Some astrologers say that my horoscope is bad. What am I suppose to do now?


No horoscope is bad. And no horoscope is good either! Good and Bad is the play of the Mind. And the MIND is a monkey.

Always remember you are the CHILD OF GOD. And God loves You. I can understand how you would have felt when you were humiliated by people who said your Kundli (birthchart) is bad -very bad.

But don’t worry, such men and women are fast asleep and those who are asleep cannot help you with the TRUTH. And the Truth is that every Kundli comes with a certain purpose – something has to be done – some unfinished business has to be finished – you are NOT born accidentally- the UNIVERSE has a purpose to met through YOU! AND so then how come you become useless? How come you become bad?

Good or Bad – is totally based on situations! If a KNIFE becomes your shield – and you can save yourself – protect yourself, then the KNIFE becomes your savior! And if the KNIFE is used to harm you – then the same KNIFE becomes your killer. Now if you ask me -Whether a KNIFE is good or bad?

The answer is impossible – a conscious person would never LABEL anything or any person as GOOD or BAD – he is perfectly aware that it all depend on what PURPOSE is – if the purpose is GOOD – than even a KNIFE becomes GOD, if the purpose is GOOD than even the most condemned man or woman can prove to be a great savior of mankind!

Once it happened – a young man and what a man he was – simple, hardworking and always helpful to all the people of his village. One day – he lost his wife, she died in an accident. After a few days – he lost his daughter, she fell sick and he was short of money, the doctor won’t come – and the only daughter that he had, took her last breath at midnight when the whole village was fast asleep. She was only 6 years old and now the young man had to take her dead body all the way to the graveyard – all alone. Now there was nobody in his life – everything was lost – everything was gone. People started gossiping – ‘this man must have done many sins in his past life.’ – some would say “this man must be a curse to our village’ – some said ‘what an ill fated this man is’ – and slowly slowly all the villagers started condemning him – they started maintaining distance from him. Now the young man left out by all – took to drinking. He became a drunkard.

And every day he was found with a bottle in his hand, swinging around, walking through the narrow lanes of the village….the villagers decided to kick him out of the village but they couldn’t – law would not let them do so….

And so they all would try by every means and ways – to ridicule him, to insult him – to treat him like an animal – and the young man would laugh – he would simply laugh – and move on……at times a few villagers would beat him – and he would start bleeding – and yet he would not say anything – he would just slip out and keep moving from one place to the other…..

One day – it started raining and the rains were so heavily showering that the village was flooded with the rain water – the rains were not stopping – many houses were flooded, people became homeless – the crying of the women, of the children – the havoc all around….and the young man could not control himself….he could not see the dying children and the plight of the women of his village – and so for the first time in his life – he looked up in the sky and said “GOD – if you stop the rain, I will stop drinking. And that is my word.”

And the miracle happened – the rain stopped! God said “ If by stopping the rains – one good thing is happening – if one man is waking up from his ‘sleep’ – than it is worth it.”

And the rains stopped – and the man started crying – he became one of the greatest lover of God that the world had ever known – the villagers came and said “ You saved our lives – you please stay with us – we will help you in every way we can…”

But the young man was fired up – he was no more the same – he said “ I am now leaving – the call from the mountains has come – God has chosen me and my ‘journey’ has began!”

And it is said that the young man went on to become one of the finest Yogi that the world had ever known! A man who was condemned – a man who has beaten to bleed – a man who was LABELED as BAD – becomes the finest YOGI – everything is POSSIBLE – and I say it to all my followers and readers – everything is POSSIBLE – only if your HEART is pure – only if you are a man of HEART and not of HEAD.

People are shallow. The majority is shallow – they are quick to Judge – rarely they can observe – and observation without evaluation is the highest form of INTELLIGENCE!

Observe. A very deep word – the Yogi only observes – deep observation. The Yogi will never label you as BAD – he will simply observe. Through this observation – he may feel sorry for you – he may feel compassion for you – he may try to HELP you and NOT condemn you.

But Astrologers are quick to condemn – quick to LABEL someone as BAD and that is the greatest tragedy of this human world. It is shallow – so shallow that the real Yogi is therefore not found in this crowd – HE moves as an INDIVIDUAL – because he is perfectly aware that TRUTH happens to an Individual and not to a crowd.

Your MIND is made to believe that your horoscope is BAD. The second question about finding a gemstone is a by product of your belief and it is belief that becomes the greatest hurdle between YOU and your PROGRESS.

An intelligent man never believes – HE experiments – and then based on his experiments – HIS OWN EXPERIENCE – he comes to the TRUTH of the matter. It is HIS experiences that makes him a REAL MAN – an INDIVIDUAL who never believes but always experiments and enrich his life with experiences.

Belief is disastrous because it closes your MIND – once you believe that ‘Cutting your hair on a certain day is bad’ – then no matter what – you will never cut your hair on that specific day! Now there is NO proof of anything bad happening – but just because you have come to believe – you have simply closed your mind. Now even if Jesus comes – Krishna comes – Buddha comes – Mahavira comes – nobody could convince you – because you have simply closed your mind by BELIEVING that hair should not be cut on a certain day – else GOD will get angry at you!

