Why do we feed birds for astrological remedies? Does it really work?


A few days ago something significant happened.

I stay on the top floor. And every morning around 60 pigeons would come on my open big terrace – simply because I would feed them with a lot of healthy grains. Just out of love. Just because I love birds a lot.

But yesterday a woman came and said “ I stay on the first floor and I could see many birds especially pigeons flying from all directions towards your terrace and they shit a lot and all of it is causing me a problem. We are suffering because you are feeding the pigeons.”

I can see her eyes and I can tell that this woman is not going to understand anything that I speak and so I simply said “ So then I have to stop feeding them…if that is what you wish then be it so…”

For many days after this incident the birds would come and wait for their ‘food’…..but what can I do! Society is like this – when you live in a society you have to follow the society norms! Else the society will label you – and on the other hand, then the same society will go on giving lectures on how much they love the animals and birds and how we all should care for them!

Society is a bunch of hypocrites – every morning when I see the birds coming and waiting for some food – I feel helpless – I tell them it is NOT me who has stopped offering them their food it is THIS FAKE SOCIETY that has absolutely no interest in genuine act of kindness but is more interested in a hypocrite in a show-off act that has absolutely no substance to it.

The woman who has stopped me – is going to be cursed by the poor birds. Not ME. I have nothing to do with what is going to happen to her and her family. She herself has caused harm by her own ignorance and what goes around comes back to you. It is the law of the cosmic universe. And there is absolutely no doubt about it. She may be visiting temples and she may do many poojas but she will always face difficulties because she has stopped someone from having food. Food – which is the very source of our physical existence than no matter whether you are human or a bird….food remains the source of life! And by stopping the very source of life this woman has invited many miseries into her life…soon she will realize when the tables will start turning against her.

This woman will face many difficulties and she will go to many places to find a solution but nothing will work because the basic essence is not understood- the basic essence is to live your life by NOT being self-centered but by being more of a GIVER, by being more understanding towards others.

“ Let understanding be the only law of your life.” – Osho

But understanding is not taught in any universities or colleges. Understanding comes only through your own self-realization, through your own self-inquiry!


And Buddha says:

True Love is born out of understanding!

It is only when your understanding becomes deeper that you can truly love. Then you can understand. Then you can forgive. Then you can find peace, happiness, and bliss. Then you can live – in true sense!

But the shallow mind cannot understand.

And this is what is happening with every person who is behind the BIG PICTURE and BIG THINGS – when God is to be found only in the small things the most simple things!

Simple man. Simple woman. And they look beautiful because beauty is in your simplicity.

And simplicity is born out of innocence.

And Innocence is possible only when you are following the TRUTH.

Many of you and I say it specifically to all my followers and readers – are making such silly mistakes. Nobody is going to tell you this because everybody wants to have more likes!

But I am telling you – only a real friend can tell you the hard truth and only who can tell you the hard truth is your real friend!

Small things. Understand this, this is significant- small things.

Now, what was this women’s problem? That some grains from the top floor are falling in her garden – that’s all! But for that, she stopped a nobleman from offering food to the starving birds! Now, who is responsible for their starvation? Tell me?

And this is how KARMA is born – piece by piece- grain by grain – this is how you go on shaping your Karma and then when life goes against you – you start running from one pundit to the other – from one astrologer to the other….

And let me tell you not a single person can help you simply because you have shut all the doors of possibility through your own SELFISHNESS – through your own SELF CENTERED attitude!

I humbly accepted her request, but I was perfectly aware that she herself is digging her own grave by stopping someone from feeding the innocent birds!

Birds. I love birds. And let me tell you all – that I feed birds out of love. Never I have thought of what planets will be empowered by feeding the birds. When there is NO AGENDA to your ACT OF RANDOM KINDNESS – then the Gods shower all their love upon you – then who is bothered about planets and stars when God himself is with you!

There is one beautiful story – the story of the birds.

There was a young man, he must be like me. He loved birds. And so every early morning he would go to the seashore and offer grains and many birds would come and they would sing and dance and merry go round him and it was a fun a joyous moment for the young man. Slowly the birds became his friends- now they would come and sit on his shoulders- sing to his ears and now it became a family. Days passed and every morning the birds would wait for his arrival and he would wait for their arrival! It was a lovers paradise- if at all anything was there than it was love and love and just love!

One day the young man’s father said: “ Mohan I have heard that every morning when you go to the seashore for your morning walk – many beautiful birds come to play with you….will you bring one bird for me to play?”

Mohan said, “ Let me try.”

The next morning Mohan comes to the seashore but something strange happens. The birds come but they don’t come close to him. They fly high in the sky….they chirp they sing but they seem to stay away from Mohan….”

You know why?

Because the birds could sense that this man is not our man. That this man has come today with some AGENDA. He is not the person that we had know – that we have loved – that we had been friends with….this person is not our Mohan…this person seems to be a new Mohan …a Mohan who has come with some purpose with some agenda with some goal to appease someone…..

