Why are all the things happening in Rahu Mahadasha?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Things have been happening from the very beginning of time. However people start realizing that “things are happening” in Rahu Mahadasha because it is only when the thorn goes deep into your heart that you WAKE UP! Always remember the pain that RAHU MAHADASHA brings is not to hurt you but to awaken you from a deep sleep (ignorance).


Things “appear” as happening because you start expecting too much when Rahu Mahadasha begins. Now you want everything as fast as possible. Your business is not running well, now you cannot tolerate this anymore, you want some magic to happen and then you start visiting many BABAs and Temples – just so that you come across some messiahs who can use their magic wand and change your life for better!

This is how foolish men and women become when Rahu Period begins. And then many become victims of FAKE babas and monks!

Now who is to blame? Not the babas but your impatience, your greed, your wants and your desires that make you run from one baba to another baba and so I always say – that RAHU MAHADASHA is a perfect time of BUSINESS for such FAKE BABAs, that is their “real time” of business.

A few days ago, a man had come. He was going through Rahu Mahadasha, and he said “I am looking for some real Baba.”

Now this man was a great devotee of Sai Baba. And now he was looking for some Real Baba! Now what kind of joke is this. But this is how people make a joke of their life when RAHU MAHADASHA begins!

I said to him “Why you want a Real Baba? When you already are blessed by Sai Baba?”

But the MIND cannot understand. RAHU is the NORTH NODE of the mind. Now this mind will make this man run all around the place in search of a real Baba and chances are that he will be simply looted and cheated by the “gang of fake babas”!

RAHU simply makes your mind restless. Rahu can manifest in various forms, primarily in the form of:

  1. Black Magic
  2. Illusions
  3. Notions
  4. Wrong or Misunderstandings
  5. Wrong decision makings
  6. Cheating in relationship or being cheated in relationship
  7. Intense SEXUAL desires
  8. Frauds or the act of doing fraud
  9. Imprisonment or major accidents during Rahu Mahadasha is also a strong possibility if the chart has certain negative placements

So many things happen during Rahu Mahadasha. It is not that they were not happening or they don’t happen in other planet’s Mahadasha but because your CONSCIOUSNESS is directly shadowed by RAHU – that you find the happenings extremely heartbreaking and disappointing then otherwise.

Black Magic is not something that happens only during RAHU MAHADASHA. I have dealt with several real life cases wherein the man or woman have faced severe black magic spells during Jupiter Mahadasha or Ketu Mahadasha. However the difference is that Jupiter Mahadasha at least enlightens you through such difficult phases while Rahu Mahadasha simply keeps you running from one end to the other end with absolutely no possibility of learning or enlightenment. You remain in the absolute dark tunnel of Rahu – you remain a perfect soft target for your enemy.

There are many types of black magic spells that becomes very effective when cast on a person going through Rahu Mahadasha. Some of these spells are:

  1. Instigating quarrel between a couple (husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend
  2. Bringing your business down by distracting your attention towards some trivial matters of life
  3. Pushing you in deep loss in business by distracting you towards intense sexual desires. So much so as if the person just wants to get into the bed and have as much sex as he or she can.
  4. Impacting your health by making you eat more and more
  5. Impacting your sleep pattern by forcing you to stay awake all night – in English there is a special word for this, it is called – INSOMNIA
  6. Giving you too much stress so that your vitamin count goes down and your health starts suffering
  7. VANSHIKARAN (Taking control of the target person) – this is Indian term for a special act of black magic in which the target person is brought under your control, so that he or she start acting based on your orders and words. VANSHIKARAN is also cast to enforce thoughts on the target person. Many times you face a divorce or breakup and you continue to think about the person who left you – this happens because the person who left you or whom you have left – may have done VANSHIKARAN on you so that you continue to miss her or him, this is done to distract you from your growth, because the more you remain entangled in the memories of that person, the more you will be pulled away from your goal, your work. Vanshikaran is a very popular black magic spell – and many men and women go to black magicians to do VANSHIKARAN (taking control) of the person they want to have sex with or want to marry or if it is an office affair then want to have promotion – so in such cases the person targeted is the BOSS – because by doing VANSHIKARAN on the BOSS – these men and women try to attract the attention of the BOSS and get promotion.
  8. Itching – sudden itching caused in the ANUS, or around the VAGINA and many such things happen because of black magic spells
  9. Problems in sexual intimacy, problems in erection, cases of finishing early before the partner attains orgasm – many such sexual problems also are created by casting black magic spells.


In cities like Kolkata, there are official associations of Tantriks and Mantriks, yes my fellows and they take their job very seriously! 🙂

So many such things happen in this vast human world my fellows, nobody will disclose this and nobody will talk about this because who wants trouble?