Now what GOD has to do with what you do with your hair! There are millions and millions of people on this planet and God certainly have much better things to do than to watch who is cutting when!

But people fall for beliefs – and that is how they go on missing the many opportunities that God brings on….

There are women who are approached by men who are simply awesome – and yet the women go on rejecting them because they are MANGLIK!

There are men who are approached by beautiful well-cultured women and yet they go on rejecting because they belong to different community and marriage with somebody who is outside the community or caste is ‘believed’ to bring miseries to the family!

So you see – BELIEF plays a major role in people’s life – they are well educated but what they follow is BELIEF and NOT experience and that keeps them away from the TRUTH – from LOVE – from GOD!

A young man was in love. It happens – love happens at the most unexpected moment and you can’t help – you just can’t! You cannot ‘manage’ love – it is not politics!

And so the young man fell in love – and what a beautiful woman she was! Her glow, her smile, her grace – her soft voice, her understanding – the young man could not stop himself from falling in love! He was a meditative man…he was aware that he is falling in love – but still he could not stop himself! Love is very powerful – more powerful than electricity!

And so love blossomed – he fell madly in love with that woman. Love is alchemist – you become what you love! And the woman was a strong believer of astrology! The young man also started believing in astrology. And then one day – something strange happened…..

The young woman came and she said “ We need to break up.”

The man was shocked. He said “What happened? Did I do anything that made you upset? Please tell me – you are breaking my heart…..”

The woman said “ There is nothing wrong with you – in fact I have been dating with you for last 10 months and you have been such a gentleman….”

“Then why are you breaking up?” asked the young man.

And the woman said “ Because my astrologer has said that your HOROSCOPE IS BAD and it is so BAD that it should be thrown away in a dustbin.”

The man fainted. She had to call an ambulance – but that was the only day when she met him – they never met again. Never.

You see – she says ‘you are a gentleman – you have been such a gentleman….all the time we were together…..’ – her EXPERIENCE says that the man is a real gem of a person – but it is HER BELIEF that overshadows the EXPERIENCE – the FACTS!

The man went into a trauma for the next 6 months until he was finally out of it!

It is a MYTH that it is only WOMEN who become victims of LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS – the majority is of MEN who suffer more than the WOMEN! On this planet there are more men – who take pills at night to overcome their breakup trauma and depressions than the women!

BELIEF plays role – a major role and not the experience. You can easily come out of the BELIEF that your HOROSCOPE is BAD – only when you put aside the monkey mind and start turning inwards! Just look inward and you become aware of the TRUTH. Then you don’t ask for beliefs. Blind people believe in light. Those who have turned inward – have the ‘eyes’ and they don’t need to believe in light – they simply see it.

But there was one blind man – who believed that there is NO LIGHT. And he was very good at logic. He was a very logical person – and the villagers were fed up of him because he would argue that to experience light – either he has to FEEL the light – smell the light or touch the light!

Now light has no smell, and you cannot feel the light – neither can you touch the light! And so the blind man would laugh at them and say “ There is no such thing as light – you all are blind like me – and you all are just fooling me – there is no light.”

The villagers had no answer. But one day – Buddha was passing by – and the villagers thought that now the moment has come – only Buddha can answer this blind man – and so they took the blind man to Buddha. They said “ This blind man is a logical man and through his logic he has been denying the fact that there is ‘light’ in this world – now only you can help us – please help us.”

Buddha said “ The blind man is right – and you all are wrong. What he needs is eyes to see and not argumentation. You have come to the wrong person – he needs a physician – take him to a good physician.”

The villagers asked “ Do you know any good physician – because we don’t have anybody in our village who can cure this man’s eyes.”

Buddha said “ You can take him to my personal physician.”

A great King had provided a personal physician to follow Buddha – just so that he can take care of Buddha’s body. And so the blind man was brought to Buddha’s physician and Buddha left the village.

After a few months, the blind man’s eyes were cured. It was not that he had lost his eyes – it was just some severe infection that had brought a certain blindness to his eyes and now his eyes were cured. The blind man was no more blind – his joy knew no bounds – the first thing he did was to ask “ Where is Buddha? where is the man who have given back – my eyes….I want to meet him….please tell me where is Buddha – where is the master…..?

Nobody could give him the address of Buddha because Buddha never lived at one place for more than a month. And so they just showed him the road through which Buddha had walked – that was the only time when they had seen the Buddha walking out of their village! And the man took to the path of Buddha – he searched and searched and he would ask everybody at every village – every town – “did you see my master – did you see the Buddha?” And people would just show him the way…they would say “ That was the road we had seen him walking…..”

