Soulmate of Ketu

Love happens only when you are out of the Mind. Always remember — the Mind cannot Love. The mind can LIKE someone but the Mind cannot Love. There are three mysteries – Love, Life, and Death and all these three are beyond the Mind. Ketu is also beyond the Mind. When Mind ends — Ketu

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Ketu in Astrology

What happens when Ketu is placed in 6th house?

Ketu is not bothered. Let this be very clear, Ketu is simply not bothered. For a meditating man – Ketu is a blessing in disguise. A lot of noise on the outside – but to such a man – there is no bothering – he is deeply engrossed in his bliss – he is no more meditating – he *is* meditation! And what is sixth. Sixth is the saga of all disputes, open enemies, court cases, health issues, black magic, voodoo

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Ketu in Astrology

Ketu in 10th house

Ketu is no nonsense. Ketu is pure consciousness. Ketu is being ‘still’ – Ketu is the source of meditation – Ketu is not meditative – Ketu is meditation! There was a King and he would care for his people, and so every night he would disguise himself as a common soldier and roam around his capital. And every night – he would see a young man sitting under a huge banyan tree. And he

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Ketu in Astrology

Ketu Remedies & Lord Ganesha Connection

Lord Ganesha is the only God that has NO HUMAN HEAD. Lord Ketu is the only entity in the whole gamut of astrology that has NO HUMAN HEAD. The divine message that they share with us is to – TURN IN. But the majority is always concerned with TURNING ON. (RAHU) It is not a fact that Lord Ganesha’s human head was cut by Shiva. It is just a symbolic representation – a divine message that human beings should think less and feel more. That human beings should start moving beyond mind. Thinking helps to solve problems/puzzles that are created by thinking – by the mind. Whatever problems are created by the mind

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Ketu in Astrology
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