But I am a fakir, there is nobody to cry after my death and there is nobody to remember me after my death and so I have absolutely nothing to worry and nothing to lose. In fact always remember a person who has nothing to lose is the most dangerous person you would ever come across – he has the courage, he has the openness, and he has the daring – simply because he knows he has absolutely nothing to lose.


The connection of BLACK MAGIC, and your planetary aspects and Mahadasha is very deep. It is not that your enemy has started targeting you by means of black magic during your Rahu Mahadasha, your enemy has been trying to target you almost all your life – but it is only when your period of RAHU begins that his attacks start working! You see – this is the whole joke of mankind. Your enemy starts thinking that NOW his game is working but in reality it is NOT HIM, it is just that your time is not good. It is like a crow sitting on a branch that is already weak and about to break. It appears that because of the crow sitting on the branch – the branch has broken when in reality the branch was already weak, it was about to break, the crow was just an excuse!

Similarly your enemy and his attacks are just an EXCUSE – the real reason of your downfall is because your time (branch) has become weak because of RAHU MAHADASHA!

So then what to do? What is the solution?

The solution is simple. But simple is NOT what people want to listen! And because they don’t want to listen they go on suffering all the 18 years of RAHU MAHADASHA.

Mohan said “People don’t want to listen but I want to listen, please tell me.”

I said “ Mohan the solution is simple, to curb your ambition, to curb your desires, to slowdown, to put consistent efforts in controlling the monkey mind, to follow a peculiar diet.”

“Diet – what kind of diet should one follow during Rahu Mahadasha?” Mohan asked curiously.

“Mohan, during Rahu Mahadasha, the person should STOP eating onion and garlic. He or she should adhere to a SATVIC DIET which has absolutely no onion, no garlic. Such a person should avoid eating NAMKEEN (salty foods) as well as FRIED FOOD. “

Mohan asked “But what is the significance of following a SATVIC DIET?”

I said “Mohan, what we eat is what impacts our thought patterns. Onion, Garlic is good just the way a sword and pistol is good. But it is good for those who have eyes – not for those who have become blind! And in Rahu Mahadasha – since many men and women become blind (meaning IGNORANCE engulfs them) – eating onion, garlic, spicy food, fried food, salty food is not good but dangerous. Because these type of food easily provokes the person towards anger, lust, sexual desires which can drag one in more miseries than otherwise.”

Mohan said “ Wow the solution is so simple.”

I said “ But who wants to listen?”

And that is how people go on suffering miserably during RAHU MAHADASHA and then they start feeling the heat.

The famous builder DSK (DS Kulkarni) was imprisoned during RAHU MAHADASHA. In an interview, before getting behind the bars – he has mentioned that how RAHU MAHADASHA begin and all his empire and reputation of 2 decades came crashing down. He was imprisoned for fraud and misusing the money collected from investors.

However RAHU MAHADASHA is not just about failures – it is also more about much larger failures that are unseen. And that is being dragged in the limelight of fame and money!

So now this is a different angle of RAHU MAHADASHA wherein the man gets absolute power, money, sex and all that he desires for! And then he gets so much entangled into all of this that he simply goes on missing the true purpose of life. He becomes utterly ignorant, arrogant and a high handed person who does many sins, misdoings and corruption and nobody is able to STOP him!

And then when Jupiter Mahadasha begins – then he is taken to task by Sri Guru! Then he starts feeling the heat – then suddenly everything starts going against him. Those who were on his side – change their sides and become enemies. Then he starts self-realizing that this is how SHALLOW this human world is – this is how the society is – this is how FAKE people are. Then he starts realizing that the world salutes only the RISING SUN and not the setting SUN! So Sri Guru (JUPITER MAHADASHA) enlightens him and then someone like RATNAKAR is transformed into SAINT VALMIKI – then someone like SAUL is transformed into SAINT PAUL who later build many Churches in medieval Europe!

So you – RAHU MAHDASHA has two angles – and although the angle that provides wealth and fame appears as great on the outwards – it actually does much harm to one’s self-growth. And much of the time is wasted in collecting fake gold while the real gold is missed, simply missed.

So if you ask me – then that angle which brings much miseries and sufferings during RAHU MAHADASHA is far better and plays a significant role in the person’s real growth story.

Always remember – and I specifically say it for all my close followers and readers-

“SUCCESS is cheap, FAILURE is of great worth.”


Insightful men are few, very few. And so RAHU MAHADASHA becomes a great suffering for the majority who simply want to have FUN, want to have NO RESTRICTIONS, NO RULES, NO COMMON SENSE, they just want to have lots of wealth, lots of SEX, lots of POWER and then to such men and women, RAHU takes them for a nice ride – a ride that shake them – shatters them and leaves them in utter miseries then otherwise.