For many days and weeks the man searched until one day while walking through a forest – he dropped down, he was thirsty and somebody came from behind and said “ Take some water….you must be thirsty….” and the voice….the voice moved the man’s heart – he remembered the voice, it was of the Buddha – the same conviction – the same depth – the same love – the same care – the man turned around and his eyes were filled with tears – he started crying – he could control himself – looking at the Buddha, he said “ Master……O master I have been searching for you…..look look at my eyes – they are yours – they are a gift of yours – how should I thank you – because of you I got back my eyes and to meet you – to share this joy with you, I have been searching you all this while. “

Buddha said “ Look now, I have come – now you can relax. Whenever my devotee thirsts for me – I come – my legs move towards those who are deeply in love with me – who are thirsty for my love – you relax, now I am with you.”

And the man relaxed – he relaxed so much in the existence that he went into trance – he transcended the moment Buddha touched him with His ‘Presence’ – the man became one of the greatest lover of Buddha and whenever anybody would ask him “What is the reason you love Buddha?

His would answer “Experience.”

Experience matters – not belief. The man experienced the compassion of Buddha. Buddha provided his personal physician to treat the blind man – who would offer his or her personal physician for a complete stranger? But it was Buddha’s compassion – HIS love – HIS grace that moved the blind man – to him – BUDDHA was GODLY – and Godliness is not something that can be proved or disproved by your logic. Godliness is something that only can be EXPERIENCED!

And so before you start BELIEVING that what has been told to you is the TRUTH – my appeal to you and through your question – to all my readers, followers and fellow travelers is that – instead of believing – instead of falling prey to your belief – turn inwards – and EXPERIENCE who you really are by being more and more meditative!

Once you become a meditative man – you don’t have to rely on what other’s say about you – then there is a certain depth to your life – a certain music to your life – then everything around you is the same but you are no more the same – then the ‘noise’ on the outside remains but the peace within you remains undisturbed by the noise on the outside – then you are truly transforming – then you are in the true sense – PROGRESSING – GROWING – for the real GROWTH is the GROWTH WITHIN!

When your BELIEF drives your life – you become a coward – you become a closed mind – you become fearful – and than this fear compels you to find some SUPPORT to comfort you! The gemstones that you seek is an outcome of the compulsion that is born out of fear!

And the more you go on believing – the more you would destroy all the possibilities to LIVE YOUR LIFE TO FULLEST.

My whole message through this answer to you and to all my readers, followers, and fellow travelers is that FOCUS ON YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES and DROP ALL YOUR BELIEFS – only then a beautiful person within you will evolve – only then there is a possibility for you all to live a joyous, happy life!

And that is what we all are here for! To live a happy life. But it is our ignorance – our beliefs that come in the way and then you wonder “What is wrong with my life?”

Nothing is wrong with your life – if at all there is anything WRONG than it is WITHIN YOU and unless and until you start turning inwards – unless and until you start meditating – you will continue to live your life by relying on others. You will continue to focus on the outside – and you will continue to miss the fact that NOTHING on the outside can be controlled – but only from WITHIN!

Just watch. Someone today is a friend, tomorrow becomes a stranger. Someone today likes you, tomorrow dislikes you. Someone you have been trusting, betrays you someday. You should never rely on that which is on the ‘outside’ – you have absolutely no control on that which is on the ‘outside’ – people change, situations change, life goes on changing, people come and go – and there are many who will come and go… just have to Watch – by being a ‘witness’.

“Meditation is witnessing. To meditate means to become a witness.”

Remain indifferent – remain unmoved – and you will be able to do so – only when you turn inwards – when you meditate.

And so come – come you all and sit down and meditate – what happens when you start meditating – millions and millions of thoughts start creating a lot of noise within you – and while all this happens – what you are suppose to do?

WITNESS. Just WITNESS the many thoughts that come to your mind – you don’t have to entangle your ‘self’ in those thoughts – you don’t have to entertain any of those thoughts – you just have treat all those thoughts as VISITORS – and visitors should not be served with TEA! And so never entertain the thoughts when you meditate – the very base of meditation is the WITNESSING – the more you become a WITNESS – the more you will be able to focus on the SELF without getting distracted by the THOUGHTS. When there are thoughts – it is a distraction – when there are no thoughts – it is meditation says the Bhagavan. Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi!

The key is to WITNESS while you meditate! And the same key also enables you overcome the many challenges of material life as well.

Always remember – that nothing is bad and nothing is good – it is your perception that you go on labeling people as good or bad – in reality there is nothing that can be said as good or bad. It is your INTERPRETATION – you see a flower outside your window – and you say ‘How beautiful is this flower.’ – somebody else who is walking on the road looks at the same flower and says “Looks like a boring flower – no colors, plain white.”

Now the flower exists there in its own authenticity. It has nothing to do with what OTHERS have to say about it or saying about it!

Be like that Flower! Be engrossed in your authenticity – and then millions and millions of people may go on INTERPRETING you as GOOD or BAD and yet it will not make any difference to you – you will become a dance – dancing in the breeze – just the way the flowers dance and swing in the breeze!

Be a flower – be a dance – let the belief drop out and let your experience become your guide and then the whole universe will be available to you – then nobody can disturb you – then you no more remain a limited version – you become unlimited – then you start resonating with the higher realms of consciousness – then you get the ‘wings’ to fly – and then there is no looking back – the sky is clear and you are ready to fly.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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