And so Mohan moved his hands high in the air, he jumped, he called them but not a single bird came closer to him….

Love happens only when there is No Agenda. God happens only when there is No Agenda.

But people are misled. People are told to do something to get something! And when you go with an Agenda – nothing ever happens for good.

And so I appeal and insist on all my genuine followers and readers to do something out of LOVE – pure Love!


And so I am the only person who is going to tell you something that probably nobody has ever told you. Feed the birds. Feed the dogs. Feed the cats. Feed the fishes. But when you do so – DO NOT DO IT FOR GETTING SOMETHING IN RETURN.

And then such questions that the questioner has asked will never arise!

But who wants to listen? Truth is fiercely opposed. Condemned and ridiculed. And yet it is the Truth that always remains. Always!

The mind has its own propaganda. The mind is a dealer. The mind wants something in return. The heart is simply happy to give!

And I would like you all to become the followers of your heart! And followers of heart are always in minority and yet it these followers of heart who make this world a much better place to live!

In a way, I liked this question- but I would have loved this question- if the question would have been put in this way- “Why do we feed birds for a certain purpose. WHY CANT WE FEED THE BIRDS OR ANY ANIMAL OUT OF LOVE – PURE LOVE?”

And when you do so – let me tell you all from the bottom of my heart – you never ever have to worry about any planet or star – everything will be done for you!

Interestingly, the Bible or any holy scripture NEVER say ‘Figure it out for yourself’- because you don’t have to figure it out – God will do it for you- all that YOU have to do is to SURRENDER yourself totally to your Lord and then the real journey begins….than there is a song to it…then there is a music to your life..a certain rhythm..a certain depth!

Society says don’t feed birds in your terrace. Society says don’t feed stray dogs. Society says don’t give shelter to stray dogs because that causes us a certain uncomfortableness. Now, this is a well-calculated thought that you should help others only by safeguarding your comfortability! Perfect hypocrisy.

And then the same Society comes on your TV, on your newspapers and give you all a nice goody lectures on how we should love animals!

“Society is Fake. Society would never want you to become wise. The society succeeds the day your CENTER goes into a coma and your circumference remains functioning. Then you become a robot…a machine.” – Osho

Society will always try to dictate you. But you should find your way out. It is not about fighting with society- that would be utterly foolish. It has more to do with finding your own self! Your own center.

And meditation is all about getting to the center of yourself.

“Once you are rooted within your Center – nothing from the outside can move you.” – Osho

So come – come you all and move towards your center – by turning inwards, by moving within, by becoming more and more meditative.

Act Of Random Kindness (ARK) is possible only through a man or a woman who is becoming more and more meditative! Such an act is blessed by the Grace of the Lord. You do something good without having any thoughts of getting anything in return and that’s a Saintly Act!

“ If we all do one act of random kindness, we might just set the world towards right direction.” – Martin Kornfeld

I would love to see you all – moving towards your heart because it is only through the heart that a selfless act of Kindness can randomly happen and whenever it happens – watch my words – remember my words – the heavens will fall upon you- God will come to your help but ONLY when there is no selfish interest, when there is absolutely NO AGENDA to your Act of Giving.

Truth Has No Agenda. Love has no Agenda. And so I would love to see you all doing any good thing without having any agenda, without having any selfish interest, without having any expectations. Only then your act will reach to the heavens and only then your prayers will be heard – when you do something out of love and not out of the calculative mind.

“ Get out of your Head and get into your Heart. Think less. Feel more.” – Osho

Life is less of logic and more of love! Whenever you do anything out of love – there is a certain grace to it, a certain fragrance to it. Many have come and many have left – almost all these were logical heads that only made a lot of noise and nothing else!

Knowledge is noisy. And truth can only be found in deep silence.

So close your eyes and I say to you all – spend some time in Meditation- every morning….sit down…in a closed room…close your eyes and meditate. Breath in. Breath out. Focus on your breathing. Listen to the melody of your breathing and stay in deep Meditation. The whole story of life is between these two actions – breathe in and breath out. And if you have realized this truth than soon the story will be revealed to you….you yourself would start realizing – which ‘frame’ of your life needs to be ‘edited’ (rectified) and then the story of your life will start blossoming into something so beautiful that you would never have had imagined…..this is how it all happens…this is the way of its happening!

Always remember and I say it to all my followers- You are the sculptor of your own life. If you want to change your life….you have to start changing yourself. But the ‘old’ cannot change itself. You cannot change yourself. For that you have to allow change to happen….for that, you have to first surrender to your Lord in totality! The way towards transformation goes through the devoted act of living your life in total Surrender…in total Acceptance!

“ A man who Accepts all that life provides with a sense of gratitude becomes the Buddha.” – Osho

Feed the birds. Feed the poor. But do it with no agenda, with no expectations and then see how life starts blossoming into a beautiful flower!

Love is the way. And love has no expectations. Absolutely no expectations!

The answer is in one line – and I say it to all – everything will work when you do something NOT out of expectations – but out of LOVE!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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