But a man of awareness, a man of prayers is able to walk safely through the difficult tests of RAHU MAHADASHA. Such a man is a blessed man. If he loves Sai Baba, if he has made SAI BABA as his GURU then he will not seek any other master but will simply remain FAITHFUL and DEDICATED at the feet of Sai!

FAITH matters above all. Weak men who claim to be the devotees of Sai – will never understand the significance of FAITH because they are always searching for someone who is in HUMAN FORM and who is or has the powers of SAI! How is that possible? Always remember – a real master has NO successor.


You just got to have unwavering FAITH in your master, in your LORD. Reminds me of a story…..

Once it happened….a man just got married and was returning home with his wife. They were crossing a lake in a boat when suddenly a great storm arose. The man was a warrior, but the woman became very much afraid because it seemed almost hopeless — THE BOAT WAS SMALL AND THE STORM WAS REALLY HUGE, AND ANY MOMENT THEY WERE GOING TO BE DROWNED. But the man sat silently, calm and quiet, as if nothing was happening.

The woman was trembling and she said, “Are you not afraid? This may be our last moment of life! IT DOESN’T SEEM THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO REACH THE OTHER SHORE. Only some miracle can save us, otherwise death is certain. Are you not afraid? Are you mad or something? Are you a stone or something?”

THE MAN LAUGHED AND TOOK THE SWORD OUT OF ITS SHEATH. The woman was even more puzzled — what he is doing? Then he brought the naked sword close to the woman’s neck — so close that just a small gap was there, it was almost touching her neck.

He said, “ARE YOU AFRAID?”

She started to giggle and laugh and said, “WHY SHOULD I BE AFRAID? If the sword is in your hands, why should I be afraid? I know you love me.”

He put the sword back and said, “This is my answer. I know God loves me, and the sword is in His hands, and the storm is in His hands — so WHATSOEVER IS GOING TO HAPPEN IS GOING TO BE GOOD. If we survive, good; if we don’t survive, good — because EVERYTHING IS IN HIS HANDS, AND HE CANNOT DO ANYTHING WRONG.”

This is how your TRUST should be. This is the trust one needs to imbibe. SUCH TREMENDOUS TRUST IS CAPABLE OF TRANSFORMING YOUR WHOLE LIFE! And ONLY such tremendous trust is capable of transforming your life — less than that won’t do.

It is only that when you have such tremendous trust in your GURU – in your MASTER – that you will continue to walk through the narrow difficult lanes of RAHU MAHADASHA and you will NOT seek any other master or baba or monk – because you know that GOD LOVES YOU, your GURU LOVES YOU – then why would you seek anybody else? Why would you become so miserable? Why would you fear the MAHADASHA of RAHU?

Always remember – FEAR should NOT make you move, only LOVE should make you move!

Only LOVE is the answer, only FORGIVENESS is the answer, only LET GO is the answer – and if you can truly relate to these answers then RAHU MAHADASHA can become a blessing in disguise for you.

Yesterday one highly educated person said “ This LET GO and MOVE ON is something modern people have invented – just for their own interests.”

Education not necessarily makes you a wise man. In fact education has absolutely nothing to do with WISDOM! I asked that highly educated man “ Do you think LAO TZU also belong to this modern world? Because LET GO is not something that a modern wise men and women are emphasizing on, it was being emphasized by someone as great and divine as LAO TZU who existed 1000 years ago.”


Buddha also emphasizes on the significance of LET GO.


How GRACEFULLY you LET GO of things not meant for you – remind yourself of these golden words my fellows – and I say this to all my close followers and readers going through RAHU MAHADASHA. Because RAHU makes you CLING whereas the key to overcome this RAHU is by becoming DETACHED – and that’s Ketu, that’s being a Buddha!

But who wants to listen?

People are just happy to spend thousands on rituals and happy to seek some FAKE BABAs and that is how this whole shallow human world is. But amongst these shallow men and women, there are few, very few insightful beautiful souls who are stuck, my sharing is just for these few, in fact I always feel that this sharing should reach only those who truly deserve and who has a certain depth of understanding.


Understanding is not taught in universities, it has to come from your own being. And it comes only when you start turning inwards!

RAHU wants you to remain focused on the outward. Whereas the true sutra – the true essence of overcoming RAHU MAHADASHA is by turning inwards.

But who wants to listen?

The greatest gift – the greatest way of expressing your gratitude towards your Guru is NOT by offering loads of money and loads of gold – it is like a beggar offering to the KING, to the EMPEROR!


