always thought of her being so polite and so sweet-spoken woman – but the real face was something else – a highly abusive woman! So you see – RAHU 2 – is a mask – behind that mask – you see a highly political person – who does all those things, says all those things but behind your back.

This RAHU 2 is a highly political person – you must have heard a famous line that is often said during interviews. When you go for an interview – usually during the old days – before the interview is over – the interviewer would always say a line and the line used to be – “No politics” – meaning in our office – I would allow – No Politics – so it is a warning that if you are selected than be sure that you play no politics and remain as dumb as you can – so I can have a free-hand. – 🙂

In reality the man who says – No Politics – is himself a great politician! To say “No Politics” is also a part and parcel of Politics! That is how RAHU 2 is – a perfect politician.

A RAHU 2 is a perfect mask – and so generally politicians, film actors (acting/Mask) do well with this placement. No body knows their real face – but everybody is impressed/influenced by the mask that they wear throughout their life!

Have you seen the Hollywood movie “The Mask” – the man behind the mask is different than the man in the mask – and that’s precisely what RAHU 2 is.

Swati Nakshatra is also Rahu’s Nakshatra. So RAHU becomes more comfortable – and during HIS Mahadasha showers many material pleasures such as money, power and status. But Shadow (Rahu) cannot remain forever – someday it has to move , it has to fade – and so by the time RAHU Dasha ends – the person faces many difficulties because then the period of Guru – the master begins and the master ensure that ‘you’ come to your senses. And you will not wake up until you are shaken up!

RAHU 2 – first gives pleasures – the ‘trailer’ is always good – but the ‘movie’ is not always good.

There was a man and all his life – he had heard that there are two places where one may end up with – HELL or HEAVEN. And HELL was the most terrible place to live. One day this man died. He went straight to Heaven – and he could see the life in HELL – HELL was just few miles below HEAVEN. And so he would watch closely – what’s happening in the HELL – and he was shocked – he could see so many beautiful sexy women – so much of beautiful decorations – so much of wealth – so much of money falling all around – and he thought – ‘My God – how beautiful this HELL is – and what a fuss people had been making about HELL – how foolish these men on Earth are – look – look how hot and sexy, how beautiful – how romantic this HELL is!”

And so he could not control himself – he found the peaceful, blissful HEAVEN boring place to be – and so one day he decided to slip out and reach HELL. On the exit gate – there was a very old man – very old – must be 2000 years old man – he smiled at him – the man said “Why are you smiling at me?” And the old man – His Aura, His Voice, His Smile – there was something about this old man – and the old man said “ From last 1000 years – I have been watching – many people first arrive here in Heaven and then just like you they too ‘exit’ to reach HELL – watching you doing the same -I smiled.”

The man smiled back. He said “ Ofcourse – why would they not go to HELL – look how beautiful HELL looks from here – far more beautiful than Heaven – all beautiful girls, handsome men, lovely places – look look there – I just can’t wait anymore – please let me Go…”

The old man said “ Your wish….” And the Exit Gate of the Heaven opens – the man quickly gets out of the Heaven and after a short travel he finally reaches on the GATE of the HELL – and he is so happy – smiling, and dreaming of all the beautiful things that he had been watching from the Heaven – those sexy girls, those beautiful women – wow – it is going to be lot of fun! 2 beautiful women greet him to HELL – they say “Welcome to HELL” – and the man is so happy – what a lovely welcome that too by so beautiful women and what a lovely music – he is simply mesmerized by all of this. And then he is shown a room – a dark room. He enters the room – and as soon as he enters comes a loud slap on his face – he is shocked – there are no lights – the room is so small – and all he could feel is slaps after slaps on his face – there are hundred of mosquitos biting him all over his body – he shouts back – starts crying “Help Help Help” – but no one answers him back. Somehow he comes out of that dark room and starts running towards the Exit Gate of the Hell – he could see the beautiful woman guarding the gate of the hell – he asks them “If this is what HELL is – than what was that which I was seeing from Heaven?”

And the beautiful women laughed out and said “ Oh – that – that was just a trailer – to catch hold some more guys from the Heaven. And now don’t plead us to open the exit gates – because that is not going to happen. Stay where you are.”

And this is how it happens with RAHU 2 – what you see is a trailer – the picture is something else.

Never trust a RAHU 2 person – if you are dealing with a RAHU 2 – ensure you get it in writing – in legalized way. Always be cautious while dealing with RAHU 2 – else you too would be taken for a ride to HELL!

Somebody asked – in reality what is HELL and what is HEAVEN? HELL is your ignorance, your anger, your jealousy, your EGO. Heaven is your consciousness, your tolerance, your understanding, your selflessness.

RAHU 2 is HELL because it makes you so much ignorant towards human values, ethics and principles that you just become ‘money’ – money becomes your religion – money becomes your life!

Once there was a very wealthy man – must be a billionaire. And somebody asked him “You must be contented man.”

And the billionaire said “Contented? I am the MOST discontented man in the world! Don’t you know I am the wealthiest man in the world? That is my discontent. Now I know there is no more to wealth: all that is possible I have attained, and yet I am dying empty. My life has been just a wastage. Next time, if God gives me another opportunity, I am not going to try money any more – it has failed.”

Money fails you – remember this. Money is a means – but people think that money can make them happy – money can enlighten them, man can make them wise – people have weird ideas about money – and so they just go on chasing money….

“I am not against money, remember. Don’t misinterpret me: I am not against money – I am not against anything. Money is a means. If you are happy and you have money, you will become more happy. If you are unhappy and you have money, you will become more unhappy because what will you do with your money? Your money will enhance your pattern, whatsoever it is. If you are miserable and you have power, what will you do with your power? You will poison yourself more with your power, you will become more miserable. But people go on looking for money as if money is going to bring happiness. People go on looking for respectability as if respectability is going to give you happiness. People are ready, at any moment, to change their pattern, to change their ways, if more money is available somewhere else.” – Osho

Money simply make you ‘more’ of what you are. If you are happy – with money you will be more happier. If you are large-hearted – with money you will become more large-hearted person. If you are a miser – with money you will become more miser. If you are arrogant – with money you will become more arrogant. If you are ignorant – with money you will become more ignorant.

“Your money will simply enhance your pattern.”

So I appeal to all my followers – first ensure that your pattern – your thinking – your behavior is positive, is blissful – then money can benefit you in true sense – then money can enhance you – then money can add value to your life.

RAHU 2 person should not just think about money – should get over his obsession with money and think about his or her ‘Self-Growth’ – for your real growth is not on the outside – but very much inside!

“There is no outside of you. It’s all an inside game.” – Adyashanti

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru!

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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