The GURU is the KING, the EMPEROR. The real gift, the greatest way of expressing your gratitude is by TURNING INWARD – because that is what the GURU wants – that is what the real master wants. Because the real treasures – the real answers are deep within you and unless you start turning inwards – there is no way to experiencing God – experiencing Truth – experiencing the peace, joy and bliss that you seek.

Beware – for in RAHU MAHADASHA you will be distracted towards the glory on the outside, you will be pulled away from your SELF – from your CENTER. So every day remind yourself of returning back to your source – returning back ‘home’ – by meditating, by chanting the holy mantra, by focusing on the center of your heart – the center of your being.


RAHU is intense desire. This desire brings many attachments. And the more attachments – the more comes the miseries. Buddha says – the root of suffering is ATTACHMENT!

One has to constantly self inquire — on how attached am I to a certain things or people? Because attachment is the root of suffering. You are unable to Let Go because of your attachments. A true Yogi, a man of Awareness is never attached, He can Let Go.

Let Go is possible only through the state of Detachment.


You will come closer to the state of consciousness only when you learn to live your life with detachment. Let Go is possible only through the state of detachment.

Remember – RAHU is ATTACHMENT. Ketu is DETACHMENT. The journey of life begins through intense attachments but the journey is completed only when you reach to the state of DETACHMENT. The whole journey of human life is caught up between the two ends that never meet – RAHU & KETU!

Someday you all must read my book on Rahu and Ketu.

For now enough. For my close followers and readers – who really are beautiful beings – here is my advice:

The more you remain attached, clinging, greedy, restless, the more RAHU MAHADASHA will make your life a hell.

The more you remain detached, willing to LET GO, selfless, and maintain patience and faith – the more you will be able to walk through the narrow lanes of RAHU MAHADASHA with much ease.

And then – comes the GOLDEN KEY – the greatest solution to overcome RAHU MAHADASHA – and this is specially for my very close followers – the ‘golden key’ is in one word – SURRENDER.

When you surrender yourself at the feet of the master – the benevolent Guru – then the Guru himself takes over and saves you from drowning…

All you need is unwavering FAITH and PATIENCE – SHRADDHA aur SABURI.

Always remember – when you surrender yourself at the feet of the Master – then you don’t have to figure out anything – you simply have to RELAX and walk with FAITH – because when the Master comes – HE comes with a master plan.


And the Master comes only when you are READY. Your readiness is simply based on how deeply you SURRENDER – the greater is the depth of your surrender, the greater is the blessings of the benevolent master.

When living through RAHU MAHADASHA – focus on surrendering totally at the feet of the benevolent compassionate master and then you will see the miracles happening. And that would be the real happening – it all starts with what you are from within – for a man of good heart, a man who thinks less and feels more is always loved, blessed and nurtured by GOD. God loves a grateful man, the master always comes to your rescue when you remain faithful, when you remain grateful.


All you need is a faithful heart, a grateful heart – and then no matter where you are – no matter in what trouble you are – HE will come, HE will come and hold your hand, HE will show you the way…..


When your heart starts beating with compassion, with love, with a certain depth of understanding then nobody can cause any disturbance within you – not even RAHU – all you need is constant FAITH, LOVE & the willingness to LET GO.

Only that man, and only that woman can truly progress, can truly move on, can truly attain the beyond – who can LET GO.

Rahu compels you to NOT to LET GO and that is what leads you to a miserable life. All the divine masters have simply sharing the simple key to all your problems – LET GO.


Life is the greatest blessing, the greatest journey and one who stops fighting and lives in a LET GO – such a man, such a woman always overcome all the difficulties of life. The Sutra – the Key is living your life in a LET GO!

Only that man and only that woman can truly progress in meditation – who can LET GO – such a man, such a woman is truly beautiful, a blessing to this planet, a gift to mankind.


Meditate every day. When going through Rahu Mahadasha – it is necessary that you meditate, you chant the holy mantra – “Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram” – 108 times, every morning, and evening for minimum 20 minutes.

Chanting helps clean the subconscious mind of all the dirt (thoughts and impressions on the mind) and facilitates the peace of mind.

In this YUGA – the easiest way to purify your mind and experience the divine is by chanting.


However along with chanting you should also follow certain things:

  2. NEVER TAKE ADVANTAGE OR CHEAT OTHERS BY TAKING SERVICE AND NOT PAYING – (such a man definitely goes through hell experience)


It all begins from what you are from WITHIN. If you are a grateful person then your chanting will fructify, the more you serve others selflessly, the more you share the more you love – the more you walk on the path of DEVOTION – the more you will continue to GROW inside out.

The real growth is the GROWTH WITHIN. And the real JOURNEY is the JOURNEY WITHIN.
Focus within – let the ‘inward journey’ begin…..


Meditate every day. Love to all my followers and readers. Stay blessed.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru. 🙏

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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